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This is why he’s Mikey 3 times, in this case Mikey 5 Times

“Asian-American. … So let’s make that an Asian-American band,” he said. “You’re telling me that using the word Oriental-American is a slight? … If they would like me to say Asian-Americans, all power to it … then I’ll say Asian-Americans, whatever makes people happy. Has it gotten to that point where that would be considered a slight? Oh, boy. But if it has to be Asian-American, then it’s Asian-American.”

Go get the paper, get the paper

Rough League

Apparently the Bombers Charleston RiverDogs affiliate did a number on trolling Tim Tebow…This goes beyond the peanut gallery saying your mother wears army boots ..

The Gley Hey Kid, he gone

In a total bummer, that head first  slide into home plate in Buffalo has ended Gleyber Torres’ season, this disappointing news came  one day  removed from him Tweeting he was feeling better…

I hate to be a know it all, but I did warn  a few friends who thought that  social media response was a sign he was returning in 10 days…

Of course he was feeling better, the Oxy’s kicked in, the pain subsided, and he decided Twitter was just  there for the taking

Anyway, I know pain killers, but I was shocked when we heard he was gone for the season, so  for the kid’s sake it’s agonizing..

On the other hand, Cashman has ordered the Party At Headley’s T-Shirts, because the way Torres was starting to play as the weather got warmer, he wasn’t just  knocking on the door, he had already dropped kicked  his foot through  the first lower panel

In 23 Triple-A games, Torres batted .309 (25-for-81) with two homers, 16 RBIs and a .863 OPS.

Most of that up-tick in his slash line came recently, as we moved closer to more comfortable baseball  weather.. In June he was 17 for 52 .309./406 / .457

The media was starting to  call  for Headley’s head, but he’s recently chased them  away

Headley has rebounded lately, hitting .346 (9-for-26) with a .952 OPS in the last seven games, of which the Yankees lost six

Headley wasn’t the problem on this last tour de farce, and as much as the media wants Torres up here, the Yanks owe Headley  $26M for this and next year…

“Chase Headley is playing third base for us,” Cashman said. “We are not trying to replace Chase Headley.”

Plus the last thing Cashman  wanted to  do  was promote a 20 yr old, but at some point before December 2017 he was gonna have to put Torres on the 40 man roster to  protect him, along with  Chance Adams Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Dustin Fowler, and Tyler Wade..

The biggest problem? Missed development time
Cashman said it was unfortunate Torres wouldn’t get more time at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or in whatever winter ball situation the Yankees had planned for him.

“But injuries are part of the game and thankfully this is a correctable injury,” Cashman said.

Get Well Soon kid

Kay To  the Rescue

During a rain delay yesterday  we got enough wireless signal to fire up the Michael Kay  show on our Spectrum app, so  we tuned in for a hour.. Lucky for us while Francesa was pissing off the PC liberals, talking golf, the NBA, Horse Racing, the NFL, anything but baseball, Kay  was railing on the recent Bomber 6 game losing streak..

His Fat Guy partner is a Met mutt, so he was trying to  sew a silver lining on the Yanks  6 game west coast market correction by saying how the Chapman DL was the reason and now it’s all better.. Ma Pinstripe on the 10 AM Met Mutt show was waxing the same carrot

Not quite, but thankfully Kay  who unlike Francesa, watches every game, knew better…

The pitching  auditions to replace the 8 week Sabathia DL sucked, as did the middle relief subs for Warren and the shrinking Tyler Clippard...

Tanaka is probably hurt, there is no  other reasonable explanation for how bad he is, and  Chris Carter cannot take up  a roster spot much longer

We would have liked for him to give the General and Cashman a few bitch slaps, after all,  the bull pen is a mess because the  General over used his best set up relievers, and had to  rely on the underbelly Cashman lined up  for him to  take their place…

Nobody said it was gonna be easy to hold auditions, rebuild a team, and try to stay in a playoff run, while making cutting the payroll top priority….Sorry but life ain’t that  accommodating, why would a 162 game baseball  schedule under these conditions be any different?

