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Boone Daddy Friday

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Now that Aaron Boone has been officially christened as the Bombers new skipper, the search for his coaching staff will heat up..

Apparently per Cashman he has complete confidence in pitching coach  Larry Rothschild being the dugout whisperer based on him having past managerial experience, so any notion the bench  coach needs to be a former field boss isn’t necessarily the case

Boone on what  he expects from  his consiglieri

“I want smart sitting next to me,” Boone said at the news conference to announce his hiring. “I want confidence sitting next to me. I want a guy who can walk out into that room and as I talk about relationships I expect to have with my players, I expect that even to be more so with my coaching staff. … Whether that is guys with all kinds of experience or little experience, I am not concerned about that.’

 Boone and Cashman will list folks they have in mind so  at least Boone has a say in who his coaches will be.. Tim Harkey is rumored to be staying as the bull pen coach

The Bard College

The first bench consigliere  supposedly interviewed was  Josh Bard, presently the Dodgers bullpen coach

Bard, 39, has spent the past five seasons working for the Dodgers, the Yankees’ West Coast twin when it comes to combining big finances with big analytics. He worked as a special assistant to the front office in 2013 and a professional scout in 2014 and 2015 and served as the team’s bullpen coach under manager Dave Roberts in 2016 and 2017.

Bard is a former backstop who coached the Dodgers catchers under Dave Roberts, so if he’s hired in some capacity will Paint the Black favorite Tony Pena be out??? We hope not, you can never have too many catching coaches

A former catcher, Bard also would be likely to take over the duties of instructing the Yankees’ catchers, a role that will take on an increased spotlight given Gary Sanchez’s defensive struggles last season.

That’s the second time Sanchez’s name has come up  during this managerial process, Boone had to talk  about BFFing Sanchez  at his introductory press conference, and now one of Bard’s biggest allies in acing the interview could be how he continues the SanBino maturation process

Harper’s Bizarre 

Ironically John Harper makes it a SanBino trifecta by dropping a dime on the new Bomber Lightning Rod..

Harper’s sources state contrary to the rumors Girardi was  gunnery Sergeant Vince Carter when dealing with Sanchez’s defensive woes, it was the opposite, the Sanbino was  either acting  obtuse, or he got lazy..

In fact, two sources say there is a misperception that management was unhappy with Joe Girardi for publicly scolding Sanchez in regard to his defense last season.

Actually, they say, the issue was more that Girardi wasn’t tough enough on Sanchez behind closed doors, at least in terms of his practice habits, which may have led to the catcher regressing defensively, compared to his rookie season.

Of course we’ve read Tony Pena quotes saying what  a determined hard worker Sanchez is behind the scenes….

The article states Sanchez grew tired of doing the  Josh Paul drills and asked out of them, with Girardi consenting?

Paul used a pitching machine to pump high-velocity fastballs, as well as breaking balls, in the dirt at Sanchez, and the Yankees believe it made a difference in what is the young catcher’s biggest weakness.

However, sources say that Sanchez grew tired of doing the drills and expressed that to Girardi going into last season. The manager, perhaps wanting to keep his young catcher happy or simply avoid a conflict, told him he didn’t have to do all the extra work.

The T Leaf here reads Girardi’s people skills were in contempt, and perhaps a manager with a bit more invested in the player’s comfort zone would have sufficed

Still, the bottom line is that the Yankees saw the dynamic as part of a larger issue. That is, if Girardi had stronger relationships with players he would have been able to deal more openly with Sanchez to prevent his regression.

Anyway somebody wanted to take Girardi off the constant griddle he’s been on  regarding how much of a negative he was in the clubhouse.. And unfortunately all  the Sanchez chatter reads like the SanBino was an unsolved riddle?

CSI Miami

Despite Jeffery Loria running the Miami Marlins into  the ground, and their fan base the main reason they finished last in attendance, even with Giancarlo Stanton in the line-up  for 159 games, Derek Jeter remains public enemy #1 in South Fla.

Jeter is being accused of committing the crime of wanting to rebuild a perennial loser into  a winner by cutting payroll… With no TV deal in place and a very apathetic fan base not contributing to the team’s  revenue flow, the  new Marlins owners have no  choice but to back up  the truck  and start over

The Yanks have now been dragged into the Stanton Rumor Mill, as rumors leak the Miami slugger has gone public with the 4 teams he’s willing to play for.



