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You Can’t Judge a Book

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You Can’t Judge a Book by Looking at  the Cover

Imagine Joel Sherman  and 50 of his BFF’s from the BBWAA sitting in a hotel room in Cooperstown NY this February, a few days before flying to Fla or Arizona to  start  their season, and the question is asked…

The little boy with the 09 NYY championship hat

“please stand up if  the NY Yankees are a .500 team, presently campaigning  in a  Rebuild / bridge year”?

You guessed it, they All Rise...

Next question, The guy in the back, puffing  on the  the vape,  “ Hey man are the Boston Red Sox the AL East Chalk”?

once again, they All Rise..

In a what have you done for me lately muse, Our Sensie Joel Sherman wrote the article   we’ve all been thinking about recently…

Or maybe the been there done that fans that occupy a small portion of Yankees Universe never stopped thinking that Headley, Ellsbury, Hicks, Castro, Carter, Gardner, let’s   throw in Holliday because he was 50/50 to make it through the season in one piece,  and Gregorius because the WBC wear and tear hadn’t reared it’s ugly head yet, could ever sustain that gaudy 15-8 April or the  tawdry offensive stats that  filled the box scores on a daily basis…

The 12 and 9 May was more realistic, but by June 12th,  after the Bronx Bombers took out Boston and Baltimore 5 games to 1 at Home, then beat  the Angels in Anaheim the next day  on very little sleep,  had now  Risen to 15 games over .500 at 35 and 20…

Party At Cashman’s ?


From June 13th until  this fine Sunday morning the Bombers have managed to crash land with a 2 and 9 record that included a 7 game slide, piggy backed by  4 win one lose one games, 3 of those losses  at home, and all  the losses came  against  teams  from the AL West that  are 13 / 13 / and 17.5 games off the Division’s  pace thanks to  the Astros who  are running away  with that  Division

BA's nyy

The now injured  but not DL’d Chase Headley’s season has leveled out to an anemic

.245 /.335 /.362 /.697 with 4 HR’s..

Brett Gardner who  saved the Yanks bacon on Friday with a 9th inning game tying Tater will also  completely disappear at times.. He sandwiched a

May 1.073 OPS with an April .647 and a June .678 OPS  slump…

Aaron Judge has been a consistent one man wrecking crew, but there is no 1 in Team…

And who  doesn’t want the rarest  of commodities, a great hitting / with power catcher, but the back  slide of that, Gary Sanchez can’t stand in the OF look in his hat for where he’s supposed to line up  defensively and think  about his next AB, he’s responsible for guiding a very shaky starting pitching rotation.. It’s hard to be in 2 places at once especially as a first  full  season player

The Mighty Mighty Bos-Ton’s ?

As for  Sherman’s mighty Boston Red Sox, well they weren’t  and still  aren’t as good as  Joel and his 50 BFF / BBWAA pals thought / think… I will  agree they might be the tallest midget in the circus, but das it…

Don’t believe me take a look at the bottom of their line-up, check out the production from 3rd base and catcher, or the depth players they’ve used to fill in for the often injured #15 Midget and the now close to being DFA’d Fenway Fats…..

The Cafeteria Lady isn’t exactly filling in for David Ortiz, and they’re counting big time on first yr rook Andy Benintendi

They can score runs, but it takes a series of dinks, dunks, and caroms off the Green Monster for cheap  doubles to  do it… The Big Fly has managed to  allude them since Big Grand Papi left the room..

Also  what has left the room  for Boston is their touted farm system, thanks in part to  their President the Big Dombrowski  trading away just  about all of their  Farm’s iron for damaged relievers who  won’t see the light of day in Boston  this yr,  a back of the rotation starter, and the best pitcher in the AL..

Yes Trader Dom  shipped out top prospects for a #5 starter in Drew Pomeranz, gave away his 2016 starting 3rd baseman Travis Shaw  for yet  another injured reliever, and the number 1 prospect in baseball  for Sale, but the bigger wheel that sticks firmly  in the mud for Boston is they’re payroll…

 The marching orders from Yawkey Way is  to not exceed the Luxury Tax ceiling in 2017 so  their penalty clock resets, much like the Bombers need to  do in 2018…

The Big Dombrowski can’t just pick up  some small market  team’s Salary dump without getting penalized, so acquiring help  at  third base, or finding consistent relievers to bridge Kimbrel  their all World closer are next to impossible to  do….

