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Orioles manager Buck Showalter shook his head at what he’d seen, and offered the only piece of advice he could muster.

“Try to keep a grip on reality,” he said.


CC Sabathia crawling on all 4’s, unable to  find his game is now a distant memory after the Bombers pulled off their biggest  comeback  since overcoming a 9-0 gap to beat Boston 15-9 in 2012.

Down 9-1 in the 6th  and 11-4 in the 7th, the Yanks hung a 10 spot on the Buck O’s over the last 4 innings, finally walking off in the bottom of the 10th inning on a 3 run Happy Holliday Tater to  dead central giving the Bombers a 14-11 Win..

The win puts the Yanks in a tie for first place in the AL East…

CC So Badthia

It’s all water under the bridge now, but in 5 days reality will  rear it’s ugly head that CC Sabathia has pitched two  stinkers in a row.. After looking like he may have graduated the Andy Pettitte palaver sessions with  flying colors, pitching 18.1 innings and only coughing up  3 earned runs in 3 starts,

Big CoCo fell off the wagon in Pittsburgh,

5 innings, 7 hits,  4 runs, 2 HR’s,  2 BB’s, 3 K’s  7GB, 11 FB,  77 pitches 

Last night he completely crashed the damn  thing after a disastrous

5.2 innings, 9 hits, 7 runs, 2 BB’s, 6 K’s, 2 HR’s, 83-60 pitches, (4.34 ERA)

Sabathia supposedly had great  stuff, but he couldn’t find a comfort zone to  execute it, so the O’s just  Tee’d off on him

“[I was] just even more frustrated with myself that I couldn’t keep us in the game,” Sabathia said. “I feel like I had way better stuff than I did a couple nights ago in Pittsburgh. I felt like I was trying to do too much and that’s normally not me. I’m usually pretty good at staying within myself. For some reason wanted to make everything nasty and got myself into trouble.”

Machado hit the longest HR to  date in 2017, a  470 foot bomb that went over the  Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, finally   landing in camera row…Only Aaron Judge BP sessions pepper that  area of the Mall

Sabathia pitched 2 scoreless innings, before allowing 2 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th, 1 in the 5th, and 2 inherited runs that  scored when Mitchell  gave up  a Trumbo Salami to make it 9-1 in the 6th…

With  2 outs in the 6th Sabathia fell  to  all  4’s trying to field a bunt, exposing once again how easy it would be to get on base with him on the bump..The fall  shook him up, and after a piggy back  single to Jones, Girardi yanked him

“I was fine. I’m awkward. It is what it is. I’m 36 years old and it’s not going to look pretty all the time,’’ Sabathia said.

Man  to be 36 yr’s old again….

Mitchell Launcher

Calling on Bryan Mitchell  to  clean up Sabathia’s 2 out mess seemed like a good idea, until it wasn’t..

Mitchell had too many weapons at his disposal per David Cone, but when none of them worked the Beltway Bombers took his lunch money, and it was very ugly..

0.2 inning, 5 hits, 4 runs, 2 BB’s, 1 HR, 1 K

Mitchell relieved Sabathia. 5 1
Machado walked, Jones to second. 5 1
Trumbo homered to left (454 feet), Rickard, Jones and Machado scored.

The Yanks got 3 back in the bottom of the 6th to make it 9-4, but Mitchell launcher helped the O’s hang two more on the board before Holder stopped the massacre and the bleeding by getting the last 2 outs..

Castillo walked. 9 4
Mancini doubled to deep right, Castillo to third. 9 4
Gentry ran for Mancini. 9 4
Schoop singled to left, Castillo and Gentry scored. 11 4
Hardy singled to center, Schoop to second. 11 4
Rickard flied out to left. 11 4
Jones singled to right, Schoop to third, Hardy to second. 11 4
Holder relieved Mitchell. 11 4
Machado flied out to right. 11 4
Trumbo grounded out to catcher. 11 4

Hindsight remains undefeated and you play the hand you’re dealt, but  Holder had the better stuff, and may  have cleaned the inning, so  a bad job by  maestro Bryan Mitchell

The Dooooough Boy

Gotta hand it to Jacoby Ellsbury, he’s finally putting together the season he’s being paid $21M for.. The DoughBoy didn’t hammer the Buck O’s coffin shut, but he definitely  pre-drilled the the nail holes when he delivered his career 100th HR, a Salami off our old buddy Vidal Nuno to make this a very manageable and now reachable 11-8 game after 7 innings..

