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Yanks Conquer Mr Oct Kluber

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1-2-3, it’s Easy as a-b-CC and DD

From August 24th  the Cleveland Indians were the “best  team in the AL”, maybe all of baseball.. They  strung together an MLB record 22 game winning streak, and were war dancing into  the ALDS winning 33 of their last 37 games…

In September their pitching staff as a whole compiled a 2.17 ERA / 1.04 WHIP..

From August 24th  to  the end of the season they  scored 221 runs and allowed 77, a +144 RD

Trevor Bauer dominated game one 4-0 and the best  team in baseball was ready to steamroll it’s way to erasing that  brutal  World Series game 7 loss vs the Cubs..

Crying Joe assisted in Cleveland’s incredible 9-8, 13 inning win in Game 2, and coming back from a 5 run deficit against arguably the best bull pen in baseball, left no  choice but to  anoint the Indians a team of destiny…

Heading back to  the Bronx, Masahiro Tanaka pitching on 8  days rest, with an axe to grind after being kicked to the middle of the rotation thanks to  an inconsistent   season, tossed a  brilliant 7 inning 3 hit, no run gem..

Tanaka had zero margin for error with Carrasco and Miller matching him for 6 innings.. In what  seemed like un-defiable odds Greg Bird smacked a lead off HR  off Miller in the bottom of the 7th, hanging the first  and only run of this game on the board

  D-Rob picked up 1 of the 6 remaining outs, and the reformed #54Fido earned a portion of his $86M by securing the last 5 outs, giving up  2 hits but striking out 4 to avoid a Cleveland sweep and  prolong the Bombers season..

The Yanks mugged a much less effective Trevor Bauer for 4 runs  in game 4, and to their benefit they  tacked on 3 more taking a 7-3 lead after 6 innings…

Behind Luigi Severino’s 7 innings,  and Tommy Kahnle’s brilliant two inning finish, they forced a Game 5, the rematch with Cy Young front runner Cory Kluber

Odds were in the Indians favor on paper, the Yanks were tossing their Clubhouse Boss but past his prime SoupBone Sabathia, and Francona who had mysteriously restructured his rotation so his Cy Young robot Kluber could pitch Games 2 and 5 had his wish…

Out of the gate Kluber looked sharp, and with one out he punched out Aaron Judge in a 6 pitch AB… Kluber doused him with 5 nasty breaking balls, predictably getting him to  chase strike 3, a common  occurrence for Judge in this series

The buck  stopped at Game MVP DD Gregorius who pulled the plug on the crowd noise by smacking a 1 ball  2 strike  Ballantine Blast into the right field seats  giving the Yanks a much desired 1-0 lead.

Kluber still looked like his stuff had depth, but he walked Hicks and Ellsbury did what he does best, induce a catcher’s interference putting 2 men on base in the 2nd inning.. Frazier ended the threat  with  an innocuous F/9

The GardFather led off the 3rd with  a single, Judge was once again disposed of rather easily when he again chased a tailing away  slider for yet  another punch out

judge chase

Kluber kryptonite DD Gregorius  struck  again, this time he smacked a 2 run Ballantine Blast into  the right field seats to  give the Yanks a 3-0 lead.. This Hr cemented Gregorius’ made man  status in NY, and the book on  chasing Derek Jeter’s ghost was officially closed..


To say Sabathia was brilliant over the first  3 innings is an understatement.. He surgically removed any idea of  Cleveland getting a rally started by securing the first 9 outs in a row on 5 K’s..

Lindor poked a lead off single in the 4th inning, but two more punch outs and a ground ball to  second base once again put a  mute button on the wanna be rowdy Cleveland  crowd.

With  a 3-0 lead CC looked to be cruising, it took him 6 pitches but he punched out the tough Carlos Santana to  start the 5th inning..

The end to Sabathia’s night came quickly, he went from from dominance to departure in a matter of 4 batters… With  1 out  all  four hitters poked consecutive singles and the game was no longer a nervous 3 run lead, but a gut wrenching  hanging by their finger tips 3-2 tightrope

Crying Joe immediately yanked SoupBone and D-Rob was called on to  do his Andrew  Miller imitation with  Cleveland’s best player Frankie Lindor coming to  the plate..

