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 New York Yankees

Record: 29-18
Week 7 ranking: No. 3

Where did the Yankees’ offense go? Since May 18, the Yankees are scoring 3.5 runs per game, which ranks 25th in the majors. The only teams scoring fewer runs per game in that span are the Cardinals, Orioles, Phillies, Padres and Mariners. Through May 17, the Yankees ranked second in the majors in runs per game with 5.9, trailing only the Nationals (6.0).

That  pretty much  sums up yesterday, the Bomber offense sans an A-Bomb from Aa-Ron in the 7th inning, his world leading 17th HR of the season, and a sac fly from Hicks in the 2nd, the boys have “shut her down”

Big D with the Bullet Point  Run Down

O’s were way overdue and they have the best home record in the AL. The Yanks did not play well at all, lousy fielding, worse base running, even worse at bats.

Montgomery threw 100 pitches in 4.1 innings, only gave up 1 earned run!! He seems to be Nibbles Jr, fell behind using his curve and off speed stuff, then got hit off his fastball. He needs to use his fastball more and start pitching to contact.

The relief gidrools actually did very well.

I don’t know if it was Castro or our moronic 3b coach but Castro should have scored on a single but eventually he scored so no harm.

GARDY had a brain cramp,should NEVER gotten thrown at a 3b on fly ball to LF!!

Sanchez and Carter are mired

Sanchez needs to get his act together like Judge did, stop flailing away at everything trying to homer every at bat. The lousy pop ups and strike outs are getting boring.

How much do the Yankees hate Refsnyder? He has been buried on the bench while Carter plays every day, doing nothing.

They said with regular at bats he would hit homers, now he gets regular at bats and still strikes out, batting .190

Who’s My Daddy

The O’s were in the throws of a 7 game losing streak, so they  were due, but you have to play  the hand that’s dealt you..

The good guys were dealing from the bottom of the deck with their 23 yr old #5 starter, Jordan Montgomery, who gets into more jams then the Grateful Dead during his per usual average 5 inning starts

The Buck O’s had their Ace Bob Dylan Bundy on the bump, but they  were without their All Star center fielder Adam Jones, outside of the O’s being due, it was a fair fight…

Oh wait, we forgot the fine print, Zoom in on that sucker….

they’ve dropped 10 consecutive series dating back to 2014.

Katie Sharp‏ @ktsharp
Worst Record at Camden Yards Since 2013 (AL Teams): Indians 4-10 White Sox 5-12 Yankees 12-28

Worst Record at Camden Yards since 2014 (AL teams): Indians 2-8 Yankees 8-22 Athletics 3-7

Anyway Bundy tossed his best game of the year, and Montgomery didn’t.. I almost forgot, the Camden Mewl Buck Showalter was without his All Universe closer Zack Britton, but that  didn’t matter Darren O’Day  and Brad Brach  were “filthy”


Starlin Castro, like most of the Bombers was off to a blazing start that was not gonna pro-rate the 162… It wasn’t a matter of if, but when he’d start  to  land closer to his career slash .281 .320 .412 .732..

A number that is considerably down from his mercurial April .352 .398 .549 .947 and his ever present .291 .321 .417 .739  in May..

So  we have to  brace ourselves for the real Starlin Castro who is finally starting to  show up again.. It’s the same Starlin Castro  the Cubs practically gave away  to  the Yanks, just  to get him away  from their young core, and out from under his manageable

17:$9M, 18:$10M, 19:$11M, 20:$16M club option ($1M buyout)

Yesterday Castro after being HBP, eventually scored on a Hicks sac fly, but what  stuck to  your ribs was his absentminded base running previous.. “Cassie”  could have scored the run on Gregorius’ infield knock, but with the play behind him, he went all sand-lot and took his eye of Espada who  almost tore a rotator cuff waving him in..

With one out in the 3rd he coughed up an error, the Gumbino nailed down the 2nd out on a an F/9, but the Rook couldn’t pick up his 2nd baseman and the O’s strung together a 2 out single, and a well placed RBI double that gave  the O’s a 3-1 lead, and  for all intents and purposes, the ball game

Judge made it a one run game in the 7th  with his 17th Tater off Bundy, but the O’s pen slammed the door shut on our Heroes, and Baltimore was off the mat..

Montgomery probably by default will  continue to get  the ball  every 5th rotation day, Green blew his shot on Sunday, and Cessa has been very hittable at AAA… Chance Adams probably needs more innings at AAA, so Montgomery who  we all like, will probably keep his job,  despite pitching worse then his line indicated

yanks pitching

The Fabulous Holder Shreve  tag team combo that Joey Claps seems comfortable with had a good day, so the Suzyn Waldman team mommy silver lining antidote for the day is the GumBino wasn’t sharp, but he kept the Bombers in this game, and they had a chance to  win it…

But they Didn’t

Hit and Run

2B: Gardner (9, Bundy)
HR: Judge (17, 7th inning off Bundy 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: Hicks (22), Judge (35)
SF: Hicks
GIDP: Holliday 2
Yankees RISP: 1-3 (Sánchez 0-1, Gregorius 1-1, Carter 0-1)
Team LOB: 4
E: Castro (5, bobble)

the Whole 9

The YES Men

Severino  vs Tillman


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May 30, 2017 at 7:26 am

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  1. it’s amazing how people see what they want in videos…. The Met Mutts hate Harper of course so they’re giving Strickland the win on points, plus they think Harper tried to throw the helmet at Strickland but missed…

    I’m not sure about that, there are different angles and it looks like he thought about it, but tossed it off to the side

    Now throwing a batting helmet isn’t an easy thing to command, I’ve thrown construction helmets that never hit the glove lol…

    the one giants fan is upset with Posey, that was a hockey fight the HBP made no sense, let them work it out

    I don’t want my best player getting hurt in some BS pissing contest… The Giants fan also said Strickland isn’t exactly a team fav…..


    May 30, 2017 at 10:42 am

  2. Francesa could not wait to talk about Tiger Woods anything but talking baseball for Franny,
    he wanted to get in to this drama so bad I bet he spiked Tiger Woods with painkillers

    Mikey the mail man is on display today


    May 30, 2017 at 1:15 pm

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