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Lose the Battle Win the War Tour

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General Girardi’s  Lose the Battle Win the War tour took on it’s 5th  consecutive loss yesterday as the Oakland Triple A’s noshed on Tanaka meatballs for 3 HR’s and a 5-2 win..

For some reason this 5th  straight loss didn’t sting as much, maybe we’re getting used to it, or maybe I should just  speak  for myself…

For me, the rack and ruin of a bull pen implosion is the most agonizing tragedy, with Tanaka you now almost expect disaster. “Let’s be honest” at this point in the season the sample size of mediocrity is no longer a small window, it’s a full  blown Glass Menagerie

The $153M man is having his career worst season at the most inopportune time on two  different levels..

1) He’s blowing a chance to opt out of the remaining 3 yr’s @ $67M, and turning it into a speculative 5 yr $155M bonanza on the open market

2) He seems like a stand up kid, and an honorable individual, so this blighted season has to be wearing heavily on him because first  and foremost he’s letting down his teammates not to mention the folks writing his checks….

Similar to  the Glass Menagerie, Tanaka is a series of characters, and this year  you see each one in every start, sans Boston and the 1st Oakland game when he was an unmitigated master

Yesterday, Nibbles set a world record that might rival Joe D’s 56

Masahiro Tanaka is only MLB pitcher in last 100 yrs (and likely ever) with 10+ K and 3+ HR allowed in outing of 4 IP or fewer

So  you see where we’re going with this, he’s a $153M  JAPANESE CHABAKO BOX

General Girardi has given up on remedies to  fix Tanaka San..

the Bob Steele

general Girardi

We get the feeling Larry the Stable Guy is equally bemused when it comes to being Mr Fix-It, but I bet he enjoys the Tanaka implosions, walking to  the mound is the only exercise he gets, so it secures those 10,000 steps a day his doctor ordered

The General said they’ve tried everything, it’s now up  to Nibbles to  figure it out for himself, that’s what I call expert coaching…I bet Junior Steinbrenner loved hearing that type of circumspection from his on the field $3M General……

Anyway, I’d call Pedro, we know the Red Sox are paying him, but that  didn’t stop him from  fixing Severino ( I love saying that to Red Sox fans, it’s subtle, like a Mike Tyson right hand to  the jaw)

It’s obvious Larry and the General are clueless, and you just  can’t let one bad kid in the class screw up  the lesson plan, so that’s my advice, go outside of the organization…….

The hope was Tanaka was fixed after his Anaheim outing, although a disgusted Ma Pinstripe said Larry wanted to  see him  do it again, yesterday he only half did it.. Yes he struck out 10, and had 19 swings and misses in 4 innings, but the 3 HR’s were debilitating on a day  when the offense could only muster 5 singles and 2 runs on the afternoon

Under  the Mingo Tree

The highlight of this game was a 4 inning relief stint by Domingo German who has the guts of a burglar…

German one of the pieces in the Prado / Phelps deal for  Eovaldi has been injured, is coming off Tommy John surgery, so his command will  be suspect, but you can’t teach Balls, and this kid worked in and out of  bases loaded trouble in the 6th  and 7th innings, and a lead off double in the 8th

He entered the 5th  after Tanaka threw a 37 pitch  4th inning and it was obvious Nibbles had nothing left after just  82 pitches… If the General  would have forced him to  throw another 20, his  21 HR’s allowed may have  surpassed the co AL leader Ricky Nolasco of the Angels

Despite being down 5-2 the offense still hadn’t shown signs of giving up, they  were putting long AB’s on A’s starter Jesse Hahn who was gifted a very short line-up  by the General in the midst of  his losing the battle to  win the war game plan…

The Sonny in a Toll Booth 

The Bomber offense finally succumbed to  exhaustion and showed little fight despite Hahn leaving the game after 5 innings.

