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Carrying A Heavy Load

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“I’m just in pain,” he said.

Aren’t we all…

Here’s a question, when  did CC  Sabathia’s knee start to  act up? Per the 300 pounder he felt it all game, did he feel it in the pen? After the first pitch? During his work in between  starts?

“It’s kind of out of nowhere,” he said. “I can’t really point to one thing and say that’s what it was. It’s just there.”

Judging by the way Brian Mitchell dominated Toronto the “team leader” maybe should  have bailed on the start and handed the ball off to  the Rook….?

That’s a screenplay you can move to  trash, Hollywood ain’t calling…

Sabathia may have needed Google Maps to  locate his pitches, but Josh Donaldson’s radar picked up  the errant slider and change up just  fine smacking a pair of 2 run HR’s, as last place  Toronto took game one 4-2

“It’s just hard to land,” Sabathia said. “It’s hard for me to finish my pitches. It’s just hard for me to get over my front side and finish my pitches. When I can’t do that, I don’t know where the ball’s going.”

The loss of Sabathia on paper is a big deal in the Bomber clubhouse, he was a team leader…


“Let’s be honest,” take the mic’s and the standard baseball  cliches for dummies  away  from the players, and reality is Sabathia’s last  3 outings all looked like he had something starting to trend the wrong way

3 starts: 13.1 innings, 17 hits, 12 runs, 5 HR’s, 11.48 ERA

CC’s last really good modern era  outing was July 16th:  6 innings, 3 hits, no  runs, 5 BB’s 3 K’s,  97 pitches vs Boston…. He followed that up  with a 5 inning, 4 hit, 1 run, 3 BB, 5 K, 98 pitch outing vs Seattle

The immediate Big loss on the field will be his absence vs Boston which by our calculations would have been Sunday, his 5th  day of rest… In two outings this season vs the Red Sox

14 innings, 7 hits, No Runs, 5 BB’s, 8 K’s….

Get Well Soon CC

Dog Dazed

Sabathia, when healthy,  is a big loss emotionally for the clubhouse and in the rotation, but Cashman  can  bring in  Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine and if this offense doesn’t get it’s 2nd wind,  it’ll be a battle for staying over the .500 mark and keeping that consolation 25 yr’s and no losing record  prize intact.. Joe Beningo  will be ecstatic

The Bombers last losing season came in 1992, it was the end of 4 consecutive sub .500 seasons…

Back to the Now

Sabathia left his team in a 4-1 hole, but the offense had plenty of chances to storm past JA Happ and the hapless Toronto Blue Jays, Brian Mitchell and David Robertson pitched 5.1, 4 hit. shutout innings

Their offense registered two or fewer runs for the fifth time in their last six games, leaving 10 men on base, the Yankees fell four games behind the Red Sox (three in the loss column) in the American League East.

The Bombers are 2 and 5 in August, in the 5 losses they’ve gone  5 for 33 with RISP with  37 men LOB .152 BA

In the two  wins, both in Cleveland where there was hope the battle fatigue had subsided the were 4 for 11 with 13 men LOB .363 BA…

smarter joe

I’m Smart, and you’re not, So Eat Shit, and Die

You hate to pick on Judge, but Psycho Joe Buttons  has plopped him right in the middle of the order, despite  entering his first  full  season, and his first  ever MLB Dog Days of August..

If the Yanks are gonna win, the “Way We’re Built”  was Greg Bird and Gary  Sanchez were the straws stirring the drink coming out of camp, Aaron Judge was lucky to have a roster spot and was batting 8th…

Bird and Sanchez were both injured, Bird never made it back, Sanchez was told to  concentrate on defense not offense so in one respect  he got Jobba’d by Psycho Joe Buttons…

Even Genius Joe knew to move Judge up in the order when he took the league by storm, before the league adjusted to his approach….. That  said,

It’s no longer a blip on the radar screen, it’s a full  blown league market correction


The right fielder is struggling in the second half, hitting .182 through Monday’s games, with a .710 OPS and five home runs in 22 games.

It’s not only Judge,  but under Psycho Joe and the Ninja Cashman, Sanchez has somehow, lost his way not only on offense but defense…

Holliday a 37 yr old 1 way injury risk player has come home to  roost, and the Boston DoughBoy continues to lead the pack as the worst contract in NYY history

BA's gone South

So based on the way  they were Rebuilt (Judge) and how much #HalCare is paying for the Boston DoughBoy and Holliday combined ($34M) they  continue to  get prime real estate positions in the batting order..

It’s to late to  run now, so  you have to  wait on Judge and Sanchez’s maybe 2nd wind, and yet more reinforcements, Hicks, Castro, and Bird as the  new saviors while the team Spins out of control in unchartered territory..

The Toddfather, Robertson, Kahnle, Gray, Garcia, and Cooper apparently weren’t enough… Actually the pitching additions sans a rusty Garcia have been a plus factor…

Despite Cooper’s lack of juice as one of the new guys,  he drove in the only 2 runs last night..

