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The Gift That Keeps On Gibbons

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The Ying

The Yanks evened their 3 game series with the Jays by pounding out 5 HR’s, 16 hits and  11 runs, in an 11 to 5 win over Prankster John from the Bronx  and his Mash unit from Toronto

A day after Marco Estrada mesmerized the Bombers 7-1, and a jovial  John Wayne Gibbons,  in disguise, called his team’s post game radio show to  mention what great moves John Gibbons had made on Monday…Thankfully  “Gibby” sent Tomato Can Deluxe Matt Latos to  the mound last night  and old Matt, after 4 innings,  threw  up enough numbers for  2 outings..

4 innings, 10 hits, 7 runs, 1 BB, 5 K’s, 4 HR’s

Thanks buddy…. but now we’ll  see how the Rubber Game pans out with Ace Marcus Stroman on the bump vs CoCo Sabathia

The old Earl Weaver  adage “Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher” was never more prevalent then in last night’s game… Latos was actually coming off a decent 6 inning, 3 hit, no  run loss to  the Cardinals in St Louis 5 days ago, so  it’s possible the long road trip  may have caught up  to the old Cincinnati Kid.. He does look like a guy  who might like to  eat out on the road…..

The Yang

On the opposite side of momentum was Nibbles Tanaka, and if he accepted, his mission was to  stop  a bad tasting 2 game losing streak that  started when  the Yanks let Buck Showalter  escape through a sewer drain on Sunday, and Estrada made them offers they  couldn’t hit on Monday

Tanaka started out shaky allowing a lead off double to  the very annoying Kevin Pillar, but he cleaned up  the inning on 10 pitches thanks to Pillar making the 3rd out in an  effort to  steal  third base…

With  a 1-0 lead, Tanaka threw a lengthy 21 pitch 2nd inning working around a 2 out Pearce single..

With  5-0  and 6-0 leads Tanaka cruised through the 3rd and 4th innings 6 up  6 down.. At 7-0 in the 5th Tanaka went AWOL

Smoak grounded out to third. 0 7
Pearce homered to left (406 feet). 1 7
Goins struck out swinging. 1 7
Travis doubled to right. 1 7
Coghlan singled to center, Travis scored. 2 7
Pillar lined out to second. 2 7

Pearce smacked a 90 MPH FB that got too much of the inside corner, and the first  thing you did was try to  remember where you stored the red flag.. Goins struck out on 4 off speed pitches, but Travis belted a 3-2 double followed by an RBI single from Jumpin Chris Coughlan  7-2 Yanks

Now pitching to Higashioka with Romine cramping up, Tanaka worked around a lead off double to Joey Bats in the 6th…. But imploded in the 7th and had to be bailed out by the pen…

Higashioka catching. 2 8
Pearce homered to left (383 feet). 3 8
Goins grounded out to catcher. 3 8
Travis singled to left center. 3 8
Clippard relieved Tanaka. 3 8
Coghlan fouled out to first. 3 8
Pillar singled to left, Travis to second. 3 8
Bautista walked, Travis to third, Pillar to second. 3 8
Betances relieved Clippard. 3 8
Travis scored, Pillar to third, Bautista to second on balk by Betances. 4 8
Martin walked. 4 8
Morales struck out looking. 4 8

Formula Joe went straight to Clippard, but he drove the truck further into  the ditch coughing up  a single and a walk in 0.1 of an inning

Betances balked in a run,  gave up  a walk,  but cleaned up  the mess at 8-4

The Bomber offense blew it open in the bottom of the 7th  and Layne and Holder were trusted with  holding the 7 run lead for 2 innings

Layne coughed up  a run in the 8th, Holder worked around a Headley error to close it out 11-5

Hit and Run

The Bombers found Latos to  their liking and for the first  4 innings the bat rack was prime real  estate, everybody wanted a piece of the rock..

