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The Yankees Win, They Actually Win!

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The Yanks started their 4 game series in Seattle on the good foot with  a 4-1 win thanks to  7 messy shut-out innings from  Ace Severino, a solo HR by Brett Gardner, a rare Aaron Judge July  RBI, and a rare Cadillac Cano 2 run error..

The win coupled with a Boston loss moved the struggling Bombers 3.5 games behind the AL East Division leaders..  The Yanks are even with the Rays in the loss column but percentage points behind them for 1st place  in the Wild Card standings

The Bombers are now 4-4 on the 11 game road trip.. After watching this team over the last 33 games, 4-4 on the road  is almost a mirage but we’ll  take it.

If you stayed up to  watch this one on the West coast in Seattle you were completely frustrated for 5 innings, as King Felix turned back the clock allowing nothing but a 2nd inning walk to Gregorius, and a third inning knock by Headley over the first  five, das its…

Brett Gardner broke the scoreless duel in the 6th  smacking a 406 foot HR, and King Felix left after 7 innings down 1-0..

While Severino  matched the King by putting up  zeros, he looked more like a traffic cop  then the Ace of a pitching staff, but only an Ace could walk through a mine field and live to  tell  about it.

#40  gave up a double and a single in the first inning, a single and an error put a RISP in the 2nd, a 2 out single by Cano  in the 3rd kept Severino  working from the stretch, a lead off double, a single and a walk in the 4th was his most treacherous inning..

Seager doubled to left.

Valencia singled to center, Seager to third.

Haniger popped out to first.

Dyson flied out to center.

Zunino walked, Valencia to second.

Segura grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Zunino out at second.


.. Only a bad read by 3rd base coach Manny Acta saved Severino  a run… With Ellsbury manning centerfield Brian McCann carrying Jorge Posada on his back  could have scored on the knock but Acta must  have missed the pre game meeting’s scouting report on the DoughBoy’s arm, or lack  thereof..

Cano picked up his 2d single of the game in the 5th, and finally with a 1-0 lead thanks to  the Gardzilla Tater, Severino  pitched a 1-2-3 6th..

Protecting that  1-0 lead like a guard dog Severino  gave up  a 1 out knock to  Segura in the 7th but he came through that inning unscathed. It was a great job by the 23 yr old Yankee phenom

7 innings, 8 hits, No runs, 1 BB, 6 K’s, 100-71 pitches

A single and a error off former Yankee James Pazos helped set up  the Yanks 2nd run in the 8th…With the based loaded Judge stroked a one out single to  right field off the M’s third pitcher Tony Zych giving the Yanks a 2-0 lead

Gregorius and the Toddfather singled in the 9th, and they both scored on a Cano  throwing error to  give the Bombers a 4-0 lead

Betances hit a batter and coughed up  a single in the 8th but didn’t allow a run, and Chapman  continued to  suck giving up  a lead off walk, a wild pitch and a 2 out RBI double to  Cano before getting Cruz on an F/9  to  end it..

This and That

I’m Smart and You’re Not, So Eat Shit

smarter joe

Teflon Joe despite having a gidrooless bull pen, with interchangeable components still seems to have a rigid formula  he’ll  stick  with regardless of the game situation

Robertson was warming in the 7th but wasn’t needed with Severino dealing, but Teflon Joe opted for his “8th innings guy” Betances in the 8th, not the heated up #30… Robertson warmed up in every inning, so he threw more pitches then Betances or Chapman..

This was one complaint by Andrew Miller as he walked out the door, so  when the World’s Best talks, we should listen

Sonny In The Toll Booth

Jacoby Ellsbury should be seen but not heard from unless it’s to give the 34 yr old  Gardner a day off…


Despite all the money the Yankees owe Ellsbury, he is a fourth outfielder. Ellsbury batted eighth — the first time he has batted eighth with the Yankees — and went 0-for-4, extending his slump to a 6-for-42 skid. He has just four homers this season. 

#HalCare might want to  bust out that Yankees Bib, in this modern era of eating your Big Market mistakes, (nothing new to  the Yankees of any George era) having an injury prone punch and judy hitter with a rag arm blocking the Woodpecker is just  bad business

With Cashman stating yesterday the WoodPecker would be the odd man out once Hicks gets back in two  weeks, #HalCare has a gut check in his  very near future..

“Send Frazier out,’’ general manager Brian Cashman said via phone Thursday when asked how the outfield picture will unfold when Hicks returns. “But Hicks isn’t doing anything yet, so that is down the road.’’

Frazier has options and Ellsbury has 3 yr’s $63.4M plus a 2021 $5M buy out option, so  they owe him a tick under $70M.. Considering what the Bombers landscape is that’s the worst  contract in NY Yankees history..

The Yanks could possibly eat $30M of that dough, making Ellsbury an $11M per yr player which is still an overpay  for what his skill  set is


Matt Holliday is killing the middle of the line-up… Holliday is a good soldier, and his HR off Kimbrel in Boston was nothing short of heroic, but he’s been an unmitigated disaster in and around that AB..

