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Sonny Skies Over Kansas City

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There’s a feeling among the folks who  are trying to  make the game of baseball more desirable to  younger fans, that strike outs have become an epidemic, and what’s needed are more balls in play?

Is a deader ball, and lowering the stitching on the table? “Let’s be honest” you can’t spin what  you can’t grip Re: the stitching… I don’t get the dead ball, unless they think  HR’s are also out of control?

Here’s one suggestion, leave the ball alone and start  to  go  after team’s that  are tanking, put in a luxury tax floor so  teams like the Miami Jeters have to  spend a certain  amount of money, and a hard ceiling so  teams like Boston  don’t run to  the coffers every time they need a piece to  their World Series puzzle…

Boston is looking for relief pitching, really,  pretty soon they’ll be in excess of a $250M after Taxes… Anyway none of that is happening until  the next Collective Bargaining Agreement in 4 and a half years so  the 4 to 8 teams out of 30  that  have a shot to  win a ring, you have to hope reside in your town

The Yanks once again pounded a very weak baseball brother from Kansas City,  10-1…Only Mother Nature kept the Yanks from  rolling over the hapless Royals for all  3 games this weekend, NY’s team slot win the plane and at the airport before they  could land in KC and they looked dead on their feet Friday

Yesterday  the Bombers smacked 4 more HR’s, that’s 9 in 2 games, in a bone yard like Kaufman Stadium, pretty impressive, even  against a AAAA team disguised as a MLB squad…

Sonny Gray was in the right place at  the right time, pitching to  an anemic offense with  double digit run support, so Sonny and his personal  cancer had themselves a day…

8 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 5 K’s

Statistically this was Gray’s best NY Yankees outing, now lets see him do it vs a real baseball  team…

CowBoy Ty Austin once again was the biggest stick in this line up  of Big Sticks, smashing two very long Taters, in the process knocking in 4 runs…

Andujar and Romine with  3 hits, both  had a Tater, amazing

Stanton (10, Skoglund); Romine (4, Flynn)
Andújar (2, Skoglund); Hicks (2, Skoglund)
Austin 2 (8, 4th inning off Skoglund 1 on, 0 Out; 5th inning off Skoglund 1 on, 1 Out); Andújar (4, 9th inning off Adam 0 on, 1 Out); Romine (1, 9th inning off Adam 0 on, 1 Out)
Austin 4 (23), Romine 2 (9), Hicks (17), Gardner (14), Andújar (16)
Team RISP:
5-11 (Torres 0-2, Torreyes 1-1, Romine 1-2, Hicks 1-2, Stanton 0-1, Austin 1-1, Gardner 1-2)
Team LOB:

1 (Torreyes-Torres-Austin)

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Yanks Grill Kansas City 8-3

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The Yanks finally got a good night’s sleep, on a bed, inside, and no  rain outside, so  the earth returned to it’s regular axis  with a convincing 8-3 win over the tanking Royals

Luis Severino  wasn’t his usual fire breathing self, mentioning at his presser he had no  command of his fast ball (37)…. It was his slider (31) that kept the Royals somewhat honest,  he threw 9  show me change ups, but a better hitting team may have caused a lot of damage.. Right place right time Win for Severino

Sevy  induced only 10  swings and misses, 8 came off the slider, 2 off the 4 seamer, his pitch  count was at  a reasonable 77  after 6 innings,

6 innings, 8 hits, 3 runs, 2 BB’s, 6 K’s, 77-57 pitches..

Despite the low pitch  count, with two off days and 2 rainouts, the pen earners needed work, and Severino wasn’t fooling many KC hitters so Boonz went to his A relievers to get the last 9 outs

Green, Betances, and Fido pitched 3 scoreless innings, 1 hit off Green.. The trio compiled 4 K’s, with Green securing 2 of the 4, Fido  and D-Bet punched out 1 each

Hit and Run

On offense it was Home Run Derby time off 3 different KC pitchers… The Bombers lived up  to  their namesake with  5 Taters

Danny Duffy coughed up  an inside the park HR to Hicks,  and a clutch  3 run HR by Gleyber Torres...

El SanBino hit 2 HR’s one off Smith in the 7th, and one of Boyer in the 9th

GianCarlo smacked his 11th HR of the season, also off Boyer in the 9th  when  the Yanks hammered home the final nails on their win…. Sanchez and Stanton turned a  reachable 6-3 contest into  a 8-3 non save for Fido

In the 31 games since is  2 for 36 start, Gary has hit .292/.394/.642 with eleven home runs. He went 4-for-5 with a double and two homers Saturday night 

Gleyber Torres has been a Godsend

Four homers in the last eleven games for Torres. The kid is hitting .325/.384/.519 (143 wRC+) in his 23 big league games.