 Of course we’ve heard this before, it’s due diligence for Cashman to dip his toes in the Stanton Holy Water, but Jeter would have to take back salary, the likes of Ellsbury Headley and  Gardner, before the Yanks would entertain handing over some of the prospects their counting on moving forwrd

Stanton is an immediate gate bonanza no matter where he goes, but with Stanton comes 10 yr’s and $295M, so  the back 4 or 5 of that  contract could get ugly…It plays better if Stanton goes to  an AL team, he can DH as he ages, but an NL team would have to nurse him through the back 9 of that deal eating $30M in payroll for a defensive liability.

This could also be a rumor to jump  start the Boston offer, although BeanTown isn’t on the  bucket list…. Boston who had significant trouble hitting HR’s would ascend into panic mode if Stanton ever landed in the South Bronx

I admit if GMS were still  alive this deal  would have been done and a combination of  kids like Frazier, Torres, Sheffield, Adams, Florial, Estrada, would be heading to Miami and the continued  luxury tax would be nothing more then  the cost of doing business

Stanton  and Judge at  the gate would pay that bill in 2 months time..

#HalCare’s biggest  problem was creating a Star buzz in the Bronx post the Jeter era, the young core quickly erased that  concern, the Bronx hasn’t been this electric since the late 90’s…

No doubt #HalCare adding Stanton would double down on that juice, but if $197M is the goal, and depth is the new rule, sending top prospects ready to  contribute to Miami  for the marquee name might not be advisable…



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Daddy DayCare

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It’s now officially official, Aaron Boone is the 33rd NY Yankees manager and only the third since Papa Joe Torre replaced the salty Buck Showalter  in 1996..

Joe Girardi  who was let go on October 25th after a 10  year stint as the Bombers manager, can now stop  reading or hearing how his lack of communication skills and his push  and pull  with the front office were the two main reasons he was shown  the door

While it appears Cashman took a walk on the wild side hiring Boone who has no managing or coaching experience, in reality it was a trendy hire..

Alex Cora (Boston), Mickey Callaway (Mets), Dave Martinez (Washington), Gabe the Babe Kapler (Phillies) are all  first  time managers, like Boone.. Only the former Met player and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire (Tigers) is an old  leftover mustache Pete

The job description of a MLB manager is in transition, while I disagree with pundits like Mike please kiss my ass as I leave my job Francesa that the manager’s position has been minimized, it’s no doubt moved into more of a Daddy Daycare job, then a fire and brimstone captain..

Modern Baseball Ops departments do not want rogue field bosses in charge of the dugout or the clubhouses…Here’s  the game plan, here are the analytics, here are the players,  now make everybody  your BFF….

 Long story short you won’t see a Yogi Berra yell  at a Phil Linz if he takes out his  harmonica on the team bus, in fact the new uber manager would ask him what key he’s in, and join the fun singing Kumbaya….

The manager label could eventually change to Communications  Superintendent?  I thought perhaps Communications Foreman would also work, but that’s a little too harsh for this new breed entitled player.. The word  foreman could be depicted as an old time straw boss running  a monocratic regime

Unlike Lying Joe, Boone will execute a 25 players, 25 hugs philosophy

“I expect myself and our staff to be very forthcoming and honest with our players,” Boone said.

Perhaps where baseball is heading regarding their field boss is where baseball has always been, it’s about the players, and how they  execute, if Boone can put them in a better state of mind then Girardi, then the Terrorist lose

“Listen, the biggest thing that happens comes down to players that you acquire,” said Cashman, who was unproven when he was hired as GM in 1998 at age 31. “A manager is a vitally important aspect of it, but no manager can play without great talent.” 

So  there you go, the modern manager facilitates a game plan the front office wants to see happen on the field, that  really hasn’t changed, but the messenger’s skill in presenting their case has…

“Let’s be honest”  Lying Crying Psycho Joe had the personality of  Nurse Ratched, and the new cult of personalty in baseball clubhouses is more Mr Rogers neighborhood, then Paul “Bear” Bryant’s Junction Boys

Boone specifically addressed how bonding  his relationship  with the much maligned Gary Sanchez,  a defensive impediment for Girardi who  fancied himself as the catching whisperer when he donned the tools of ignorance as a Yankees backstop would be a top priority

“I have a priority in that Gary and my relationship is important. I expect it to be very strong. My expectation is that he’s going to be one of the great, impact players on both sides of the ball for a long time to come,” Boone said. “I’ve already texted back and forth with him a little bit, I expect to meet up with him at some point in the next couple of weeks.”

