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The Yanks did it,  “they won the damn game” a 6-1 dominator over the Rays who had gone 9 and 4 in late June / early July, before hitting  their present  2 and 7 skid mark..

The win kicked the Bombers into  1st place by a 0.5 game over the struggling Red Sox who lost to KC 4-2 at home, and 3.5 over Tampa, the Chuck Wepner’s of baseball

The Bayonne Bleeders from St Petersburg Fla never stood a chance last night, despite their spot starter Austin Pruitt shutting down 10 Bombers in a row after the Gardzilla lead off Tater..

The Good

It was a delirious 3 headed win

Tanaka threw a $153M gem,

the GardFather Brett Gardner once again distributed the team’s marching orders leading off the game with a Ballantine Blast… 1-0 Yanks

And quick  put a carnival barker on every corner  Red Thunder and  #99Superbolt are back in town

The WoodPecker struck for a loud 455 foot 3 run Tater that pretty much nailed the Rays to  the floor board at 5-0 in the 5th.. The Judge rifled  a quicksilver  397 foot solo laser to left field in the 4th inning that gave the Yanks a 2-0 lead..

The GardFather, the WoodPecker, and the Judge accounted for 5 of the 6 runs, the GardFather also  scored the 6th  an final  run after leading off the 8th inning being hit by a pitch..He came around on a Gregorius RBI single across traffic to  left field..

Tanaka took  a no hitter into  the 6th inning shutting down the first  17 Rays he faced.. His skull  and cross bones Slider was on display, it netted half of his total  14 punch outs..Tanaka mowed down the first  5 Rays and 7 of the first  9, whiffle ball in the back yard

His Splitter was also death and taxes,  18  of the 21 swings and misses came off the Slider (10) and the Split (8)

There were maybe 3 hard hit balls, one of them by Luke Duda landed 410 feet  into the right field  second deck in the 7th inning dousing Tanaka’s shut out, but the Bombers were in presumed high cotton with a 5-1 lead

Hechavarria’s single to center field was also  shot out of a cannon, it wasn’t as loud as Duda’s Big Fly, but it broke up  the no hitter and was a bit more painful

Houdini Robertson was lights out by 10 PM quickly disposing of the Rays  1-2-3, on  6 pitches.. The game itself was an old school 2:23 hours..

T-Rob pitching

The Bad

Matt Holliday is continuing to  slide further away  from the middle of the line-up.. The July meltdown is now at  7 for 57 with  17 K’s after another 0-3 / two punch out night

His July slash is funky,  it’s tough to  do,  but he’s managed to land his BA, OBP, and Slg. percentages below the Mendoza line

.123 / .150 /.193  /. 343

Sonny In the Toll Booth

Holliday could make Cashman’s Frazier / Hicks/ Ellsbury decision a bit easier if he continues to  clog up  the middle.. At the moment if the WoodPecker keeps pecking, the Yanks will have to either DL a struggling Holliday or ship Cooper down  to chauffeur the Frankie Cervelli 1985 Oldsmobile at SWB… So NG Re: Holliday and Coop

Tanaka, Severino, and Sabathia’s overall  track record give the Yanks a solid 3 if Tanaka’s outing last night wasn’t an  outlier… Montgomery is coming off a good performance but he’s still camped on the Circle of Trust  borderline…

Another clunker from Caleb Smith  today  could force Cashman’s hand in a Sonny Gray deal.. We know the asking price of Frazier or Torres plus will not happen, but the unanswered question will Beane finally give in and take both Florial  and Mateo, plus, instead ?

That would also be painful, but on paper adding Gray  to  the aforementioned 3 starters would solve Cashman’s  playoff sprint problem, or will it?

Gray might be under team  control for 2 more years, so  the accountants will love it, but he’s also  vulnerable to  injury, and now you’re out two  very good prospects

We’ve seen how quick injuries rear their ugly heads, and how devastating they can be.. Fowler’s drama was sickening, Hick’s rib cage was a downer, but it allowed Frazier to  bust through the door and add his name to the core building  firm of  Severino, Judge and  Sanchez…

Tyler Wade has looked overmatched, it could just be a temporary Pedroia type blip, or it could be the tea leaves in bold font ?

Regardless, that’s why you don’t trade his understudy Jorge Mateo who per Cashman has the best  pure tools in the system….

Estevan Florial is Cashman’s best CF prospect after trading Rutherford, do  we need to  see anything more then Torres’ bad slide into  home plate, or Fowler’s crash landing into  a Houston wall to tell us how important top  shelf depth in this era is?

Of course with pundits like Sherman, Olny, Heyman, Rosenthal, Morosi, etc laying the positive groundwork for why Sonny Gray makes sense down the stretch,  their smaller foot note is his health issues, but that  should be a bright  red flag….

David Price looked sexy up in Boston, his health  wasn’t an issue, ( per the Cousins) they  gambled he’d opt out after 3 years and the last 4 yr’s $127M would just  vanish from their payroll..

Price never panned out in the big games, per his M.O., and now all  the wear and tear on his arm has come back to  further bite Boston as he most likely heads to  TJ surgery

A $217M speed bump  for our Angry Cousins, but more egregious then losing the money they  print, is the deep  playoff run they may now have compromised betting on and losing their #2 starter…

Hit and Run

HR: Gardner (19, 1st inning off Pruitt 0 on, 0 Out); Judge (33, 4th inning off Pruitt 0 on, 1 Out); C. Frazier (4, 5th inning off Pruitt 2 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Gardner (47), Judge (74), C. Frazier 3 (16), Gregorius (49)
2-out RBI: C. Frazier 3, Gregorius
Yankees RISP: 2-2 (Gregorius 1-1, C. Frazier 1-1)
Team LOB: 2

the Whole 9

the YES Men


Snell  vs Smith


Written by Sal

July 29, 2017 at 7:28 am

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  1. I may have jumped the shark on that Price TJ…. He’s on the 10 day DL, so the rumors up North went from he’s going to see Andrews to we’ll see how he feels in a week… Sounds too me like they didn’t want the punk pitching in Boston after all his whining?

    stop the presses, drop what you’re doing, Princess Price will address the media before tonight’s game….


    July 29, 2017 at 7:53 am

  2. Might start to like that Gardy lol


    July 29, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    • The GardFather
      It’s his up month
      Next month he’ll be back to .600 OPS
      I think Smith may have pushed Cashman to make a trade

      man @Joelsherman1
      Zach Littell is a healthy scratch from his AA start for #Yankees. Maybe it’s nothing — but I bet it’s something


      July 29, 2017 at 8:35 pm

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