Not to piss in Joel’s or the Red Sox corn flakes, but poaching a small market team’s best pitcher making too much money is also out of the question,  and after Chris Sale,  the two Cy’s Price and Porcello who  are being paid a collective  $51M, haven’t been close to  their halcyon days, so  nice book cover, but a bad read

Their projected #4 starter Eddie Rodriguez is on the  DL, every pitcher they’ve tried from their Farm system or brought in from Independent leagues for cheap has bombed, and today  they start  Doug Fister a scrap heap  survivor @ $1.5M who will try to help the back of their rotation..

None of Boston’e issues make the Bombers recent 2 -9 slide or 22-21 two month record make us feel  any better, but let’s not pretend the 2004  Boston Red Sox are the team in the rear-view mirror sitting .02 percentage points behind the struggling  first place NY Yankees

Shouldn’t have Judged That Book

While it is a fantastic story, I was front and center in  not believing  31 yr old journeyman rookie Austin Bibens-Dirkx was the real  deal, and despite a 3-0 record a 3.68 ERA and a 1.01 WHIP, he still might not be, but yesterday he was a combination Greg Maddux and Dave Hill

On a lovely Saturday afternoon the old rookie / young man pitched like Maddux, and put the Bombers offense to  sleep like Dr Hill

 Dirkx, the human scrabble game, hung one fast ball all day, and it was to Aaron Judge, who knows what  to  do  with Wheel house  fastballs… It was the only run the Bombers would score

When  Bibens-Dirkx was finally lifted after 7 inning, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 3 K’s, 93-58 pitches, it felt like a cloud had lifted from the Stadium..?

Luigi Cessa was filling in for Sabathia and he looked good at  times and not so  good other times… Luigi has 4 pitches, David Cone made sure we knew that point of no return  in every one of his 5 innings of work

Luigi had so much wrinkle to his 3 non fast ball offerings he struck out the first  6 Texas batters !!

He also walked the game’s lead off batter who  eventually scored  after having him in a 0-2 hole.. After another lead off walk in the 4th inning, Luigi hung an 83 MPH  slider with no  spin to  the red hot Carlos Gomez and the Yanks were in a 3-0 hole that Austin Bibens-Dirkx  and two of his pals wouldn’t let them climb out of

As for our heroes, down 3-0 Joey Claps went to  his underbelly relievers, first  man up  was Gas Can Holder who’s first inning of work consisted of a loud lead off double and  2 louder fly ball outs sandwiched around a strike out, but no  runs…

Judge ran into  one of the rare Dirkx mistakes to give the Yanks some life at  3-1 after 6 innings

Gas Can Holder didn’t get hit hard enough in the 6th inning, so Joey Claps wanted to see more, and GCH immediately coughed up  a lead off Tater… In 1.2 innings Holder increased Texas’ lead to  4-1

Holder has allowed ten runs and 20 baserunners (including five homers!) in his last 14 innings

Down 4-1 Joe the Mechanic didn’t like his chances in the 9th inning  vs the Texas bull pen  so he decided it was time to take a look under Tyler Clippard’s hood to see if he could find the faulty spark plug that’s causing him to  misfire

Clippard allowed four runs on three hits and two walks., he needed 36 pitches to get three outs…He’s allowed eleven runs and 14 baserunners in his last 3.2 innings.

What part of Clippard throwing BP fast balls and change-ups doesn’t Joey Claps and his war time consigliere Brian Cashman understand?

Michael Kay whining like a spoiled upper East Side school boy about getting Clippard fixed because he’s their 7th inning guy was equally disconcerting… Stop it Mike he’s a 7th inning reliever that has been on borrowed time all season, he’s not  your Ace or Betances your best pitcher

Until Cashman  can  secure a veteran reliever he needs to  end the Clippard and Holder experiments by trying some of the better arms he’s using as starters at AAA… They have 7 starters and 5 rotation  spots, Brian Mitchell  and Chance Adams should be next

The sooner they get here the quicker Cashman will know who  can  get the job done and what he needs at  the deadline

If he thinks the team isn’t good enough to  contend and he doesn’t want to  trade for anybody or anything that’s fine too… Despite the  bright neon cover, this book was never destined  to be a top  seller in 2017, it just  maybe looked that  way  for 2 and a half months…

TBC today Old Timers day… Enjoy

the Whole 9



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June 25, 2017 at 9:46 am

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