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“I’m just in pain,” he said.

Aren’t we all…

Here’s a question, when  did CC  Sabathia’s knee start to  act up? Per the 300 pounder he felt it all game, did he feel it in the pen? After the first pitch? During his work in between  starts?

“It’s kind of out of nowhere,” he said. “I can’t really point to one thing and say that’s what it was. It’s just there.”

Judging by the way Brian Mitchell dominated Toronto the “team leader” maybe should  have bailed on the start and handed the ball off to  the Rook….?

That’s a screenplay you can move to  trash, Hollywood ain’t calling…

Sabathia may have needed Google Maps to  locate his pitches, but Josh Donaldson’s radar picked up  the errant slider and change up just  fine smacking a pair of 2 run HR’s, as last place  Toronto took game one 4-2

“It’s just hard to land,” Sabathia said. “It’s hard for me to finish my pitches. It’s just hard for me to get over my front side and finish my pitches. When I can’t do that, I don’t know where the ball’s going.”

The loss of Sabathia on paper is a big deal in the Bomber clubhouse, he was a team leader…


“Let’s be honest,” take the mic’s and the standard baseball  cliches for dummies  away  from the players, and reality is Sabathia’s last  3 outings all looked like he had something starting to trend the wrong way

3 starts: 13.1 innings, 17 hits, 12 runs, 5 HR’s, 11.48 ERA

CC’s last really good modern era  outing was July 16th:  6 innings, 3 hits, no  runs, 5 BB’s 3 K’s,  97 pitches vs Boston…. He followed that up  with a 5 inning, 4 hit, 1 run, 3 BB, 5 K, 98 pitch outing vs Seattle

The immediate Big loss on the field will be his absence vs Boston which by our calculations would have been Sunday, his 5th  day of rest… In two outings this season vs the Red Sox

14 innings, 7 hits, No Runs, 5 BB’s, 8 K’s….

Get Well Soon CC

Dog Dazed

Sabathia, when healthy,  is a big loss emotionally for the clubhouse and in the rotation, but Cashman  can  bring in  Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine and if this offense doesn’t get it’s 2nd wind,  it’ll be a battle for staying over the .500 mark and keeping that consolation 25 yr’s and no losing record  prize intact.. Joe Beningo  will be ecstatic

The Bombers last losing season came in 1992, it was the end of 4 consecutive sub .500 seasons…

Back to the Now

Sabathia left his team in a 4-1 hole, but the offense had plenty of chances to storm past JA Happ and the hapless Toronto Blue Jays, Brian Mitchell and David Robertson pitched 5.1, 4 hit. shutout innings

Their offense registered two or fewer runs for the fifth time in their last six games, leaving 10 men on base, the Yankees fell four games behind the Red Sox (three in the loss column) in the American League East.

The Bombers are 2 and 5 in August, in the 5 losses they’ve gone  5 for 33 with RISP with  37 men LOB .152 BA

In the two  wins, both in Cleveland where there was hope the battle fatigue had subsided the were 4 for 11 with 13 men LOB .363 BA…

smarter joe

I’m Smart, and you’re not, So Eat Shit, and Die

You hate to pick on Judge, but Psycho Joe Buttons  has plopped him right in the middle of the order, despite  entering his first  full  season, and his first  ever MLB Dog Days of August..

If the Yanks are gonna win, the “Way We’re Built”  was Greg Bird and Gary  Sanchez were the straws stirring the drink coming out of camp, Aaron Judge was lucky to have a roster spot and was batting 8th…

Bird and Sanchez were both injured, Bird never made it back, Sanchez was told to  concentrate on defense not offense so in one respect  he got Jobba’d by Psycho Joe Buttons…

Even Genius Joe knew to move Judge up in the order when he took the league by storm, before the league adjusted to his approach….. That  said,

It’s no longer a blip on the radar screen, it’s a full  blown league market correction


The right fielder is struggling in the second half, hitting .182 through Monday’s games, with a .710 OPS and five home runs in 22 games.

It’s not only Judge,  but under Psycho Joe and the Ninja Cashman, Sanchez has somehow, lost his way not only on offense but defense…

Holliday a 37 yr old 1 way injury risk player has come home to  roost, and the Boston DoughBoy continues to lead the pack as the worst contract in NYY history

BA's gone South

So based on the way  they were Rebuilt (Judge) and how much #HalCare is paying for the Boston DoughBoy and Holliday combined ($34M) they  continue to  get prime real estate positions in the batting order..

