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16 Men, And What  Do You Get Another Day Older and ……

One of the clinches you hear MLB players mumble into  a microphone all the time  is you have to  have fun in this game or it will  swallow you up over the 162 game schedule..

Well  per the attitudes in the Yankees clubhouse after what I considered a excruciating 7-4 loss to  a hated rival, the fun meter was moving the needle sky-high…

The tenured Yankees Captain Brett Gardner who has put together 1 good game this April started the Larry the Cable Guy tribute when the beat  writers approached his locker

The media horde approached Brett Gardner’s locker Sunday afternoon, and then the Yankees’ current leader in service time uncharacteristically turned around and walked toward a restricted area, abandoning his inquisitors.

That lasted about a half-second; Gardner spun back and smiled.

“Just kidding,” he said.

You know you occupy a tranquil universe when you can clown around after an extra-inning loss.

When the uber annoying BrickHouse Marakavits quizzed Bryan Mitchell about the bizarre Whitey Herzog / Joe Maddon, / High School type  baseball move his manager Formula Joe tried to  sneak past the O’s,  he just laughed, couldn’t remember when or if he ever played first base, and said it was fun.. How about the pop up you see kids in Williamsport PA catch  99% of the time Mitch?

“That was pretty funny,” Mitchell said.

You didn’t need researched intel  that  showed he never played first base in “high school” or anywhere for that matter, especially after watching him botch the first ball hit to him…

Even Joe the Comedian got in on the Mitchell roast when he said

“Then he started to  run after every pop up off the pitchers mound, we were trying to  figure that out”

Oh yeah move over Bob Hope, Dean Martin,  and Don Rickles, we have Comedy Central right here at  the Mall On Rivera Avenue

It all  turned out for the worst after the O’s mugged Mitchell for 3 runs  in the top of the 11th inning after he played first base in the top of the 10th and waited at least an hour before throwing another pitch.. Ha HA Ha, ain’t that  gut buster

None of what Girardi  did in the 10th  and 11th inning lost this game ?  So Joe the Comedian is out of custody and free to continue his managerial  duties tonight vs the Blue Jays ?

The Bomber offense did make a tremendous comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning but similar to  what happened all game vs Wade Miley, the Yanks filled the bases with  runners, they just  could never get the big hit to put them in the lead…

After Jordan Montgomery and the immortal Johnathan Holder lost the original 2-1 lead by coughing up  3 runs in the 6th, the best the Bombers could do  was tie this sucker at  4-4 on a clutch 2 out base hit from Didi Gregorius sending it to  extra innings

Patches Carter who  did pick up  2 hits on the day, just none of them  when  it counted, had some opportunities to make the NY Yankees first base position  Great Again but when it came time to get a high leverage knock, Patches showed us why he was a foreclosure purchase this winter despite hitting 41 HR’s in the NL the year before.

Carter despite having 18 less AB’s, still has 2 more hits then Bird and he did lace a double in the 2nd inning, piggy backing a lead off single by Gregorius… Up  1-0  with men on 2nd and 3rd and no outs after the Patches 2 bagger, it got ugly and the 2017 Fugly Fest was on

Higashioka struck out swinging. 0 1
Gardner struck out swinging. 0 1
Hicks struck out swinging. 0 1

After 2 walks and 2 singles in the 3rd inning, the Yanks gave Montgomery his 2nd lead, but they couldn’t blow the doors open when Carter was punched out with men on 2nd and third..

Higashioka who is still hitless on the season,  popped out to second, but you needed the veteran Carter  to  earn his keep in that  spot, the Rook is simply trying to keep Sanchez’s spot on the roster warm while giving Romine a break, unfortunately he’s been an automatic out.

With a man on first in the 5th inning,  Carter went down on an F/9.. Down 4-2 in the 8th Carter punched a 1 out single to  right… With  the Yanks needing  a HR to  tie, Formula Joe the comedian sent up Ellsbury to pinch hit for Higashioka

Ellsbury quickly popped up  after just  2 pitches from Brach who was back to  setting up  after blowing the closer job the day before… Greg Bird the supposed HR threat  stayed glued to  the bench… If you want him here, why isn’t he pinch hitting in that  spot?