A lead off Romine single, a one out Headley double, and a Holliday  walk, set up  the Salami  delivery off Nuno  who  relieved Gausman

Ellsbury only went 1 for 5, but he drove in 5 runs, and scored one.. He had a quiet  0-7 in Boston, but for the most part he’s been much better then his previous 3 seasons in Pinstripes

.295 .345 .436 .781

At the moment the best NY out field is Hicks, Judge, and  Ellsbury with Gardner the 4th out-fielder, but they’ll  continue to  try an get the slumping Gardner going

Yes Your Honor

Gausman  held the Yanks off the board giving up  a single, double, and a walk in his first  4 innings.. He went into  the 5th  with a comfortable 5-0 lead when Aaron Judge started the Bomber engine with a bullet 410 ft HR to left center to make it 5-1

Judge held court again in the 6th inning with the Yanks now down 9-1

Holliday doubled to left. 9 1
Ellsbury lined out to left. 9 1
Castro singled to center, Holliday to third. 9 1
Gregorius grounded out to second, Holliday scored, Castro to second. 9 2
Judge homered to center (425 feet), Castro scored. 9 4
Bird grounded out to second. 9 4

Judge drilled a 3-2 Gausman fast ball into Monument Park  to make it 9-4.. At this point you just  wanted to  see some of the young players pad their stats and Judge smacking his 8th and 9th HR’s of the season wasn’t a bad consolation prize..

A Baltimore Castrotaphe  

Without the impenetrable Zach Britton waiting to  close the game, the Bombers entered the 9th  with a glimmer of hope despite substitute  closer Brian Brach entering the game with 12 scoreless innings under his belt., and the Bombers down by 3 runs.

Sure enough the Bronx Ghosts came out to  haunt Buck Showalter

Brach relieved O’Day. 11 8
Headley walked. 11 8
Holliday singled to deep center, Headley to third. 11 8
Ellsbury grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Headley scored, Holliday out at second. 11 9
Castro homered to left (412 feet), Ellsbury scored. 11 11
Gregorius grounded out to first. 11 11
Judge walked. 11 11
Bird struck out swinging. 11 11

Castro went to one knee and the ball just  flew out of the park to  tie the gamer at  11-11

Happy Holliday

Chapman  made a nice comeback  from his Twi-light Zone outing in Boston by cleaning the 9th inning allowing an infield single, but inducing  two punch outs, a ground out, and a bunch of triple digit fastballs in the process

In the 10th inning Buck decided to hand the ball to  a rookie starter Jayson Aquino who  was last seen shutting down the Boston Red Sox a week ago.. It was Aquino’s first  relief appearance and sometimes you get what  you hope for and rattling this novice reliever seemed like a possible dream  come true.. Sure enough it was

Hicks walked. 11 11
Higashioka walked, Hicks to second. 11 11
Headley struck out swinging. 11 11
Holliday homered to center (414 feet), Hicks and Higashioka scored. 11 14


After struggling through a horrendous 2 for 27  slump Happy Holliday  has donned the hero cape in his last two  games going 5 for 8 with a double, a HR, and 5 RBI’s

And they  couldn’t have   come at  a better time,

T%he cost of Holliday’s services for a yr: $13M..

Sinking the two AL East Beasts on successive nights, Priceless

Pineda vs Jimenez today  1:05 PM ET

the Whole 10


Written by Sal

April 29, 2017 at 8:17 am

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  1. The look of extreme pain on Bucky-boi’s facce brutte was worth staying up and watching through the one eye that still could see clearly.
    Loved this W 😚


    April 29, 2017 at 9:14 am

    • This is a game we will be seeing again on Yankee Classics. I thought for sure this game was in the toilet after Mitchell confirmed his gidrool status. Fortunately Buck had a brain cramp, and brought in ex-Yankee
      OG(original gidrool) Vidal Nuno and the game turned around. I am shocked Ellsbury has been batting 4th-he is the most unlikely clean up hitter in the majors-but after going 0-Boston he hit a grand slam and drove in 5 runs. Castro had a clutch homer-swinging like Adrian Beltre-to tie it. Holiday came out of his coma in Boston,
      and as they say,became a Yankee with his game winner. Judge is just incredible,he just hits missiles!! He is a monster!! Yanks are just balling at home!!


      April 29, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    • Hey Donny great win right very unexpected

      They’re kicking sand on Bucks beach towel with the that Judge Tater over bull pen
      Benintendi who


      April 29, 2017 at 3:46 pm

  2. Gardzilla is back!
    Sell high lol


    April 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    • Hey Big D great take
      Original gidrool hahahaha
      Mitchell lost his gidrool learners permit, and solidified his gidrool license lol
      This is unbelievable


      April 29, 2017 at 1:56 pm

  3. After last night why put in a gidrool
    he’s rusty because they don’t trust him
    Why is a guy you don’t trust on the 25 man

    8 runs doesn’t seem like enough with Penny Layne on the bump


    April 29, 2017 at 4:17 pm

  4. OK THAT was a satisfying Win, no ?


    April 29, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    • Hey Donny, yes that was a win, Penny Layne did a great job holding that 10 run lead, and he shook off the rust


      April 30, 2017 at 5:43 am

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