On his 2nd pitch, Robertson induced a 6-6-3 DP, Gregorius to Bird and the mute button was once again producing our favorite sound, a pin drop..


Robertson pitched a 1-2-3 6th inning, he worked around a 2 out walk in the 7th to keep  the game at  3-2 with  6 outs left…

Crying Joe went to #54Fido  for a 6 out save, with Tommy Kahnle as his back-up..  In the 8th inning Fido  tossed away his muzzle and  attacked the Indians, chasing three batters back to  the dugout  on 13 pitches..

The Yanks gifted Chapman  with some much needed breathing room by orchestrating   a long 30 plus minute 9th inning that produced 2 insurance runs… Hicks blooped a 1 out single and took 2nd when Jackson booted the knock… Headley kept the DH spot a black hole by popping up for the 2nd out

The GardFather grinded out an amazing 12 pitch AB off closer Cody Allen to plate Hicks the 4th  run, the ToddFather hustled in the 5th run when Lindor mishandled a relay and the Yanks were 3 outs away  from shocking the world

gardner ab

Fido auspiciously started the  9th inning with a 6 pitch walk, allowing the struggling MVP candidate Jose Ramirez to  reach base… The practically disabled Eddie Encarnacion was punched out, Carlos Santana forced Ramirez at 2nd base for the 2nd out and former Bomber prospect Austin Jackson watched Cleveland’s season circle the drain when he went window shopping on a called strike three to  end it..

#54Fido Howls at  the Moon


Ball Game Over, ALDS Over, Yankees win

ball game over

There were some disturbing trends in this series but that’s a discussion  for another day, at the moment the Bombers have defied the odds and will head to Houston to play another Best Team in  the AL for a chance to  go  to  the World Series…


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Yanks Indians 4 All the Marbles

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Yanks meet the Indians in a deciding ALDS Game 5  on Wednesday, October 11, 2011 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

CC Sabathia will start for the Yankees against Corey Kluber of the Indians.

Here’s what you need to know:

Time: 8 p.m. Eastern


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Staying Alive With Dumb Luck

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The Yanks are still  alive thanks to  a big 7-3 win over the “choking Indians”

Severino redeemed himself with a great  7 inning, 4 hit, 3 Run, 1 BB, 9K, 113 pitch outing .. The two HR’s  he gave up are not what  you want to  see but the Bombers offense hung enough points on the board to make those mid game Taters irrelevant

Tommy Kahnle  who has emerged as a bona fide weapon, closed out the last two innings getting 5 punch outs in the process..

Aaron Judge despite striking out 75% of the time vs Indians pitching in this series smoked a big 2 run double, and the SanBino not only guided  2 Bomber pitchers through 27 outs, he belted  a HR that  nailed the game shut

It was a Hell of a win fellas, tip of the cap  to Tito Francona who is trying to  out Joe Maddon, Joe Maddon…

It’s probably a good bet Kluber does what Severino  did, re-focus and for the most part dominate for 21 outs, hand the ball off to  a hot reliever or two  and bail out his genius  manager who has made some strange  decisions this ALDS

Somebody tell me Tito isn’t alone in switching his starters around so his Ace is pitching Game 5 on regular rest, and you’re doing this before the series even starts, without having a set  4 man rotation ?

Tito is a  supposed genius, but so  far Francona and Crying Joe  have been Dumb and Dumber

crying joe

Trevor Bauer has no track record of dominating the same team twice in the span of  4 or 5 days rest, what made Francona or Bauer think that  could transpire with only  3 days rest?

“I consider this normal rest for me. I enjoy pitching on short, I guess, technical definition of short,” Bauer said. “If I could draw it out, personally, this is how I’d pitch every time. Take my normal two days’ recovery after my start and then do my day before routine today, and then roll it out there [Monday]. So I’m feeling very confident where I’m at.

Good thing you’re not in charge son, 1.2 innings ain’t what  they’re looking for

Trevor Bauer Starts on 3 Days Rest in Postseason: 2 games 5 2/3 IP 7 runs 10 hits

During the regular season, Bauer was far better at home, going 10-4 with a 3.93 ERA, while going 7-5 with a 4.54 ERA on the road. Nevertheless, in Bauer’s lone appearance in The Bronx this season, he led the Indians to a 2-1 win on Aug. 30 after allowing just one run and four hits over six innings.