Captain Gardner started the mugging with a lead off double and the rout was on… Only a base running blunder by Headley slowed down the beating Latos took for 4 innings

Gardner doubled to right. 0 0
Headley reached on infield single to catcher, Gardner to third. 0 0
Holliday doubled to left, Gardner scored, Headley to third. 0 1
Castro lined out to right. 0 1
Gregorius grounded into double play, pitcher to first to shortstop to catcher, Headley out at home. 0 1

In the 2nd inning Hicks  and Gardzilla went Big Fly . Happy Holliday continued to  rake going 3 for 4 after being baffled like everybody else by Estrada on Monday

Judge walked. 0 1
Hicks homered to right (360 feet), Judge scored. 0 3
Carter singled to left. 0 3
Romine struck out swinging. 0 3
Gardner homered to right (384 feet), Carter scored. 0 5
Headley struck out swinging. 0 5
Holliday doubled to right. 0 5
Castro struck out swinging. 0 5

The Bombers hung an unsightly 4 runs on Latos to make it 5-0

Judge smacked a HR to right field in the 3rd, it was a short and sweet 332 Ft Tater to make it 6-0 off

Gardzilla blasted his 2nd HR ( 383 ft)  of the game in the 4th, it was an impressive shot to left field, and his 2nd Two Homer game of the season made it 7-0

The Bomber offense took the 5th inning off before resuming the hit and run parade in the 6th

Carter walked. 2 7
Romine singled to right, Carter to second. 2 7
Gardner struck out swinging. 2 7
Carter to third, Romine to second on wild pitch by Leone. 2 7
Headley singled to center, Carter scored, Romine to third. 2 8
Holliday grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Headley out at second. 2 8

Leone had dominated the 5th inning but the boys nickel dime’d him to death in the 6th to make it  8-2

Jason Grilli threw gas on the fire in the bottom of the 7th inning after Toronto had cut the lead to  4 in the the top of the 7th

Grilli relieved Leone. 4 8
Castro doubled to left. 4 8
Gregorius walked. 4 8
Judge homered to left (391 feet), Castro and Gregorius scored. 4 11

Judge blasted his 2nd HR of the game off a 3-2 hanging slider, a majestic Bomb that landed just in front of the State Farm sign in LF.. It was his 12th Tater of the year, and it capped off a great offensive night for our heroes

2B: Gardner (4, Latos); Holliday 2 (5, Latos 2); Castro (4, Grilli)
HR: Hicks (5, 2nd inning off Latos 1 on, 0 Out); Gardner 2 (4, 2nd inning off Latos 1 on, 1 Out; 4th inning off Latos 0 on, 1 Out); Judge 2 (12, 3rd inning off Latos 0 on, 1 Out; 7th inning off Grilli 2 on, 0 Out)
RBI: Holliday (15), Hicks 2 (11), Gardner 3 (7), Judge 4 (25), Headley (9)
GIDP: Holliday
Yankees RISP: 4-12 (Holliday 1-2, Headley 2-3, Gregorius 0-1, Hicks 0-1, Castro 0-2, Judge 1-1, Gardner 0-2)
Team LOB: 8
E: Headley (5, throw)

Aaron Judge continued to steal the show, we’re not sure when  this wild ride will  slow down or stop, but buckle up  and take it with the Big Man..,



the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 3, 2017 at 8:19 am

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  1. another wild night in Boston.. Sale decided to cowboy up and throw at Manny.. One thing for sure we know Manny ain’t going to Boston as a FA so we can take that team off his list….

    Manny might want to come to NY just to punish those dopes…. Somebody is gonna take Sale down if he keeps up that stuff, who’s protecting him those 3 dancing fugazies in the out field?


    May 3, 2017 at 8:30 am

  2. Gardzilla may have changed his diet to a distinct Dominican menu
    Judge is a monster
    I am dreaming of Sanchez and Judge turning into a duo on the Yankees that compares to ones from many moons ago


    May 3, 2017 at 9:07 am

  3. And yes Judge has been phenomenal what a shot in the arm that kid has been


    May 3, 2017 at 10:02 am

  4. On the bad side not that Sanchez game Green got lit up like a jack-o-lantern NG

    5 innings, 7hits, 5 runs, 5 walks, 1 HR, 6 K’s, 4.37 ERA… maybe he’s bored….

    Be a shame to go to Wrigley without the DoughBoy 100%.. Or Mason Williams as the 4th OF….


    May 3, 2017 at 10:11 am

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