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You Say Halo, Yanks Say Goodbye

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Well it took  the longest  day of the year  to  do it but

Thanks to Austin Romine’s big 3 hit night, Matt Holliday / DD Gregorius Taters, a well pitched game by the  Montgomery, Green,  Betances,  Chapman quartet, and last but not least  #DonMosconie’s spotless attendance  factor, the Bombers finally ended their 7 game slide with an 8-4 win over the Halos..

In the process “Salvy” Perez’s Grand Slam in the KC / Boston matinee, won by the Royals, allowed the  Bombers to end their brief stay in 2nd place.

The Stoppers

The Yanks got back to  their winning formula last night, decent starting pitching, shut down relief work, backed by HR’s and clutch timely hitting…We’re not exactly splitting the atom saying that’s a winning blueprint, but trying to get it all to work in concert, is like being married to  the mob, it’s not always gonna be smooth sailing..

Montgomery did what he always does, bends but doesn’t break…

The GumBino gets into more trouble then a room full of school boys, but he usually can sneak out of  his mess with minimal damage in tow, and last night was another Houdini clinic..

Per usual his pitch  count was an issue, over the 5.2 innings of work, he never had a 1-2-3 inning… The good news he only coughed up 2 runs and they came off the bat of Babe Maldonado, who had 3  hits, 2 for Taters, scored 2, and drove in all 4 runs for Anaheim…

Montgomery played with  fire in the first inning pitching around a RISP to  escape Anaheim jumping to  an early lead, but it cost him 17 pitches..

Despite Holliday  dropping a foul pop up, Maldonado smacking a double in the 2nd inning, Escobar leading off with single in the third, Montgomery successfully navigated the Bombers through  3 inning on just 39 pitches.. Maldonado getting trapped in a caught stealing in the 2nd didn’t hurt the cause…

Gifted a 2-0 lead, the Rooks only blemish came in the 4th inning… After 2 outs, Simmons singled,  The GumBino balked him into  scoring position, and after a long 7 pitch AB, Maldonado went  Big Fly to left tying the score 2-2.. The 22 pitch inning escalated his pitch  count to  a still  respectable 61 through 4

Two long AB’s, a 2 out walk, but another scoreless inning, preserved the now 3-2 lead, but  his 19 pitch inning kicked his pitch count to  80 after 5…

Once again he secured the first  two outs in the 6th, but a 65 hopper dribbled under Gregorius’ glove and the  9 pitch battle with Simmons was lost… With Babe Maldonado coming up, and  97 pitches in the books, Joey Claps yanked him in favor of Chad Too Green 

Green and his easy 96 / 97 mph gas was a completely different look  then what  the GumBino was dealing,  and after Simmons stole 2nd,  Green fought back from a 2-1 count to punch out the Babe, once again a Rook  preserving the 3-2 lead

A small  step  for Green, a big step  for the Bombers middle relief corp…

With the Yanks  holding onto  a slippery 1 run lead,  Joey Claps had no intention letting Green cover the 7th inning, and Betances was heating up  for a 6 out hold..

Thankfully the Bomber offense hung a 3 spot on Nolasco  and Morin, allowing Green to  showcase himself as Gas Can Clippard’s  “7th inning” sub while Gas Can takes a trip around the cuckoo nest searching for his lost game..

He immediately smacked his gift horse in the mouth walking the lead off batter on 4 pitches.. After a 5th  straight ball, Green righted the ship punching out Danny the Destroyer Espinosa... Mighty Young Jr hit a comebacker to Green for a 1-3 putout , and after dancing with the pesky Maybin, another 1-3 come-backer sealed the deal and the last 6 outs were in the hands of the Bombers two best  pitchers…. Exactly what  you were looking for

The Bomber offense put this game out of reach scoring 2 more runs in the 7th, giving Betances an 8-2 lead to shake off some rust.. He smoked the Angels 1-2-3 with two punch outs

Working with the same 6 run lead Joe the Psychic  decided it was a good idea to throw some gas on the camp fire, just because he could, and he called  Gas Can Clippard to  do  the the heavy lifting

And the Can didn’t disappoint


Simmons doubled to deep right.

