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Triple A’s vs Joey’s Day Care

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June 17, 2017 at 2:58 pm

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Coming to a Theater Near You, The Bull Pen From Hell

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The NY Yankee PR machine wants your money, you can’t turn on Al Yankzeera’s YES Network  without them slamming their #2 MLB Farm  System down your throat, they  should be arrested for false advertising….

Of course Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have become high leverage arm candy for the Bean counters that  run the Bombers, both young players have jump started what  was a dead franchise going into August of 2016..

From that  joyous day in our lives, to  the present, sans a few months when Sanchez was hurt or the league had made an  adjustment, the two potential superstars have given Yankee Universe a reason to Hope their rebuild wouldn’t take as long as professional MLB Tankers like the Cubs, Phillies. Astros, Royals, Twins, and Brewers..

Forgive me if I forgot somebody, no  disrespect, but I’ve been sleepwalking the last four days following this West Coast Yankees production of The Bull Pen From  Hell..

During this now 4 game losing streak the pitchers taking L’s  or been on the bump in high leverage situations  during the loses have been  Heller, Shreve, Herrera, Gallegos and last night it was Holder’s chance to blow a game out of the bull pen… All household names in their own house, but chum to MLB hitters fishing to pad their offensive stats

So  what happened, I thought we had  a Genius Bull Pen manager ?

Oh he lost his ALCS MVP set up man Miller, his  $85M closer Chapman, and  the kid they  didn’t want to pay who has bailed the Genius and Al Yankzeera  out for 3 years, Betances, has been relegated to  just  closing games, because that’s what  color by numbers managers in baseball  do….

Give  the Genius  a coloring book, because whatever he has written on that binder  he constantly stares at is confusing him and us….

Over the last 4 games  we’ve at least cleared one thing up, any one of us could have shut down the last 6 to  9 to 12 outs of a game calling on No Runs DMC, somebody  please explain that  to Mike Francesa who  will fight you to  the death shilling for his pal manager the Genius

Unfortunately without the almighty check book the “he’ll have a job in 5 minutes”  Genius manager and his “brilliant” GM can’t find one pitcher in their touted #2 Farm system to  get the ball  safely to their best pitcher Betances who has now only pitched in 3 of the 138 innings the Yanks have played in June..

When your offense averages 9.875 runs per game in the 8  wins they’ve managed to  secure in the last 15 games  this month you look pretty smart, but when you start  to mis-manage the bull pen in some of those routs, eventually you lose players to injuries, no  worries we have depth, and the #2 Farm System in baseball…

Of course we understand you just  don’t bring up  your best players from the farm, the kids with pedigree, not just inflated numbers in small  sample sizes vs other minor league players which is what  we’re seeing now get beat  down by the lowly Angels and the lowlier Oakland A’s..

No it’s more complicated then  that, there are 40 man roster considerations, super 2 contract loop holes, starting a players service time debacles, we have to keep pitchers stretched out concerns, and my favorite “their just not ready yet” retorts.. My God  we don’t want them  to lose confidence, because once they’re here they have to  stay here…

Or maybe this #2 Farm system stuff is fake news?

So  far  Severino, Sanchez, and Judge have been terrific…

Sanchez came as advertised after 6 yr’s in the minors, Judge came out of nowhere, thanks to his own motivated hard work in the off season, and it took a Boston Red Sox legend to fix Severino after the Bomber brainiacs were getting nowhere in their effort to make Severino  a starter

The remaining pitchers we’ve seen from the #2 Farm System in MLB have looked no  different  or better then  the pitchers that came out of the #16 farm system in baseball, so the auditions to  save Hal money in 2018 have not gone well..

See there is a pecking order in baseball, you have to  wait your turn, and it’s too  early in the season to break  the formula, the better pitchers are being groomed to  start the first  5 innings of a game, then lesser talented pitchers get to try and hold serve for the last 12 outs of the game, guess what happens when  that’s your Formula in the Big League……..

The Bomber front office isn’t worried, the varsity built up a 4 game lead in their division by June 12th, the 15 games over .500 Yankees were due for a market correction, and they’re on the road in California, let them  worry about selling tickets, who’s watching those games sans the die hards, and we have them hooked regardless, so lets try to  sneak Sally Through  the Alley

We have two more days in California, then 12 more games against lowly AL teams before they head to Houston.. Maybe by then Sanchez, Hicks, Ellsbury, Warren, Sabathia,  Chapman  and a trade for a first baseman, might help  right the ship, but until  then the season will  slowly slip into a maddening 2016 deja vu all over

The offense isn’t gonna average over 9 runs a game in wins  for long, and the pitchers Cashman  sends to  the varsity aren’t gonna morph into the 98 yankees, so  buckle up..

