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Coming to a Theater Near You, The Bull Pen From Hell

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The NY Yankee PR machine wants your money, you can’t turn on Al Yankzeera’s YES Network  without them slamming their #2 MLB Farm  System down your throat, they  should be arrested for false advertising….

Of course Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have become high leverage arm candy for the Bean counters that  run the Bombers, both young players have jump started what  was a dead franchise going into August of 2016..

From that  joyous day in our lives, to  the present, sans a few months when Sanchez was hurt or the league had made an  adjustment, the two potential superstars have given Yankee Universe a reason to Hope their rebuild wouldn’t take as long as professional MLB Tankers like the Cubs, Phillies. Astros, Royals, Twins, and Brewers..

Forgive me if I forgot somebody, no  disrespect, but I’ve been sleepwalking the last four days following this West Coast Yankees production of The Bull Pen From  Hell..

During this now 4 game losing streak the pitchers taking L’s  or been on the bump in high leverage situations  during the loses have been  Heller, Shreve, Herrera, Gallegos and last night it was Holder’s chance to blow a game out of the bull pen… All household names in their own house, but chum to MLB hitters fishing to pad their offensive stats

So  what happened, I thought we had  a Genius Bull Pen manager ?

Oh he lost his ALCS MVP set up man Miller, his  $85M closer Chapman, and  the kid they  didn’t want to pay who has bailed the Genius and Al Yankzeera  out for 3 years, Betances, has been relegated to  just  closing games, because that’s what  color by numbers managers in baseball  do….

Give  the Genius  a coloring book, because whatever he has written on that binder  he constantly stares at is confusing him and us….

Over the last 4 games  we’ve at least cleared one thing up, any one of us could have shut down the last 6 to  9 to 12 outs of a game calling on No Runs DMC, somebody  please explain that  to Mike Francesa who  will fight you to  the death shilling for his pal manager the Genius

Unfortunately without the almighty check book the “he’ll have a job in 5 minutes”  Genius manager and his “brilliant” GM can’t find one pitcher in their touted #2 Farm system to  get the ball  safely to their best pitcher Betances who has now only pitched in 3 of the 138 innings the Yanks have played in June..

When your offense averages 9.875 runs per game in the 8  wins they’ve managed to  secure in the last 15 games  this month you look pretty smart, but when you start  to mis-manage the bull pen in some of those routs, eventually you lose players to injuries, no  worries we have depth, and the #2 Farm System in baseball…

Of course we understand you just  don’t bring up  your best players from the farm, the kids with pedigree, not just inflated numbers in small  sample sizes vs other minor league players which is what  we’re seeing now get beat  down by the lowly Angels and the lowlier Oakland A’s..

No it’s more complicated then  that, there are 40 man roster considerations, super 2 contract loop holes, starting a players service time debacles, we have to keep pitchers stretched out concerns, and my favorite “their just not ready yet” retorts.. My God  we don’t want them  to lose confidence, because once they’re here they have to  stay here…

Or maybe this #2 Farm system stuff is fake news?

So  far  Severino, Sanchez, and Judge have been terrific…

Sanchez came as advertised after 6 yr’s in the minors, Judge came out of nowhere, thanks to his own motivated hard work in the off season, and it took a Boston Red Sox legend to fix Severino after the Bomber brainiacs were getting nowhere in their effort to make Severino  a starter

The remaining pitchers we’ve seen from the #2 Farm System in MLB have looked no  different  or better then  the pitchers that came out of the #16 farm system in baseball, so the auditions to  save Hal money in 2018 have not gone well..

See there is a pecking order in baseball, you have to  wait your turn, and it’s too  early in the season to break  the formula, the better pitchers are being groomed to  start the first  5 innings of a game, then lesser talented pitchers get to try and hold serve for the last 12 outs of the game, guess what happens when  that’s your Formula in the Big League……..

The Bomber front office isn’t worried, the varsity built up a 4 game lead in their division by June 12th, the 15 games over .500 Yankees were due for a market correction, and they’re on the road in California, let them  worry about selling tickets, who’s watching those games sans the die hards, and we have them hooked regardless, so lets try to  sneak Sally Through  the Alley

We have two more days in California, then 12 more games against lowly AL teams before they head to Houston.. Maybe by then Sanchez, Hicks, Ellsbury, Warren, Sabathia,  Chapman  and a trade for a first baseman, might help  right the ship, but until  then the season will  slowly slip into a maddening 2016 deja vu all over

The offense isn’t gonna average over 9 runs a game in wins  for long, and the pitchers Cashman  sends to  the varsity aren’t gonna morph into the 98 yankees, so  buckle up..