An RBI single in the 2nd, Sac fly in the 8th ….The fact he didn’t come through with the bases loaded in the 6th inning where perhaps the struggling LHB Ellsbury should have pinch hit became a topic of disgust, and maybe rightfully so…

Let’s keep in mind, that triple the Doughboy hit, was 50% on Almonte playing it like a drunk at the company party softball game

Ellsbury was deployed in the 9th to PH for Clint Frazier based on R/L match-up but he was in there against a pitcher who owned him 0-8, now 0-9

That’s Cyborg Genius, Psycho Joey Buttons for you, he was, caught in between….

So  the beat  goes on, Judge,  will have to  make an  adjustment

One of the biggest adjustments pitchers have made against the rookie in the second half is throwing more fastballs and targeting them out of the strike zone. They’ve also pitched him higher in the zone and above the zone.

fast balls Judge

Pitchers are throwing sliders more often to Judge as well — 28 percent of the time compared to 22 percent prior to the All-Star break. They’re locating them better, as the heat map below shows.

Judge has seen 119 sliders in the second half, has swung at 56 and missed 36. He has no hits and 20 outs against them.

heat map

Judge Stat Source

This has more to  do  with Judge’s  great  first  half, to pro-rate any of the outer-wordley stats was next to impossible, so  the Yanks were gonna need some other players to  step up… Gregorius, Headley, Torreyes, and Gardner have been there in the absence of Hicks, Judge Holliday, Ellsbury and Sanchez, but that  ain’t enough….

We might have to  dial  our expectations back down to pre-season expectability, and count our blessings that  we at least had a euphoric run until mid June..

The Yanks have Tanaka and Gray on the bump, and thanks to Mitchell a fresh bull pen  the next two nights…Maybe the offensive explosion they  were expecting after an 8-1 win in Cleveland comes over the next 5 games, if not, then it’s try to  sneak into  a one game WC shootout, keep it 25 years in a row they played over .500, and Bob’s Your Uncle

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Yanks vs Toronto

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Yanks vs Toronto

The Bombers will have Sabathia tonight Tanaka tomorrow and Sonny Gray on Thursday, we expect nothing short of a Series win and it’s not out of the question to request a Sweep

Gray needs to  come as advertised and Sabathia and Tanaka need to pitch to  their paychecks..

The offense specifically the middle of the order  needs to snap out of their slumber…If we’re trading prospects and sprinting to  the finish line, then let’s sprint, Toronto is a last place team…

Tale of the Tape

The Yanks fresh off an 8-1 beat  down of the Indians go back to  work vs the AL East  when they face Toronto in Canada for 3 and Boston in the Bronx  for 3..

After Boston the Bombers face the Mets in a four game home and home series that  starts in Flushing for 2, and back to  the Bronx for 2..Then  6 days on the road up  to Boston  for 3 and the last day off in August then onto Detroit for 3…….Lets see where the needle lays after Detroit, hopefully the 10 game home stand vs Seattle Cleveland and Boston that takes us into September will be relevant..

After the smoke from cleared from Cashman’s Sonny and Jaime show, the media starting to question Aaron Judge’s authenticity,  Betances back to the pitcher Brillo Levine loves to hate, and the most recent drama Gary Sanchez playing the type of defense you see at  an NBA All Star Game, the Bombers are 3 games behind Boston ( 2 in the loss column)   for the Division….They have a 2.5 game lead over KC and Tampa for the Wild Card

Off Day News..

“It’s about concentration,” Tony Pena said before Sunday’s 8-1 win over the Indians at Progressive Field. “I think this kid has come a long way and lately he has not caught the way he’s capable.”

OK so now it’s official, the SanBino is in the dog house… “Let’s be honest”  when  the Latin Godfather Tony Pena admits Sanchez has been Fredo in Las Vegas, you know the kid has checked out at times…

We have a solution for him and the family, if he would start  to  rake, he could upgrade to  a Dog penthouse with a view, then maybe Ken Davidoff will  get off his ass…

Of course Psycho Joe is wrapped tighter then  a Kim Kardashian dress, so SanBino not channeling Henry Lundquist behind the plate is screwing up is managing formula

joey headache

“There are certain situations where some people may not think that what happens in the game affects the next day but it could if it leads to 10 extra pitches from a reliever. There’s a lot of things that can really affect who you use the next day. So we’re expressing to him.”

I don’t know what  to  say  but I hope it pans out… Sanchez is the player  that  jump started the Youth movement, to have him crash like Montero  would be a shame… Worse,  I wouldn’t put it past Cashman  to ship Sanchez and Betances to  another team  for a pitching haul over the winter….

An astute observation yesterday by one of our Paint the Black board of trustees

You have to wonder if our brilliant GM doesn’t have a bit of regret about trading McCann. He could have been the DH/backup first baseman and emergency catcher ( or more) rather than signing Holliday. 

The particulars of the trade are simple: McCann and a total of $11 million (or $5.5 million per year on the two seasons and $34 million left on his contract) go to Houston; righthanders Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman head to New York.

 Hal has to  add $5.5M to his payroll in 2017 / 18 while McCann guides Houston to  the AL’s best  record… From what  we read Guzman and Abreu are good prospects, so Cashman has some leverage in future trades or potential help  for the varsity down the road.. That  said think about what McCann  could have done to help not only Sanchez, but DH, and first base..?