With Gregorius crashing to  earth

2018 stats: .248 average, 153 AB, 30 runs, 38 hits, 10 doubles, 1 triple, 10 HR, 31 RBIs, 21 BB, 23 K, 3 SB, 1 CS, 41 games.

The lowdown: It doesn’t feel right sticking Didi on this list because he was so ridiculously great for most of April. In his first 27 games, he hit .368 with 10 homers and 30 RBIs. He was an easy pick for AL Player of the Month and an early MVP favorite. But this is a ‘What have you don’t lately?’ game, and lately Gregorius has given the Yankees nothing at the plate. As tremendous as he was early on, he’s been just as bad going 1 for 41 over his last 10 games and 6 for 66 in his last 16. He’ll come out of this mega-slump because he’s too good a player not to, but he’s been a big-time underachiever for a few weeks.

Here’s the game Intel

 Sánchez (10, Duffy); Torreyes (6, Smith); Frazier (1, Smith)
 Hicks (4, 3rd inning off Duffy 0 on, 0 Out); Torres (4, 4th inning off Duffy 2 on, 0 Out); Sánchez 2 (12, 7th inning off Smith 0 on, 1 Out; 9th inning off Boyer 0 on, 1 Out); Stanton (11, 9th inning off Boyer 0 on, 1 Out)
 Sánchez 3 (33), Hicks (16), Torres 3 (15), Stanton (27)
2Out RBI:
Team RISP:
 2-7 (Sánchez 1-1, Torres 1-2, Hicks 0-1, Andújar 0-1, Austin 0-1, Judge 0-1)
Team LOB:
 1 (Torreyes-Torres-Austin)
Outfield Assists:
 Stanton (Moustakas at Home)

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Pope TwiDa 

For years Mike Francesa had  vehemently denounced social media and specifically Twitter, calling it an apocalyptic media albatross.. No worries, thankfully for his fans, and frenemies, his new WFAN bosses enlightened our Sports Pope that for years now, social media has killed the sports talk radio star..So  wake up…

During Francesa’s  18 month retirement tour he periodically mentioned working on a brand new media concept, but he couldn’t disclose what it was per the language in his contract agreement with the  radio  station ..

So it’s hilarious that his bigger then  a Frankie Sinatra Show plan  was getting his old job back, taking  a pay cut, and joining social media

Previous to  the awakening, Francesa pompously discrediting social media’s ability to  instantaneously reach the  masses, and cut out the middle man when delivering content to  the world was equivalent to driving  a go-cart in the Indy 500

 If you’re in the media business, it’s like a carpenter having a hammer, you don’t leave home without it..

Francesa’s first  tweet  was

I’m thinking about tweeting, don’t waste my time with  dumb stuff

He followed with


Thinking of broadcasting daily from the Twitter offices for the remainder of my career. That is an office building. Of course, NY city only.

Better late then never, Francesa finally realizes Big Tech  rules the world, it’s not exactly broadcasting on an AM signal from  a corporate cubicle dressed with a cheesy backdrop

Current chairman Jack Dorsey holds about a 4.7% equity stake, not including options, according to the S-1. The company’s first CEO and the originator of the basic idea of Twitter, Dorsey owns about 22.2 million shares that are worth a total of more than $439 million.

A Saudi prince has increased his holdings in Twitter, making him the company’s second largest shareholder. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who in 2011 invested $300 million in the social network, now owns 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock

Just remember Mike, never trust a dude with  7 names, you never know which epithet will  have a bad day..

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Time To Make The Donuts

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We’ll be out of the office until Sunday, enjoy the DC games if they  ever actually play, I’ll be in DC on Friday  but the Yanks will be in KC

Yanks wake up  a full game in first place after Boston got beat by the A’s, 5-3

With the O’s going Boston over the weekend it would behoove the Bombers to  try and take 6 of the next 8 road games, that’s counting today’s suspended game

The game is tied 3-3, the Yanks left a small army on the bases, and should have scored 5 or 6 runs, but they let Gonzalez off the hook

Cya when  we get back Enjoy

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Get Miggy With It

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The Drury is Out, It’s On-Doo-Har 

O-Lay, the Gary Sheffield swing is back, actually he never went anywhere, but the drama leading up to yesterday’s decision on  Brandon Druy replacing Miguel Andujar at least had a storyline for a few days

Two  weeks ago it would have been professional  suicide for Brian Cashman  to swap out his rookie 3rd baseman for the guy he traded 2 prospects for and so  far has ben damaged goods

Andujar went into a mini  slump around April 29th, he only picked up  1 hit in 4 games and you started to  worry that Cashman had an opening to  send him back..

