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Seattle Slay’d

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The Bombers finished their 11 game road trip on a winning note with a 6-4 win over the uber analytical Seattle Mariners

After marching through  three states they took three of four games at Safeco Field to finally win their first series in exactly six weeks..This week  our heroes  head back to  the Mall, hopefully they hang a crooked number in the Series win column.. Because in this case one is the loneliest number

At the moment it’s 1-8-2 over the last 11 Series

The Stuff You Gotta Watch

the Big D Break Down

Yanks finished the death trip 6-5, finally won a series, maybe the worm has turned ?

The biggest benefit, with the trip ending, no more Ryan Ruocco. He is to quote Wally Backman a “minor league mfer”.

Clint the Red, Judge, Didi and surprisingly Headley did the heavy lifting.

Ellsbury is reduced to a pinch runner and part time player, maybe he will take a buyout and leave-lol

You have to be concerned with Holliday who looks like he forgot how to hit a baseball;

Sanchez  not only can’t hit, but can’t catch either; and the Toddfather seems to be lost in the ozone. Those 3 need to wake up.

The bullpen looks great, the starters other than Severino, CC and some times Gumby are an abomination.

The Rangers did us a favor sweeping the Rays after losing 4 in Baltimore and the Sux Suck so despite everything, the Yanks are still in it.

Sad to see Refsnyder gone, it was only a matter of time, they hated him, did everything they could to screw him, and finally got rid of him.

Who knows about the stiff they got ( Ryan McBroom), from Toronto for him.

Yanks need to come home and sweep the Reds and beat the crap out of the Rays.

Noogsie’s Corner: The Gamel Walk

Mason Williams or Gamel?
Refsnyder or Gamel?
How much longer do we have to hear what great talent evaluators Cashman and his M.I.T brainiacs are?

 I’am guessing that many of the players do not care for Joey Claps. He was the kid with the plastic insert in his front shirt pocket, holding seven pens of different colors and 3 Number 2 lead pencils.
And DonnieB is correct, Frazier getting sent down would be criminal. Why not hold off on Hicksie’s return until September 1? Or better yet, get rid of the Doughboy by August 1

DonnyB’s Beat Down

I am so sick of cryin ryan cuoco already.
We have a double AA anouncer on a Yankee broadcast, why ? Isnt john and georgie-grl bad enough ?

” progressing the Game”
Cryin Ryan – fuk you

Did any of youse catch that psycho joe show where the BJ queen and the cyborg go to a Seattle coffee joint ?
So freakin gay,, can ya see Leyland or Stengel in a hipster cafe like that ?

Did Caleb just falter or was he easy to figure out 3rd time thru ?
Liked his 1st few innings tho,,“Reffy” gone
1B stud from Toronto in
film at 11

One’s Too Many and A Hundred Ain’t Enough report :  Don Moscone Inc.. 

This Woodpecker thing has become very troublesome for me. Especially, when I hear CashMan say when Hicks comes back “Down goes Frazier “…..
Frazier’s not the problem. Nor is Hicks.
It’s the Doughboy.
He’s been a problem ever since he got here on one of the worst contracts in Yankee history.

Thru a back channel last night, I was exchanging information with the Curator of this site.
We were discussing the State Of The Yankees.
It was there, that I said the Doughboy makes too much to chow down on it all, (especially since they’re eating the 27 Million from Arod).
But maybe, they could eat a significant portion & make the Doughboy palatable for a trade.

This seems eminently doable, especially when it’s not my money!
Sally Boy makes some good points, & they should be heeded by CashMan & Co.
Sending the Woodpecker down, if he continues to play like this, is ridiculous.
Making the Doughboy palatable for a trade, now, is the right thing to do.

Let’s make this happen Cash, & I’ll introduce you to my Top Shelf Latina Hookers from down D.C. way.

These posts were rated Spot the Fuck On!

Too Mush Monkey Business 

We don’t get  to Mushnick enough, usually it’s we absentmindedly forget.. We didn’t forget  to  drop  this week’s installment a good take on Judge.. Mushey laid off  the Fatman in a bath tub this week but his Rare but Well Done words on Judge are spot on

The SanBlaster

Respected consigliere George King the Third left Seattle bashing the SanBino…..

Only the delusional thought Gary Sanchez had a chance to repeat what he did last August and September across a six-month season.

Yet, it isn’t out of the question to have expected more from the 24-year-old All-Star catcher than he has delivered so far.

I’m  not sure where George wants to  go here, but there is always the possibility if your  projected / expected best  hitter is your first  string catcher, you’re setting yourself up  for a heartache.

Running a pitching staff is tough  enough, trying to  run it when your manager is Pocket Protector endorsee turned  Narcissist  Psycho, could be a very steep hill  to  climb, especially if the nerd  savant was a former catcher…

Girardi had 1 big hit in his life, he made his bones carrying water for Zimmer and Papa Joe Torre, baby sitting a pitching staff while trying not to step on slugger Jorge Posada’s toes…

This endorsement, plus the fact he has a close working relationship  with  fellow nerds Cashman  and Steinbrenner, has empowered Cyborg Joe to a I’m smart and you’re  not so eat shit stage of his career..

 Sanchez went 0-for-5 Sunday and is hitting .265 overall, but is in an 8-for-39 (.205) slump and has only hit two homers in his last 95 at-bats.

