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Prime This

Luis Severino a former reliever weapon knew exactly how to  fix the Bombers leaky bullpen..

Necessity is the Mother of Invention, not Frank Zappa,  so in an effort to  not  gave Psycho Joey Claps a chance to blow the 2nd outstanding outing by a home grown Yankees starter,  23 yr old Severino stepped up and tossed an 8 innings, 4 hit, no run gem, and the Yanks beat the Royals 3-0

Severino has proven quite a few people wrong, after a tumultuous  2016 campaign  as a failed starter, the bull pen looked to be his final  destination.. Most folks around the game give the Yankees baseball OPs team  all  the credit for acknowledging the talent and sticking to  the starter plan, despite the mercurial feel  to all of his 2016 starts..

What needs to be hammered home more then slaps on the backs to a system that doesn’t have a track record for producing  top flight starters, is Severino  reaching out to Pedro Martinez this off season..

It’s not exactly splitting the atom seeing a natural  97-100 MPH fast ball with life, and a workable slider to go  with it and  realizing the up-side, but nobody in the Yankees system knew how to unlock the mysteries that  were stowed away inside Severino’s head, until  the Pedro Sessions

“It was really tough to face him,” Cain said. “He was lights out tonight, pretty much unhittable.”


Severino had all  3 of his pitches working, when he accomplishes that feat, on any 5th  day the Yanks have a stopper..

KnuckleHead O’Neill made himself useful in the booth  by pointing out how hard Severino  was throwing his change up on occasion, and the result was less life on his pitch, so  there is still work  to be done, but a tremendously vast improvement has materialized

After Escobar  belted the first pitch  from Severino to  the center field wall that Ellsbury tracked down, getting a concussion and an out for his extreme effort, Louie cleaned up  the first  three innings unscathed

Working with  a 1-0 lead thanks to  a Gregorius Tater in the third inning he gave up his first hit, a lead off single to Escobar in the 4th, but the base-runner died on the vine..

From there Severino  worked around a 2 out double in the 5th, a lead off infield single in the 6th, now up  2-0 he pitched a shut down 7th working around a lead off walk..

He finished off his night in the 8th inning sandwiching 2 punch outs and an F/9 around a 1 out single that had Psycho Joey Claps getting itchy to pull the bull pen trigger but he restrained from making any foolish moves

Probably the smartest  thing P-Joe has done all  week…

Betances continued his FU Levine Tour by being as Nasty as we’ve ever seen him

Betances relieved Severino. 0 3
Moustakas struck out swinging. 0 3
Cain struck out swinging. 0 3
Hosmer struck out looking. 0 3


Severino  and Betances were the ultimate Psycho Joey Claps kryptonite

Hit and Run

The Bombers only needed the Gregorius Tater in the 3rd, but there was comfort  getting some insurance along the way..

The SanBino after a night off was feeling his oats in the 6th inning.. A lead off single, a stolen base, a pop up  slide got him to  third base when Perez’s throw scooted into  center field, and Holliday  chased him home with a sac fly to  RF

The Bombers scored their 3rd and final  run in the 7th on a lead off Double by Gregorius and a one out single by Gardzilla

The Yanks only picked up 7 hits, Gardner, Sanchez, Holliday, and Judge had singles, Hicks a double, and Gregorius  who only saw 9 pitches in 4 PA’s,  hit the 400 ft Big fly to RF, and the booming double to right center, he also scored 2 of the 3 Yankees runs..

Hammel  did a decent job keeping the Bomber bats off balance with a lot of junk ball pitching .. 56 of his 98 pitches were breaking balls, and 11 of the 15 swings and misses came behind his slider, change-up  and curve command.. Technically his 6 inning, 6 hit, 3 run outing was a quality start, just not quality enough up  against the dominant Severino  and Betances

2B: Hicks (5, Hammel); Gregorius (5, Hammel)
HR: Gregorius (3, 3rd inning off Hammel 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: Gregorius (17), Holliday (28), Gardner (20)
SF: Holliday
Yankees RISP: 1-3 (Headley 0-1, Carter 0-1, Gardner 1-1)
Team LOB: 6
SB: Sánchez (1, 2nd base off Hammel/Pérez)
DP: 1 (Severino-Castro-Carter).

The win jacked the Bombers lead in the AL East  to  2.5 after the O’s were swept by a hot Twins team.. The whole division sans the Orioles is hot, and it looks like the Nickel Dime Red Sox are making their move only 3.5 back… They aren’t a slugging team, but especially in Fenway, they will single double you to  death..

the Whole 9

The Yanks and Royals are postponed today, make up  date sometime late September


Written by Sal

May 25, 2017 at 8:35 am

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  1. we’ll be out of the office until Sunday, with brief drive by’s, today enjoy the weekend..


    May 25, 2017 at 8:48 am

  2. Safe travels Sal


    May 25, 2017 at 8:58 am

  3. Santino to Clemenza, “Send somebody with him”….
    Safe travels, son!


    May 25, 2017 at 9:30 am

  4. ok boys talk at you soon

    How do these guys on MLB keep their focus with Lauren throwing so much lash, in that short dress.. wow… Any way the one dude is off on Sandoval they don’t owe him for 5 more r’s 2 more, 3 counting this yr

    Price is the guy they owe 5 more after this yr, unless he opts out after next yr…I’d lose my focus too


    May 25, 2017 at 11:49 am

  5. And Cy Young
    is now pitching for Oakland ???


    May 26, 2017 at 11:41 pm

  6. Yanks have split the first 2 games vs the putrid A’s losing when they should have won and winning when they should have lost. Tanaka and CC were terrific,both deserved wins. Clippard has earned his gidrool wings,he has been awful. Friday he threw away a needless pickoff throw,Saturday he just stunk. Betances
    was incredible with a 5 out save,take that Randy Levine!!! Although the bullpen has taken a hit since Chapman is out,after watching the Mets and Texas Rangers bullpen,we can’t complain!!!-lol Its really been the lack of hitting that has hurt the team. Its like a return to the dead bats society!! Yanks won Saturday with only 2 hits off a gidrool with an era close to 7!!! They have 8(or 9??) games in a row with fewer than 8 hits-pathetic. Headley has been “given a rest” to clear his head-and remove it from his behind!! So the papers have been calling for Torres and his 3 games at Triple A to replace him-not happening yet.
    But he is not alone in stinking it up at the plate. The Sanchize has also been pretty pathetic,flailing away at
    pitches out of the strike zone. He has been so bad Romine-who was 0-19 before getting a hit-has replaced him as Tanaka’s catcher. The whole team has been in a hitting funk. They have kept their lead over the O’s who keep losing and are now in 3rd,the sux have moved into 2nd place killing people at femway for a change. Yanks are in first place on Memorial Day,for whatever that means. It certainly is a pleasant surprise and we can only hope that it continues.


    May 28, 2017 at 12:05 am

    • hey fellas … big D thanks for the run down… Clippard needs a rest too, same thing afflicted with head in ass disease.. what scares you about Clip, he never thinks he’s pitched bad….

      3 weeks until Chapman so they better dip into some of these young live arms on the farm.. It won’t kill them to get a few up here to pitch 1 or 2 innings, then go back to stretching them out when Chappy gets back

      the bullpen went from great to just ok, I’m guessing they better get out of that hitting funk today Betances has to be off limits after yesterday They’ll need 7 run lead to win

      Thanks guys


      May 28, 2017 at 12:22 pm

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