The bull pen mess brings us back to Astronaut Brillo Levine who  didn’t want to  pay Betances because he hadn’t compiled Save stats…

The save stat is not only a bogus number, it’s become  as harmful to baseball  as drinking pesticide water is to  your kidneys…

The Bombers best pitcher Betances has pitched 4.1 of the 156 innings the Yanks have played in June, that’s 17 games worth of innings.. After recently watching the bridge to his formula ONE inning crash, the biggest  asset in having Chapman back is now Betances can seek and destroy multiple innings in an effort to hand the “Closer” the ball

Memo  to Levine, Chapman is only the man because Betances is there to  set  his ONE  inning  up, try to  keep  up Brillo…Or release the purse strings and get your GM some better help in the pen…

The pitching lines up like this for the home stand.. First  three games vs the Angels, last three vs  the Rangers..


Advantage on paper having Pineda pitch  at home, 1.96 ERA in the Bronx, 6.25 on the road.. Go figure he’s better in a band box then in pitchers parks… The dude has always been an enigma.. It does appear at night and on turf, it’s gonna be a hard days night  at the office, he’s NG


The Bombers will  start  fresh  tonight at home where they  are 22-9, the offense plays better in the band box, and like all of the AL East teams they have a sub .500 record on the road, 16-20

The Bombers were helped out by the red hot Royals who beat Boston’s replacement 5th  starter and their underbelly bull pen last night 4-2.. The loss gives the Yanks a 0.5 game lead, 2 games in the loss column over Boston

The Bombers can make some hay before Boston gets back home on Friday where they’re 22-11… Time to  slow down the market correction fellas payback the Angels and remind the Rangers they’re 4 games off the Wild Card pace and 12 games behind the Astros in the West…


Written by Sal

June 20, 2017 at 7:44 am

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  1. Hey Sal—I still remember a photo from an old Yankee Yearbook of a Spring Training Drill where Tony Kubek was practicing sliding into a sliding pit. He was surrounded by coaches and players and instructions were given about the proper way to slide. It was not headfirst.
    Not saying that the old way was the best way for everything, but I do believe that basic fundamentals have eroded. Bunting is a lost art, including the simple sacrifice bunt, and infield and outfield practice before games no longer exists. How can that be helpful?
    As for Mikey 5 times, each day is now a joke. He’ll soon be taking most of the summer off and will be up here at Saratoga, which starts the third week in July and goes until Labor Day. It’s a big important time for baseball games and somehow Mikey has been able to play hookey all these years. It is amazing he has gotten away with it, along with so many other screw-ups, including his latest.


    June 20, 2017 at 8:06 am

    • hey Noogsie, good point, the head first slide looks dangerous too me, my days in the pit it was always feet first, hoping for the pop up, plus you can’t intimidate the defender hands first…. the head first thing we reserved for jumping off the ice house dock down at Grand pa’s

      I have heard there is more control, but as you point out working on the fundamentals seems to have evaporated… I always wonder if ass holes like Livine and their stat mentality not game factor mentality is a ruination? If guys were paid better to be middle relievers and all around team players would more players take the time to practice the little things?


      June 20, 2017 at 12:36 pm

  2. It’s a good thing Francesa is gonna get the state if the Yankees report today at 3:30
    After Cashman been everywhere else lol
    Cash has been spilling his guts since Monday its all over the internet Mike try to follow along
    Cash will give him a spin and he’ll take it as gospel
    We should all have a job like Mikey 5 times where you never have to be held accountable

    Kay is the NYY source not this gas bag


    June 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm

  3. Ellsbury playing first base might be the dumbest thing I ever heard
    FranKnowNothing mentioned it a few days ago
    Obviously none of his yes men told him that
    Cash did a good job not laughing in his face
    Thankfully he let him down easy he should have said Mike I really have issues to deal with please try to pay attention


    June 20, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    • Posey moved to first part time
      Santana moved to first base
      Mauer moved to first base
      Mike Napoli
      Try to pay attention Mike


      June 20, 2017 at 4:15 pm

  4. These are a stretch but

    Craig Biggio

    Biggio made the All-Star team as a catcher in 1991, but the Astros convinced him to move to second base the following season because the team was concerned that squatting would rob him of his speed. Biggio made the All-Star team at his new position in ’92, and he ended up with 3,060 hits and 414 stolen bases in a career that ended in 2007. Last year, Biggio finished just two votes short of joining baseball’s immortals in Cooperstown.