Something wrong with just moving the line and putting Romine up so  you’re not using two players to  replace the no hit Higgy? All of a sudden Ellsbury is Hideki Matsui?

No it’s RHP vs LHB, Joe played the Binder, it just  didn’t work out

Gardner followed the quick Ellsbury out with a punch out..

The Yanks tied it in the 9th on 2 singles and 2 walks, the big clutch  came from Gregorius off the lefty Hart.. How odd a LHB gets a knock off a LHP….

O’Day relieved Brach. 4 2
Hicks fouled out to catcher. 4 2
Holliday singled to center. 4 2
Castro grounded into fielder’s choice to third, Holliday out at second. 4 2
Judge walked, Castro to second. 4 2
Castro to third, Judge to second on balk by O’Day. 4 2
Manager B Showalter ejected by S Scheurwater in the 9th. 4 2
Headley walked. 4 2
Hart relieved O’Day. 4 2
Gregorius singled to right center, Castro and Judge scored, Headley to third. 4 4
Gregorius to second on fielder’s indifference. 4 4
Carter struck out looking. 4 4
2 RUNS, 2 Hits 

Gregorius got the amazingly clutch knock, but it was set up by a balk  call  that  got Showalter bounced.. Everything seemed to be aligning for yet another come from behind win,  but Patches Carter struck out looking.

In the 10th inning Bird finally got  another chance to make the NY Yankees first base position Great Again but he was hit by a pitch

Verrett relieved Hart. 4 4
Romine singled to shallow right. 4 4
Gardner sacrificed into fielder’s choice to pitcher, Romine to second. 4 4
Hicks sacrificed to pitcher, Romine to third, Gardner to second. 4 4
Bird hit for Chapman. 4 4
Bird hit by pitch. 4 4
Castro grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Romine out at home, Gardner to third, Bird to second. 4 4
Judge struck out swinging. 4 4

With the bases loaded the Yanks finally had the right man up, but Castro  got behind in the count and the best he could do  was hit a grounder to  Short… The slow footed Romine was forced at  the plate, and the now it was up  to  a guy who  was due to kick  back some….

Aaron Judge who has started to get Rookie of the Year  and MVP touts in April was punched out…

The Baseball Gods gave the Bombers plenty of chances to score crooked numbers for 10 innings, but the big  knock never came…

Quite the  punch line to  a bad joke….

Monty’s 5 and Fly

Jordan Montgomery got squeezed yesterday, he had Adam Jones punched out in the 3rd but the WBC legend / AL All Star  got what looked like  a called  strike 3 to go in his favor… Three pitches later he dunked an RBI single to  tie the game 1-1

Montgomery then walked Machado  and punched out Trumbo  but after the Jones blown strike call, Monty used another 13 pitches to  escape the inning

Formula Joe lost this game in the 6th  when he allowed a tired Rookie and a AAAA middle reliever to take over a High Leverage situation, and predictably they blew it

Machado walked. 1 2
Trumbo walked, Machado to second. 1 2
Holder relieved Montgomery. 1 2
Castillo singled to center, Machado to third, Trumbo to second. 1 2
Mancini grounded into fielder’s choice to third, Machado scored, Castillo out at second, Trumbo to third. 2 2
Schoop doubled to center, Trumbo scored, Mancini to third. 3 2
Gentry grounded out to shortstop, Mancini scored. 4 2
Hardy walked. 4 2
Rickard lined out to right. 4 2

Any chance Formula Joe goes to Betances there for 2 innings like say Tito Francona has done in the past? Nah, Girardi  waited until  the 10th and 11th innings to  get cute….

Anyway hopefully the Bombers will be laughing after this three game series with  the Blue Jays.. It’s alway nice to  see players having some fun, it’s never nice thinking the job is done in April which is  kind of  the vibe this team put out there yesterday

“I’m definitely happy with where we’re at,” Gardner said.