Holliday  was Father Know’s Best  for 2 months and was regarded a savior in guiding Judge as he got his MLB feet wet.. Unfortunately the 37 yr old 1 dimensional player has only been able to put up numbers for half a season and has now been DL’d again with yet  another nagging injury… That injury  card was always on the table, unfortunately  when Cashman  could use to win a few hands the Holliday signing is has been a bug card..

Birdie and Hicksie

Joel Sherman crunched some numbers, not that  you needed to, but it’s always good to back up  your stories with stats, it’s August  7th  and Joel has realized the Yanks need some LHB’s in the line-up

What Headley,  Gregorius, Ellsbury, and Gardner aren’t enough?

The team’s OPS righty batter vs. righty pitcher before the All-Star Game was .834. But since the break, the righty vs. righty OPS is .590. Roberto Clemente’s career OPS was .834. Alberto Castillo’s career OPS was .590. Just in case you needed a guide for just how great this disparity is.

The storyline centered around how the Big Left Hand hairy monster bats that used to  rule in  past Bomber line-ups, are now an  endangered species in the Bronx …. It’s a RHB heavy Judge, Sanchez, Holliday, Castro, WoodPecker and the Toddfather being counted on to take advantage of the short porch in Yankee Stadium, and handle tough RHP’s like Kluber

Hicks had a decent  .897 OPS vs RHP before he was injured , and  right now after watching Judge, Sanchez, and Holliday  drop like weighted anchors off a fishing boat, Hicksie kissing a .900 OPS from the left side would be a God Send..

Judge’s righty vs. righty numbers dropped from 1.099 to a still-respectable .857, but with more strikeouts and less impact. Sanchez plummeted from .910 to .598 — it is not just his poor catching that makes it easier to keep him out of the lineup. Matt Holliday went from .879 to .298, which would be OK for a pitcher

As for Bird, that’s a pipe dream, we’ll  count on him when he starts to actually stay healthy and produce to  the level of his cameo in 2015…

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Yanks Rock Cleveland

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After a steady diet of bad defense, Jaime Garcia pitching like Jerry Garcia and the Yanks looking out classed, Tito’s Indians ran into a redneck rookie with an out pitch, and 4 of his best  friends on Saturday Night… There would be no pool game for the local boys, they had to  sit and watch as the Yanks squeezed out a 2-1 win

Nothing against  Sonny Gray who is potentially a considerable upgrade from the enigmatic Michael Pineda, but Luigi Severino was the fastest gunslinger in Indian territory for the Bombers  this week

Yesterday at 1300, Severino mowed the Cleveland line-up  down, the offense pounced on Carlos Carrasco his third time around, and the  Yanks rode out of town with a 4 game split rocking Cleveland  8-1

Severino’s ERA has dipped below 3, out of his 107 pitches, he used his 3rd best pitch, the change up,  12 times and got 5 of his 15 swings and misses off it.. He mixed in a slider (36)  4 whiffs, and the combined secondary pitches took 9 to  12 MPH off his fast ball, so  the hand was quicker then the eye for most of the afternoon..

His bread and butter, the 4 seam fastball (59 / 6 whiffs) when he’s in rhythm is deadly… It comes with a warning sign,  placed in the right spot it’s like trying to hit a mosquito with an 8 pound sledge hammer…

Sev went 6.2 innings, 2 hits, a 1st inning Brantley Ballantine Blast, and a single by Encarnacion the last batter he faced with  2 outs in the 7th inning.. He gave up  1 run, 1 BB, 9 K’s, 107-69 pitches 64% strikes

Tommy Co Kahnle finished off the 7th, Adam the Sheriff Warren and Chicken Shreve cleaned up  the last 6 outs


Hit and Run

Carrasco was a pretty tough hombre in the beginning, but the longer the  the game wore on the more predictable his pitchers became.. As the line-up  turned over his cat and mouse game started to  show some cracks.. Gregorius  finally broke through with a 2 out single in the 4th, T Frazier and Ellsbury picked up  1 out knocks in the 5th,  but the bottom of the order made them  die on the vine..

The Yanks finally mugged Carrasco in the 6th inning, and with Severino holding Cleveland to  one run, hanging the crooked number pretty much  closed the door..

Gardner singled, C. Frazier doubled to left, Gregorius popped out to third, Judge intentionally walked., Headley hit sacrifice fly to center, Gardner scored. T. Frazier walked, Ellsbury tripled to deep right, C. Frazier, Judge and T. Frazier scored.

Shaw relieved Carrasco, Torreyes singled to left, Ellsbury scored.


The big blow was Ellsbury’s bases clearing triple, give an  assist to Almonte who  misplayed it into Cleveland’s obituary

In the 7th inning With C Frazier and Gregorius on base, Judge hit a 395 foot Ballantine Blast to  right center field, it came one pitch  after Shag Singleton gave him a lecture about having to  hit the ball  across traffic..