    Dale Murphy

    Legend has it that Murphy had so much trouble throwing runners out that his father once consoled him by saying, “If they ever try to steal center field on you, you’ll throw them out every time.” Murphy moved to the outfield, and he blossomed into a two-time NL MVP Award winner who hit 398 career home runs.

    Paul Konerko

    Konerko was ranked the top high school catcher in the country and was a first-round Draft pick of the Dodgers as a backstop in 1994. He never played that position in the Major Leagues, though, and is best known as a six-time All-Star first baseman for the White Sox, and he has been their team captain since 2006.

    Raul Ibanez

    A late bloomer, Ibanez didn’t have 500 plate appearances in a big league season until he was 30 years old. By then, he had long since been moved to the outfield. It turned out to be a good move. Still playing for the Royals at 42, Ibanez has over 300 homers and 1,200 RBIs in his career.

    Jayson Werth

    Drafted as a catcher in the first round by the Orioles in 1997, Werth got the vast majority of his playing time behind the plate his first four years in the Minors. It was only after being traded to the Blue Jays in 2001 that he started playing some outfield. After the 2002 season, Werth stopped catching all together.

    Troy Percival

    In his first professional season after being drafted by the Angels, coaches for the Class A Boise Hawks of the Northwest League noted that Percival’s return throws to the mound were harder than the pitches he was catching, so they decided to make him a reliever. At least, that’s the story. Percival went on to make four All-Star teams as a closer for the Halos.

    Mike Sweeney

    A 10th-round Draft pick by the Royals in 1991, Sweeney was a backup catcher who worried about being released his first four seasons in the big leagues. He was moved to first base in 1999, and beginning the following year, Sweeney made the AL All-Star team five of the next six seasons.

    Jason Motte

    Before saving 42 games in 2012, Motte was a catcher in the Cardinals’ system

    Ricky Bottalico and Carlos Marmol

    Speaking of catchers who became closers, Bottalico went on to become an All-Star for the Phillies and Marmol did the same for the Cubs.

    Justin Morneau

    Morneau, the 2006 AL MVP Award winner for the Twins, started his career as a catcher before being moved to first base.

    Wil Myers

    Now best known as the Rays’ right fielder who won the 2013 AL Rookie of the Year Award, Myers was originally drafted as a catcher out of high school by the Royals.

    Joey Votto

    Before winning the 2010 NL MVP Award, Votto was drafted by the Reds as a catcher, but he quickly converted to first base.

    Pablo Sandoval

    One of the rare catchers who didn’t moved to first base or outfield, Sandoval has become a two-time All-Star third baseman for the Giants.

    Josh Donaldson

    Another third baseman, Donaldson caught for the Athletics until Scott Sizemore suffered a season-ending knee injury in Spring Training 2012.

    Josh Willingham

    Willingham, a veteran outfielder who was recently acquired by the Royals, played some third and caught in Minors, and he even has a handful of starts behind the plate in the bigs.

    Neil Walker

    The Pirates’ second baseman played his first three Minor League seasons as a catcher, then played three more at third before moving to second for good in 2010.

    Mike Krukow

    Krukow, a 124-game winner and current Giants broadcaster, caught in college before making the transition to the mound.

    Kenley Jansen and Chris Hatcher

    The Dodgers and Marlins relievers both started out as catchers. Hatcher even made four appearances behind the plate for the Fish in 2010.

    Richie Ashburn

    In 1945, the Phillies signed Ashburn as a young catcher and assigned him to Class A Utica. Like Biggio, he ran so well that team officials moved him to center field to take advantage of his speed and avoid putting added stress on his legs. Ashburn went on to have a 15-year career, during which he batted .308 and stole 234 bases. And 50 years later, Ashburn was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


    June 20, 2017 at 4:19 pm

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