It’s to late to  run now, so  you have to  wait on Judge and Sanchez’s maybe 2nd wind, and yet more reinforcements, Hicks, Castro, and Bird as the  new saviors while the team Spins out of control in unchartered territory..

The Toddfather, Robertson, Kahnle, Gray, Garcia, and Cooper apparently weren’t enough… Actually the pitching additions sans a rusty Garcia have been a plus factor…

Despite Cooper’s lack of juice as one of the new guys,  he drove in the only 2 runs last night..

An RBI single in the 2nd, Sac fly in the 8th ….The fact he didn’t come through with the bases loaded in the 6th inning where perhaps the struggling LHB Ellsbury should have pinch hit became a topic of disgust, and maybe rightfully so…

Let’s keep in mind, that triple the Doughboy hit, was 50% on Almonte playing it like a drunk at the company party softball game

Ellsbury was deployed in the 9th to PH for Clint Frazier based on R/L match-up but he was in there against a pitcher who owned him 0-8, now 0-9

That’s Cyborg Genius, Psycho Joey Buttons for you, he was, caught in between….

So  the beat  goes on, Judge,  will have to  make an  adjustment

One of the biggest adjustments pitchers have made against the rookie in the second half is throwing more fastballs and targeting them out of the strike zone. They’ve also pitched him higher in the zone and above the zone.

fast balls Judge

Pitchers are throwing sliders more often to Judge as well — 28 percent of the time compared to 22 percent prior to the All-Star break. They’re locating them better, as the heat map below shows.

Judge has seen 119 sliders in the second half, has swung at 56 and missed 36. He has no hits and 20 outs against them.

heat map

Judge Stat Source

This has more to  do  with Judge’s  great  first  half, to pro-rate any of the outer-wordley stats was next to impossible, so  the Yanks were gonna need some other players to  step up… Gregorius, Headley, Torreyes, and Gardner have been there in the absence of Hicks, Judge Holliday, Ellsbury and Sanchez, but that  ain’t enough….

We might have to  dial  our expectations back down to pre-season expectability, and count our blessings that  we at least had a euphoric run until mid June..

The Yanks have Tanaka and Gray on the bump, and thanks to Mitchell a fresh bull pen  the next two nights…Maybe the offensive explosion they  were expecting after an 8-1 win in Cleveland comes over the next 5 games, if not, then it’s try to  sneak into  a one game WC shootout, keep it 25 years in a row they played over .500, and Bob’s Your Uncle

the Whole 9

the YES Men




Written by Sal

August 9, 2017 at 7:55 am

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  1. I understand the CC thing last night it set him up to face Sale on Sunday, but Boston gets a soft ride with Garcia and Sunday’s starter either Monty or Mitchell… Saturday is NY’s best chance with Severino… It would behoove NY to win with Tanaka and Gray on the bump in Toronto

    Gotta hope TB can light up Porcello tonigh, weird they only have a 2 game series with them… they worked the schedule perfectly with a day off on Thursday Fister doesn’t have to pitch vs TB or NY….


    August 9, 2017 at 11:46 am

  2. CC’s Soupbone in his leg is wearing out quicker than the Soupbone in his arm. The manager’s head is all Soupbone, despite his supposed brilliant mind. He and Ninja Cashman really need a new address


    August 9, 2017 at 12:17 pm

  3. Also, even though he has done much better than expected with 19 homers this year, Gardzilla has been brutal against lefties. He is hitting under .200 and has an OPS of under .600, with 2 homers. Platoon his ass.


    August 9, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    • Noogsie, I’m a sell high fan on Gardzilla, he might even get some team to grab all the money…. That said there is an unquestionable love for Gardner between the Ninja and the Psycho


      August 10, 2017 at 5:58 am

  4. ” best bullpen in baseball, Joe has so many weapons down there,”
    ,, and yet,,


    August 9, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    • Donny only thing I can think of, is Tanaka Pussied out so early they weren’t ready to go lol… Green had no secondary pitch so trying to gert him to go 2 innings was rough… Kahnle is better when it’s a start of a clean inning, but those were the 2 blips

      They need a true long man in the pen… What Al Yankzeera doesn’t harp on the broadcast, Girardi is gonna run these guys into the ground, they need a starter or three who can pitch 7 innings.. That’s why Tanaka makes the big money, Sev can doit on most nights, and Six Inning Sonny needs to try and do it…

      But yes as noogsie points out the manager has a soup bone for a head hahaha


      August 10, 2017 at 6:08 am

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