Maldonado homered to right (380 feet), Simmons scored.
 8-4 Yanks

It was a 7 pitch train wreck,  Joey Claps tap danced to  the mound to yank the maligned reliever who  was serenaded by a chorus of Boo’s in F minor ..

Nice job by Joe the Psychic,  way to  send the guy home with a knot in his stomach, then  giggle about it at  your post game presser

“I tried to get him a clean inning and it didn’t work,” Girardi said. “We’ve got to get him back on track.”

Chapman mowed down the Angels and the Yanks were once again shanking hands and slapping high fives  after breaking the 7 game losing spell…


Hit and Run

The Bombers scored 2 in the 2nd inning on a short 330 foot  2 run Dinger to right field  by Gregorius... Holliday padded the  anemic first base stats when he broke a 2-2 tie in the 5th  sending a  380 ft Ballantine Blast to  re-take the lead 3-2

The barn door opened in the 6th after a Sanchez single, a Headley one out  walk, and a gap  2 run double by the Romine Empire, made it a 5-2 game

 Gardner moved the catcher to  3rd base on an F/8, and Hicks plated Romine on an infield single.. 6-2 Yanks

A Holliday  lead off double in the 7th followed by a Castro  RBI single that  made it

7-2. Headley poked a 2 out RBI single to  cap  the Bombers scoring at 8 runs

2B: Romine (4, Morin); Holliday (13, Morin)
HR: Gregorius (8, 2nd inning off Nolasco 1 on, 1 Out); Holliday (15, 5th inning off Nolasco 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Gregorius 2 (28), Holliday (47), Romine 2 (15), Hicks (37), Castro (44), Headley (31)
2-out RBI: Holliday, Hicks, Headley
GIDP: Holliday
Yankees RISP: 4-9 (Headley 1-1, Sánchez 0-1, Gregorius 0-1, Hicks 1-2, Romine 1-1, Castro 1-1, Gardner 0-2)
Team LOB: 7

CS: Hicks (5, 2nd base by Nolasco/Maldonado)

E: Holliday (2, dropped foul ball)

 Severino vs Chavez tonight for the Series marbles

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Yanks Halos gm 2

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The Royals started out with a 2-0 lead, but they pretty much suck and are getting ready to blow the series Boston up 3-2 and threatening against Kennedy who  is a  fast ball cookie thrower

Brett Gardner OPS by month: .647 /.1.073 /.641 #Yankees

Gardzilla has morphed back into  the wet newspaper  slugger we all love….

Ned Yost is brining one of his best  relievers Mike Minor in the 5th inning to  stop  the bleeding, what a novel idea… Girardi has gone down with the ship and his best pitcher sitting on the pines in the bull pen..




Holliday 1B


Sanchez DH







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Search and Destroyed

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“I don’t think the first 60 games were an accident,” Girardi said. “We played pretty well during those games. Every team goes through their down periods. That’s the bottom line. It can be for a lot of different reasons. I like that club in there.”

A few minutes later General Girardi after scanning his casualties at first  base bluntly said when asked “Who’s on First”

“That’s what we have,” Girardi said.

That  doesn’t sound like a General who likes his “club in there”, I mean who  wouldn’t like Judge, Sanchez, Gregorius, Hicks, Castro, Betances, Severino, and Montgomery.. I suppose we should add the Bald Brothers who have done a nice  job chaperoning the under 27 yr old nucleus  on the General’s squad, but guess what, the rest of the battalion needs some R&R..