Though the upcoming start is unlike any Bauer has ever encountered, he said he has never felt more comfortable. ©Source

I went into Bauer’s game logs on June 7th he pitched on 3 days rest and lasted 3.1 innings, 5 hits, 4 runs, 5 BB’s, 3 K’s, 86-49 pitches, team lost 8-1

August 17th Bauer pitched on 3 days rest in Minnesota, 0.2 of an inning, 1 hit, it was in relief, another Cleveland loss

On August 19th after throwing  9 pitches on 3 days rest  (Aug 17th) he started vs KC and pitched well  6.1 innings 7 hits no  runs, a 5-0 Indians win

That’s it for short rest and Bauer this season, 1 game on 3 days rest, and a brief get 2 outs, 9 pitch relief stint….

Thank  You Tito…

The Yanks plated 7 runs last night 6 of them unearned, so Cleveland basically shipped their defense back to Cleveland for this game…? And why not, their manager went to great pains setting up  Game 5, sending a message  hey if we can  steal  3 wins before that  so be it…If not we have a robot ready for Game 5

Setting up  game 5 assures Kluber can’t start  game 1 vs Houston, now what Tito?

All  that  stuff is Cleveland’s problem, the Yanks are playing with  house money so nothing can  go  wrong from here on in.. Isn’t that the narrative ? Or did   it turn on a dime after the two  wins in the Bronx? Previous there was no  house money to be found after Crying Joe blew game two only Boo’s raining down on Crying Joe…?

Severino got a second chance to  flush his WC debacle down the drain and he came up  big…

Sans losing focus with a 5-0 lead and coughing up a 2 run Bomb to Santana in the 4th, and the scarier moment giving up an opposite field Dinger to Perez making it  5-3 game in the 5th, Severino  was great

Credit the young battery for grabbing the momentum back over the last 6 outs of the game.. Sanchez has shut up his critics who  kill his defense, his last two games have been phenomenal behind the plate

Aaron judge is 1 for 15 with  12 punch outs, but only judge can pull  that off and remain the Prince of the City.. Judge has created enough big moments this season to buy him that freedom, as long as the Yanks  keep  winning that is..

Last night he had one of the biggest hits in this game, a two  run double that gave the Yanks a 4-0 lead in the 2nd inning..

The Bombers benefited from  some bad Cleveland defense to  run the score to 6-3, and the SanBino  iced it with a solo Ballantine Blast in the 6th  to  give Severino  a  commanding a 7-3 lead.

I guess it was as good a time as any to see if the Good Betances was in the house, after 2 batters, both  walks, it was evident he wasn’t, maybe the lone bummer in an otherwise great night

Tommy gun Kahnle pulled a rabbit out of his hat and pitched a brilliant 2 innings striking out 5 of the 6 batters he faced.. Not only did he clean up Betances’  2 on and no outs mess in the 8th, he pitched two innings and was just  as dominant closing out the 9th

Santana struck out looking.

Brantley struck out looking.

Chisenhall struck out swinging.

If Betances doesn’t get another shot to correct his market value this October there is a very good chance he gone, unfortunately for the home grown  Yankee it’ll be a sell low deal

How much longer can  they  put up  with a huge Box of Chocolates pitching high leverage situations ?

Crying Joe not having a full  bull pen kept him from over managing last night.. Despite Severino’s 2 speed bumps, CJ had no  choice but to  stick  with  him and the kid rewarded the manager..

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.25.58 AM

Day Off on to Cleveland as the faux House Money Tour continues

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Yanks Cleveland Gm4

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Well moscone won’t be happy but Lying Joe, with the advent of Bird’s arrival finally has his L/R/LR sequence.. Bird in the 5 hole


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Bird A Hiro

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According to Andrew Marchand Yankees beat  reporter  and senior writer at ESPN, there are 9 local  and National  entities covering the Bombers beat, no  doubt the number of reporters working  for each faction could fill  a small  village….

If we think that  type of blanket coverage creates a fair share of  scrutiny for the 25 players plus their manager, take note of  Masahiro Tanaka’s plight, he has that barrage to  attend to, plus 8 reporters from Japan just  assigned to him.