He presently is on a 6 game hitting streak, he’s had some timely hits, but the concern, he hasn’t had an  extra base hit since April 28th..

He’s now gone 14 games in a row without his trademark extra base knock, his Slugging percentage for May  is a paltry .276, his OPS .557, and his OBP .289, will  always suffer “let’s be honest” Miggy survived by hitting his way off the Island, so he only has 3 base on balls in 134 PA’s

Some point to Andujar not having produced an extra-base hit in his last 14 games (starting April 29) as a concern because he plays a corner position. However, Aaron Boone sees something good in that dip that included a .241 (13-for-54) average and a .495 OPS.

As the DonB points out, Andujar has been in the middle of rally’s, he’s picked up  some key hits,  and his defense has been improving, plus he’s home grown and Walker the Professional, Andujar, and Torres might be the best 7-8-9 combo in the business..

“I think the thing that I have been most pleased with is he obviously had that couple of weeks’ stretch where he was hitting extra-base hits all the time and impacting the ball. But I think what he has shown me here in the last week or two where he hasn’t been on fire at the plate is he is still giving competitive at-bats, still coming up with big hits for us. Even when he is not completely locked in I still feel he is a presence,’’ Boone said. “The defense continues to improve, he is working really hard and making all the plays. I think he is close offensively [to] kind of getting locked back in again where he impacts the ball.’’

Before Miggy stopped piling up total  bases like they  were  Fall leaves, Andujar had 16 extra-base hits (12 doubles, one triple, three homers and nine RBIs ) in 12 games from April 13-28. During that stretch Andujar batted .429 (21-for-49) with a 1.338 OPS.

Miggy’s last 6 games (8-for-25; .320)

Shoeless Ben

Rob Manfred and his MLB knee cap breaking ManLand Security team have taken issue with Ben Zobrist’s black shoes / spikes????

Really, you allowed those fugazy high  sox on Motheres Day but a dude who  wants to  go  retro with plain black shoes gets busted?

Go  back to  wondering if you should shorten the game to  7 innings, like little league, but then  actually shorten the season to  154 and STFU….

Yanks Back In First

The Bombers got some help  from  the Oakland A’s last night who  held  off Boston 6 to 5 in Fenway… It was a gift win with Boston’s co Ace Rick Porcello on the bump, but the A’s pounded Porcello like Chez Joey pounds pizza dough

That  said Boston’s pen, Carson City Smity spit up  an 8th inning Tater to Krush Davis that made it 6-4… The insurance paid off because JD Martinez got the run back in the bottom of the 8th with  a Tater of his own

Boston’s line-up turned over with  2 outs in the 9th, but closer Blake Treinen induced a 6-3 groundout off the bat of Superman Mookie Betts to  end it, a damn  shame….

The Boston loss combined with the Yanks day off slipped the Bombers into  first place by a half game… It’s important the Yanks come out smoking tonight and hold serve, because tomorrow they run into Max Scherzer, and that’s gonna be a long night

Tanaka vs Gonzalez Tonight in DC

probable :stats

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Mama Mia, Yanks Power Ball the A’s….

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Like most mother’s, Mama Rose always said they’ll be days like this, and for portions of GianCarlo’s slow start, Aaron Boone has said the same thing about his cleanup hitter.

So it comes full  circle  that on Mother’s Day GianCarlo Stanton did what Boonz always said he would, carry the Yanks to a victory..

I didn’t see this game, my Spectrum App was out of commission yesterday  so it was Ma  and Pa Pinstripe, thankfully I had the MLB game-day App to actually see what  was happening

I did see video of  Severino who  had 7 K’s, all on fast balls, so his slider and change up  may have abandoned him, amazing he lasted 6 innings..

Boonz finally went with Green  and Betances for 1 inning each, unfortunately Shreve almost coughed it up, and Fido  and his broken fingernail  would have had to  come in

Nice win kept pace with Boston so  still  a tie for first  place

Big day of reckoning with Drury’s rehab stint finishing today, so Cashman needs to make a move… Maybe another 20 day rehab stint? Maybe Austin gets sent down, he does have 1 option left and he’s slumping

If Cashman sends down Andujar, you know it’s abut service time but that means he’ll be on the farm  for a  month I believe they need close to  30  days before they  can delay his service time for another year

Sheffield is also day  to  day  with the shoulder issue… Sheffield is being counted on this year  so  hopefully it’s nothing serious

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10-5 Over and OUT

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After starting the season  at  9-9 It took the NY Yankees winning 16 of 17 games  to  catch the Boston Red Sox, which  they  finally did on Tuesday…

After winning 17 of 18 they  passed Boston on Wednesday, but 24 hours later they had lost the final  game of the Red Sox series so they  started last night tied for 1st place with   both teams sitting  at 26-11..

