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That’s Ace CoCo Puff To You

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Happy Easter


The Yanks picked up  their 6th  win in a row with a smash mouth, win ugly or go  home 3-2 victory over the Cardinals yesterday afternoon as MLB celebrated #42 Jackie Robinson Day

Flat Tire Shuffle

With Sanchez and Gregorius out, Matt Holliday  scratched with a stiff back, Girardi had to once again shuffle the line-up deck

Gardner 7 Hicks 9  Holliday dh  Carter dh, Ellsbury 8 Castro 4 Headley 5 Bird 3 Higashioka 2 Torreyes 6 Sabathia

Aces Wild

Carlos Martinez, the Cards’ Ace, at times pitched more like a joker, and for that  we give thanks on this Easter morning

Over the first two innings Martinez, didn’t allow the New York Yankees to put a single ball in play..The Bombers first 12 batters of the game either walked (6) or struck out (6) In the process Martinez soaked up 58 pitches.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, they are the first team in the expansion era (since 1961) with a strikeout, walk or hit by pitch in each of their first 12 plate appearances of a game.

Ellsbury broke the streak with a single leading off the 3rd.. From that point Martinez struck out 2 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th and one more in the 5th, before leaving in the 7th with one out, down 3-0..

Walks #7 and #8 came in succession in the 5th inning, but the Yanks futility hitting with RISP, assisted in Martinez escaping unscathed

The Bombers struck out 17 times in this game, they  were also 0-for-27 with RISP in the last 3 games combined ( including yesterday ) before  Patches  Carter’s RBI single in the 6th inning  gave NY a 3-0 lead

Martinez’s line

5.1 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 earned, 8 BB’s, 11 K’s

Rule with the Irony Hand

Carter was a late entry into Girard’s line-up  when Holliday pulled up lame with his stiff back…Joe’s no  doubt a Genius

That’s Ace CoCo Puff To You

Well  there you have it, CC Sabathia cleans up his act, and a year and a half later he’s back to being the Bombers Ace..

It’s living proof that 36 year old Lives Matter, especially when you’re a crafty lefty who has 4 pitches that give each side of the plate a thorough work out over the course of  7.1 innings  (97-61 pitches)

CC Sabathia: 1st time since Aug. 3, 2012 he pitched more than 7 innings and allowed fewer than 5 baserunners in a game.

It wasn’t all Grace Kelly kicking Fred Astaire’s ass dancing in high  heels smooth, there were hard hit balls on Sabathia’s journey down the Yellow Brick Road, but the Bomber defense was up  for the task, and the Yanks once again out grind’ed the competition..

Gardner Buries Grichuk

Ace’n the Cards

Great job by Sabathia, the dude had enough pride to work his way back to respectability.. At the moment he’s earning his “albatross contract” in fact John Harper’s Bizarre  figures he’ll  give the Yanks a home town discount to pitch next year if this success pro-rates the season

Joe Shot the Sheriff

Once Gyorko homered to center (363 feet) off Sabathia with  one out in the 8th, Girardi brought the hook with him to the bump and Co Co Puff  left to  a standing ovation..

With Chappy and Betances on lock down Girardi  had Sheriff Adam Warren, Mitchell and Clippard ready to close this baby out…

Gotta say Cashman knows bullpens, and annually  it’s always great celebrating Mr Robinson, it also  gives the Bombers a chance to have a closer once again wear #42

Warren has faced 20 batters in 2017, and all  20 batters have gone back to  the bench empty handed.. Yesterday  he disposed of Fowler (struck out swinging)
Díaz (lined out to third) on 11 pitches

Didn’t matter, Formula Joe had already given Clippard the assignment to  close earlier in the day, (per Clippard).. How the game was flowing, how guys were pitching wouldn’t matter to Formula Joe, the binder had autonomy

Clip said the outing was fun, it’s what he lives for, high leverage adrenaline rushes like the one he gave everybody yesterday..

Clippard had pitched 0.2 of an inning on Friday, he induced 2 fly ball outs, always scary in Yankee Stadium… Clip is a former closer so  that played into Formula Joe’s game plan, the fact he’s a fly ball pitcher is the cost of doing business

Two batters in, Piscotty belted a Big Fly into  the right field bleachers to  cut the delicate lead to  4-3

Carpenter struck out swinging.
Piscotty homered to right (376 feet).
Molina struck out swinging.
Adams hit for J. Martínez.
Adams reached on infield single to shortstop.
Wong ran for Adams.
Garcia hit for Peralta.
Garcia walked, Wong to second.
Grichuk struck out swinging.

Clippard made it a white knuckler but he finally prevailed to  close out the 7th  win of the young season..

Let Him Fly

The Bombers announced  they  weren’t concerned about Greg Bird’s recent  flight over the Cuckoo’s Nest… Bryl-Creem Curry looked into  the YES camera’s and in his best Rafael Palmeiro tribute,  assured us  Bird will get every opportunity to  work out of his

1 for 26 with  13 punch outs / 038 .167 .077 .244 sluggish opening to  the season..Wanting Bird to  succeed in the worst  way, that  was music to our ears….

If the Yanks are good with Bird droppings all over the scorecard, so are we.. Bird will  eventually get  a few hits, and he’ll  eventually be the Big Star Mike Francesa predicted he’d be…Chisel it

We should also not be surprised if Girardi tells the media  he’s going to  the 10  day DL in an effort to strengthen his damaged ankle.. We’re lighting candles  for Bird either way…

Night game on ESPN Pineda vs Wainwright

the Whole 9




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April 16, 2017 at 7:48 am

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  1. Watching that hairy 9th,, i yearned for our real # 42 !!!
    Stole this W for true !!!
    Happy for CC but still not confident.
    Still hate the sight of vein-bulging #28


    April 16, 2017 at 9:36 am

  2. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE Sunday night baseball on ESPN???
    Well, I do!!!!
    It’s start’s too late, there are endless commercials & promotions, the game is cluttered, you have misinformation cuz the announcers don’t follow the team so you get an Out-Of-Town viewpoint. But the single most thing I hate about these telecasts is……wait for it…….THEY NEVER STFU!!!!!!!!!!
    Between the incessant chatter, on screen graphics, treating the game as an afterthought, it is nothing short of complete torture watching these game on this network.
    Maybe I should’ve been stronger in portraying my take on this??? I hope I got my point across.


    April 16, 2017 at 11:54 am

  3. Judge then Bird, sweeeeet.


    April 16, 2017 at 8:55 pm

  4. hahahaha hey fellas, Bird Lives… moscone welcome to the vent unit, “where the pretty nurses at”


    April 17, 2017 at 5:39 am

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