The Yanks with  their collective backs to  the wall  thanks in part to a gaffe by their manager on Friday night, called on arguably Japan’s biggest  pitching Star to  bail  them out of a potential 3 game sweep  at the hands of the MLB  Chalk Cleveland Indians

 Last night Tanaka made Japan and the Yanks proud by tossing the game of his life, a 7 inning, 3 hit, no  run, 1 BB, 7 K’s, 92-67 pitch Gem

Tanaka with help from his friends, specifically Greg Bird (HR), Aaron Judge ( game saving catch), Gary Sanchez ( game saving defensive blocks), and #54Fido (5 big outs to  close it) kept the Bombers season alive with  a nail biting 1-0 win over the Indians

 After holding your breath for what seemed like an eternal 9th inning, once Hicks snatched the last out it was hard not to mull over what could have been had Lying Joe  challenged KnobGate

The win probability if Chisenhall strikes out registered 97.3%

Yankees win probability had strike three been called: 97.3%

Of course any evil could have slipped  through that  small 2.7% window of opportunity, after all it’s baseball, but those are pretty good odds the Bombers prevail

Once Lindor smacked the Green meatball  for a Salami, the WP dropped 30 percentage points, but “let’s be honest” the win probability no longer existed after that  tidal  wave of emotion and momentum switched from  the visitors to  the home team’s dugout..

It took  13 innings but the Indians and their manager finally out maneuvered the Bombers and their bedazzled braintrust led by Girardi, with a walk off RBI single.

The glass half full, by bouncing back with their first ALDS win, the Yanks lived to  fight another day..

The glass half empty,  instead of up  2 games to  1 with Severino pitching vs Trevor Bauer on 3 days rest for the first  time, it’s one and done if the Indians carry the day…

After watching Bauer in game 1, and last night Carrasco just  dominate, you’re pining for  Cy Young winner Cory Kluber to be on the slab, that’s how much life both Indian hurlers sucked out of the  Yankees offense

A HBP and a walk was all  the Yanks could muster until Gregorius broke his ALDS O-fer with a loud 2 out  single in the 4th inning.. The eleven outs in a row, despite being interrupted by the two minor blemishes felt worse then it looked..

Carrasco in 5.2 innings gathered  18 swings and misses,  his change up,  slider, and curve ball  were the  main culprits… 16 of the 18  misses came from that arsenal of choice

55 of his 85 pitches were breaking balls that lived in “the school speed zone” at  88 to  84 MPH with nasty late life

He countered that with 94 MPH 2 seam sinkers, (22) and scattered in enough 4 seam fast balls (8) to keep the hitters off balance

Hicks lead off the  6th inning with a swinging bunt single,  in an effort to get the Yanks going, but Gardner immediately slammed into  a DP. It appeared Carrasco was heading  back to  cruise control but with 2 outs  Judge walked, Sanchez singled and Gregorius worked a base on balls that  ended Carrasco’s night..

Francona yanked his starter who  the Yanks were beginning to line up as he tired, and brought in his Captain Marvel, Andrew Miller who predictably got Castro  to  pop up  killing the threat

Tanaka with a steady diet of monstrous sliders (31) and splitters (36)  a scattering of 4 and  2 seam fast balls, an the occasional  show me curve had the Indian offense baffled..

The Bombers starter was masterful  but he also had 35 HR’s allowed on his resume so any pitch  in the wrong spot could have wrecked this game…The one  pitch that threatened to  put the Bomber season on life support came off the bat  of Frankie Lindor in the 6th inning

With one on and one out in the inning, Lindor lifted a splitter to  right field that Judge hopped up  to  grab for the anxious F/9

judge catch

Tanaka’s only other scare, a big one,  came in the 4th inning when Kipnis tripled with one out… Tanaka with  an assist from Sanchez blocking a bunch of 59 foot splitters,  punched out Ramirez and Bruce to kill the threat..

Greg Bird was responsible for plating the only run in this game  in the bottom of the 7th when he blasted a 1-1 96 MPH  Miller fast ball deep into  the right field seats, for all intents and purposes, that Ballantine Blast  won the damn game..

