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For a few weeks leading up  the the trade deadline Boston president of baseball operations The Big Dombrowski was taking a lot of heat  from his paying customers… Where were the  third base and set up  reliever acquisitions?

Dombrowski  had already emptied the farm  system and maxed out the payroll  looking for starting pitchers, and succumbing to his long time nemesis relief pitching… Through no fault of his own Dombrowski also needed to  replace the DFA’d Fenway Fats Pablo  Sandoval…

At the last  moment Eddie Nunez packed his bags in San Francisco and landed in Boston as their new  Swiss Army knife / big bat.. Anybody who  watched Red Sox games knew Ralphie Devers was gonna stick at third base despite him being under drinking age, so losing out on Todd Frazier was no  big deal for the Angry Cousins..

The last piece to Dombrowski’s puzzle was grabbing a late inning relief  weapon, Robertson was too  expensive, Neshek went to Colorado, but to  the rescue came the Mets who handed Boston  their closer Addison Reed for 3 low end prospects, one of them  with  some  upside..

To say Nunez and Devers have carried the Red Sox for almost 2 weeks is an understatement, so you did have a feeling the Law of Averages may have been in the Yanks favor

Boston  came to  town on a 8 game winning streak, 6 of those wins came against the rebuilding White Sox, and the struggling Rays who had fallen 7 games behind the leaders…

The Yanks came back to  the Bronx crawling and licking their wounds after losing a series to  the last place Blue Jays and looking bad doing it..

Eduardo Rodriguez usually a thorn in the Bombers side was once again sticking it to  the Evil Empire, had it not been for a sloppy 30 pitch  first inning, Rodriguez may have cruised through  7 innings unscathed..

Rodriguez wasn’t Kluber-ing or Sale-ing the Bombers, there were more fly balls then  worm killers (Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Rodríguez 2-9;)

If nothing else he’s predictable, 88 of his 107 pitches were 4 seam fast ball (66) and a fast  ball  with some cut action (22)  He got 9  swings and misses 6 on the fast ball / cutter combo, and 3 on a change up  he threw only  10% of the time  during his 6 innings of work

We can  stuff the binder in a shredder because E-Rod’s results were

6 innings, 2 hits, No Runs,  2 BB’s, 7 K’s, 107-67 / 62% K-rate

Good pitching, or bad hitting? In NY it was considered  bad hitting, in Boston  they  were saying “who  needs David Price”

That’s baseball Suzyn

A one out  double by Hicks in the third inning, and a one out  double by Torreyes in the 5th went nowhere as the Bombers hitting in the clutch woes continued.. Under Rodriguez’s watch the Yanks went 0-6 with RISP

Matt Barnes protected the 3-0  Boston lead in the 7th with a sloppy 18-9 pitch inning, and Boston’s reliever  formula was set in motion, the Mets Addison Reed was next..


Gardner hit for Romine.

Gardner hit by pitch.

Hicks homered to right (335 feet), Gardner scored. 3-2

Sánchez singled to left center.

Sánchez to second on wild pitch by Reed.

Judge walked.

Kelly relieved Reed.

Gregorius singled to left center, Sánchez scored, Judge to third. 3-3

T. Frazier singled to center, Judge scored, Gregorius to second. 4-3

Headley struck out swinging.

Ellsbury singled to shallow right, Gregorius to third, T. Frazier to second.

Torreyes hit sacrifice fly to left, Gregorius scored. 5-3 Yanks


The Gardfather’s toe getting in the way  of a Boston feel good story started the Bombers wheel of fortune as one of Reed’s errant sliders hit Gardner’s foot

Aaron Hicks flailing away  at two of Reed’s sliders didn’t leave much confidence in the Bombers breaking their hitting in the clutch stranglehold….

Finally the predictable (5 sliders in a 6 pitch  sequence) Reed left a slider up / middle in with not much if any bite, and Hicks whacked it around the  Yankee Stadium “Pesky Pole” for a 315 foot Ballantine Blast that  woke up  the  entire Empire from it’s comatose state of mind…

hicks graph

At that  moment Reed started to unravel, but he quickly got ahead of the SanBino 0-2, with a couple of fast balls… Reed dropped an 0-2 slider over the plate and Sanchez poked it to left field for a single…Farrell  was a bit late on the draw yanking the now definitely  unraveling reliever

He uncorked a wild pitch, then walked the struggling Judge before Monsignor Farrell sent him to  the showers…

Gregorius got a 2-1 fastball from Joe Kelly and dunked it to  centerfield to  tie the damn  game, huge clutch knock  for DD.. 3-3