The Yanks will  now concentrate on Boone’s coaches, Cashman mentioned  having past managerial experience isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for his bench coach… The Big Town Ninja stated Larry the Stable Guy, a former manager, and so far the only Girardi coach retained by #HalCare would be a very good consigliere for the Boone Farm


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Crawling From the No-Tani Wreckage

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As we crawl  from  the Sho-me Otani wreckage, next up on the Bombers to  do list is introduce Aaron Boone, which  happens on Wednesday

The team made the announcement on Monday, with Boone signing a three-year deal that includes a team option for 2021. He will be introduced at a press conference at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday.

There isn’t anybody that  doesn’t like Aaron Boone, so he certainly has a gift, but to keep the waxing Boone poetic  in perspective, has anybody heard a negative word about  Dave Martinez, Gabe Kapler, Mickey Callaway, Alex Cora, or Ron Gardenhire after their press releases, no…

There are doubts about the 5 managers who have never managed at this level before, and possibly some concern over Gardenhire’s age (60 in October), but not a Clueless Joe headline or a bad word by one of their friends / contemporaries  to  be found anywhere..

Bucks To Burn

If invited, the Yanks weren’t heading to LA empty handed, they had a video presentation,   some company honchos with extra lipstick packed in their luggage, and the second highest amount of  dough to hand Otani, $3.5M…

Thanks to MLB busting the Atlanta Braves a group of 13 prospects have become available, so  that $3.5M will  come in handy landing a few more IFA prospects

Venezuelan infielder Kevin Maitan ($4.25 million signing bonus), Venezuelan catcher Abrahan Gutierrez ($3.53 million), Dominican shortstop Yunior Severino ($1.9 million), Dominican right-hander Juan Contreras ($1.2 million), Dominican shortstop Yenci Pena ($1.05 million), Dominican right-hander Yefri del Rosario ($1 million), Cuban outfielder Juan Carlos Negret ($1 million), Venezuelan shortstop Livan Soto ($1 million) and Colombian right-hander Guillermo Zuniga ($350,000).

Three players the Braves signed for $300,000 bonuses were set free because the Braves gave additional money to their agents by signing others to deals with what MLB called “inflated” bonuses: Venezuelan outfielder Antonio Sucre, Dominican outfielder Brandol Mezquita and Dominican shortstop Angel Rojas.

Atlanta’s deal with South Korean shortstop Ji-Hwan Bae, which also called for a $300,000 signing bonus, was rejected by MLB because the sides agreed to an additional $600,000 in compensation outside the contract.

 Kevin Maitan, was labeled one of the games best SS prospects, apparently a rough rookie league season knocked some bloom off his rose .241/.290/.340/.629.. Let’s keep in mind the kid is 17 years old..

It’s not clear if the Bombers are looking to sign him, but they  are seriously scouting a few of the other young men on the list of 13

Per Jonny  Cakes Mayo the go to IFA pundit

Jonathan Mayo‏ Verified account 
While @Yankees might be out on Ohtani, they are looking closely at Cuban OF Julio Pablo Martinez, who has big showcase planned Dec. 8, and former @Braves prospect Yunior Severino

Julio Pablo Martinez bats left and throws left and is 21 years old… Ben Badler gave him  a thumbs up

At around 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, Martinez is a lefty with a promising combination of power and speed … Based on his present ability, he’s probably ready to go to a high Class A or Double-A team.

As for  infielder Yunior Severino he just  turned 18 years old, he’s  6’1” 180

Severino, 18, is one of the 13 former Braves prospects who became a free agent after the team was punished by MLB for their international impropriety. He hit .270/.345/.420 (121 wRC+) with three homers in 58 rookie ball games this summer, during his pro debut. Here’s what Longenhagen had to say about Severino recently:

Signed for $1.9 million out of the Dominican Republic, Severino is a switch-hitting middle infielder with surprising power for his size. Scouts think his long-term defensive home is second base and are skeptical about his long-term ability to make contact. He takes big, violent swings.