The now 7 games and counting losing streak has reached the red  alert, General Girardi and his war time consigliere Ambassador Cashman, who  rivals any used car salesman when it comes to  “talking a line of shit”  have some decisions to make, because you can’t win in MLB with what  those two  geniuses are rolling out on the field

The Ambassador has his clueless caretaker owner by the balls, he’s in charge of all  the new pieces  in the rebuild… The owner unlike his daddy isn’t a meddler so he wouldn’t know Chris Carter from Cody Bellinger, or Tyler Clippard from Craig Kimbrel, all he cares about is how much does it cost, and how much did we pull in at the gate last night..

The General himself on the other hand is running out of excuses, and so are his bosses at Al Yankzeera... If you think not having Adam Warren, a relief pitcher who Theo Epstein was willing to  drive to NY from Chicago just  to get him off his roster is the reason they’re losing, then you should apply for a job at YES

Brillo Levine Wants You…

No need to  suffer through the ugly 7th  defeat in as many games, so a quick autopsy

The offense could only muster 4 hits, a picket fence display of one hit each from 3-4-5-6 in the order Judge HR, Holliday double, Castro, single, and Sanchez, HR in the 8-3 loss..

The rest of the platoon went a collective 0-16.. Chase Headley hit a sac fly in the 4th inning that plated Castro who had picked up  the first hit of the game off Cy Bridwell in his third MLB start…..

After Pineda drove the ammo  truck into  the ditch with an atrocious  first  and second inning display of mediocrity, 4 hits, 1 BB, 3 Runs, that  took him 49 pitches to  accomplish, he settled in enough to hold the Mighty Halos offense without Mike Trout  at 3 runs for 5.2 innings

Pineda breeds about as much confidence in his game as a set of bald tires on an icy hill, but he did manage to get the ammo to  the bunker, thanks in part to heroics from Judge and Sanchez who tied the game at  3-3 with 2 Ballantine Blasts to right field..

You would think in a show of gratitude the General would have left Pineda in the game to  finish  6 complete, the bull pen is a squad of walking wounded, right? Isn’t that  what  Al Yankzeera is whining about throughout this lost 7 games?

Nope, the General in a real morale boost to one of his main starters moving forward yanked him with 2 outs in the 6th because the notorious slugger de jour,  .174 hitting # 9 hitter Danny the Destroyer Espinosa was strolling to  the plate with a deadly weapon in his hand.

The General  displayed his superior intelligence when Chicken Shreve his choice to  supplant Pineda  prevailed, and the  mighty Espy was punched out…..

Two batters later the SanBino  went Line Drive to  the seats and the game was knotted 3-3.. The momentum had switched to  the home team especially after their two  crown jewels had snatched the game from the jaws of defeat

Unfortunately the General’s next move rivaled Little Napoleon,  General Robert E Lee, General George A. Custer and last but not least the man who  won the battle but lost the war  Mexican General Santa Anna as one of the worst military decisions in History

Inserting Tyler Clippard into  the 7th inning was the wrong thing to  do, and every body knew it, but General Girardi…

With his two best pitchers sitting idle in the pen, fully rested, the General deployed perhaps his worst pitcher to hold the lead vs the top of the Angels order in the 7th inning ..Why, everyone in NY wondered?

Because regardless of results Clippard was his 7th inning guy, and Betances was his 8th inning guy, and Chapman  was his 9th inning guy, it’s the Formula

Clippard pitched to four batters and all of them hit him hard.

The right-hander, who pitched well for the first two months of the season, has been a disaster lately. In his last seven appearances, the right-hander has given up six earned runs — and three homers — in just 5 ²/₃ innings.