Liam Hendricks punched out 2 and induced a ground ball out in the 6th, they started to lose altitude  in the 7th when Josh Smith waltzed through three weak  ground ball outs,  Ryan Madsen held his spikes to  their neck in the 8th after he punched out Judge who wore the strike out  hat trick  to his hometown party, and Sean Doolittle closed the deal  striking out Carter, Sanchez and Romine, around a Torreyes single

Torreyes with  2 singles on the afternoon was the Yanks hitting star


the Whole 9

This and That

Joel Sherman opines now that 40% of the season is over the sample size is large enough for Cashman to  think  about buying at the deadline… Obviously the Yanks have the prospect currency to  secure a starter

The Gleyber Torres elbow injury, depending on it’s severity, opens a potential third base trade also, but that’s a long shot, Headley is still on life support…

With Tanaka now officially a box of chocolates, Cashman will need to find a starter, he also has the mother of all hassles (for him), the 40 man roster, there are now  too many prospects and not enough seats at  the table, so he either loses them to rule 5 or he trades them for some much needed help..

Sherman has taken it upon himself to  create a Frazier, Adams, Mateo, Florial, package to get Jose Quintana a former Met PED user  back in Pinstripes

He would cost the kind of prospects who would help alleviate some 40-man roster crunch — this is made up by me: Adams, Frazier, Mateo and Estevan Florial. He is just 28 and lefty. Plus, he is under control through 2020, and how his team-friendly deal is structured Quintana would cost just $5.3 million toward the luxury tax payroll next year.

One dis claimer, Quintana has been as bad as Tanaka  and Rick Porcello.. One  potential  loop hole to his bad start, is he  frustrated knowing at  any moment he could be traded? Or did the WBC whack him in March and he’s yet to  recover?

Cashman’s  MIT graduate war room has no  doubt ripped into Quintana’s peripherals to find out what his problems are, so as much as we think trading Frazier for a potential  suspect is a No, if they  can find some or a lot of  positives in Quintana’s lousy season, he’s what  the doctor ordered… A Sale light if you will

Chance Adams gets a lot of ink in NY, he’s definitely a Minor League icon, but his command as a starter  is still  a work in progress, and to land a top of the rotation  pitcher, Adams who isn’t primed to help in a playoff run based on how much Girardi hates using young unproven commodities might make the most sense

Frazier is starting to rip  the cover off the ball  at AAA so he’s at his zenith Re: trade bait…

All good points, but they  better make sure whoever they  bring in isn’t damaged goods or the next Ed Whitson

With Greg Bird circling the drain for 2017, Cashman  will also need to  supplement first base, Chris Carter is not the answer on a steady basis

Hurricane Carter  owns a  37%  K /rate, in 174 PA’s he’s been punched out 64 times, so  every 2.7 times up he goes down on a strike out… If you don’t put the ball in play you have no  shot moving the needle

Carter has 8 HR’s in 174 PA’s, so he’s finding the Tater seats every 21.75 times he comes to  the plate..There is nothing he does offensively that breeds consistency if you play him everyday, unless you want to  wait for a HR every 5 games….

Depending on the price tag Yonder Alonso would make an interesting pick up, his LHB would play  well in the Bronx.. He’s a 31 yr old free agent rental so the price tag might not  be prospect intensive, and he’s a major upgrade over anything Cashman has…

Apparently Tyler Austin is now the new Rob Refsynder, but if Cashman wants to  go  for it, then he needs an upgrade to fill  the huge Bird void or give Austin a chance….

The problem might be Austin’s versatility may have been compromised by his ankle injury, and Refsynder, who  has morphed into  an automatic out, can still  fake 3 or 4 positions, rendering  himself more helpful  to  a team carrying 8 relievers

Gleybermania on Hold

Yankees Universe will have to hold their breath until official word comes on the severity of Gleyber Torres’ elbow injury… Despite Cashman’s claims that Torres would never see NY in 2017, the young man was starting to  rake at  AAA, and you know how much Junior Steinbrenner loves this idea of young, emergent, energetic and Cheap  talent…

That’s been #HalCare’s trump  card  bringing back the fans this season, so Torres was starting to do  more then knock on the varsity door, he was a 4 week Headley slump from getting the call


Written by Sal

June 18, 2017 at 6:43 am

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  1. Sal—I personally believe this piece is one of your best ever–and that says a mouthful.
    So many good points and so many funny points. I feel badly that the masses will not ready it. It is better than what they are and will be reading. I assume you guys are not big on poetry, although it does remind me of a piece I memorized from long ago. That’s what this is
    “full many a flower is born to blush unseen
    and waste its sweetness on the desert air.”
    Susan Sarandon actually quoted it in Bull Durham. It’s from Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard.
    The team needs to get back retreat, get back home, care for the injured men, obtain fresh provisions, and protect the home turf from invasion. Our General and General Manager both have show some leadership, take some medication, but not to the point where they think they have to recite the National Anthem backwards. ( that was Tiger’s funniest line)