It reads like Severino is still in the hitting your way off the island stage of his career, but at 18 years old there is a window for improvement…It also sounds like he might have some  Starlin Castro DNA

Mikey Two Chins has the Skinny on Martinez and Severino  from various sources

You Call Me Al, but in Oakland

Perhaps upset because he wasn’t asked to interview for the vacant  manager gig in the Bronx, Triple-A Scranton manager Al Pedrique bolted  SWB for Oakland and a gig on Billy Beane’s varsity coaching first base

I believe Pedrique is Venezuelan, a former scout who helped recruit Jose Altuve, not to mention success as a manager for SWB

Pedrique, 57, had been with the Yankees since 2013. He managed Low-A Charleston in 2013, High-A Tampa in 2014, Double-A Trenton in 2015, and Triple-A Scranton in 2016 and 2017. The RailRiders won their division the last two years — they won the Triple-A championship in 2016 — and Pedrique was named International League Manager of the Year both years. ©Source



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No-Tani Chikin Tawagoto

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Well in the end maybe it’s better Sho-Me Otani admitted  he didn’t want to play for a big market team, he would have come to  NY and laid an egg..

My only question why didn’t this Chikin Tawagoto  say  so before he made all  30  teams scuffle to make a presentation?

As Joel Sherman points out the bread crumbs led to  the Bombers being a favorite..

The Yanks are a Win Now team, they need a starter, they need a DH, he’s a LHB, they have Yankee Stadium tailor made for LHB’s, they made it to  Game 7 ALCS, and have one of the top  3 or 4 teams in baseball overstocked with young talent close to Otani’s age, in the biggest Sports market in the world?

Per Jon Heyman


Ohtani, 23, is a nice young fellow who’s known to be laser-focused on baseball, and what little extra time he has, he is said to spend inside playing video games. He obviously isn’t about money; he could have made $250 million-plus simply by waiting two years and coming over when he is 25.

The Mariners, Giants and Padres were among the lucky few teams to get through to the next round (the Mariners and Giants inclusion was first reported by Jeff Passan of Yahoo and the Padres by FanRag Sports) while at least the Red Sox, Nats, Blue Jays, Rays, Twins, Pirates, A’s, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Braves and Brewers were reported to have been eliminated.

The only non-West Coast teams to be granted meetings were the Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported.

Not that any media clues should be chiseled after 99% of that media had  the Bombers as favorites, but the Tea Leaves may be reading The Padres

There are also reports per Rosenthal the Angels are still in the mix?

Small market, West Coast, the Mariners seem favorites, but Nelson Cruz is their DH, and while Cruz is on the last year of his 4 yr $57M contract he’s being paid $14M, so unless Chikin Tawgoto plans on playing right field on his days off from pitching, where’s Sho-Me hitting?..

As for the Angels they have Albert Pujols at DH exclusively, and they’re paying him a sliding scale on the last 4 years $114M of his albatross contract

18:$27M, 19:$28M, 20:$29M, 21:$30M 

So  again unless they plan on playing him in right field, where is Sho-Me hitting? the Angels also have Kole Calhoun in RF

sho me again

Yeah San Diego would  perfect for Chikin Tawagoto they were 33 games out of first place 20 games under .500, sporting a $69M payroll with nut job AJ Preller running the  show, and No Pressure..

If Otani  wanted to  come State side to prove he could hang with the big boys, he’s targeting the wrong end of the MLB Food chain

West Coast Bias

 Ninja Cashman broke the news to Yankees beat  reporter Bryan Hoch yesterday in Stamford CT

“I started getting a feel that wasn’t good a few days ago,” Cashman said. “I know that our presentation was excellent. The feedback from that was outstanding. I did get a sense that I can’t change that we’re a big market and I can’t change that we’re in the East. That was something that, presentation or not, might be difficult to overcome.”

sho-me 3

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The Boone’s Farm

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boone farm

The Boone’s Farm.. Aaron, Ray, Brett, and Bob

One of the scenarios you have to like about this hire is Aaron Boone’s family tree… The new Bombers manager makes is part of  Three generations of MLB experience, so  the Apple and the Tree are synonymous

“He has a photographic memory of details, of physicality, of mechanics,” said Jim Bowden, who drafted Boone as general manager of the Cincinnati Reds. “It’s a really special trait. If something’s off, even a little bit, he’ll pick up on it immediately because his brain sees stuff that most brains don’t.”

