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One Step Forward, Four and a Half Steps Back

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The Yanks took  one step  forward on Friday night with a dramatic come from behind win, less then 24 hours later they  were knocked 4 and a half steps backwards after the Boston offense pummeled Bombers Ace Luis Severino into  a bloody mess with a 10-5 win, and it wasn’t that  close

I was between Ma and Pa Pinstripe, and the YES telecast yesterday, so while  listening to both broadcasts throughout the day, the one constant over the first  two innings was the anointment of rock  star  status  they  all had for Severino…

He’s turned into  the unquestionable Ace of the staff with  exceptional stuff ‘was Pa Pinstripes theme… He’s stomping around then mound ready to  attack  was the YES broadcast theme…

It was all coming up Roses for the NY Yankees water carriers, until it wasn’t…

Both  broadcasts made you feel uneasy, it’s the 3rd inning, the kid on the mound is 23 years old,  we’ve seen him completely lost out there  at times, but usually you can tell  when it’s an off day right from the get go…Yesterday Severino even duped the pros

The used car salesman schtick  was picking up  steam after rookie sensation  Ralphy Boy Devers flipped an  easy F/7 to Gardner for the 1st out in the 3rd inning..

Life for the NY Yankees turned on a dime after that pitch, you could see Severino  start  to make movements with his hands that telegraphed he was beginning to  think  about his release point, and his mechanics ?

Severino’s first pitch  to the number 8 hitter Vazquez was a nasty 100 fast ball with filthy spin and late life, strike one….. It all  went downhill like a break away freight train after that…

Vazquez walked, Bradley the #9 hitter walked, Nunez hit a ground ball  to Frazier who lost the handle for an E5 and the bases were loaded… Frazier lost his focus, Nunez can  fly, so a double play  was out of the question, but that  didn’t stop Frazier from trying to  speed the play up, and the inning blew up from that point…

Betts tied the game 2-2 with a  seeing eye single, Boston’s specialty…. Andrew Benintendi the pre-season ROY projection, then gave Severino  and the Yanks a taste of their own medicine, a Yankee Stadium 3 run Tater that hit the top of the right field wall, it scooted into  the souvenir section and the rout was on as Boston took a commanding 5-2 lead…

A  nice 4th inning comeback  by Severino made you think perhaps this was just  a 1 inning blip… Down  5-2 The Bomber offense loaded the bases with no outs in the bottom of the 4th, but only managed to  score 1 run, and it came on a ground ball out to  first base

The Rally died, like a ton of them before, we’re numb to  the offensive futility at this point in time, at least I  am

Severino never let the game come to life as Boston’s top of the order mugged him in the 5th inning, when the smoke cleared 5 more runs had crossed the plate..

The game became 10-3 before it became a garbage time 10-5 in the 9th, so Boston not only went back up  by 4.5 games, they cut the head off the snake by pounding the Bomber Ace

4.1 innings, 8 hits, 10 runs, 8 earned, 2 BB’s, 4 K’s

Andrew Benintendi  came to NY and showed the baseball world what  a real Rookie of the Year player is supposed to look like, and he saved it for crunch time  in a pennant race…  Aaron Judge continues to  sink back to  the 2016 Judge, at this point Joe Girardi’s answers about fixing Judge are ringing hollow, it’s like listening to  static on the radio

Jacoby Ellsbury hit a garbage time HR in the 9th, but when they  needed him in the 5th with the bases loaded and no outs he grounded out to  first base…

Boston exposing Severino is nothing new

Severino is 1-4 against the Red Sox with a 5.05 ERA. The Red Sox have his number. Clearly Severino is going to have to make a major adjustment against them.

The Red Sox also did a terrific job of hitting against the Yankees’ shift, imagine that, which may tell you that the Red Sox have the Yankees’ number in that department, too.