Shag who  was on his game all  weekend maybe he should be the 3rd NYY batting coach, plus he could teach Cockrell to  dance,,

2B: C. Frazier (8, Carrasco)
3B: Ellsbury (2, Carrasco)
HR: Judge (35, 7th inning off Clevinger 2 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Headley (44), Ellsbury 3 (21), Torreyes (28), Judge 3 (78)
SF: Headley
2-out RBI: Ellsbury 3, Torreyes
Yankees RISP: 3-7 (Torreyes 1-2, Gregorius 0-1, T. Frazier 0-1, Romine 0-1, Ellsbury 1-1, Judge 1-1)
Team LOB: 7

With momentum and next days starting pitcher standing in the way  of a good story, we can only hope this little 10-2 run differential over Cleveland the last two  games is the start of a good run vs AL East rivals starting on Tuesday

This and That

Joey I use my head

I use my head and you don’t, so  fuck off

I guess Joey Buttons is trying  to make Gary Sanchez an example by dissing his star  catcher’s assortment of catching tools… The media grilled the SanBino like he just robbed 3  Cleveland banks after the game, it was so intense the questioning started to make Sanchez’s interpreter sweat…

To Sanchez’s credit he didn’t crack  at  the questioning, but the Yanks have a problem if Sanchez doesn’t wake up…

No worries we’re here to  help,  one way  to stop  all  the bad defense talk is to  start  hitting..

“Let’s be honest” if Sanchez was raking, his defense would be a footnote instead of a headline.. The SanBino is 4 for 17 in August, he was 1 for 10 with  6 punch outs in Cleveland… Throw that stink on top of the Jaime Garcia game and you have the distinct  smell of permeating garbage…..

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Yanks Roll Cleveland 2-1

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The Yanks conjured up  the magic elixir for a win, Good pitching, great defense, and at least two  timely hits, it’s all  they  needed to  squeak by Tito’s Indians 2-1.. The W snapped a 4 game losing streak, and with  some luck the possibility of a series split

Considering how good the Cleveland pitching looks and how bad the Bomber offense has been trending, a split would be a God send…

Severino gives the Yanks some hope for a well pitched game today, he’ll face Carlos Carrasco, who  blew a 5-0 lead to  Boston in his last outing.. The Indians offense mugged Chris Sale for 5 quick  runs, and Carrasco gave it all back before the warpaint dried….. After throwing batting practice for Boston, let’s see if  Carlos morphs into Cy Young like the 3 previous Cleveland starters in this  series.

The Yanks terribly bad hitting streak made this a 5 Tums, 3 cocktails, 2 spliff game, and that was just Clothesline Chapman’s 9th inning circus…

At the moment the Yanks have only one .304 hitter in the starting line up, Gregorius who was batting cleanup yesterday…Sitting in third place behind Judge’s .299, is their utility player Ron Torreyes .288..

In  any  modern era analytics department,  batting average is like showing a homemade fake ID at a bar when  you’re a 15 year old  kid…NG

According to “sabermatricians,” batting average doesn’t necessarily lead to runs, and RBIs are skewed by the amount of baserunners a hitter has the opportunity to knock in and therefore, aren’t valid indicators of run production.

I don’t know, the best  way  to  score runs is getting base hits, take it up  with the score keeper if some hits are skewed based on shoddy  defense..If nobody loads the turnip  truck how can the driver make a delivery?…..

And the RBI is a composite stat per the sabermatician, so  a player’s total RBI count depends on how often  his teammates get on base…….

It all makes sense if you spin it enough times, but find me the player who has a knack  for cleaning the bases and I’ll pick him when  we’re choosing sides..

How many missed opportunities with RISP have we seen over the recent losing streak ? The Yankees prior to last night  were 3-26 (.115) with RISP in the month of August… Yesterday  they were juggernauts going  1 for 4, which puts them at  4 for 30 this month, so the needle moved to .133 !

Don’t let that  bother you, remember batting average and RBI’s are irrelevant…

What Happened

 Pitching and defense won this game… Montgomery on the verge of reacquainting himself with Frankie Cervelli’s 1985 Oldsmobile in SWB, probably  pitched his way back onto  the roster as a long man out of the pen,? Unless they  decide to keep  him stretched out at AAA ? Sneaky Joe wouldn’t tell us..

5 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, a Santana Tater that  tied the game 1-1, no Walks, 7 K’s…

He was missing bats, ( 10 whiffs, 9 on the curve ball) but still managed to only throw 65 pitches..

5th inning guy

Joey Buttons had 3 fresh  weapons in the pen just  waiting to get worn down so he yanked the kid…. Montgomery ain’t Sandy Koufax so yeah / no, whatever, it’s excessive but it worked…

Ken Davidoff who most likely isn’t traveling with the team, wasn’t so  sure Joey pushed the right buttons on this move?? He’s also  the writer stirring the Sanchez is too  fat pot….

No worries on that take, Cashman  assured Ken that it’s all muscle…. 10  pounds of it, for anybody keeping score, and that’s why his agility  is a bit compromised and why he looks like the dude in the “I pick tings up  and put zem  down”  commercial when he’s behind the plate..