The trait being mentioned here is a trick Aaron Boone possesses,

Show Aaron Boone almost any baseball card, and he can tell you where the photo was taken, simply from the background details. By extension — and more important — he knows precisely what the player is doing, too.

Well sounds like he could make some money on a TV Game Show, now we’ll see if the speed of the game, especially from the 6th inning on fogs up his Brain vision, like it did to Girardi in Cleveland crying joe

Or Buck Martinez who 17 years ago  attempted to go  straight from  the TV booth  to  the dugout in Toronto

“Once I got back into the dugout, it was a reminder of how quick the game is,” Martinez, who last played in 1986, said Saturday in a telephone interview. “It’s a great reminder for my broadcasting career to not be so critical when something happens on the field.

“No matter how long we’ve been in the game, you see something new happen. And then everyone on the bench looks at you and says, ‘What’s the rule on that one?’ I think that’s why it’s important to put together a great coaching staff.”

Martinez lasted 1 full season, and 53 games into his second year before being fired with  a 100-115 W/L record… The dude who hired him, GM  Gordon Ash was canned after Buck’s first season.

Yeah but did Buck Martinez have a photogenic memory? No,  so back off..

Actually Martinez ended up  80-82 in 2001, a season that saw the Blue Jays  finish third in the AL East, 16 games out of first place… If you scan his roster, Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells, and Carlos Delgado look like the Brand names, and we all know Rogers Communication has Alligator Arms when it comes to  spending on payroll, despite being a Company that provides communication  services throughout Canada

Boone already has a better core in place, but like Toronto (seemingly every season), this year Boone won’t have the benefit of a Money Whip… The Yanks will have about $30M to play  with before they  exceed the $197M ceiling.. If they land Sho-Me Ohtani and he makes the varsity, scratch $3.5M off that $30M budget….Throw in CC Sabathia at $10 or $12M per, and Cashman will have about $15M to spend on deadline acquisitions

Yankees depth  will come from Farm to Table with Frazier, Wade, Torres, Andujar, McKinney, Cave, Higashioka,  and  Austin, ready to be deployed as  replacement  position players..

Thairo Estrada is also on the 40 man roster, but despite a stint in this year’s AzFL, he hasn’t played above Double A.. That  said, he did have 542 PA’s and a really good slash line at Trenton


At the moment Boone’s conventional 5 man starting rotation is

Tanaka, Severino, Gray, Montgomery, and Cessa,

and his conventional bull pen of 7  is

Fido, D-Rob, Kahnle, Green, Warren, and Betances as locks, with Shreve, Holder, Heller, and Gallegos as reliever only options..

Mingo German, and Bryan Mitchell could be the 7th reliever, or they  could stay at AAA stretched out and ready to spot start if one of the 5 get injured.. Cashman could also  carry  13 pitchers, where Mitchell, German, and  or two of the aforementioned reliever only candidates would fill out that quota..

Most likely Albert Abreu (21 yr’s old) who hasn’t pitched above A ball and Johnny  Loaisiga (22 yr’s old) who hasn’t pitched A ball yet, won’t be seeing varsity action for a while, but both  will probably stick to  starting in the minors..

Abreu has done some relief work on the farm,  Loaisiga has only started in the minors,  Abreu was used strictly as a starter in 6 appearances in the AzFL this Fall… At the moment 40 man roster players  Abreu  and Acevedo  are part of the Adams, Sheffield,(not on the 40 man)  quartet that  are all very close to  contributing as depth  starters

So  with not much money to  work  with, we see how beneficial landing Sho-Me Ohtani  would be… Piggyback Ohtani  with a team friendly $10M to $12M CC Sabathia contract and the Yanks, providing Ohtani  and his ankle are ready to go in April, would now have a user friendly 6 man rotation…?

As far as Aaron Boone’s personal assets, of course most of the off the record / anonymous quotes have been favorable, which we should file away as positives, but don’t disregard taking any of it with  a grain of salt

Have we read or heard anything bad about any of the  6 new managers that have been hired ? No,  of course not, they’re all right place right time winners because most if not all  the quotes are coming from friends of the family…The character assassination stuff is reserved for the dude who  just cleaned out his desk and locker, not the one  getting ready to  redecorate the office

“Ray was more of a stern guy, Bob was a cerebral guy, Bret was a tough guy,” McCoy said. “Aaron is a combination of all of them. That’s what makes him stand out. He can be cerebral and tough at the same time.”