The Toddfather muscled a 1-2 / 101 MPH fast ball that was at the top of the zone but center of the plate to  give the Bombers their first lead… 4-3

Todd graph

Toe Main Poison hit a sac fly to  cap  the 5 run  come back, and a new Yankees Classic production was almost a wrap… Delusions of grandeur, and  the biggest  come back rally of the season was only 3 outs away…

Hicks had a chance to make this game Chapman  proof but he popped up  with the bases loaded to  end the Boston nightmare…. A  2 run lead with their top of the order lurking, and the very combustable Chapman being deployed to  save it was equivalent to  walking   50 yards through a  land mine blind folded…

Why the Genius Manager doesn’t give Chapman  some reps regardless of game circumstances is beyond comprehension….? Chapman last pitched 6 days ago when he saved a 2-1 win over Cleveland…

A combination of illegal use of The Binder and the Mutt in Chapman almost blew the season when Chapman  walked the bases loaded without securing an out

Twelve balls and 3 strikes was the best the $86M show dog could do until Benintendi hit an 0-2 fast ball  to left field plating Boston’s 4th  run… Unfortunately for the Red Sox, Eddie Nunez’s aggressive nature worked against Boston, and Hicks gunned Nuney out at  3rd base to  finish off a rally killing 7/5 DP…

Todd Frazier gets an assist  for making a nice back hand pick, and tag on the speedy Nunez… It was probably Ill-advised running on Hicks, but Nuney and Butterfield pushed the envelope regardless

Chapman came back to get Moreland on a game ending F/8 and the game of the year  was in the books

Unfortunately the Yanks have played themselves in to  another must  win  game today, despite the Psycho manager saying it’s not the end of the world if Boston throws more dirt on their grave..

Severino vs Pomeranz  today, with Sale vs Montgomery waiting to  close the show Sunday Night…. On paper the Yanks need to  steal  another one this afternoon

Tip of the cap  to Adam the Sheriff Warren for his 2.1 inning, 1 hit, No Run, relief work  after  Jaime Garcia’s 5.2 innings, 7 hit, 3 run outing…

Garcia is what he is, if you don’t score crooked numbers  when he pitches you lose. Garcia got props for holding the game at  3.. He did manage to  keep Boston off the board in the 3rd inning when  they loaded the bases with one out, they  were threatening to  blow it open…


Garcia punched out Young and got Bogaerts to ground out 1-3….

the Whole 9

the YES Men

Today’s Starters



Written by Sal

August 12, 2017 at 8:29 am

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  1. “A Ballantine Blast”
    Shades of Mel Allen 🎤🎤🎤


    August 12, 2017 at 9:16 am

  2. The best part of Hick’s tater was that it shut up all those useless stats, numbers and other detritus thst Mkay and Coney love to drone on and on about.
    F**kin stfu and let The Game be The Game!


    August 12, 2017 at 9:55 am

    • lol I love Coney Donny….. It’s the O’Neill war stories I hate…. when O’Neill sticks to telling us why Judge strikes out half the time, he’s great…. It’s the Dizzy Dean schtick when the boys are losing that pisses me off

      Ain’t nothing funny when we’re losing Paulie, nothing


      August 12, 2017 at 11:07 am

  3. R Dept. @YankeesPR
    Roster Moves: RHP Masahiro Tanaka placed on 10-day DL w/ right shoulder inflammation, RHP Giovanny Gallegos recalled from @swbrailriders

    At least we know why he sucked
    Tough week to lose a Big starter


    August 12, 2017 at 12:40 pm


    So we’re down to Sev Sonny Jaime Monty and Mitchell
    Adams last pitched on Wednesday maybe he gets the Mets

    Never we repeat Never spend big money on starting pitching


    August 12, 2017 at 12:56 pm

  5. I wanna go drink & party with Coney.
    I remember a game this season when the booth started talking about pitch counts & how for some reason 100 seems to be the arbitrary line not cross too much over. The questioning was why 100? Is it because it’s a nice round number? Why 100?

    They dragged Cone into the conversation, knowing he rails against this BS.
    When asked what he thinks about this, Cone said he’d routinely throw 120 to 135 pitches a game, & then hit 3 Irish Bars after be ready for his next start!!
    I love Coney!!


    August 12, 2017 at 1:45 pm

  6. Dont gst me wrong men,, i love the.”beat the streets” David Cone,, enjoy his

    those saber-metrics stats droning.on and on, useless abstract numbers, is like root canal with out heavy meds, for me.


    August 12, 2017 at 5:54 pm

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