Joey Buttons figured WTF I’m in Tito’s back yard, so I’m gonna deploy my version of Andrew Miller in the 6th inning… It looked good on paper turning Frankie Lindor around to  the left side, but at  the moment Lindor could hit standing on his head and he greeted D-Rob with a noisy single.. It wasn’t a cake walk, Brantley also got a knock,  but Houdini escaped the 6th, dominated the 7th, a 28 pitch  total,  and Joey Buttons was temporarily exonerated

Joey patience

Betances was a monster in the 8th, he blew his 3 batters away on 14 pitches, 2 punch outs… Normally when a pitcher has his Plus stuff, and he scares the BeJesus out of a line-up  you’d run him out there for another inning, but Joey Buttons has a closer by Jesus and “this is how we’re built”

ClothesLine Chapman is no longer the boogey man… When he came out of the Closer Shop in Cincinnati, he was a rare 100 MPH monster with a few fringe secondary pitches…

In 2017 mostly everybody  has a smart phone, everybody has at least one worry, and everybody in baseball has at least  1 or 3 guys who  throw 100 MPH plus….

Chapman somehow managed to  secure a 5 yr $85M contract, that’s like selling a load of wet pine fire wood for the same price you’d get  for a load of dried oak.. For the non  wood stove aficionado, wet or any  pine will burn your house down in 3 days….

Chappy almost burned the Bombers first  8 innings of proficiency down to  the ground, but the Gardfather made a circus catch robbing Jose Ramirez, and Torreyes put on his best Jerry Rice imitation and robbed Encarnacion of a single by laying out for a great  catch

Both plays came on the heels of Brantley hitting a very loud lead off single to open the 9th inning

Chapman with only a clothesline fast ball to work with after his slider wouldn’t obey his command, ran  a 3-2 count to  the dangerous Carlos Santana, Oy Vey como va...

Santana missed a game tying double by inches during this battle, then finally fell on his sword when Chappy dropped his only decent off speed pitch on the outside corner  for the window shopping punch out that  ended the damn game..

Hit  and Run 

The Yanks keep  hitting and scoring runs simple these days, less is more…

The Bombers mounted a rally in the first inning before Salazar got in rhythm… The Gardfather led off with a walk, Judge poked a 1 out single, Gregorius missed a Tater by 6 inches, settled for an RBI double, an with  1 out men on 2nd and 3rd, Sanchez had a chance to erase all  the bad from his previous games mishaps behind the plate

He watched strike 3 go by, and we watched pinch runner / catcher’s interference expert Jake Ellsbury sink the rally with an F/8

The Yanks flailed away  at Salazer from that point until he finished his day’s work with 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 BB, 1 run, 12 K’s

Chase Headley with one out in the 8th greeted reliever Zach McAllister’s 2nd lazy curve ball with the barrel of his bat for a Ballantine Blast that proved to be the winning run.

2B: Gregorius 2 (16, Salazar 2)
HR: Headley (6, 8th inning off McAllister 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Gregorius (54), Headley (43)
GIDP: Ellsbury
Yankees RISP: 1-4 (Sánchez 0-1, Gregorius 1-1, Ellsbury 0-2)
Team LOB: 6

4 through 9 in the line-up went 0-17 with 9 of the 15 K’s

This and That

Yankees designated hitter Matt Holliday is expected to go on the 10-day disabled list for the second time this season with a lower back issue that manager Joe Girardi described as a “tweak.”

Aaron Judge was 1-for-4 with two strikeouts in the Yankees’ 2-1 win over the Indians on Saturday. Judge has struck out 141 times this season and is on pace to become the first rookie in major league history – in addition to becoming the first Yankees player – with 200 strikeouts.

Highest BA in AL Since Break: Jose Altuve .417 Andrelton Simmons .373 Mike Trout .368 Francisco Lindor .353 Chase Headley .346

Yankees: 3-1 in last 4 games decided by 1 run. 9-19 in their first 28 games decided by 1 run this season.

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Dog Dazed and Confused

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The Yanks continued to pedal uphill losing Game Two in Cleveland 7-2, and It was another one, just like the other one, a complete mismatch on both  sides of the ball.

Before the Indians start sending smoke signals to  the rest of the league that  the AL Champs are back on top  of the totem pole, they need to understand the scalps they’re collecting are from a team  that is  O-for August

The Bombers have totaled six runs in four August games, all losses, they  were  out scored 18-6

After slashing a season-worst .237/.313/.400 /.713 in July, you’d pine for that after witnessing .218/.262/ .338/.601 in August…

If the offense had faced four Kluber’s you tip  your cap, but 3 of the 4 starters Sanchez, Zimmermann, and Fruit Loops Bauer  had plus 5 ERA’s…Unfortunately, after milking the cow with three series wins and an 8-2 record to  close out July, the only  tipping being done is the milk bucket..

The bombers hit the ground running with a high  water  38-23 record over the first 61 games… Much  to our disappointment, they’ve crawled through the last 47 at a disappointing  19-28..