“I think you’d sign up for that,” Girardi said of the team’s record, especially in light of last year’s stud Gary Sanchez missing the bulk of the month with a right biceps injury.

“No one gives out trophies for April, but I’ll take the way we are playing right now,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said before the game. “I’ll take the wins that are coming with it especially with some of our key components down.”

So  there you have it, just  another ho hum day and just  1 of 162 at the Mall on Rivera Avenue…

2B: Carter (1, Miley)
HR: Holliday (4, 1st inning off Miley 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Holliday (14), Headley (8), Gregorius 2 (4)
S: Hicks, Gardner
2-out RBI: Holliday, Gregorius 2
GIDP: Hicks, Castro
Yankees RISP: 3-13 (Headley 1-2, Gregorius 2-2, Hicks 0-1, Carter 0-2, Castro 0-2, Judge 0-1, Higashioka 0-2, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 16
E: Headley (4, throw); Mitchell (1, dropped foul ball)
DP: 1 (Castro-Gregorius-Carter).

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 1, 2017 at 7:33 am

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14 Responses

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  1. glad everybody got a good belly laugh but that game was about as funny as a bad Borsch Belt Comedian

    Buck was lost yesterday they tried to hand the boys a win, but who needs it look how great we’ve been… we’ll just turn the switch back on… OK…. Lets see how they do vs Estrada tonight a rich man’s Wade Miley but good at it…


    May 1, 2017 at 7:40 am

  2. To see that kid yukkin it up after mis-playing 1B pissed me off big time !
    Girardi should be fired immediately.
    Bush league move.


    May 1, 2017 at 9:14 am

  3. Joey Claps served as a distraction to his team yesterday. They had just gained momentum when he decided to do something really stupid that put the focus on him and not the game.
    Holliday has been hotter than hell and there is no way the manager should removed him from a tied late inning game to do something stupid


    May 1, 2017 at 9:14 am

  4. Great points fellas
    Noogsie great to see you, Donny I see you more then Noogsie but great to see you too

    I’ll fix the typos when I get back to the office, busy morning

    So many rants, so little time this morning

    removing Holliday great point, the kid laughing, not on our dime, great point

    Thanks fellas


    May 1, 2017 at 10:22 am

    • Sal—It is merely my opinion. When I replay in my mind what happened, I see Psycho man changing the narrative. All of a sudden it was–what? Who’s playing first base? And what were the switches he cooked up to make that happen? Let alone Mitchell pitching an inning, getting distracted by playing the field for the first time ever in the majors, and then pitching another inning an hour later.
      Who knows what happens if Holliday stays in there? I know if he does, you do whatever is necessary to get him to the plate. With the first two men safely reaching, there is no third man ( Headley) bunting when Holliday is up next. You know they’d walk Holliday if Headley successfully bunts, which he did. Even if Headley k’s, I still will take my chances with Holliday up, one out and two men on. Of course if he doesn’t bunt, who’s to say that Headley doesn’t end the game with a walk-off hit? Joey took all that good shit off the table. He gets a pass because Birdy ( as he calls him ) got hit. Big deal. Birdy or Castro or Holliday in the big spot? Castro has been good, no doubt, but Holliday has always been clutch and especially so lately. Aren’t we always hearing his crazy numbers with the bases loaded?
      Joey got ahead of himself and was already hearing and then reading what a genius he was by making the move he did with Mitchell. He gets a pass today in everything I read. All I hear is what a great month of April it was. No dispute there, although I see a win yesterday flushed down the toilet and a two game first place lead replaced by a tie for first. All because the manager wanted to show his brilliance and put the focus on him and not on the players.


      May 1, 2017 at 12:11 pm

  5. I guess the Jersey Boys grilled Cashman on Bird, and he’s not sending him down, but he did make the injury excuse as a reason why he’s struggling… You really can’t make this shit up, if the kid is hurt DL him, why make him grind through AB’s and get mugged by 93 MPH fast balls?

    If he’s not hurt then fine let’s stick with him in a platoon and we’ll carry 3 players Girardi doesn’t trust

    Actually he trusted Holder after a decent outing “against the same players” You think maybe those “same players” went to the video and realized this guy has no fastball and his slider and change up work on occasion…….