Remember that worry about the pitching staff not being much more then an 82 win  team ? It’s taking shape before our very eyes….

Maybe  before it totally implodes the calvary will  arrive and instead of what  we’ve seen over the last week, Cashman will have traded for some help, or a combination of Green, Cessa, Mitchell, and Adams will be replacing Holder Herrera and Gallegos on the 25 man roster

We do have a glimmer of hope, Chad Green, the poor bastard that  started this downfall on June 11th  when he couldn’t get an out in the 3rd inning and the Bull Pen  from Hell  previewed to  rave reviews, gets another chance to throw 50 pitches and create the sequel on Sunday

Bull Pen From Hell  2

Cashman made it a point to say we’re gonna continue to lose the battle but eventually we’ll  win the war on his Michael Kay interview..  Cashman was asked if he’s thinking he may need to change his mind on how he perhaps expected to handle the deadline because the Yankees have been playing so well in a season that seemingly could have been a bit of a rebuilding year.

“No, I don’t think so,” Cashman said. “I think we try to keep things pretty simple. In terms of any individual transaction, you just try to make the best decision possible whether it’s representing a short-term or a long-term interest. So I would say regarding how the team is performing, you’re just trying to make good baseball decisions.

“We are excited about this team. I know our fans are excited about this team. I think the best is yet to come in terms of our future as long as guys stay healthy. This obviously is a very humbling game on that matter.

“But I think every step is what’s in our best interest. … So we’ll get all of our people together and make recommendations to Hal Steinbrenner and his family, and then they’ll make the final call on it.

“I do think we’ll stay the course that we’ve stayed the last two to three or four years, which is we are trying to win but we’re also trying to make sure that we have the best present and future we could possibly have combined. And if we just keep those steps as simple as that and make good sound baseball decisions, I think everything should take care of itself.”

It doesn’t get any simpler then doing nothing, and they  still have the Judges Chambers and Gary Sanchez to  excite the Millennials wearing white wigs and paying for Levine and Trosts Yachts in the Caribbean .. Let’s not forget  those Big Promo’s on YES

We’ll see how that  works for the Bean counters when The Bull Pen From Hell 2 bombs at the box office, and you can find it at your local library’s DVD bin…

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The YES Men

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June 17, 2017 at 8:46 am

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The OHkland Stroke

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score box

The Bombers are presently on their worst run of the season, after last night’s 8-7 Crushing Defeat in 10 innings..

They’ve lost  3 in a row before, but now they’ve lost Sabathia, Sanchez, Hicks,  Warren is day  to  day and Betances  who used 39 pitches trying to  keep  the dream  alive will be unavailable tonight

D-Bet needed to come in and once again clean up  another  Clippard mess in the 8th, had to  toss 1.2 innings…


As we later found out Adam Warren  was not available hence handing the ball  to

 astronomer #30 Giovanny Gallegos

As for Warren, he felt tightness Tuesday in the back when he pitched an inning against the Angels and has been limited to playing catch since.

“I am not too concerned,’’ Warren said. “I will do treatment the next day or so. It affected the way I throw so I wanted to get ahead of it.’’

It looked like Gallegos was ready to  pull of the miracle after getting the first  2 outs, but Gallegos, the Yanks last healthy man  standing  being inserted into Brillo Levine’s favorite position on the field couldn’t get the last out

Gallegos relieved Betances.
out to third.

Joyce struck out swinging.

R. Davis singled to right.

Pinder doubled to right, R. Davis to third.

Lowrie intentionally walked.

K. Davis singled to center, R. Davis and Pinder scored, Lowrie to second.


“When I started running I thought I had it,’’ said Castro, who had his back to the infield when the ball entered and left his glove as center fielder Brett Gardner was charging. “It hit the glove before I fell to the ground. I did my best to catch it, but tomorrow is another day.’’

It looked too me that Gardner had the better chance to  catch  the ball  but Castro’s attempt may have held Gardner off… Also  with Hicks injured running out of the box in the 8th inning we wonder if he would have gotten to it quicker calling Castro off?