We don’t need Miss Ricardi’s math  class to  realize if this pace continues over the last 54 games, we have maybe an 82 win season, in perspective  over the last 81 games the Yanks are  a sub .500  ball club at 39-42

The Jaime Garcia Brand

Jaime Garcia lived up  to his billing, he’s a ground ball pitcher…

The old Brave / Cardinal / Twin  pitched 4.2 innings, walked 4, gave up  5 ground ball  singles, 5 of the 6 runs were earned, he didn’t get many first pitch  strikes, and his manager Joey Buttons said he was rusty…

Garcia’s “defense let him down” was on the table as part of his doldrums, Sonny ran into  the same problems the night before…It’s the Bombers version of hazing the new guys…

SanBino is just  trying to  catch Judges’ consecutive strike out streak, it’s what  the Path to Pinstripes is all about..No worries

Judge threw one away, it looked  Rocky Colavito good until it hit the runner and the ball  scooted away allowing a run to  score…the SanBino  cost Hymie a run on a passed ball..

That  said, If you walk four batters you deserve  a crooked number hung on the wrong side of the ledger board… See you in 5, or 6 or whatever….

The SanBeat Down

Gary Sanchez’s defense  took a pounding, first  from the desk where Flash in the Pan went anti YES propaganda and called him out for lack of attention to “catching” details..

Hard to  argue in Sanchez’s case, I’m sure there are a few cherries in the bowl  that  aren’t bitter, but overall, per Flash in the Pan, he’s not taken 1 step  back, he’s working on  a crooked number in the regression department…

“He needs to improve,” the Yankees’ manager said of his catcher. “Bottom line, he needs to improve.”

We’ll  see how much longer Joey Buttons sticks with Holliday who looks tired… Time to  give up on wondering if he’s still  sick or not, he’s killing the team and not doing his job…

Holliday  said he’s just  not seeing the ball well, maybe a 10 day DL to  rest his eyes could help..? He could take BP everyday on his dime in the luxurious confines of Yankee Stadium until the ball looks like a Goodyear Blimp, then  come back

Joey Boon

Next move is on Joey Buttons, when he looks in the mirror all he see’s is a Pink Slip and what number he’ll be wearing when he dons White Sox laundry in the next yr or two so

On paper, Romine should catch, Sanchez should DH, and Holliday  should sit, that seems like the prevailing  work order, at least until  the Yanks can pile up  some Wins…

Baseball is an illusion, what  you’re seeing today isn’t what  you’re gonna see tomorrow, or we can  sub-divide it  into  what  you’re not gonna see in the next 10 minutes, just roll with It…

2B: Headley (26, Bauer)
HR: T. Frazier (18, 5th inning off Bauer 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: T. Frazier (49), Gardner (49)
2-out RBI: Gardner
GIDP: Torreyes, T. Frazier
Yankees RISP: 1-5 (Sánchez 0-1, Holliday 0-1, T. Frazier 0-1, C. Frazier 0-1, Gardner 1-1)
Team LOB: 9

E: Judge (3, throw)
DP: 1 (T. Frazier-Gregorius-Headley).
PB: Sánchez.



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Mikey 2 Chins Report

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Yanks Have No Klu

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The long anticipated Sonny Gray  Day has now come and gone, unfortunately for Six Inning  Sonny it didn’t quite work out the way he would have hoped as the Indians waltzed past  the Yanks 5-1

Cory Kluber demonstrated why He and not  Chris Sale is the Best Pitcher in the American League, and maybe all of baseball… Last night with one hand tied behind his back, he might have been blindfolded too, hardly breaking a sweat, Das Kluber tossed a 3 hit 1 run  complete game Gem at the stumbling / bumbling  We Are The Champions NY Yankees

As far as the media is concerned Brian Cashman did his job, most of the fan base awarded the stealth  Ninja Cashman,  GM of the year 5 minutes after Cashman  sent 3 promising prospects to Oakland for a very good 27 year old starter..

All the Yanks have done since the trade is go 1-3, two of the losses came at  the hands of former star pitchers who  at the moment are back of the rotation pieces with plus 5 ERA’s,  on a team  that is already booking Tee Times, but against this slumping NY offense, they too hurled vintage gems..

So  while we salute Kluber for completely dominating Cashman’s Clowns, we probably should insert an asterisk…

One publication mentioned Girardi sent out his C line-up last night, but you know what, anybody who thinks the struggling  Aaron Judge, T Frazier, and Matt Holliday  who  were glued to  the pines,  were gonna put a barrel on the ball vs this executioner the grave yard is 2 miles down the road, at the fork take a left, drive slow  and start  whistling…

Gray turned blue from the very beginning as his defense completely abandoned him in the first inning…

On the very first play of the game Headley playing out of position at first base  muffed a routine ground ball for an error.. Tyler Wade also playing out of position at 2nd base blew another routine ground ball for the 2nd error of the inning…

With one out the amazing  Jose Ramirez then roped a single to right field, in his youthful excitement Clint Frazier also playing out of position, airmailed a throw to  3rd base, and before Sonny could order Broadway  tickets online, he was in a 2-0 hole

Sonny did a nice job trying to pick  up his bush league defense by keeping Cleveland off the board for the next 4 innings…He gave up  2 walks and a single, over the next  14 batters, but no  runs scored giving his offense a chance to  tie and or take the lead…

That wasn’t happening, over the first  3 innings Kluber gave up  a walk  to Ellsbury in the 2nd inning and Das It… Clint Frazier led off the 4th  with  a double, but he quickly died on the vine as Kluber disposed of the Yanks 3-4-and 5 batters Gregorius, Sanchez, and Ellsbury….