In July Holliday is

3 for 32, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 13 K’s

.094 /. 121  OBP /.188 Slg. /.309 OPS

My guess if you have Holliday in fantasy baseball you lose… Seems he either strikes out or hits into  double plays

At the moment the only losers are the Bombers.. I guess you let this guy  try to battle through  this, but maybe drop him in the order…?

the Bob Steele

joe dirt

It was a relief to  see Judge poke a clutch  knock in the 8th inning with the bases loaded. It was starting to become worrisome that  he had gone into  a 3 for 28 funk since Aaron Judge Week in Miami

judge Babe

Throw in the SanBino who  is hitting .228  with a .608 OPS in July, Holliday’s disappearing act, an Ellsbury’s crash landing, and we have a breeding ground for the offenses recent struggles.

the Whole 9

the YES Men

The Mikey 2 Chins Report




Written by Sal

July 21, 2017 at 7:52 am

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  1. This WoodPecker thing is troubling, Cashman still has 2 weeks so in that time span Ellasbury could surely get injured… I can’t see them eating all the Ellsbury money, and if they’re serious about a playoff run, you can’t have a big contract underproducing blocking a phenom

    Red Frazier still has to hit and a lot in the next 2 weeks, he also has to shine on defense, the only way he’ll stick is to play out of his mind… Cashman saying September will be right around the corner was not what we’re looking for… If Hicks is 2 weeks away, that’s almost 3 weeks in August where the Woodpecker would be back in the bushes… ng


    July 21, 2017 at 8:03 am

  2. Cashman Raving about Mateo, either a sales pitch or legit… either way I hope they find a place for this kid.. With Rutherford getting traded and only putting up a .390 Slg % why they were gonna move him to a corner is a mystery

    Florial must have the better Tools? Mateo has been playing CF but Cashman said his best position is still SS.. Hopefully they find a spot for him and hopefully it ain’t on another team… Cashman on with Francesa


    July 21, 2017 at 9:01 am

  3. Chapman is still sucking wind, and Betances is a full pack of cigarettes bad at the moment…(thanks donny good one)

    I’ve seen a bad Jiffy Lube garage have better mechanics then Betances


    July 21, 2017 at 9:12 am

  4. This Woodpecker thing has become very troublesome for me. Especially, when I hear CashMan say when Hicks comes back “Down goes Frazier “…..
    Frazier’s not the problem. Nor is Hicks.
    It’s the Doughboy.
    He’s been a problem ever since he got here on one of the worst contracts in Yankee history.

    Thru a back channel last night, I was exchanging information with the Curator of this site.
    We were discussing the State Of The Yankees.
    It was there, that I said the Doughboy makes too much to chow down on it all, (especially since they’re eating the 27 Million from Arod).
    But maybe, they could eat a significant portion & make the Doughboy palatable for a trade.

    This seems eminently doable, especially when it’s not my money!
    Sally Boy makes some good points, & they should be heeded by CashMan & Co.
    Sending the Woodpecker down, if he continues to play like this, is ridiculous.
    Making the Doughboy palatable for a trade, now, is the right thing to do.

    Let’s make this happen Cash, & I’ll introduce you to my Top Shelf Latina Hookers from down D.C. way.


    July 21, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    • Lol
      That offer is a can’t miss bondsie
      Plan A

      Plan B is Ellsbury could be paid a visit
      Pick one if your experienced knee cappers
      a 10 day DL is sufficient no need to go any deeper

      Bring the rubber mallet not the Ballpeen 4 pounder

      Have your man or preferably one of your hand picked secretaries wear the Brillo Levine fingerprint gloves the DonB gets made by the Monhonk chemistry department

      leave the mallet take the gloves

      This only applies if the WoodPecker is still hitting in 2 weeks


      July 21, 2017 at 2:13 pm

  5. I turned it off after the top of the 9th,figured even the gidrool Chapman couldn’t blow it. Yes,very upsetting hearing Frazier could be sent down. Ellsbury has not been the same since his return from the concussion,but going 6-42 is ridiculous. Kernan had an article in the post that Yanks should stop wasting at bats on Ellsbury. Time for him to go,but the Yanks are not going to eat all that money. The bottom line is money talks and plays. MKay had a great idea last year,he said that if anyone wants Chapman,they have to take Ellsbury! Too bad the Yanks didn’t listen but they wanted the prospects. My fantasy team is taking a beating like the Yanks,and Holliday is a big reason. He is not the same since he got sick,he is just Mr.Strikeout/Double play,simply pathetic. His homer off Kimbrel not withstanding,he is killing the team.
    Sanchez is also killing my fantasy team,with his not playing every day and lousy,useless at bats swinging at every pitch in the dirt. I would like to know more about that picture of Judge wearing Red Sox gear!! Where was it taken,who took it,why is he wearing that shit,etc Its not as good as the picture of Melky with porn star Mary Carey.


    July 21, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    • Hey Big D, we’re gonna get after where the photo came from lol… spot on take, hopefully the boys can snap out of it… sorry to hear about the fantasy team, maybe you have some his left in these bats

      Yanks traded Pazos to Seattle for Zack Littell, who is 14-1, 1.94 ERA between A & AA this year.


      July 22, 2017 at 4:59 am

  6. Sally Boy, I’ll arrange all with my Don….the great Don B. I’ll relate the intentions, after all, we’re not animals.
    Make note of bringing the mallet.

    Leave the mallet, take the gloves
    Brilliant! Fucking brilliant!!!!!
    I’m STILL laughing!!!


    July 21, 2017 at 3:20 pm

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