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With Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird a combined  4 for 36, 1 HR, 2 RBI’s  practically MIA over the first  5 games and literally MIA after 7, the new Yankees aren’t exactly the old Yankees, but pretty close, sans the below replacement level 2016  stat lines from  the Oldies

Chase Headley through the first seven games, hitting .375 (9-for-24) with two homers, three RBIs and a 1.150 OPS.

Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting .348 (8-for-23).

Brett Gardner is at .267 but has a .353 on-base percentage, has scored six runs and is 5-for-5 in stolen-base attempts.

Matt Holliday is batting .364 (8-for-22) with five RBIs, and has walked in 26.7% of his plate appearances.

Starlin Castro is hitting .310 (9-for-29).

Toss in solid performances from Aaron Judge, (.885 OPS) and Ronald Torreyes,( team leading 8 RBI’s)  reliable game calling from back up  catcher Austin Romine, and less then  stellar but not embarrassing games from Aaron Hicks and Patches Carter and we head into today’s game with a 4th place 3-4 Bomber squad

Sounds mediocre, but after two  thrilling wins in a row and back in the Bronx for 8 more games vs the Rays, Cardinals and White Sox, there is a quiet joy in Mudville as we head into Montgomery Wednesday

This was supposed to be the Baby Bombers year, but so  far only Aaron Judge has carried the Baby Bomber torch..Or as Bitter Buck Showalter said to Suzyn Waldman  with a smarmy tone to his voice

“Yeah  the Baby Bombers with a $200M payroll, when I managed the Baby Bombers that payroll  didn’t exist” Get over it Buck and go  beat  the Red Sox

Tyler Austin has been injured since March, Greg Bird was flying high in Spring Training until  a foul ball  and a flu grounded him, rekindling fears  about Bird’s durability..?

Sanchez was practically  in  a no win situation after his two month offensive explosion in 2016… There was little chance  he could possible pro-rate that onslaught, and he didn’t, and now he’s out of the line-up  for 4 weeks, which I’d venture to bet will be  longer…

We have to keep in mind Sanchez went 4 for 41 with  1 HR and 13 strike outs  in the last 10 games of 2016, and that  trend continued over the 5 games he played this year..

Girardi  warned the unwashed masses, his biggest fear  wasn’t Sanchez the player, but the expectations everybody had for him, it was unsustainable, you sir were correct……

Girardi, Cashman,  and Steinbrenner publicly  pleaded with the veteran players to  provide cover for the youngsters, and so  far they have

Today weather permitting, Jordan Montgomery who  was touted a poor man’s Steven Matz will get a chance to  not exactly shock  the world when he toes the rubber vs the light hitting Rays, but he can sure help a struggling rotation, and maybe reignite a soured fanbase..

While excited, we have to take a step  back in our enthusiasm after watching the 2008 Young Guns, Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain, followed by the Killer B’s, Banuelos- Betances- Brackman, all  fall  short of the hype and expectations the Yankees had for them as starters

Kennedy sort of made it in the NL for a year, before dropping to not much more then  a back of the rotation  pitcher for the Royals..Brackman is out of baseball, Banuelos is still battling somewhere in the Braves minor league system

Chamberlain had 15 minutes of fame as a reliever, Hughes despite hoodwinking Minnesota for a 5 yr $58M payday had his best season as a reliever in 2009, and has been not much more then a back of the rotation performer since..

Betances is the only touted pitching prospect that has created a buzz, but it’s out of the bull pen, and with  Cashman getting the OK to  trade veteran players for prospects, I wouldn’t get too  attached to D-Bet…

Supposedly the Bombers are in a better place in 2017 then when all  their hopes hung on the shoulders and arms of the Young Guns and the Killer B’s..

Now they  have  prospect pitching depth?

Well  they might have more names to  throw at  you, but so  far we haven’t seen anybody lock  down a starter role with  conviction, only by default…

Severino  has proven to be a weapon out of the pen, but hasn’t distinguished himself a starting commodity just  yet..

Cessa bombed in spring Training, but was really good in his last AAA outing,

Green who was just lit up  at AAA, takes one step  forward and 2 steps back

Chance Adams,  a converted reliever is a AAA legend, but so  far hasn’t moved the varsity needle

Bryan Mitchell has pitched well  enough to become a hybrid reliever, but hasn’t developed his starter chops,

Adam the Sheriff Warren, is more valuable eating innings coming out of the bull pen then being yet another back of the rotation pitcher

That’s how important today’s outing is for Jordan Montgomery a kid who was a non  roster invitee, started slowly in Spring Training, but has come on like gang busters over his last 4 or 5 appearances

“I like this kid,” the scout said. “If he fills the blocks in, he could be at least a mid-rotation starter, even for the Yankees. I look for this guy to really compete and have a favorable outing.”