The General  can  talk about make-up and character and belief in his guys all he wants, the bottom line he’s making bad decisions and his facilitator GM isn’t helping by handing  him  water pistols  to use in a gun fight…

If you spoon feed Girardi the formula, he’ll use it, we’re not talking Tito Francona here, a real blood and guts  baseball man since he was 5 yr’s old.. We’re talking a Northwestern Engineer  nerd who only won once in his 10 yr regime at the Yankees helm and that cost his owner a quarter of a Billion dollars in Free Agent acquisitions which added to  an enormous $220,024,917M payroll

He was a great bull pen manager when his GM handed him Betances, Miller, and Chapman.. I have a rabid raccoon  that  comes around at  dawn and the poor bastard just  stares at  the  compost and the low hanging bird feeder, everyday, but can’t figure out his next move, who  could have deployed those three to  finish off opponents

Adam Warren might be a week  away, so  we probably have another week of losses coming  our way….Al Yankzeera’s first press release came from their team’s main ball  washer Bryl Cream Curry

“As Clippard continues to stumble (6 ERs in last 5 2/3 IP), Girardi will need to reassess bullpen roles. Absence of Warren looming large”.

So  there you have it, the shift in balance went from getting Chapman back  to now needing Adam Warren..

I’d like to be Warren’s agent when he heads to  the arbitration  room  with Astronaut Brillo Livine this winter….

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The YES Men


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Yanks Angels

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#Yankees lineup:











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PayBack Week

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This is why he’s Mikey 3 times, in this case Mikey 5 Times

“Asian-American. … So let’s make that an Asian-American band,” he said. “You’re telling me that using the word Oriental-American is a slight? … If they would like me to say Asian-Americans, all power to it … then I’ll say Asian-Americans, whatever makes people happy. Has it gotten to that point where that would be considered a slight? Oh, boy. But if it has to be Asian-American, then it’s Asian-American.”

Go get the paper, get the paper

Rough League

Apparently the Bombers Charleston RiverDogs affiliate did a number on trolling Tim Tebow…This goes beyond the peanut gallery saying your mother wears army boots ..

The Gley Hey Kid, he gone

In a total bummer, that head first  slide into home plate in Buffalo has ended Gleyber Torres’ season, this disappointing news came  one day  removed from him Tweeting he was feeling better…

I hate to be a know it all, but I did warn  a few friends who thought that  social media response was a sign he was returning in 10 days…

Of course he was feeling better, the Oxy’s kicked in, the pain subsided, and he decided Twitter was just  there for the taking

Anyway, I know pain killers, but I was shocked when we heard he was gone for the season, so  for the kid’s sake it’s agonizing..

On the other hand, Cashman has ordered the Party At Headley’s T-Shirts, because the way Torres was starting to play as the weather got warmer, he wasn’t just  knocking on the door, he had already dropped kicked  his foot through  the first lower panel

In 23 Triple-A games, Torres batted .309 (25-for-81) with two homers, 16 RBIs and a .863 OPS.

Most of that up-tick in his slash line came recently, as we moved closer to more comfortable baseball  weather.. In June he was 17 for 52 .309./406 / .457

The media was starting to  call  for Headley’s head, but he’s recently chased them  away

Headley has rebounded lately, hitting .346 (9-for-26) with a .952 OPS in the last seven games, of which the Yankees lost six

Headley wasn’t the problem on this last tour de farce, and as much as the media wants Torres up here, the Yanks owe Headley  $26M for this and next year…

“Chase Headley is playing third base for us,” Cashman said. “We are not trying to replace Chase Headley.”

Plus the last thing Cashman  wanted to  do  was promote a 20 yr old, but at some point before December 2017 he was gonna have to put Torres on the 40 man roster to  protect him, along with  Chance Adams Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Dustin Fowler, and Tyler Wade..

The biggest problem? Missed development time
Cashman said it was unfortunate Torres wouldn’t get more time at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or in whatever winter ball situation the Yankees had planned for him.

“But injuries are part of the game and thankfully this is a correctable injury,” Cashman said.

Get Well Soon kid

Kay To  the Rescue

During a rain delay yesterday  we got enough wireless signal to fire up the Michael Kay  show on our Spectrum app, so  we tuned in for a hour.. Lucky for us while Francesa was pissing off the PC liberals, talking golf, the NBA, Horse Racing, the NFL, anything but baseball, Kay  was railing on the recent Bomber 6 game losing streak..