The Yanks made FOUR comebacks to  tie, they  finally got a lead in the 10th but the cost  was their hottest hitter Gary Sanchez in process

Romine struck out swinging.

Gardner singled to right.

Refsnyder reached on infield single to third, Gardner to third.

Refsnyder to second on fielder’s indifference.

Judge walked.

Castro hit sacrifice fly to right, Gardner scored, Refsnyder to third.

Holliday hit for Torreyes.

Holliday struck out swinging.


After Monday’s win over the Angels the Yankees were riding a seven-game win streak, digging themselves and enjoy the buzz that followed Judge. Friday they haul a three-game skid into the Coliseum likely without Sanchez, Hicks and Betances as the map to Baseball Hell looms nearby.


Hit and Run

2B: Gardner (12, Gray); Sánchez (5, Madson); Castro (13, Casilla)
HR: Carter (7, 8th inning off Axford 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Headley 2 (29), Carter 2 (22), Sánchez 2 (33), Castro (42)
SF: Castro
2-out RBI: Sánchez
GIDP: Carter
Yankees RISP: 6-16 (Headley 1-1, Sánchez 2-2, Holliday 0-1, Gregorius 1-4, Carter 1-3, Romine 0-1, Hicks 0-1, Judge 1-1, Castro 0-1, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 13

SB: Castro (1, 2nd base off Madson/Phegley); Sánchez (2, 2nd base off Casilla/Vogt)

Castro and Sanchez were on their way  to being co-heros before the bell  tower went silent in the bottom of the 10th


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June 16, 2017 at 9:04 am

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The Art Of Genius

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Well  that’s certainly not what  we were looking for as the NY Yankees Greatest Team on Earth Tour hit a speed bump  by losing a 3 game series to  the Anaheim Angels with another painful 7-5 Left Coast loss

Anaheim who  trails Houston by 11 games came into  the Yankees series 33-33, a .500 club missing their All World Superstar Mike Trout, but they  simply searched, found, and destroyed the Bombers weak links over the last 2 nights, so  a Tip of the Cap

If you dropped in from Mars for 3 days you’d leave thinking Eric Young Jr was Aaron Judge,  Andrelton Simmons, and  Danny Espinosa the AL All Star SS / 2nd base combo, and JC Ramirez in line for a Cy Young….

Unfortunately for the Yanks the Angels played inspired if not great  baseball on Tuesday  and Wednesday and the Yanks who have been firing at  will, and hitting their targets against the AL East, and just  about every team sans the Astros, simply  ran out of gas and  bullets in Anaheim..

The 2 game losing streak  came at  an inopportune time in the unbalanced schedule with Boston getting a full  week of games, 4 in a row, against the worst team in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies.. After watching a lot of the Boston / Philly games, calling the Phillies the worst  team in baseball is giving them too much credit, the 1962 Mets come to mind when you think of this 2017 version of the Fighting Phils…

Boston went into  extra innings in the first  2 contests, before fully dropping their spikes on the Phils neck last night, and instead of backing up Chris Sale to face the Astros, on Friday in Houston, Boston will  toss  the StrikeOut Machine against the woeful Phillies tonight, so this now 2 game lead could drop  to  1 if the Yanks continue to play  to the level of their competition ..

Or maybe the Bombers are in the midst of a market correction, and the losses are coming vs teams they  should be beating, after they emptied the tank going 8 and 5 in a tough 13  game stretch through the AL East…

The apologist  who  whistle past the graveyard will  tell  you Michael Pineda started a little rough in last night’s debacle but he ended strong,  “let’s be honest” Pineda pitched one of his worst  games of the season

6 innings, 10 hits, 5 runs, 1 BB, 2 K’s,1 HR, 102 pitches….

The Bombers highlighted by a Sanchez  3 run Bomb in the first inning, gave Pineda a 4-0 lead he could evaporate, and by the 3rd inning the Angels had a 5-4 lead….Pineda never had a 1-2-3 inning, he got an achievement award for lasting 6 innings and “ keeping his team in it”… How about shutting down this .500  squad who’s chances of making the playoffs are about as good as Philadelphia’s ?

Last night Joey Claps pretty much had a wasted bull pen, it seems the “bull pen managing genius” had over used every pitcher in his pen except his best reliever?

The Yanks have played 13 games in June, 119 innings, Betances has pitched 2.2 of those innings, because in Formula Joe’s world with Chapman missing for over a month, Betances is only used to  close games….