As for Judge, the minimum should be dropping him in the line-up, perhaps letting him occupy the #3 hole, arguably the most important spot in a line-up, is whistling past the grave yard.. He might be putting too much pressure on himself thinking he has to  carry the team like he did for 2 months before Aaron Judge Week in Miami

Benintendi  before his recent resurgence was going so bad Boston  sat him on the bench for a few games it seemed to  work, that  said It’s business as usual with Met / Yankees Subway Series coming this week, can’t sit the Golden Goose can  they????

The frontrunner for the AL MVP award just one month ago, Judge’s second-half nosedive sunk to new depths Saturday afternoon, as the rookie went 0-for-4, and struck out (twice) for a Yankees-record 29th straight game

Judge, is batting .161 (15-for-93) with 43 strikeouts since the All-Star break, is only three games shy of tying Adam Dunn’s all-time record for the most consecutive games with a strikeout by a position player.

After Cashman flipped some big time prospects in an effort to make baseball exciting in the Bronx over the last  2 months of the season, Girardi’s efforts to deal  from a stacked deck have back fired…

The Bombers are now 4 and 7 since the Sonny Gray trade, Sonny was supposed to be the final piece to  the puzzle,  NY was printing World Series tickets

In retrospect, for Cashman it was the right thing to do… The 3 veteran pitchers NY was counting on  Pineda, Sabathia, and Tanaka are all on the DL…. Severino  can’t beat  the Red Sox, and NY’s pitcher for Game one of the Subway  Series is TBA

If there was ever a mismatch on paper it’s tonight on ESPN Chris Sale vs Jordan Montgomery

As for Judge, maybe he needs to book  a lunch  date with A-Rod and J-Lo, it seemed to  work  for Sanchez, he cut his hair and went 2-4 with a HR yesterday, NY’s lone bright spot

“We’re trying to get him back on track,” manager Joe Girardi said. “It’s been a struggle. There’s no doubt about it, the second half.”

Joey, the only track we want to  see you on is the train track that will  take you back  to Chicago…..

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Written by Sal

August 13, 2017 at 8:21 am

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  1. Just looked up Melky after I read he won the game for the Royals with a late two run homer. He’s right around .300, near 70 rbi’s and 5th in the league in hits and has 16 homers and has not played in a short porch home stadium. Also tied for the league lead in outfield assists.
    Not Cashman nor Girardi’s type, so they would never look for him The White Sox basically gave him away to the Royals, trying to save salary. Melky always has been clutch. One of my favorites.


    August 13, 2017 at 11:53 am

    • Noogsie we begged Cashman to bring him back
      As you point out not their type of player
      Nor was Cano nor is Mateo
      That’s what scares me about the guys in charge
      Worse Hal loves those two guys in charge
      Having to sit through another Girardi 3 yr contract will be painful

      The Sev Monty innings numbers might be off by an inning or two It’s off the top of my head but something to keep in mind
      When I get to my desk top I’ll get deeper into it


      August 13, 2017 at 12:16 pm

  2. Severino pitched 150.2 innings last yr
    Between AAA and the varsity

    Innings increases are usually 30 innings per season for young pitchers
    Sev is at 143
    So he has another 40 innings before that becomes something we start to hear about
    Montgomery is in the same boat

    If Ny stays in a WC race how many innings will they allow Sev to pitch?

    Tanaka Sabathia DL Pineda out for the season
    Every pitcher after Gray and Garcia are young pitchers with innings limits

    How is that possibly a playoff team?
    And how does Cashman not fit the squad with innings eaters?

    Only answer I come up with they never expected this group to be a playoff team in 2017

    Time for Girardi to hold a meeting and put the cards on the table
    Boys we’re playing with house money we’re ahead of schedule
    Have fun lighten up stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself


    August 13, 2017 at 12:07 pm

  3. FIDO the Cuban Mutt


    August 13, 2017 at 11:55 pm

  4. ti @YankeesWFAN
    Only one other LHB has homered off Aroldis Chapman in 360 ABs–Luke Scott in 2011. #Yankees

    Yeah but that’s before he hoodwinked
    Cashman into paying him $86m

    The boys fought hard to take it to Sale and Fido blows it again


    August 14, 2017 at 12:02 am

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