Sonny hit the Toll Booth in the 6th inning, after securing two outs he walked Santana, coughed up  a single to  Guyer, and Gomes nailed the Bombers coffin shut with a very loud 2 run double giving Kluber  an insurmountable 4-0 lead..

The SanBino  kept the Bombers from being shut out for two  straight games blasting a solo HR in the top of the 7th  to make its 4-1

Chicken Shreve replaced Sonny in the 7th inning and because they  could, Frankie Lindor  in the conversation  for  best  SS in baseball,  smoked a solo HR to cap off the scoring 5-1

The Yanks pitcked up  3 hits on the night, the Frazier double, the SanBino Tater  and a Torreyes single in the 5th inning that Romine quickly wiped out by hitting into  a DP..

Let’s put it this way  the Bombers Exit Velocity gun was kept in storage last night..

Cashman  addressed a need at  the deadline and he got it done, two starting pitchers, and two  back  end relievers, both areas of need… He forgot one big component, Offense..

He assumed his offense was a strength despite Judge and Sanchez having no  track record playing this deep into  a season, no production  at  third base, minimal production  at  first  base and Holliday his strict DH  at 37 yr’s old showing signs of deterioration ….

Judge at the moment is  mired in a crippling  slump  since the All Star break, and again anybody who  doesn’t think Aaron Judge Week in Miami didn’t completely screw up his swing, and or zap his energy,  you have the directions to  that  Graveyard, start  whistling

Holliday has been a shell of himself since June 25th  when he went down  with a mysterious infection… Todd Frazier has been a HR or nothing player since 2014, and was in the midst of his career worst season  when Chicago unloaded him on Cashman at the deadline

At least they  got Six Inning Sonny, who is a very good pitcher… Late movement on his 4 pitches,  ground balls galore, nice kid, seems like a gamer, and  he’s under team control for the next  2 years, Party at  the Accountants on Rivera Avenue!

With Boston being gifted the White Sox this weekend and the Yanks facing the 2016 AL Champs, this Sonny outlook  the Empire had a 4 days ago could get very cloudy by Monday morning

Boston  has picked up  a 2 game lead on the Yanks, and that advantage in the loss column Michael Kay kept bringing up, you can  kiss that baby goodbye too…

Nice Job Cash, way  to  win the back pages on the 31st bro…

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 Tonight Garcia vs Bauer

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Rain of Terror

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Well  the Yanks got themselves 4 new pitchers, not much offense but  one decent defensive third baseman from Toms River NJ, and a vote of confidence from the front office, but maybe what  they  really needed was a new weather man?

Not even Mr G could save the wet newspaper hitting NY Yankees yesterday as the Tee Time Tigers for the 2nd day in a row beat  the We Are the Champions Yankees with a starting  pitcher sporting a 5 Plus ERA and a default closer Cashman  flipped for 2 failed starters..

That’s some playoff team  you have there Cash

As if the 4-3 loss on Tuesday night wasn’t bad enough, the second of two  debacles took over 7 hours, 2 rain delays, (one real, one virtual), and it all  went for naught

The Bombers couldn’t Buy or Trade for a clutch hit losing in excruciating fashion 2-0.. The one bright spot, they  didn’t lose another game by 1 run….

Tick Tanak Tick Tanak

Tick tock Tick tock, is  that the sound of Miss-a-hero Tanaka’s opt out clock ?

After a dizzyingly bad first half of the season Tanaka pitched to  a 3.84 ERA in July, and in this what have you done for me lately sport, he tossed his career best  game on July 28th vs a division rival..

8 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, 0 BB’s, 14 K’s, 1 HR

Yesterday Tanaka PM needed to  ramp up his day at 1:05 PM, and if you’re on Tanaka time that’s a dangerous time slot in 2017

Before yesterday Tanaka on a baseball  field and daylight didn’t mix

7-0 with a 2.83 ERA in 11 day starts last year
0-5 with a 14.81 ERA in six day starts this year

smarter joe

Joey Buttons made an excuse of course, I stopped listening after the first  one which stated, Yes he was bad, but they  were the first  two  outings on April……

Like the night before when the I’m Smart and you’re  not so Eat Shit  Joey was whining about  a Yankee Stadium HR off Sabathia, day games in April  should only count if he’s on the winning side, or if it pads his bull  shit narrative..

Tanaka didn’t get his wake up  call until the 4th  batter of the game, and at  that point he punched out the side… Unfortunately the first  3 Tigers had studied the scouting report and Kinsler single, Adduci single and Upton RBI double, greeted Tanaka PM rather rudely

The hit trifecta plated the only run Detroit would need with the Bomber offense already loitering around the airport check in counter on get away  day

Just because they  could, the Tigers scored an unearned run in the 4th when pinch runner / catcher’s interference expert, the Investment Firm  Jacoby and  Ellsbury misplayed a line drive single, then bobbled it enough times to allow the 2nd run to  score… The crooked number was an unearned run on Tanaka’s opt out report card

In between the late wake up  call in the first inning, and the mess he and Ellsbury conjured up in the 4th, he was the $23M Tanaka #HalCare paid for..

