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Danilo Valiente,

the man  who  served up over 70 HR’s to Judge and Sanchez at the HR Derby

Bird on a Wire

Bird saw doctors in NY, no report but he was taking BP with the Staten Island Yankees over the last few days.. Cashman giving him a last chance to  dance before finding an up-grade on G-Man Choi

Manning was Pretty Good

I didn’t see it live but watching his intro on video, he  was  Peyton Rickles.. He made sure to  take a few good shots at himself, always a deal  breaker for me, the anti Francesa

The Sports Dope

Aren’t there enough Met fans doing talk  radio on the WFAN ?

Boomer and the Cartoon in the early morning, then our Met Mutts, Beningo  and the Nerd at 10 AM..

Steve Sommers, who I guess has his cream corn and oatmeal  crowd, not that  there is anything wrong with  either delicacy….

Francesa is a Yankees fan, he does the 1 to  6:30 but he seldom talks baseball.. Francesa is the biggest  star  fucker in  show biz, and the NBA is the biggest  star  fucker league in sports, so a match made in heaven… From March until  the fat bloviator went on his all  summer vacation,  his go to NBA guy was a Miami sports handicapper

Frank Isola who  covers the Knicks in NY made the best point, they  don’t even care about the Heat in Miami… Francesa’s ratings went south, he’s more of an SNL (when it was good) skit then  a Sports Pope

For  two  days this week  we had to  try and listen to Governor Chris Christie do  an  audition with Red Roberts.. Just  what  sports needs another fat lying politician bringing his gift of gab to  the airwaves…. Keep  religion and politics out of sports please, because that’s what  we’ll get if Christie lands the gig…

If we wanna read from  know nothing assholes talking politics and or religion we can go to Face Book

The best  show host I’ve heard all  summer is Chris Moore, but he’s got no  schtick, just    solid, unpretentious  researched takes on the local  teams

Reporting for Duty

We’re not much on report cards, they never worked for me back in the day, most teachers passed you based on no teacher in their right mind would want to repeat what they just  went through for the past 10 months..Minus the days we played hooky

Plus if a teacher fails you it goes on their record as a negative value, so the fix was in…

We’ll  use George King’s Report at the NY Post  as the circle of trust…

 Most of it is good.. the excuse on Girardi doesn’t fly

Joe Girardi: Has worked around Chapman, Sabathia, Warren, Holliday, Gregorius, Sanchez, Castro and Bird going on the DL and watching Carter fail miserably. Naming Judge the starting right fielder late in spring training the biggest plus.

He hasn’t worked around anything his team is 8 games under .500  over that  span,  working around  it would mean he figured out a way  to  win a few of those games.. his BP management has been an all time worst

One issue that could have led to his lack of command has been his usage. From May 9 to May 21, he picked up just two outs. From June 3 to June 12, he pitched in just one game and got just one out. It’s nice to see a lesser workload for the big man who’s been overused at times in his career, but he needs to get into games more often. Part of his underuse was the injury to Chapman leading to Joe Girardiusing Betances as a traditional closer.


Written by Sal

July 13, 2017 at 9:26 am

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  1. bob raissman @nydnraiss
    Does Christie get extra credit from FAN “talent evaluators” for staying awake during interview with Sweeny Murti?

    In all fairness Sweeney is a cure for insomnia
    But the sleepfest couldn’t have happened to a better guy


    July 13, 2017 at 9:46 am

  2. Judge 0-2 counts .231 / .231 /.269 /.500 / 6 for 26 / 16K’s

    Judge 1-2 counts .222 /.222 /.352 /.574 / 12 for 54 / 31 K’s

    Judge 2-2 counts .191 / .191 / .489 /.681 / 9 for 47 / 27 K’s

    Judge 3-2 counts.. .290 /.546 /.677 / 1.224 / 97 PA’s / 18 for 62 / 35 BB’s / 35 K’s

    He hit 13 HR’s after 1-0 his most

    2 outs with RISP .289 .372 .711 1.083

    RISP .305 /.400 / .671 / 1.071 / 36 RBI’s of his total 66


    July 13, 2017 at 10:39 am

  3. Quintana to the Cubs… Imagine the Yanks and the Mets doing a deal like this lol

    By the time Epstein needs that farm system he trashed, he’ll be a politician and the Cubs will have nowhere to turn….100 years from now it’ll be known as the Theo Curse

    Party At Cashman’s, that’s a big relief for the GM, now he doesn’t have to think about taking Robertson and his $13M plus $6.5M this yr back for Quintana and some lesser prospects….

    Let’s hope the Brewers take that division, Cubs and Boston are two desperate franchises they both emptied their farm systems to win it all… I guess we’ve been there done that…. Sort of good being the Cubs and Red Sox, or we’ll find out for sure if these prospects pan out…


    July 13, 2017 at 12:32 pm

  4. Tyler Webb to the Brewers don’t know who they got back probably a 40 man roster move


    July 13, 2017 at 1:56 pm

  5. yanks picked up 1st base depth for Webb

    Ken Rosenthal‏Verified account @Ken_Rosenthal 20m20 minutes ago


    Sources confirm: #Yankees getting Triple A first baseman Garrett Cooper for Triple A left-hander Tyler Webb. @JonHeyman, @JeffPassan on it.


    July 13, 2017 at 1:58 pm

  6. Fascinating story on Danilo Valiente
    Love to see how much of a mensch # 2 really is too.


    July 13, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    • didn’t read it yet Donny but a good story from the scan I took of it..


      July 14, 2017 at 8:28 am

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