His Fat Guy partner is a Met mutt, so he was trying to  sew a silver lining on the Yanks  6 game west coast market correction by saying how the Chapman DL was the reason and now it’s all better.. Ma Pinstripe on the 10 AM Met Mutt show was waxing the same carrot

Not quite, but thankfully Kay  who unlike Francesa, watches every game, knew better…

The pitching  auditions to replace the 8 week Sabathia DL sucked, as did the middle relief subs for Warren and the shrinking Tyler Clippard...

Tanaka is probably hurt, there is no  other reasonable explanation for how bad he is, and  Chris Carter cannot take up  a roster spot much longer

We would have liked for him to give the General and Cashman a few bitch slaps, after all,  the bull pen is a mess because the  General over used his best set up relievers, and had to  rely on the underbelly Cashman lined up  for him to  take their place…

Nobody said it was gonna be easy to hold auditions, rebuild a team, and try to stay in a playoff run, while making cutting the payroll top priority….Sorry but life ain’t that  accommodating, why would a 162 game baseball  schedule under these conditions be any different?

The bull pen mess brings us back to Astronaut Brillo Levine who  didn’t want to  pay Betances because he hadn’t compiled Save stats…

The save stat is not only a bogus number, it’s become  as harmful to baseball  as drinking pesticide water is to  your kidneys…

The Bombers best pitcher Betances has pitched 4.1 of the 156 innings the Yanks have played in June, that’s 17 games worth of innings.. After recently watching the bridge to his formula ONE inning crash, the biggest  asset in having Chapman back is now Betances can seek and destroy multiple innings in an effort to hand the “Closer” the ball

Memo  to Levine, Chapman is only the man because Betances is there to  set  his ONE  inning  up, try to  keep  up Brillo…Or release the purse strings and get your GM some better help in the pen…

The pitching lines up like this for the home stand.. First  three games vs the Angels, last three vs  the Rangers..


Advantage on paper having Pineda pitch  at home, 1.96 ERA in the Bronx, 6.25 on the road.. Go figure he’s better in a band box then in pitchers parks… The dude has always been an enigma.. It does appear at night and on turf, it’s gonna be a hard days night  at the office, he’s NG


The Bombers will  start  fresh  tonight at home where they  are 22-9, the offense plays better in the band box, and like all of the AL East teams they have a sub .500 record on the road, 16-20

The Bombers were helped out by the red hot Royals who beat Boston’s replacement 5th  starter and their underbelly bull pen last night 4-2.. The loss gives the Yanks a 0.5 game lead, 2 games in the loss column over Boston

The Bombers can make some hay before Boston gets back home on Friday where they’re 22-11… Time to  slow down the market correction fellas payback the Angels and remind the Rangers they’re 4 games off the Wild Card pace and 12 games behind the Astros in the West…

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California Dreaming, A Nightmare

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Well  that  was an unfortunate Sunday afternoon, the Drums from Hell, another tough loss, another failed pitcher from Cashman’s #2 Farm System, and the  once 15 games over .500 California Dreaming road trip  turned Nightmare has mercifully ended

It was appropriate, The NY Yankees on Father’s Day made the the Oakland Triple A’s their Daddy

The  6th consecutive loss a 4-3 stomach punch, combined with Boston narrowly  slipping past the Astros 6 to 5, puts New York and Boston in a virtual tie for first place, with  Boston  1 game back in the loss column

One of the main reasons Boston caught the Yanks this week, they won Bull Pen of the Week  honors, and baseball’s version of General George Armstrong Custer, General Girardi’s rag tags didn’t…

YES Network might want to  back off that  farm  system hyperbole on their promo’s, or at least explain to  the fans most of the touted prospects are teenagers or one or two birthdays  away from 20 / 21 years old,  consequently a few years away  from the Varsity….

They  want you to  stay interested in the cash cow at the Mall on Rivera Avenue by making you think the Young Calvary is ready to  rumble, they’re  just waiting with sharp bayonets and Navy Seal  training to  come save the day..