Robertson relieved Tanaka in the 8th, he secured one out before walking Brantley prompting Joey Claps to  yank him in favor of #54Fido facing Lonnie Chisenhall

Tito countered with Jan Gomes but Fido made quick work of Gomes and Urshela  striking them both out on 8 pitches.. The 9th inning wasn’t so  easy after Kipnis and Ramirez singled with one out..

Fido’s pitch  count was rising, the tying run on second, the go  ahead run on first, and the insurance run at  the plate, the $86M closer reached back  and punched out Jay Bruce on 5 pitches, and after a long 7 pitch AB he induced Carlos Santana to  hit an F/8 that Hicks secured for the 27th out..

 A tremendous effort by the team, the gold stars go  to Tanaka, Bird, Judge, Sanchez and Fido

Weather permitting Game 4 Severino vs Bauer

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Last Chance to Dance

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On Friday in the 13th, the Yanks suffered their worse loss of the season, possibly their most stinging defeat since  the 2001 World Series when Louie PED Gonzalez dunked a game winning single off Mo Rivera  in the Arizona desert.. That blooper snatched the 2001 World Series from the jaws of victory, 3 and a half weeks after the insidious 911 Attacks on NYC

While less dramatic Re: how much  a Championship  would have meant to  a torn city in October 2001, Public enemy #1, Lying Joe’s  blunder on Friday  is a microcosm of his whole managerial career..

LJ’s  inability to instinctively  react to  a situation without first checking the manual, then using the data supplied to override any common sense strategy has been Girard’s biggest nemesis over his 10 yr managerial  career in NY..

So  as we wake up on a rainy Sunday morning move over Donald Trump you’re excused for a few days, NY has a brand new  back page / front page whipping boy..

Apparently somebody got in Lying Joe’s ear between the time he went to bed Friday  and his Saturday ALDS  press conference, because he has turned on a dime an admitted he “screwed up”

As we’ve found out in the past, the crime cover-up can be much worse then the crime, and in Lying Joe’s case  the blood thirsty NY media  not to mention  every NYY fan in existence didn’t want to hear LJ’s Rhythm Method excuse Re: challenging a replay his catcher begged him to look  at..

The simple fact Chisenhall never shook his hand in pain should have been enough  evidence to  challenge…. At least Jeter had the presence of mind to act out that  scenario when he was  fake HBP….

Anyway, hopefully all the  nonsense  about  Fido liking a  social media post that  destroyed Girardi isn’t an issue tonight…

Will Lying Joe call on  Severino  after Tanaka, and the only 3 pitchers we see tonight in a close game are Tanaka, Severino  Fido ?

That leaves Monty and Garcia for Monday… There is also  rain in the forecast, but by tonight scattered showers probably don’t get this game cancelled… At the beginning of this season would you have imagined all  you’re trying to  do is get the ball  to  your 300 pound 37 yr old Lefty vs Kluber in a game 5?

Also on the agenda will Girardi move Romine to  catcher and put Sanchez at DH.… NY is 0 for the ALDS at the DH spot? (0 for 12 at DH)

The reason it may not happen Ellsbury has good numbers vs Carrasco ?

Sanchez, Castro,  and the guy Mike the Parrot  Francesa said couldn’t hit, Aaron Hicks,  lead the Yanks with  4 hits each in the Post Season…

Only 5 Bombers have hits vs Cleveland in the LDS, Castro, Sanchez, Bird, T Frazier, and Hicks

Gregorius, Gardner, Judge, Headley, Ellsbury, and Torreyes have been shutout… Romine and Holliday have not seen any action

Tanaka has a significantly better ERA with Romine catching but he’s a bit shaky with the bat and he couldn’t throw out the garbage no less base runners….

5.34 ERA  with Sanchez, 3.15 ERA  with Romine

LDS pitching

One key stat to know: Sure, all pitchers need to get ahead in the count, but this is especially true for Tanaka. Among qualified starters, he had the second-worst wOBA allowed in hitter’s counts as they hit .392/.491/.845 against him.

The matchup that matters most: Carrasco vs. Aaron Judge. Batters hit .130 against Carrasco’s slider. Judge hit .153 against sliders. But batters hit .341 and slugged .604 against Carrasco’s fastball. Judge slugged .711 against fastballs.