That’s fine but if you’re gonna lose 5 of the 13 games, maybe there should be a few  more selections to  choose from, but that’s on Cashman, only he knows why some  of his best pitching prospects are in the minors and 22 yr old kids at AA get used in high leverage situations on the varsity

forget staying up  until 2 AM, I got tired just  reading about how Ronald Herrera got to  Anaheim from Hartford Ct.

“I can’t hurt guys,” Girardi said after the game, in explaining why he threw rookie Ronald Herrera to the wolves in the young man’s major-league debut.

So in a nutshell the Genius  sacrificed a kid who needed to jump  2 levels, had traveled all  day to get to  the park, because Tanaka needed to skip the tougher Baltimore team on Sunday at Home… That  decision inspired   Joey Claps to use  5 pitchers to  win a 14-3 game on Sunday….

Herrera went to bed Tuesday night in Hartford, Conn., where his Double-A Trenton Thunder played. He received a 3:30 wakeup call from manager Bobby Mitchell instructing him of his two-level promotion to the big leagues. Two flights (from Hartford to Philadelphia and from Philly to Los Angeles) and an annoying drive (from L.A. to Anaheim) later, he reported for duty with every expectation that he would help out a bullpen that Girardi described before the game as “fried.”

If we’re gonna give Tanaka an extra day  that’s fine, he needs it, but how about a 6 man rotation then, where all  the pitchers are stretched out.. How about starting a pitcher on Sunday  that has more then 50 / 55 pitches to  work  with?

Davidoff opines it’s a lose the battle, win the War decision that prompted Girardi  and Cashman to make this move, and if you don’t understand it then you should be watching another sport…..OK then…

I guess Sabathia having to throw extra pitches thanks to a Chris Carter error that Tee ball players make, caused the 300 pounder to  strain his hammy wasn’t any help, and most likely Herrera was the only starter on Pineda’s turn available

Maybe Herrera was a better choice then RHP Brady Lail who  was lit up  at AAA last night: 6 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 WP

The Yanks did finally tie the game at  5-5,  when Headley smacked a clutch RBI single in the 6th but was caught off base for the out that  killed any further thought of a rally..

Herrera after getting 2 outs on 2 pitches in the 7th  lost his release point, walked Valbuena on 5 pitches, then in an effort to get a first pitch  strike gave the hottest hitter on the Angels, Andy Simmons a cookie he could drive into  the seats… No  small  feat in that grave yard ball park and this one was over 7-5

The Yanks had one last shot in the 9th  after Hicks’ double was reversed from a catch   to  a hit, but Judge, the tying run at the plate grounded to  3rd base to end the pain

Joe Espada impacted yet another game  sending Judge on a play Billy Hamilton  couldn’t score on in the 5th inning.. Had Espada held him up, Sanchez who had 3 hits on the night had the bat taken out of his hand…I guess Espada didn’t trust Sanchez could come through, or he’s just  the worst  third base coach in baseball, take your pick….

If you’re looking for help at first base you might hope Cashman trades for somebody because Greg Bird isn’t the answer

1B Greg Bird: 0-3, 1 R, 1 BB, 2 K — 2-for-18 (.111) in his last five games

Yeah  that’s one Mike Francesa Jinx that  doesn’t look like it’s in remission, but he’s gonna get to  the bottom of it today  when he talks to Girardi, or should I say  when he kisses Girardi’s ass for 20 minutes on his normal weekly radio spot


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Clippard and Carter Make The Games a Lot Harder

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Well  the 6 game winning streak is over, as J C Ramirez and 4 of his BFF’s held the powerful NYY to  2 runs on 7 hits over 11 innings to out grind the Bombers 3-2

Not only did the Bombers snap  their win streak, Boston playing the Phillies, literally the worst team in baseball,  won their 2nd game in a row in extra innings to  cut the AL East lead to  3 games.. Boston has 2 more games  vs  Philly, only the next 2 are in Philadelphia so  we can be assured they  won’t walk off 3 in a row..

To  compound the Bombers excruciating loss, CC Sabathia left after the 4th inning with a strained Hamstring, so  he gone… There was a time when Sabathia going on the DL would have been  a good thing, but not this year, the Bombers are gonna lose one of their top 3 pitchers for a while

Sabathia’a next start  would have been Sunday in Oakland so  we’ll  wait to  see who  replaces him.. My guess Domingo German  should get the start, unless Cashman  wants to  put Chance Adams on the 40  man  and start his clock until CC gets back

If you didn’t stay up  until  2:30 watching this debacle, count your blessings..Angels pitching held Judge, Holliday, Castro  and Sanchez 0-17 with 5 K’s ..