The Bombers Aced an  early season litmus test  with flying colors when they went through Anaheim, Houston, Cleveland  and Boston compiling  an 11-2 record…

Fools Gold or the Real Deal?

Compiling a 17-2 record was sure a lot of fun, but baseball is a humbling game and you knew it was just  a matter of time before the Ebb and Flow of a long 162 game season would get back in the drivers seat, and it did…

After losing game one to Oakland last night 10-5, the Bombers are now 25-12, and the new owners of a  2 game losing streak, with 125 more games to  go, so the tests will  keep  coming..

The Yanks didn’t lose any ground on Boston ( 25-12) who  despite a 9 inning 15 strike out performance by Chris Sale, lost to Toronto in 12 innings..

Sonny Gray once again proved beyond the shadow of a doubt he’s not cut out for NY, or maybe he’s just  regressed to  what he is, and Billy Beane unloaded him on Cashman  at the right time

Nothing can beat  the absurdity of a Jacoby Ellsbury 7 yr $153M contract, but the Gray trade is looking like one of Cashman’s worst deals over the last 2 years as the Yanks attempted to  re-load with out actually re-building, which  despite Gray’s putrid Yankees career they’ve managed to achieve

Forget what Gray  was in 2015, we’re sick of that narrative, that’s 3 years ago, he’s been an unmitigated disaster since arriving in the Bronx..

Last night after 2 OK starts with Romine his personal catcher baby sitting he got back to  stinking out the joint

5 innings, 9 hits, 5 runs, 2 HR’s, 3 BB’s, 6.39 ERA, he threw 93 pitches and induced only 7 swings and misses and has a 9% swing and miss rate, that’s a journeyman coming off the scrap heap  type production not the guy  who is supposed to be lined up behind Severino  and Tanaka

Gray  this year  has given up  46 hits in 38  innings, 5 HR’s, 24 walks and 32 strikeouts he’s trending toward an unsightly 2 WHIP, presently 1.89, and after Boonz unofficially / officially afforded him a personal  catcher there isn’t much more anybody can do except try to  out hit his egregious starts..

Yes the gaudy win streak  certainly masked a lot of problems, it also  wore down the bull pen and last night Boonz was stuck  with not only Gray,  but 30 yr old scrap heap journeyman David Hale who  was also  pummeled by the Oakland A’ s

Oakland  scored as many runs in 5 innings off Gray  as  they  did in  3 games vs Houston’s pitching  before heading to NY….

The Yanks were put in an early hole after Gray allowed 3 runs in the 2nd inning and 1 each in the 3rd and 4th  frames

Gleyber Torres a solo  HR, and  Aaron Judge a 3 run blast brought the Yanks to 5-4 after 5 innings but with Gray 5 and fly, and David Hale being deployed to  hold serve, the offense couldn’t out hit the terrible pitching

Down 5-4 in the 6th  Hale immediately gave back one run on a HR by Jed Lowrie to  give Oakland a 6-4 lead..

The Yanks made it 6-5 in the 7th but it should have been a lot more… Andujar and Romine led off with  singles, for some reason Gleyber Torres  decided to  bunt the runners over which  was a really bad idea, he gave Oakland a free out and the top of the order was turning over

Actually Torres might be the Yanks hottest hitter at  the moment so swing the bat son…

Boonz protected the kid’s decision, down 2 moving both  runners into scoring position, adds some debate to  the argument, but after Gardner and Judge walked to make it 6-5, Gregorius and Stanton couldn’t keep  the rally going, being shut down on an F/9 and a pop  up  to  2nd base

Gregorius’ 0 for 25 slump is killing the Yanks as much as his April  hot streak  carried them, try to  come back  to us DiDi…..

Hale immediately gave the run back in the 8th on a Matt Joyce HR and  Robertson completely drove the  the Yankees bandwagon into  the ditch in the  9th spitting up  3 runs on a bases clearing double to ice it 10-5

Weather permitting the Yanks will send Mingo German  to  the bump  today  in an effort to  stop the mini losing streak

An all points bulletin goes out to Gregorius, Hicks, Stanton, Sanchez, Andujar  and Walker,  some help  fellas let’s not mess up  that  17-2 windfall, or maybe Ebb and Flo have a different plan…

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