    June 18, 2017 at 9:46 am

  2. hey Noogsie and all you guys Happy Fathers Day.. I almost forgot…

    High praise noogsie I’m humbled, thank you… And you are correct, at least my poetry chops aren’t what they should be thanks for the enlightened words…Per usual I like to use what all you guys contribute and this one has that in it, it’s a take from all of us…

    It became obvious to me yesterday the fellas have gone 120% for this long and it took a toll, best thing to do is get the engines torqued and ready to go when as you say it’s time to protect the home from invasion…

    All of the AL east teams now have a losing record on the road, if they can continue to protect their house, and go a tick above .500 on the road we have a shot

    where they think they have to recite the National Anthem backwards lol that’s rich….



    June 18, 2017 at 10:48 am

  3. Yes! A Happy Father’s Day to all the mudda’s out there.
    Great piece Sally Boy!
    I agree, let’s give a call to Pedro to fix this Land Of The Rising Sun’s son.
    As my grandmother used to say, “It couldn’t hurt!” Look at what he did for Sevy.
    In spite of all the denials, Pedro has always said that he thinks Tanaka San is hurt.
    Get him on site to help & have a in person look himself.
    After all the years of hating on this guy, I can’t believe I’m championing on him coming in to help.
    Things change….


    June 18, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    • Have a great day Bonds I’m sure your little girl knows how lucky she is
      Thanks bud


      June 18, 2017 at 1:26 pm

  4. After this atrocious road trip, i have to make the doughnuts this afternoon and suffer through the radio side of the finale. Grrrr
    Newark roundtrip on ( Happy) Father’s Day,, traffic much ???
    With Georgie Grl and the Big Deaf and Dumbie “Voice of The Yankees” on my radio good thing I VAPE 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
    Gonna be a long ride.


    June 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    • Safe travels Donny tough day to be on the road don’t vaporizer too much
      Good luck with Ma and Pa


      June 18, 2017 at 1:28 pm

  5. Happy Fathers Day to all!! Lets hope the Yanks make it a great day!!!


    June 18, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    • Hey Big D same at you


      June 18, 2017 at 4:19 pm

  6. Probably safe to say they have a clue how to punch out Judge better burn the tape
    last thing the Yanks need is their best hitter to float back to earth

    Last 4 AB’s all whiffs
    Seems he’s always behind in the count which is strange considering they don’t want to pitch to him
    They’re gonna slider him to death and bust him in to death


    June 18, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    • Well that ends that pipe dream

      What Cashman has in the minors are all relievers with live arms they’re trying to make starters
      2nd time around a line up it’s over

      The real starter Kaprielian got hurt

      He might not want to expose Adams better keep him in the minors padding his stats…


      June 18, 2017 at 5:14 pm

  7. The A’s never let them stay in the leave
    Bad pitching
    Good job DD and good job Judge

    Doesn’t matter if they take the lead nobody can hold them off the board
    Maybe get Green ready


    June 18, 2017 at 5:16 pm

  8. Well that just sucked.


    June 18, 2017 at 7:36 pm

  9. Psycho Joe got in two ” The Bottom Line” comments in the post game. He and Mikey Two Times are starting to both sound the same. Joey also got in a ” It’s not what you want to see happen.” Today was another awful and miserable loss and when I saw he was batting Sanchy second, I was angry before the game started.


    June 18, 2017 at 7:37 pm

  10. Before the game,Singleton said the Yanks were the last team in the majors not to be swept in a series.
    Now,not!! Cessa is a just another below mediocre righty pitcher,second time around its over. Another lousy trade result. Just think of the names of the losing pitchers in the last 6 games,only Tanaka is recognizable.
    The offense is also in a funk,the lineup and batting order need some repair. Why Didi hitting over .330 is not near the top is stupid,as is Sanchez batting second.You always want a slow catcher to clog the bases at the top of the order. Thankfully this road trip from hell is over, hopefully it will just be a blip on the radar
    if the Yanks straighten themselves out. To paraphrase that great American philosopher Charlie Sheen,
    Yanks just had a bad week.


    June 18, 2017 at 8:48 pm

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