Judge whiffed 3 times, Castro, Sanchez, and Judge at least all  walked once each.. Chase Headley with 3 hits that included  a HR  a double and a single, was a one man  wrecking crew, but he couldn’t do it alone as the Yanks went 1 for 8 with RISP..

With the game knotted 2-2 in the 11th Carter had a shot to make up  for his horrendous error in the 4th that  eventually turned into  a Anaheim’s first run, but he popped up  with the bases loaded..

Carter not only made the costly error that  extended  the inning Sabathia was injured in, he whiffed 3 times, and brings an insidious .207 /.298 / .371 /.669 to  a power corner position

 The Bombers can’t get Bird up  and running fast enough, they  desperately need to  fill  this black  hole at first  base.. In fact Tyler Austin has to be on Cashman’s mind, anything is better then Carter, well maybe not the way  Bird played this season, but almost anything…

Gallegos and Warren kept the Angles off the board as the Yanks thanks to Headley took a slim 2-1 lead into  the 7th inning… Why Formula Joe went with Gas Can  Clippard is beyond me

“He’s important and we have to get him going”

I couldn’t stand to  watch  a pregame at  2:30 having to get to  working this morning by 8 AM so I’m assuming that’s what he said.

They  should get him going alright, get him going out of the Bronx and take Carter with him


Hit and Run

2B: Headley (13, Ramírez); Gregorius (10, Morin)
HR: Headley (4, 7th inning off Ramírez 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Gardner (30), Headley (26)
2-out RBI: Gardner
Yankees RISP: 1-8 (Carter 0-2, Hicks 0-1, Castro 0-1, Judge 0-1, Gardner 1-3)
Team LOB: 11

CS: Hicks (4, 2nd base by Ramírez)
Picked Off: Hicks (1st base by Ramírez)

E: Carter (2, catch)
Outfield Assist: Gardner (Calhoun at Home).

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Sending Me Angels

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Yanks won  a hard fought 5-3 game vs the Angels on the Left Coast, and this one wasn’t over until it was over…

Basically Anaheim looks like they’re playing their World Series vs the Bombers who  aren’t gonna sneak up  on anybody anymore… One reason you hate all  the hoopla that  is surrounding this team  at the moment, but it’s better then the alternative so  we’ll take it….!!!

The spotlight for this one was on Nibbles Tanaka and for the most part he pitched a better game then his last 5…”Let’s be honest” Tanaka hasn’t pitched an Ace type game since April 27th, his 3-0 gem over Boston

Clowns like Francesa will tell  you the A’s game was great, but 10 fly balls, to 4 ground balls, that’s NG, plus every A’s player gets a gold star  for trying when  they strike out, so 13 was a good day for Oakland……

Don’t let  that gas bag fool  you, Francesa doesn’t watch  baseball, so his State of the Yankees address when he does venture into  that  area of sports is hilarious at best..

From  the Peanut Gallery

Tanaka most likely scared the bejesus out of the Yanks after his 3rd pitch of the game went for a Big Fly to left center by the .390 Slugging % Kole Calhoun…

Flash in the Pan  went into  Al Yankzeera prevent defense making sure we knew Calhoun has been hot lately… Even the injured Mike Trout wanted to fight somebody at  the bat  rack after that 91 MPH meatball stayed on a Tee….

A walk to Albert and a loud  7 pitch F/8 to Escobar kept the Tanaka drama on red alert… Nibbles finally stopped the sirens when he punched out Valbuena to  end the inning..

Tanaka shut down a lead off single and an eventual RISP by punching out the last  2 batters in the 2nd. A 1-2-3 third started to  resemble the good Tanaka..

Working now with  a 2-1 lead, Seven outs in a row brought him to 1 out in the 6th where his nemesis Calhoun worked a 1 out walk.. A loud 2 out double by Escobar put men on 2nd and 3rd, but Valbuena came to  the rescue on a ground ball out to  first, stopping  the bleeding..