Tanaka vs the Indians  not looking good


Severino should find a seat in the bull pen and be ready to  go


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Clueless Joe

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A lot was questionable in the bottom of the sixth — removing CC Sabathia after just 77 pitches and sticking with Chad Green when there were overt signs he lacked his best stuff. But this game — this excruciating game for the Yankees — will be remembered for Girardi not challenging a hit-by-pitch, for ignoring clear cues he absolutely should have. ©joel sherman

Just Challenge, dummy

joe challege 1

you have 2 of them, plus

From the seventh inning on, the umps can review a play they deem questionable even if the manager is out of challenges.

“Chase Headley said he was screaming from the bench Chisenhall hadn’t been hit based just on that”, challenge. “Plus, Sanchez, told the manager the ball hit the knob of the bat, so”  challenge.

“Obviously that was not optimal, it was a huge play in the game,” Headley said.

One of the problems with  formula, one of the links in the chain might not have it that night, last night it was the manager

“Being the catcher I am, I’m thinking about rhythm, the pitcher not taking him out of his rhythm”

Yan Gomes, perhaps the softest mark in the Cleveland lineup, fouled off three 1-2 pitches before ripping a double to make it second and third, and then Chisenhall fouled off four 0-2 pitches before getting “hit” to load the bases.

That’s a red flag waving Joe, there’s your chance to pull the plug on a struggling pitcher, you warmed him up  for 3 innings, he had already pitched  close to a game by the time you called him to relieve Sabathia, which was arguably too soon..

Girardi said he stuck with Green because he had pitched well against Francisco Lindor, Cleveland’s terrific leadoff man. In 2017, Green had struck out Lindor both times he faced him.

But it was just two at-bats. Why would that be more important information than how Green looked at that moment? Green tried to throw a backdoor slider to Lindor at 1-0, hung it and Lindor crushed it for a grand slam

he wasn't hit so eat shit

I did not have the replay  to  show he was not hit,  as I said before I’m a catcher and I think  about rhythm  and i don’t want him standing around for 2 minutes to  tell me he wasn’t hit

But Joe did Chisenhall look like a guy that got hit to you?

“With the amount of challenges we have, it was surprising,” Chisenhall said. 

“I just screamed, ‘Foul!’ [to the umpire],” Sanchez said through an interpreter. “I thought I heard something. I wasn’t sure what.”
Sanchez looked over to the dugout, but Girardi didn’t go for a review.

That’s about as narcisstic as it gets and a bad time to get tongue tied

tongue tied

“It’s frustrating because if he calls that he’s not hit, then nothing ever happens, and maybe they  replay it I don’t know”

i don't know joe

“He made no  signal  that he was hit, the umpire said he was hit, I know Gary said it hit the bat, we looked at it, we had no super slow Mo”,

and without a computer or a binder full of stats I’m clueless

the next time joey

Let me reiterate, I think  about a pitcher’s rhythm and maybe next time I’ll think  different, so eat shit

Here’s a thought, if and when the Yanks get eliminated from  this ALDS and #HalCare realizes

 After the offense took Kluber’s lunch money, and they rang his bell for 7 hits and 6 runs in 2.2 innings, I was happy

After  Bird Baby Bird’s 2 run Tater, and we ran the tab to 8-3 with 12 outs to go, I’m very happy….

Sabathia was close to finally giving My team a semi lengthy 6 innings but you yanked him based on your facts he wilts at 90 pitches.. Math is hard for Clueless Joe because he was at 77-46 pitches.. I was told that’s something we shouldn’t necessarily be happy about

hey so what joey

Not realizing Green didn’t have it, and missing  the opportunity to  replace him, the non HBP scenario  gifted you an open window, even I knew it was the perfect spot to bring in Robertson so  the rhythm thing is “ludicrous”

But the most incriminating evidence in this case because  the Green / Robertson / Lindor 2nd guess never comes into play

If you had realized what  were  obvious signs to  everyone but you, that Lonnie Chisenhall was not hit by a pitch, he just  struck out, and the inning was over, and you’re still leading 8-3, take the challenge

Joe Clue

the Whole 13

the YES Men

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