    May 1, 2017 at 11:45 am

    • I found nothing funny about the loss.They had so many chances against Miley it was incredible! Miley has pitched 10 innings vs Yanks,12 walks,only 1 scored!! Too many pathetic at bats with risp. I agree with Nooger,how could you remove Holiday? Did you forget he homered earlier? Bird,regardless of what Cashman says needs to be in the minors to get himself straight.The problem is there is no one down there doing well or on the 40 man so he is here. I very curious to see how Mitchell appeared in the box score-you should check it out. He is listed twice as a pitcher,with the same stats each time,twice in the box score-this has to go to the HOF for stupidity. Cone also brought up the fact he wasted Betances in the 8th inning trailing by 2 runs,when he should have brought him in the 6th when Holder,a gidrool,gave up the lead. Thats when Betances was really needed,but its not in the binder. Cone has guts going against the genius.


      May 1, 2017 at 12:02 pm


    Bird does look better at recognizing pitches, I still think him missing all of last season with only 3 weeks in the AzFl and hitting against pitchers only throwing 60% in ST has him rusty, maybe not seeing the ball or sharpening his pitch recognition…. He’s not this bad, but if he’s hurt for Pete sake DL him, it’s bad enough carrying two pitchers in the pen that shouldn’t be there, can’t afford one of the bench players you have to hide until the perfect spot

    from the link

    “It’s great that our major-league team is winning and that allows ourselves to work through maybe the lack of production early on here at first base,” Cashman said. “But he’s going to produce. He’s going to be a good player for us for a long time.”
    The leg injury Bird suffered at the end of spring hasn’t helped, Cashman said. Bird fouled a ball off his right foot/ankle in the team’s final spring training game. He’s had the area wrapped in ice after most games.
    “Listen, I also know, he might not use this an an excuse, but he also blasted his leg pretty good in Clearwater,” Cashman said. “I think that’s affected him getting out on his good side at little bit, mechanically It’s something he’s had to battle through. Whether that threw him off the first three weeks, that had something to do with it. He’s settling in now.”


    May 1, 2017 at 11:50 am

  7. Francesa blocking for his buddy Girardi
    Is sickening
    And I hope he doesn’t jump on the Judge bandwagon he already jinxed Bird and Sanchez

    And him saying the NYY won’t go anywhere has helped win 15 games

    Mikey the mailman is gonna bore us with NBA with both NY teams dysfunctional and years away from having contenders

    Francesa’s insider Intel is the internet like the rest of us
    And does anybody care about his horse and wearing the wrong shoes smh


    May 1, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    • Francesa is on the golf course, watching the NBA, checking in the draft, the NHL, last thing he did was watch a NYY game
      Francesa parrots Cashman and Girardi
      That’s hit
      Now he wants to flip Romine


      May 1, 2017 at 1:38 pm

  8. Francesa didn’t watch 1 inning of that NYY game he keeps blowing NYY callers off lol


    May 1, 2017 at 1:47 pm


    Sal–this is the link that changed. This guy kills Mikey daily. He tapes his whole show and then plays back and posts Mikey’s ridiculous and hilarious screw ups. It is really worth taking a minute’s look at it every day.


    May 1, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    • Thanks Noogsie, yes I think I had lost his link, so this is great we’ll keep it viral lol…


      May 1, 2017 at 5:08 pm

  10. Hey Big D good to see you
    you and Noogsie
    Bringing the heat great stuff fellas couldn’t agree more
    You wouldn’t see Francona pull Ortiz
    Why pull pedigree like Holliday when he’s hot

    I’m also sick of Cashman carrying players Joey Claps doesn’t trust
    Need a more versatile reliever then Layne
    Gotta stop using the pen to cut costs
    Can’t afford a Loogy, not with a starting staff that’s 5 and fly
    I have to tag Cashman here, Layne is out of options then he’s a bad purchase
    Get a friggin ball player who can get you some innings
    Thanks fellas fantastic stuff


    May 1, 2017 at 4:16 pm

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