Remember that worry about the pitching staff not being much more then an 82 win  team ? It’s taking shape before our very eyes….

Maybe  before it totally implodes the calvary will  arrive and instead of what  we’ve seen over the last week, Cashman will have traded for some help, or a combination of Green, Cessa, Mitchell, and Adams will be replacing Holder Herrera and Gallegos on the 25 man roster

We do have a glimmer of hope, Chad Green, the poor bastard that  started this downfall on June 11th  when he couldn’t get an out in the 3rd inning and the Bull Pen  from Hell  previewed to  rave reviews, gets another chance to throw 50 pitches and create the sequel on Sunday

Bull Pen From Hell  2

Cashman made it a point to say we’re gonna continue to lose the battle but eventually we’ll  win the war on his Michael Kay interview..  Cashman was asked if he’s thinking he may need to change his mind on how he perhaps expected to handle the deadline because the Yankees have been playing so well in a season that seemingly could have been a bit of a rebuilding year.

“No, I don’t think so,” Cashman said. “I think we try to keep things pretty simple. In terms of any individual transaction, you just try to make the best decision possible whether it’s representing a short-term or a long-term interest. So I would say regarding how the team is performing, you’re just trying to make good baseball decisions.

“We are excited about this team. I know our fans are excited about this team. I think the best is yet to come in terms of our future as long as guys stay healthy. This obviously is a very humbling game on that matter.

“But I think every step is what’s in our best interest. … So we’ll get all of our people together and make recommendations to Hal Steinbrenner and his family, and then they’ll make the final call on it.

“I do think we’ll stay the course that we’ve stayed the last two to three or four years, which is we are trying to win but we’re also trying to make sure that we have the best present and future we could possibly have combined. And if we just keep those steps as simple as that and make good sound baseball decisions, I think everything should take care of itself.”

It doesn’t get any simpler then doing nothing, and they  still have the Judges Chambers and Gary Sanchez to  excite the Millennials wearing white wigs and paying for Levine and Trosts Yachts in the Caribbean .. Let’s not forget  those Big Promo’s on YES

We’ll see how that  works for the Bean counters when The Bull Pen From Hell 2 bombs at the box office, and you can find it at your local library’s DVD bin…

the Whole 9

The YES Men


Written by Sal

June 17, 2017 at 8:46 am

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  1. Bird seeing specialist
    A CT scan and MRI taken Friday didn’t reveal why first baseman Greg Bird still is having issues with his right ankle, which was bruised late in spring training and has had him on the DL since May 2.
    Next up for Bird, whose rehabbing in Triple-A games was stopped, is a visit to Charlotte to a see Dr. Robert Anderson, a specialist who previously had former Yankees players Derek Jeter, Chien-Ming Wang and Brian Bruney as patients.
    “The Bird thing has obviously been a difficult one,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said Friday during an ESPN New York radio interview as a guest on The Michael Kay Show. “The rehab was going well from a health standpoint from all understanding. Performance wise he wasn’t swinging the bat well. Then we had a complaint that arose that we hadn’t been hearing that he still wasn’t feeling right. He called (Yankees head athletic trainer) Steve Donahue and said, ‘Listen, something’s not right here. This leg’s not functioning properly.’ So with that I pulled the plug on his rehab.
    “I wanted to put him in the hands of (Yankees physician) Dr. Chris Ahmad, who saw him (Friday) morning, ran a CT scan and MRI scan, and at this stage we do not have any explanation of why he’s continuing to struggle with it.
    “So we’re going to send him to Dr. Bob Anderson … We’ll see if he can determine what’s going on and why obviously Greg’s having difficulties. So that’s the next step that we’ll cross off the ladder. But he’s seen a number of different doctors throughout the process and various local doctors. We’re going to put him in the hands of an expert in this field and see if he can determine why we dealing with a hurdle that we can’t seem to get over it.”


    June 17, 2017 at 11:03 am

  2. Twitter D and Twitter Dumb

    Matt Chapman will never forget his first big league hit. Jonathan Holder probably won’t either


    The #Yankees have scored 50.5% of their runs via home runs, the second-highest rate in @MLB. Only the Blue Jays are higher (56.4%).


    June 17, 2017 at 1:07 pm

  3. LHP Tommy Layne has accepted his outright assignment and reported to Triple-A Scranton, the team announced.

    Should have held out for that job at the supermarket Tommy, but glad your back in the mix, we’ll probably see you soon because your on the 40 man roster, which is the mother of all reasons for Cashman decisions


    June 17, 2017 at 1:09 pm

  4. Sal

    June 17, 2017 at 1:38 pm

  5. How can Girardi still be our Manager ?


    June 17, 2017 at 9:53 pm

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