The handful  that  maybe  are ready, are all position players being blocked by veterans who Cashman doled out bad contracts to, so  guess who gets prioritized?

Right, the bad contracts, Headley, Ellsbury, Carter, Tanaka,

ARod’s cash on the barrel head  to  stay  away is $21M, but MLB is charging Steinbrenner  $27.5M AAV against the Lux tax,

McCann is costing  $5.5M in 2017  and $5.5M in 2018 to play  for Houston…. The Yanks are  shelling out $32M in unusable bad paper this year, and it’s  all going toward the 50% Luxury Tax

On the books for 2018 

Tanaka $22M, Ellsbury $21M, Chapman $17.2M, Headley $13M, Gardner $11.5M, Castro $10.8M, plus the $5.5M to McCann…

Most of the NYY’s #2 Farm  system are middle infielders and out fielders, any of the touted pitching prospects are two  to  three years removed from Severino and Montgomery, the only 2 youngsters that can help  this year’s squad

After painfully watching  games by  40 man  roster choices Luis Cessa, Chad Too Green. Ronald Herrera, Giovanny Gallegos, Ben Heller High Water, Kyle Holder, Domingo German and Bryan Mitchell, we have come to  the conclusion, Cashman, at the moment has assembled a pretty good stable of relievers, but not one starter in that bunch..

The only 40 man roster pitchers we haven’t had the pleasure to  watch yet are Yefrey Ramirez, (Trenton Thunder activated RHP Yefry Ramirez from the 7-day disabled list on June 14th when he made a start  at AA)

 Dietrich Enns who  after pitching 5 innings of 2 hit ball on April 14th, was shut down and has not been reactivated since April 15th..

Of course we all know their #1 pitching prospect Jimmy Kaprielian is out with Tommy John, so forget him for 2017 and a lot of 2018…

Cashman is overstocked with hype on the Farm, the good news, MLB / and touted prospect  publications have chosen where these  players are placed across the board,  not the Al Yankzerra fake news crew...So Cashman legitimately  has a pocket full of currency he can use to help  the varsity this season..

The bad news, Cashman after this lost week on the Left Coast has some real  decisions to make… Is this team good enough to start thinning out the herd in an effort to go outside of the organization for help, or are the Yanks gonna go back to plan A and make 2017 a Bridge Year?

The first  2 months of the season were saved by  Home Grown’s Aaron Judge, Luis Severino Gary Sanchez  Jordan Montgomery, and a band of older veterans playing over their collective heads …It had us throughly wrapped up in  delusions of grandeur, which in the grand scheme of things is tremendous..

When is the last time the Bombers showed any life or help  from the Farm system?

Remember 2013 when Junior Steinbrenner decided he didn’t want to  spend over $200M a yr, plus pay Tax penalties to run Daddy’s business? Not one prospect was MLB ready, so in 4 years the Yanks have at least made up  some ground..

The California Nightmare may have snapped us back to  reality that  maybe Hollywood isn’t ready for another spectacular baseball movie, so  the All Rise screenplay might be temporarily on hold?

The pitching is a big problem, at least the depth, don’t buy the fake news, none of those guys they purposely used this West Coast trip to audition vs “bad teams” panned out

They’re all relievers at the moment.. might as well bring a few up, put them in the pen..

AAA relievers are not the answer on the big club, if you want to stay in house I’m all for it, but you need to use your best arms, and Cashman wants to stretch them out as starters

I understand it, he needs to trade for relievers then, the sample size is big enough to make an evaluation… None of those guys sans German have Severino type stuff or Montgomery type stuff

They’re all AAAA starters, probably very good relievers when they cut 4 pitches to 2 like Green does, and only have to think about 1-2 or 3 innings

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Lose the Battle Win the War Tour

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General Girardi’s  Lose the Battle Win the War tour took on it’s 5th  consecutive loss yesterday as the Oakland Triple A’s noshed on Tanaka meatballs for 3 HR’s and a 5-2 win..