Get Higgy With It

Judge and Jury

Small Sample Sizes Fit All

So Far  Thairo Estrada and Miggy Andujar  have been the stars  at AA not Gleyber Torres

Miguel Andujar hit a run-scoring single in the ninth inning, leading the Trenton Thunder to a 6-4 win over the Akron RubberDucks on Tuesday. 

So far Green Frazier and Fowler have been less then stellar at AAA

Not sure why Tyler Wade wasn’t in the RailRiders line-up last night but he’s moving the needle

.467 .500 .467 .967, but with no power numbers


Written by Sal

April 12, 2017 at 7:40 am

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  1. There have been some rumors going around that LHP Justus Sheffield and RHP Chance Adams are hurt, but they’re not. Not sure where that all started. Sheffield is pitching tomorrow and Adams is pitching Thursday, both for Double-A Trenton, according to Matt Kardos. Sheffield’s first start was pushed back by the rainouts late last week.


    April 12, 2017 at 9:12 am

  2. Rays whining Pineda had a big strike zone .. make em pay today Monty shut their lame asses out son

    “I think it was a combination of a few different things,” the bearded receiver said sitting at his locker. “It wasn’t just one. He obviously had his command of three pitches, which normally isn’t the case.”

    And …

    “I thought he took advantage of a decently generous strike zone. I’m not saying (plate umpire) Bill (Miller) didn’t do a good job because Bill always does a good job, but it was a little generous on both sides and he took advantage of it.”


    April 12, 2017 at 9:57 am

  3. On Monday, before the Yankees’ home-opener win over the Rays, general manager Brian Cashman explained his take on the starting pitching market to WFAN’s Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts. Cashman was asked if he’d trade for a starting pitcher.

    There is no dumber MFer on the planet then Joe Beningo, he’s singlehandedly brought Sports talk radio to it’s knees.. He’s at best a ranting caller, to have given him the gig as a jock was a brilliant move by the Reality Radio honchos where every caller feels they’re getting their 15 to 30 seconds of fame

    If this nitwit can do it anybody can had to be the reasoning….

    I wonder if Quintana who is now 0-2 with a 6.17 ERA would have fared had they traded the farm for this guy

    actually with the way Sanchez and Bird have started it would have been an interesting talking point

    Of course Quintana will end up being Koufax and Bird and Sanchez Mattingly and Bench but at the moment ironic how all this played out in the first week


    April 12, 2017 at 10:05 am

  4. Lame ish line-up for monty’s start, the kid better throw goose eggs

    why no Torreyes, let Kozma play when Tanaka pitches

    Hicks batting 2nd, might as well have Charlie Boy Polcastro batting 2nd smh

    #Yankees lineup vs. #Rays:
    Ellsbury cf
    Hicks lf
    Holliday dh
    Carter 1b
    Castro 2b
    Headley 3b
    Judge rf
    Higashioka c
    Kozma ss
    Montgomery lhp – at Yankee Stadium


    April 12, 2017 at 10:17 am

  5. Doing a JFK round trip today, had the game on the radio on my way north,, a crucial AB for Monty and all Suzie BJ and John not so Sterling could do is advise Monty to walk Longoria !!!
    They went to break and came back and still no score !!
    My hair was on fire from their incompetence.
    Aaaaack !!
    Nice show of HEART today,
    Ouch Gardy Ouch


    April 12, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    • Hey Donny, He punched out Longoria twice in ST, he was missing early in the count then didn’t give him much to hit…. He tried to go inside to Weeks but it didn’t leak inside enough, and Weeks gave it a ride

      they liked the kid, he’ll get another start.. what we’re seeing in the last 3 wins is the Yanks getting to the underbelly of these AL East teams and once the playing field evens out the Yanks grind harder

      Judge is turning into a good player, the HR he hit today was in on the hands and it went to dead center wow

      Imagine if Gregorius was here and Sanchez and Bird had gotten off to decent starts….Crazy keeping Gardner around put him on the 10 day bring up Ref why play short handed… We do not want Holliday in the OF I can’t believe they even bring that up, dude hasn’t had 1 rep in the OF this yr…


      April 12, 2017 at 6:55 pm

  6. Da Judge went 2-for-3 with a single, a homer, and a walk today to raise his season batting line to .308/.379/.692 (212 wRC+). Judge also has a 20.7% strikeout rate. And he threw a runner out on the bases.

    pretty funny wRC+ lol Now all we need is Bird and Sanchez to wake up and we have Gregorius, Judge, Sanchez and Bird….


    April 12, 2017 at 7:06 pm

  7. from 2 chins

    While the top of the lineup was a bit quiet today (combined 2-for-16 from Ellsbury, Hicks, Holliday and Carter), the no. 5 to 7 hitters – Castro, Headley and judge – played catalyst to Yankees’ comeback today. They combined for 6-for-11 day with three RBI’s (all coming from Judge, by the way).


    April 12, 2017 at 7:14 pm

  8. Sal

    April 12, 2017 at 7:23 pm

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