A good in depth article on Boone sits in this Article by Ty Kepner… 

We also lifted some quotes from Davidoff’s Article

The 40 man roster and stats ©Source

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The Cult of Personality

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Congrats to the Boon family, you’re gonna love it here..

The hiring of Aaron Boone wasn’t something I had envisioned last week or the week  before, or at  all for that matter, in fact with the candidates Cashman chose to interview I was indifferent toward all 6

I was leaning toward Thomson as manager and Beltran  as his bench  coach, but I have no  rhyme or reason why  that  would work either, ”let’s be honest” fellas we’ve witnessed a change, it’s a brave new world in MLB

With Aaron Boone as the new Yankees manager, that means 5 of the 6 managerial vacancies this off-season have been filled by men with no previous MLB managing experience. Ron Gardenhire would be the only exception.

Obviously, now that  the results are in, Cashman was targeting or prioritizing communication skills over in game managing experience, and hiring Boone raises the stakes  even higher, he’s never managed or coached at any level professionally

Beltran would have been the only other  Cashman candidate with those credentials..

“My job as manager would be to forge really strong relationships where these players, understand that me and my staff are going to really care about them, that they’re going to be able to trust us, and that at the end of the day, we are going to do things that are best for the Yankees,” Boone stated. “Those are the three things that I really want to get across to my players. We have a chance at really impacting and getting the most out of each and every guy if those three things are prevalent in our relationship within the clubhouse.”

We’ll see if old BoonDock can take a punch, like Tyson said,

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Once this deal gets finalized, probably just  as important as hiring a manager will be who sits next to him as his bench coach?

The present day MLB network  geniuses feel Boone needs  his very own Don Zimmer, maybe because Boone’s communication skills live closer to Papa Joe Torre then Psycho Lying Joe, does Zimmer’s name pop up..?

Boone might be able to chill out a clubhouse full of millennials, but whose gonna chill him out when it comes to deploying his bull pen, or making quick in game decisions when scanning body language is just  as important as staring at the Binder… Boone has only performed that decision in front of his bedroom mirror when there was nothing on the line, at any level….

The media won’t except anything less then 91 wins, or a game 7 of the ALCS, so Cashman has his work cut out putting a staff around Boone

While Girardi, is trying to find a gig on TV communicating to people, #HalCare and Cashman keep going public with a cult of personality assassination, another words telling every smart phone, notepad, and TV camera in front of them communicating ain’t Joey’s forte, but it’s Boone’s biggest  asset…

It’s very true Girardi always looked like he wanted to choke somebody, but he never did, and he never went all Hal Macrae on the media, but this completely polar opposite hire creates a clear picture, the new era clubhouses need to be more Mr Rogers Neighborhoods then  the The fiery chef from Hell’s Kitchen

Joey patience

Girardi drove a lot of NYY fans crazy, and there are still parties getting thrown after his pink slip, but Cashman just  hired one of the hated Sunday Night Baseball crew as his manager ?

 Jeff Passan recently   wrote 4 reasons why the market was moving slower then Greg Bird rounding third  the 4th reason was

“You can’t be a genius if you spend on free agents,” an official said. “That’s the world we’ve evolved into. You can’t be a genius unless you’re winning a few more games on a low payroll. And they’re all looking to be geniuses.”

So this is the  Ninja Cashman’s  baseball mid life crises, he went trendy on the hire, and the top genius’s in his field  make between $8M (Friedman) $10M (Theo)

Cashman still has no signed contract so there must be a haggling over his market value..?

Brillo Levine must be feeling his oats, he smacked down Betances, and went after Trumpie, now he’s probably telling the Ninja GM if you’re worth $10M I’m an astronaut..

We bought and paid for your genius status and we have Tax bills to prove it..

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Slower Then Greg Bird

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Well so far the MLB Hot Stove season has been about as exciting as a Thursday night NFL game.. I’ve never watched an NFL Thursday night game, but from what I hear, it’s about as uplifting as elevator music..

Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports  fills in for Dr Melfi as he diagnoses 4 reasons why the MLB Hot Stove has produced  nothing more then smoke

To re-hash, originally MLB and the MLBPA cited  Ohtani and Stanton as culprits in the off season market moving slower then Greg Bird rounding third and heading for home

The Ohtani  rule was a Mulligan created by MLB and the union in an effort to  eradicate the market gridlock that has witnessed Doug Fister as the only free agent signed, and the biggest trade thus far has been a Ryon Healy–Emilio Pagan swap.