For some reason this 5th  straight loss didn’t sting as much, maybe we’re getting used to it, or maybe I should just  speak  for myself…

For me, the rack and ruin of a bull pen implosion is the most agonizing tragedy, with Tanaka you now almost expect disaster. “Let’s be honest” at this point in the season the sample size of mediocrity is no longer a small window, it’s a full  blown Glass Menagerie

The $153M man is having his career worst season at the most inopportune time on two  different levels..

1) He’s blowing a chance to opt out of the remaining 3 yr’s @ $67M, and turning it into a speculative 5 yr $155M bonanza on the open market

2) He seems like a stand up kid, and an honorable individual, so this blighted season has to be wearing heavily on him because first  and foremost he’s letting down his teammates not to mention the folks writing his checks….

Similar to  the Glass Menagerie, Tanaka is a series of characters, and this year  you see each one in every start, sans Boston and the 1st Oakland game when he was an unmitigated master

Yesterday, Nibbles set a world record that might rival Joe D’s 56

Masahiro Tanaka is only MLB pitcher in last 100 yrs (and likely ever) with 10+ K and 3+ HR allowed in outing of 4 IP or fewer

So  you see where we’re going with this, he’s a $153M  JAPANESE CHABAKO BOX

General Girardi has given up on remedies to  fix Tanaka San..

the Bob Steele

general Girardi

We get the feeling Larry the Stable Guy is equally bemused when it comes to being Mr Fix-It, but I bet he enjoys the Tanaka implosions, walking to  the mound is the only exercise he gets, so it secures those 10,000 steps a day his doctor ordered

The General said they’ve tried everything, it’s now up  to Nibbles to  figure it out for himself, that’s what I call expert coaching…I bet Junior Steinbrenner loved hearing that type of circumspection from his on the field $3M General……

Anyway, I’d call Pedro, we know the Red Sox are paying him, but that  didn’t stop him from  fixing Severino ( I love saying that to Red Sox fans, it’s subtle, like a Mike Tyson right hand to  the jaw)

It’s obvious Larry and the General are clueless, and you just  can’t let one bad kid in the class screw up  the lesson plan, so that’s my advice, go outside of the organization…….

The hope was Tanaka was fixed after his Anaheim outing, although a disgusted Ma Pinstripe said Larry wanted to  see him  do it again, yesterday he only half did it.. Yes he struck out 10, and had 19 swings and misses in 4 innings, but the 3 HR’s were debilitating on a day  when the offense could only muster 5 singles and 2 runs on the afternoon

Under  the Mingo Tree

The highlight of this game was a 4 inning relief stint by Domingo German who has the guts of a burglar…

German one of the pieces in the Prado / Phelps deal for  Eovaldi has been injured, is coming off Tommy John surgery, so his command will  be suspect, but you can’t teach Balls, and this kid worked in and out of  bases loaded trouble in the 6th  and 7th innings, and a lead off double in the 8th

He entered the 5th  after Tanaka threw a 37 pitch  4th inning and it was obvious Nibbles had nothing left after just  82 pitches… If the General  would have forced him to  throw another 20, his  21 HR’s allowed may have  surpassed the co AL leader Ricky Nolasco of the Angels

Despite being down 5-2 the offense still hadn’t shown signs of giving up, they  were putting long AB’s on A’s starter Jesse Hahn who was gifted a very short line-up  by the General in the midst of  his losing the battle to  win the war game plan…

The Sonny in a Toll Booth 

The Bomber offense finally succumbed to  exhaustion and showed little fight despite Hahn leaving the game after 5 innings.

