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California Dreaming, A Nightmare

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Well  that  was an unfortunate Sunday afternoon, the Drums from Hell, another tough loss, another failed pitcher from Cashman’s #2 Farm System, and the  once 15 games over .500 California Dreaming road trip  turned Nightmare has mercifully ended

It was appropriate, The NY Yankees on Father’s Day made the the Oakland Triple A’s their Daddy

The  6th consecutive loss a 4-3 stomach punch, combined with Boston narrowly  slipping past the Astros 6 to 5, puts New York and Boston in a virtual tie for first place, with  Boston  1 game back in the loss column

One of the main reasons Boston caught the Yanks this week, they won Bull Pen of the Week  honors, and baseball’s version of General George Armstrong Custer, General Girardi’s rag tags didn’t…

YES Network might want to  back off that  farm  system hyperbole on their promo’s, or at least explain to  the fans most of the touted prospects are teenagers or one or two birthdays  away from 20 / 21 years old,  consequently a few years away  from the Varsity….

They  want you to  stay interested in the cash cow at the Mall on Rivera Avenue by making you think the Young Calvary is ready to  rumble, they’re  just waiting with sharp bayonets and Navy Seal  training to  come save the day..

The handful  that  maybe  are ready, are all position players being blocked by veterans who Cashman doled out bad contracts to, so  guess who gets prioritized?

Right, the bad contracts, Headley, Ellsbury, Carter, Tanaka,

ARod’s cash on the barrel head  to  stay  away is $21M, but MLB is charging Steinbrenner  $27.5M AAV against the Lux tax,

McCann is costing  $5.5M in 2017  and $5.5M in 2018 to play  for Houston…. The Yanks are  shelling out $32M in unusable bad paper this year, and it’s  all going toward the 50% Luxury Tax

On the books for 2018 

Tanaka $22M, Ellsbury $21M, Chapman $17.2M, Headley $13M, Gardner $11.5M, Castro $10.8M, plus the $5.5M to McCann…

Most of the NYY’s #2 Farm  system are middle infielders and out fielders, any of the touted pitching prospects are two  to  three years removed from Severino and Montgomery, the only 2 youngsters that can help  this year’s squad

After painfully watching  games by  40 man  roster choices Luis Cessa, Chad Too Green. Ronald Herrera, Giovanny Gallegos, Ben Heller High Water, Kyle Holder, Domingo German and Bryan Mitchell, we have come to  the conclusion, Cashman, at the moment has assembled a pretty good stable of relievers, but not one starter in that bunch..

The only 40 man roster pitchers we haven’t had the pleasure to  watch yet are Yefrey Ramirez, (Trenton Thunder activated RHP Yefry Ramirez from the 7-day disabled list on June 14th when he made a start  at AA)

 Dietrich Enns who  after pitching 5 innings of 2 hit ball on April 14th, was shut down and has not been reactivated since April 15th..

Of course we all know their #1 pitching prospect Jimmy Kaprielian is out with Tommy John, so forget him for 2017 and a lot of 2018…

Cashman is overstocked with hype on the Farm, the good news, MLB / and touted prospect  publications have chosen where these  players are placed across the board,  not the Al Yankzerra fake news crew...So Cashman legitimately  has a pocket full of currency he can use to help  the varsity this season..

The bad news, Cashman after this lost week on the Left Coast has some real  decisions to make… Is this team good enough to start thinning out the herd in an effort to go outside of the organization for help, or are the Yanks gonna go back to plan A and make 2017 a Bridge Year?

The first  2 months of the season were saved by  Home Grown’s Aaron Judge, Luis Severino Gary Sanchez  Jordan Montgomery, and a band of older veterans playing over their collective heads …It had us throughly wrapped up in  delusions of grandeur, which in the grand scheme of things is tremendous..

When is the last time the Bombers showed any life or help  from the Farm system?

Remember 2013 when Junior Steinbrenner decided he didn’t want to  spend over $200M a yr, plus pay Tax penalties to run Daddy’s business? Not one prospect was MLB ready, so in 4 years the Yanks have at least made up  some ground..

The California Nightmare may have snapped us back to  reality that  maybe Hollywood isn’t ready for another spectacular baseball movie, so  the All Rise screenplay might be temporarily on hold?

The pitching is a big problem, at least the depth, don’t buy the fake news, none of those guys they purposely used this West Coast trip to audition vs “bad teams” panned out

They’re all relievers at the moment.. might as well bring a few up, put them in the pen..

AAA relievers are not the answer on the big club, if you want to stay in house I’m all for it, but you need to use your best arms, and Cashman wants to stretch them out as starters

I understand it, he needs to trade for relievers then, the sample size is big enough to make an evaluation… None of those guys sans German have Severino type stuff or Montgomery type stuff

They’re all AAAA starters, probably very good relievers when they cut 4 pitches to 2 like Green does, and only have to think about 1-2 or 3 innings

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

June 19, 2017 at 9:25 am

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  1. Ma Pinstripe just got back from Sam’s Club with a case of kool aid

    She has no clue who’s on the 40 man
    They’re all relievers trying to become starters Cashman will have to trade for a starter

    The numbers at AAA are skewed really Suzy

    She’s pining for Hosmer you can bring in Lou Gehrig this team can’t pitch


    June 19, 2017 at 11:54 am

  2. Gleyber Torres out, he needs Tommy John so he’s out for the season bummer


    June 19, 2017 at 3:57 pm

  3. Good job by Michael Kay calling out Carter today, he’s a nice fella but he really has to go, you just can’t strike out that much, need to put the ball in play.. Let him go hit 41 HR’s someplace else where there is no pressure to win….


    June 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm

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