Now with a 3-1 lead Tanaka was on his way to 7 complete but Headley muffed a tough but very doable play and the speedy Young Jr was on with  1 out.. Tanaka punched out Maldonado, but he gave up a 2 out  RBI single to Espinosa and that  was Joey Claps  cue to put on the tap dancing shoes and he yanked him at 89 pitches

I can see the early shower there were some loud outs, but it’s not like he had an  ace up his sleeve, he called in Clippard who has graduated from a gidrool learners permit to  a full blown member..

If you bet the farm on Maybin coming through, you won, a cracking RBI double tied the game 3-3…

At this point Cashman is trying to slither his way  through  the week until Chapman gets back, but games really have to be Clippard proof before this guy is a comfortable bridge to Betances

Speaking of the devil, after getting behind a few 2-0 counts, D-Bet found his pot of gold and pulled off a 4 out save..

Betances had some rust from not pitching for a week, but once he got in rhythm he was nasty..When he pitches backwards and gets that knuckle curve over for strikes you’re dead

He saved Girardi’s bacon again….

Get your pen with all the zeros ready Levine, next arbitration guess who’s winning you chump…

Sonny In The Toll Booth

The Sonny in the Toll Booth  award goes to Bud Norris, one of the 6 pitchers Fat Mike used last night..

With one out in the 8th Hicks almost went Big Fly but settled for a long double to left… Norris tried to get Judge to  chase a few sliders way off the plate, but the kid has been brilliant laying off and expanding the zone… Our Buddy Norris then  came over the outer half  with a 91 mph meatball  cutter and Big Hank flipped a 430 foot pop up  to  right field for his 22nd HR of the season

This one wasn’t as frenzy driven  as the 495 to  the retired numbers, but there was no eye wash on this Bomb, it was as clutch  as it gets…

The remarkable HR gave the Yanks a 5-3 cushion and a small insurance policy for Clippard to  at least get  2 outs in the 8th

Buried in all  the Judgemania is how great DD Gregorius has been, and DD saved the Yanks bacon as much  as Judge last night with a 4 for 4 night and he’s now batting

.344 /.367 / .513 / .880

Judge missed a cut off man in the Angels 2 run 7th inning but he picked himself up  with the Clutch bomb

This was a very hard fought satisfying win, keep loading the wagon fellas


Hit and Run

2B: Hicks (14, Álvarez)
HR: Judge (22, 8th inning off Norris 1 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Gregorius 2 (25), Headley (25), Judge 2 (49)
2-out RBI: Gregorius 2, Headley
Yankees RISP: 4-12 (Headley 1-4, Gregorius 2-2, Hicks 0-1, Romine 0-1, Judge 1-1, Castro 0-2, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 14

SB: Gardner (7, 2nd base off Parker/Maldonado)

E: Romine (1, dropped foul ball); Headley (11, ground ball)

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Saving Private Tanaka

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long HR

The Bombers will head to Anaheim on a 5 game winning streak, all  at  the expense of Boston and the  crumbling Orioles who are now embedded in 4th place, 1 game over .500, 6.5 games behind the Yanks, 1 game ahead of Toronto  for last place in the AL East

The Bombers ran up  a college football  score 55 to 9  over the 5 game streak (Boston 17-1) ( Baltimore 38-8)

The Yanks completed their 13 game AL East tour 8-5.. They  started out  3-4 vs Baltimore and Toronto, then posted a 5-1 record vs Boston and the O’s

The good guys will  wake up in Anaheim this morning with a 4 game lead after Detroit held on to an 8-3 win over Boston.. An amazing  feat considering Detroit has the 2nd worst bull pen in all of baseball, only the first place Twins are worse…

 Boston had 12 singles and doubles on the night, but surprisingly  the Punch  and Judy’s  could only manage 1 run off the terrible Tiger bull pen over the last 4 innings of their game at the Fenway International Little League Park…

So  as Big D said, we have nothing to  complain  about, but we’ll  find something…

Why isn’t Tanaka already in Anaheim having one of Don Moscone’s  Pleasure Chest affiliates making sure his opt out is the last thing on his mind?

Instead he’s sitting around the Bronx, yuking it up with the SanBinos, while the bull pen had to over extend itself  while  Saving Private Tanaka

Saving Private Tanaka

In the first inning four  of the first  6 Bombers  (1 BB) came out swinging, connecting on two singles and a walk before  Castro chased 2 runs home with the 3rd knock off Gausman

At 2-0, the SanBino  went Big Fly, a 450 foot three run Ballantine Blast that gave the Yanks a comfortable 5-0 lead

Private Tanaka bailing on the start forced Joey Claps and Cashman to  start Chad Too Green..