This is worrisome, but it’s been going on all  season, it’s a potential 2016 Severino  redo… Girardi  admits Sanchez looked good as a catcher in 2016’s 2 month cameo, but that hasn’t been the case this year  so  they  had to  drop back down  to  square one

You can’t expect to learn  the league pitchers plus your own team’s staff, plus stay  fresh  enough to be an  elite slugger can  you?

It might have to be one or the other down the stretch, but it’s  too late to  change horses in mid stream, so maybe  the SanBino  needs to bat lower in the order?

Unfortunately both middle of the order sluggers are slumping, I’m convinced Sanchez catching is at the root of his hitting problem, Holliday is 37 yr’s old… Then  again, having a catcher with an .814 OPS is to  die for, with a minimum of 220 AB’s only Sal Perez (.827) is higher then SanBino in the AL, and Posey (.895) and Realmuto (.837) overall

So if your desire is to have the premium catching value  Buster Posey or Sal Perez that might not happen this year… If you’d rather see Sanchez hitting 40 HR’s and 130 RBI’s, play 145 to  150 games a season which he is capable of then  full time catching might not be  the right position

“He is still a work in progress. I think he can get better. We have had to make some adjustments. He came up last year and caught pretty well so we didn’t make a lot of adjustments, but he has had some struggles this year and we went to work,’’ said Girardi, a defense-first catcher in his playing days. “Very seldom is a catcher in his first four months in the big leagues a finished product. It takes a lot of work.’’

More DH, more first base, back  up  catcher=full time monster with the bat?

One Bad DoughBoy for Another

Buster Olney from ESPN has a plan, it’s the yearly trade one bad contract for another bad contract, or as my sister in law calls it, shit shifting…

With the emergence of Clint Frazier and the decline of Jacoby Ellsbury landing him on the bench the Yanks have a $77M problem..

Olney’s entrees for this hypothetical trade scenario are Jeff Samardzija, Johnny Cueto, Jordan Zimmermann, Giancarlo Stanton, Robbie Cano, and Justin Verlander

We all love Cano but he has 6 yr’s $144M left on his deal, twice what’s owed Ellsbury… Cano is twice as good a hitter as the DoughBoy, but the NY accountants probably don’t care

Cueto  has $86.6M over the next 4 yr’s so he’s Ellsbury money plus. He’d be in NY a yr longer then Tanaka who has 3 for $67M coming, and do  you think he cuts those golden locks? pass

Samardzija has $59.4M over 3 yr’s, it would cost Ellsbury and a prospect but save money… He has a 5 plus ERA pitching in the NL, but the Yanks need pitching especially somebody who  can eat  innings… I’m in but my arm hurts from  twisting it

Zimmermann has $81M over the next 3 yr’s another Tanaka bad plus 5 ERA, dude, but I’m in, reluctantly

Verlander has $68M coming for the rest of this yr and the next 2 yr’s, I’ll  drive Ellsbury to Detroit if the Tigers  want to make this trade… Verlander has a 4.54 ERA but he still misses bats with  111 K’s


Written by Sal

July 24, 2017 at 8:05 am

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  1. Thanks Uncle Sal 👍👍👍


    July 24, 2017 at 9:03 am

    • The reason Francesa wants to get to the golf is because that’s all he fucking watched all weekend

      I hope his wife’s boyfriend the golf pro she takes lessons from doesn’t come on

      I mean if it wasn’t an exciting event why talk about it

      The NBA, really these fake rumors
      Dies anybody in NY talk about baseball does anybody in NY care about the Knicks

      “Yanks play a team they can beat this week”

      That’s a jinx take we don’t need from this gas bag


      July 24, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    • Donny your beat downs are second to none 🤙


      July 24, 2017 at 3:35 pm

  2. Sal—I was listening to Mikey about golf and had to turn it off. He knows absolutely nothing about it and embarrasses himself. Talks about Spieth’s opponent potentially walking off the course because Spieth got in trouble and was taking too long. That has never happened in championship golf. Kuchar took the lead because Spieth was in trouble. It would be like a team walking off the field in a huff in the 7th game of the World Series when they just got the lead. He is such an idiot.
    That, besides the other countless foolish comments he made, I had to stop listening. Why doesn’t someone call and tell him how much he really knows about golf? That would be nothing.


    July 24, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    • Hey Noogsie

      Thanks I had a feeling he was bull shitting I feel bad for you guys who really golf it’s gotta drive you crazy

      That’s how he gets away with his nonsense real cats like you wouldn’t waste time waiting on a phone
      He’d bounce anybody who gave him a hard time in a minute anyway

      I can’t speak for the other sports but if he’s as bad with them as he is with baseball he’s pretty bad

      I’d listen if he had real cats talking but that isn’t the case 👍


      July 24, 2017 at 3:33 pm

  3. Francesa
    it’s not the Yankee way to buy out a contract
    hey asshole they just fucking paid $20m to buy out A-Rod

    It’s a new obstacle teams have to write off
    Boston ate Craig Sandoval and Castillo is being paid $10m a yr to stay off the 40 man roster
    YES network wants to be in show biz
    You have to put the best players on stage
    Nobody wants to pay to see Ellsbury
    he’s s bench player until he tells Scott Boras to get him out of NY, or The WoodPecker hits the skids


    July 24, 2017 at 5:32 pm

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