Liam Hendricks punched out 2 and induced a ground ball out in the 6th, they started to lose altitude  in the 7th when Josh Smith waltzed through three weak  ground ball outs,  Ryan Madsen held his spikes to  their neck in the 8th after he punched out Judge who wore the strike out  hat trick  to his hometown party, and Sean Doolittle closed the deal  striking out Carter, Sanchez and Romine, around a Torreyes single

Torreyes with  2 singles on the afternoon was the Yanks hitting star


the Whole 9

This and That

Joel Sherman opines now that 40% of the season is over the sample size is large enough for Cashman to  think  about buying at the deadline… Obviously the Yanks have the prospect currency to  secure a starter

The Gleyber Torres elbow injury, depending on it’s severity, opens a potential third base trade also, but that’s a long shot, Headley is still on life support…

With Tanaka now officially a box of chocolates, Cashman will need to find a starter, he also has the mother of all hassles (for him), the 40 man roster, there are now  too many prospects and not enough seats at  the table, so he either loses them to rule 5 or he trades them for some much needed help..

Sherman has taken it upon himself to  create a Frazier, Adams, Mateo, Florial, package to get Jose Quintana a former Met PED user  back in Pinstripes

He would cost the kind of prospects who would help alleviate some 40-man roster crunch — this is made up by me: Adams, Frazier, Mateo and Estevan Florial. He is just 28 and lefty. Plus, he is under control through 2020, and how his team-friendly deal is structured Quintana would cost just $5.3 million toward the luxury tax payroll next year.

One dis claimer, Quintana has been as bad as Tanaka  and Rick Porcello.. One  potential  loop hole to his bad start, is he  frustrated knowing at  any moment he could be traded? Or did the WBC whack him in March and he’s yet to  recover?

Cashman’s  MIT graduate war room has no  doubt ripped into Quintana’s peripherals to find out what his problems are, so as much as we think trading Frazier for a potential  suspect is a No, if they  can find some or a lot of  positives in Quintana’s lousy season, he’s what  the doctor ordered… A Sale light if you will

Chance Adams gets a lot of ink in NY, he’s definitely a Minor League icon, but his command as a starter  is still  a work in progress, and to land a top of the rotation  pitcher, Adams who isn’t primed to help in a playoff run based on how much Girardi hates using young unproven commodities might make the most sense

Frazier is starting to rip  the cover off the ball  at AAA so he’s at his zenith Re: trade bait…

All good points, but they  better make sure whoever they  bring in isn’t damaged goods or the next Ed Whitson

With Greg Bird circling the drain for 2017, Cashman  will also need to  supplement first base, Chris Carter is not the answer on a steady basis

Hurricane Carter  owns a  37%  K /rate, in 174 PA’s he’s been punched out 64 times, so  every 2.7 times up he goes down on a strike out… If you don’t put the ball in play you have no  shot moving the needle

Carter has 8 HR’s in 174 PA’s, so he’s finding the Tater seats every 21.75 times he comes to  the plate..There is nothing he does offensively that breeds consistency if you play him everyday, unless you want to  wait for a HR every 5 games….

Depending on the price tag Yonder Alonso would make an interesting pick up, his LHB would play  well in the Bronx.. He’s a 31 yr old free agent rental so the price tag might not  be prospect intensive, and he’s a major upgrade over anything Cashman has…

Apparently Tyler Austin is now the new Rob Refsynder, but if Cashman wants to  go  for it, then he needs an upgrade to fill  the huge Bird void or give Austin a chance….

The problem might be Austin’s versatility may have been compromised by his ankle injury, and Refsynder, who  has morphed into  an automatic out, can still  fake 3 or 4 positions, rendering  himself more helpful  to  a team carrying 8 relievers

Gleybermania on Hold

Yankees Universe will have to hold their breath until official word comes on the severity of Gleyber Torres’ elbow injury… Despite Cashman’s claims that Torres would never see NY in 2017, the young man was starting to  rake at  AAA, and you know how much Junior Steinbrenner loves this idea of young, emergent, energetic and Cheap  talent…

That’s been #HalCare’s trump  card  bringing back the fans this season, so Torres was starting to do  more then knock on the varsity door, he was a 4 week Headley slump from getting the call

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June 18, 2017 at 6:43 am

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