Green has been very good out of the pen, he has easy gas, but that’s about it.. He had a 50 to 60 pitch allotment which is totally ridiculous for a guy  who doesn’t command as a starter

He picked up  11 Whiffs off 38 four seam fastballs (96 to 98 mph) 1 whiff off the 9 cutters that  subtract to 90 mph, and  no  whiffs off 6 show me sliders (85mph) that  either go  out of the K zone or get hit..

So he’s not ready to be a MLB starter, unless you want to  stretch him out to 100 pitches, then  you might get  5 innings  out of him

Green started out great getting 6 of the first  7 batters he faced with  3 K’s, 1 BB over 2 innings..

That was it, his house of cards folded in the 3rd inning after a pair of doubles made it 5-1, and a Cumulative Total of 53 Pitches sent him on the Tessio Ride

2 innings, 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 3 K’s…

Joey Claps had his dancing shoes on and he immediately brought in Chicken Shreve to face a LHB Seth Smith, how could he not

Shreve doesn’t even  wake up  this early in a game no less be effective, and he immediately coughed up  2 more doubles before closing  out the inning 5-3.. Joey Claps’s plan went up in smoke and the O’s were right back in it….

Holder, Warren  and the surprisingly good Domingo German kept the O’s off the board for the remaining 6 innings… The Bomber offense hanging another 9  runs on Gausman and the terrible O’s underbelly relievers didn’t hurt the cause and the boys mugged the Beltway Birds 14-3

The 9  run insurance plan started in the 4th inning and concluded in the 7th

In the 4th

Hicks walked.

Judge doubled to left, Hicks to third.

Holliday singled to shallow center, Hicks and Judge scored. 7-3

In the 6th the insurance policy increased to  10-3 after the

Mother of all A-Bombs from Aa-Ron kicked Judgmania up  a few notches to Unbelievable

Judge homered to left center (496 feet).

Holliday safe at first on error by second baseman Schoop.

Castro homered to left (392 feet), Holliday scored.

Castro’s Dinger was a mere mortal  type HR, but it was his third in as many games all in the Baltimore series…

The continued Water Boarding of Buck Showalter concluded in the 7th when the Yanks hung a 4 spot on the Camden Cry Baby, and it was crying Uncle time for the O’s at  14-3..

Judge went beyond the realm of comprehension  when he hit his

2nd A-Bomb from Aa-Ron #21 on the season after Hicks made it 12-3 with a 2 run double

Torreyes walked.

Gardner walked, Torreyes to second.

Hicks doubled to deep right center, Torreyes and Gardner scored.

Judge homered to right center (401 feet), Hicks scored.

Domingo German looked like a keeper


The untrained eye: Live arm, looks like commanding the 4 seamer is paramount, the 2 seamer had tilt, changed eye level,  and subtracted velocity, the change up also looked like a potential  weapon, and his curve ball  was his 2nd most used pitch

Unfortunately he’s back at AAA, but hopefully he’ll be back up  to help out in the pen, or have the Yanks create a 6 man  rotation…German went 2.2 innings on 36 pitches no  runs, plus he’s stretched out so Joey wasn’t as smart as he thinks he is


With Heller High Water replacing German on the roster, who’s Joey’s long man  tonight if Tanaka starts to look like he has food poisoning ?


Hit and Run

2B: Judge (11, Gausman); Gregorius (9, Verrett); Hicks (13, Yacabonis)
HR: Sánchez (10, 1st inning off Gausman 2 on, 1 Out); Judge 2 (21, 6th inning off Verrett 0 on, 1 Out; 7th inning off Yacabonis 1 on, 1 Out); Castro (12, 6th inning off Verrett 1 on, 1 Out)
RBI: Castro 4 (41), Sánchez 3 (28), Holliday 2 (44), Judge 3 (47), Hicks 2 (36)
GIDP: Castro, Torreyes
Yankees RISP: 5-9 (Holliday 1-1, Sánchez 1-2, Refsnyder 0-1, Torreyes 0-1, Hicks 1-1, Judge 1-1, Castro 1-2)
Team LOB: 8

Picked Off: Gregorius (2nd base by Castillo)

DP: 2 (Gregorius-Castro-Carter, Torreyes-Castro-Sánchez).

Anyway  go  to bed early so  you can wake up late, it’s our least favorite time of the year, Yanks on the Left Coast

the Whole 9

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