In an effort to tap dance around the hard IFA cap that was foolishly agreed to by both MLB and the MLBPA, which of course benefits the owners, the last CBA agreement  was grandfathered, with a few upgrades that slide the payment scale and shorten the posting period window….Of course these are  perks the union received in return

While Ohtani’s current team will receive a $20 million posting fee, but future teams will receive posting fees for players on a sliding scale as follows: 20 percent for contracts under $25 million, 17.5 percent on contracts from $25 million to $50 million and 15 percent for bonuses above $50 million.

Moving forward, the posting period will also be shorter, with the window falling between Nov. 1 and Dec. 5. This agreement will run through 2021. 

With Friday’s deadline  on the agreement inching closer, all 30 teams have to  prioritize their time, creating a sales pitch for this  Ohtani “Lottery ticket” most likely moved to  the top of every organization’s to do list..

“Shohei Ohtani,” one agent said, “is like the baseball version of the new Amazon headquarters.”

“This is a $200 million Powerball in a 30-person town,” one National League executive said. “You kind of have to buy a ticket.”

As for Stanton he’s the best player money can buy on this 2017 market, but the rub of course is 1) it’s a lot of dough, and 2) the #2 Captain steering the good ship Marlins also  wants a few of your best prospects, an industry standard as rare as hitting with no  batting gloves..

“I don’t buy the Ohtani thing, because no matter what you do, he fits. He’s cheap. He’s great. If you get him, it’s a bonus,” one GM said. “You’ve had a lot of time to get [things] together. I don’t buy that you’re spending a [ton] of time on it. And I don’t really buy the Stanton thing. J.D. Martinez is the only guy on the market you can squint and see some effect there.”

As another agent put it: “If Ohtani weren’t coming and the Marlins were keeping Stanton, they’d come up with two other things to slow the market down.”

A lot of that is true, but with  Nez Balelo handing out homework  assignments just  a few days ago, the aforementioned GM saying most intel on Sho-Me was in place is questionable, this agency request kicks this Interview process up  a notch

At least the Executive of the Year Brian Cashman thought so, Sho-Me took precedent over his tedious manager search…No offense to Mambo with Carlos…

Anyway I’m not so  sure there are four other  reasons why the market has stalled, but there is one, the King Kong of  reasons has been the sticker prices for the top  Free Agents

JD Martinez,  Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakis, are brand names looking for maximum value, so while the supply is there, the demand needle isn’t moving..

Our vote for the stall is the oldest trick in the book  1) Four-corners free agency….Who blinks first?

“The clubs each believe, and maybe correctly, that the longer they wait, the prices will come down,” one longtime official said. “That usually has not been the case as it relates to the premier free agents, so either there’s nobody in this marketplace that teams wouldn’t live without or it’s just the latest turn that even for premier free agents we’re going to delay, delay, delay.”

 One GM confirmed as much. “Of course I’m waiting,” he said. “Because they’re going to worry they won’t get a job and I’m going to get a discount.”

Reasons 2 through 4 from Passan’s seat on media row are interesting points, but you sense it’s GM-Speak and agents who  don’t buy this line of thinking moved the snark needle calling it  – “Talking point,”

2) Manfred University, 

 the number of executives who came through the commissioner’s office at Major League Baseball either as an intern or early in their careers are breeding grounds for the proliferation of commissioner Rob Manfred’s doctrine

3) The job shuffle

a full third of teams have changed pitching coaches. Six have sought new managers. And that doesn’t begin to address the behind-the-scenes organizational churn that four general managers said has taken up a significant amount of time that normally would’ve been devoted to trades and free agents.

4) The dull of free agency

“You can’t be a genius if you spend on free agents,” an official said. “That’s the world we’ve evolved into. You can’t be a genius unless you’re winning a few more games on a low payroll. And they’re all looking to be geniuses.”

Added a GM: “Teams are smarter. They know how terrible free agency is.”

Tomorrow hopefully all  30 owners sign off on the Sho-Me Rule, it probably still won’t move  free agent traffic to  the express lane, but the rumor mill for all  30 teams will be riding the Ohtani bullet train

So much  for a young 23 yr old signing a minor league contract  flying under the radar, he is the radar…



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November 30, 2017 at 8:27 am

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