He hurled a 1-2-3 2nd, gave up  a double in the 3rd, a 2 out walk ended up scoring on the error in the 4th, over the last 7 batters he faced only V-Mart reached on a 2 out  double in the 6th inning

6 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 1 BB, 6 K’s 100-64 pitches … He’s managed to  drop his ERA to  4.93….

It was Tanaka’s 22nd start of the season, if he stays healthy and keeps shrinking the bad numbers while increasing the good ones over the next 8 to  10  starts, opting out of his remaining 3 years $67M contract  becomes a distinct possibility?

The question will then become, if Tanaka can  pitch  to  a low 3 ERA, and you’re not worried about his elbow falling off,  is $23M for a starter of his caliber worth it?

If Sonny Gray  who is under team  control for 2 more years after 2017 pitches as advertised, he could be Tanaka’s replacement and #HalCare will  have some extra dough melting off his $197M spending cap

Gray is making $3.75, his arbitration number is expected to  be around $7M plus in 2018, increased to  $11M plus in 2019…. Of course that  could all change, but if you want to hitch  up  the cart before the horse that’s what I’ve read is his projected salary

Tommy Co  Kahnle pitched a clean 7th, and Betances tossed 2 scoreless after the long delay,,

D-Bet’s first inning of relief was an Immaculate Conception 9 pitch  3 punch out frame…. Betances has taken to  this new bull pen like a bear  to  a bird feeder..

Hit and No Run

Here’s a thought on Deadline Ninja Cashman, unless he had to take Todd Frazier in the Robertson / Kahnle deal, Eddie Nunez has given Boston the offensive jolt they desperately needed, and at the moment his offensive spark  would looked  a lot better then the struggling Toddfather..

Nunez is also  a free agent so  there is no  commitment after this season… Now if you couldn’t stomach Nunez’s defense at  3rd base that’s another story, Frazier has made some nice plays guarding the hot corner, plus he talks like Tony Soprano, and that in itself might be “enough a reason” to have him hanging around for 2 months..

Judge is the guy  taking a beating from the media, they’re a little late, but they  were too  busy chasing the flavor of the month so it’s a bit tedious to hear / read them jump on the bandwagon..

Not to get redundant, despite it being one of my better qualities, Paul Swag King  O’Neill made himself useful by kicking over the YES Kool Aid bucket and not hiding  the fact Judge has been swinging through very hittable pitches..

Judge a very smart and likable young man,  (It was also  a good idea for him  to  pop his head into  the room after avoiding the press on Tuesday night), picked up  the O’Neill fumble and ran with the same narrative at his post game presser… 

“We weren’t able to get that big hit when we needed it,” Judge said after the Yankees went 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position against Tigers starter Jordan Zimmermann (7-8) and two relievers. “We had a couple chances with guys in scoring position — a couple guys in scoring position — and we just weren’t able to capitalize. They were able to make pitches.”

 That  was Judge’s Jetarian Swing at  the media, it gave them  what  they needed to  finish an article dead-line..

He also threw in  dessert, and  the main ingredients to his recent slump

“Just missing my pitch,” he said. “When you get your pitch, you can’t miss it, especially in this league. That’s the only difference I’m seeing.”

Of course nobody but Judge can  correct his problem, he can have some mechanical flaws pointed out, like “opening up his shoulders”  “pulling his head away” “not swinging through the ball”  “trying to  pull  everything”, but only #99 can  go back  to not chasing sliders away and fast balls up

500 foot HR’s are kool for Rob Manfred’s Exit Velocity / Launch  Angle millennial demographic, but it ain’t helping the Bombers offense on a daily basis..

Judge and Sanchez set up  the best  scenario for the Yanks to plate some runs in the 6th inning

Judge singled to left center.
Sánchez doubled to left, Judge to third.
Gregorius popped out to shortstop.
Holliday flied out to center.
Headley struck out swinging.

Unfortunately 2 of the Bombers hottest hitters followed the Judge and Sanchez attempted jump start, but the game sped up on Gregorius and Holliday, Headley was screwed by the home plate umpire, before Zimmermann finally punched him out to  end the biggest  threat of the day  for the Bombers

0-9 with RISP should be all  the intel  you need to know

2B: Headley (25, Zimmermann); Sánchez (14, Zimmermann)
Yankees RISP: 0-9 (Sánchez 0-2, Holliday 0-1, Headley 0-1, T. Frazier 0-1, Gregorius 0-2, Judge 0-2)
Team LOB: 8

SB: Ellsbury (15, 2nd base off Zimmermann/McCann)

E: Ellsbury (3, bobble)

Tonight in Cleveland Sonny Gray  vs Das Kluber 

Boston  opens a series with the White Sox so  the Yanks blew a big chance to pad/ keep  their lead in the division by losing a series to  the Tigers…Not exactly what Cashman  was looking for after reinforcing the troops

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