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The Yanks fell to 32-16 on the season, now 2 games behind Boston, after getting trounced  11-4  by the Mike Trout Angels…

The Good

Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge led off the bottom of the first with back-to-back home runs off rookie Jaime Barria, who was recalled from Triple-A Salt Lake before the game to make his sixth start of the season.

Austin Romine homered off the right-field foul pole in the second after Andujar reached on an infield single to extend the Yankees’ advantage to 4-1.

Jonathan Holder relieved a battered and bruised Sonny Gray with  2 outs in the 4th and struck out Pujols after Trout’s Tater gave Anaheim the 5-4 lead.. He nailed down  the 5th inning allowing a base on balls, but 1,1 innings, 3 K’s no bits no  runs

Romine, Andujar, and Judge had 2 hits a piece, Judge was on base all  4 times up

The Bad

Mike Trout hammered Sonny Gray  for a loud double in the first  inning, he smacked him upside the head for a noisy  2 bagger again in the 3rd, so instead of putting the potential go  ahead run on base with an intentional pass, Boonz decided to pitch  to  the go  ahead run, Mike Trout in the 4th….

“Ro and Sonny both know we’re being careful in that spot,” Boone said. “But I think to start intentionally walking guys, especially when you have a lead early in the game, I just don’t think is the right play there.”

The lead Boonz was talking about was evaporating faster then a drip of water landing on a hot wood stove, with Sonny on the bump, and Mike 5 for 5  Trout was the main reason…

Boonz does have a habit of trying to get players to  do  what on paper is considered  “in a perfect world scenario”, like trying to stretch Betances for 2 innings, because  at some point they need him to be Andrew Miller…

Having Gray try to win an AB vs Trout may have been something he was hoping could build Gray’s confidence?

“Let’s be Honest,” Gray  was supposed to  be a #3 in the Yanks rotation, but he’s been an unmitigated bust from day  one.. With 4/5ths of the starting rotation  circling the drain, Boone is desperate to  get somebody besides Severino  going in the right direction..

That’s all I can  think of, because pitching to  Trout was really a bad decision, regardless of the results…

More Bad

 After scoring 4 runs in the first  2 innings, the Bombers quit on their stool, scoring no  runs, while scattering 3 singles over the last 7 innings of the game..

Romine in the 4th, Judge in the 5th, and Andujar in the 7th, das it

Hopefully Didi Gregorius wakes up  soon, in his last 15 games he’s accumulated 8 total  bases… Mike Trout racked up  11 total bases last night

Over that  15 game span he’s 4 for 64, the dude’s batting 0.63, and he’s been smack  dab in the middle of the line-up.. Last night he had a chance to make some noise but he ended the 7th inning on a harmless F/9  with the bases loaded…

Gleyber Torres opened the flood gates in the 6th inning dropping a potential 6-4-3 DP throw from Andujar… Trout made T Virgil Kahnle pay for the extra traffic on base, and a 5-4 lead quickly morphed into  a 9-4 nightmare on Virgil Kahnle’s watch…ng

GianCarlo Stanton just  sucks in general, he was clueless on 2 punch outs and he impressed the sold out house with another 0-4..

Is it possible a real left fielder catches Trout’s 1st inning double, Stanton seem to leap  like a giraffe  at it but it was past him… Possible the thing was just  smoked, it did register 109 MPH, but you can see the ball lands just below the State Farm Sign, so he definitely mis-read the 19 degree angle regardless

stanton misplay

Stanton, Gregorius, Sanchez, Bird, Torres 0-19 with  a walk by Torres

T Virgil Kahnle, after a DL stint, picked up  where he left off, not pitching very good… Kahnle was a nice piece to last  season’s  bull pen puzzle, but he’s been a shell of his 2017 self, and until  future notice can not be trusted,,

In fact the whole touted Yankees pen sans Fido can’t be trusted.. When Jonathan Holder is your best  reliever, you have some big boy problems

The Fugly…

Sonny Gray  wins the Fugly Belt hands down

3.2 innings, 7 hits, 5 runs, 3 BB’s, 7 K’s, 1 HR 86-52 pitches…

He face 21 batters 12 of them saw first pitch strikes, the lead off  batter got on base in all  4 innings, 3 hits and a walk..

He walked Otani  with the bases loaded in the 3rd, then coughed up  a sac fly turning a 4-1 lead into  a much slimmer 4-3 nose bleed… The 3rd inning was  a vital  shut down frame after Romine gave the Yanks a 4-1 lead with his 2 run Dinger in the 2nd

Gray’s coup de grâce came in the 4th after the  lead off batter HayStack Calhoun walked. Rookie catcher Briceno singled to left, Calhoun went to third, Briceno was gunned down at 2nd base trying to stretch the single

Cozart struck out swinging, and with  first base open they  decided to pitch  to Trout..

Fine, but after 2-0 in the count, walk him, instead Gray at 2-1 tried to  sneak a low and away slider past the best player in baseball, but it wasn’t low  and away enough and Trout wrecked the game with a 2 run Dinger….5-4 Angels, and good night Yankees

trout hr

Gray has been consistently bad, but he has stage fright pitching in NY while wearing the Pinstripes

sonny splits

sonny home away splits

Rubber match  today, Boonz will  throw another box of chocolates Ma Tanaka at Mike Trout’s Angels…

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The Gley Hey Kid

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In the past 16 games Gleyber Torres has smacked 9 HR’s, last night in the 7th inning  number 9 gave the Yanks a 2-1 win over the dangerous Mike Trout led  Anaheim Angels

The eventual  game winning Tater came off the old Baltimore closer, reliever Jim Johnson… The pitch was a 3-1- 95 MPH fast ball on the outer  half at the knees  that Torres deposited into the right field bleachers just in front of the Modell’s sign, no  cheapie

The Gley Hey Kid became the youngest player in American League history to homer in four consecutive games,  and he’s gone deep in five of his past six contests..

The kid is supposed to be a contact hitting infielder, but if you think about it, he’s the same size as Mickey Mantle 5’11” 195, Torres is 6ft 200, so stuff that in your vape and puff it, Baseball America…

Torres also  drove in the Yanks first  run in the 2nd inning off the stingy Andrew Heaney who  went toe to  toe with  a not that  sharp Severino..

Sanchez led off the 2nd inning with  a single, Gregorius who is still mired, almost killed the inning but the 4-6-3 DP call on the field was overturned and Sanchez was replaced on first base by Gregorius..

Two base on balls  ( Hicks, Andujar) sandwiched around an Austin punch out loaded the bases for Gleyber who hit a rope to  third base that Cozart backhanded, he lost time trying to  tag  3rd base, realized that  wasn’t an option and threw to  first base too late to nab Torres and the Yanks took  a 1-0 lead

The Angels managed only one run off Severino  who  for the 3rd straight game wasn’t  a fire breathing monster, but even  a pedestrian Severino is pretty good.

Sev  managed to  grind out 6 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, a bizarre 4 base on balls, 5 K’s, and a HR to Mike Trout.. 99-63 pitches

Severino, intelligently pitched around the best player on the planet in the first  and third innings walking him both  times accidentally on purpose.. For some unknown reason he foolishly pitched to Trout in the 5th  and the Philly fan from South Jersey belted his 16th HR of the season into  the right field seats

It was an 0-1- 98 mph fastball on the outer half, waist high, in Yankee Stadium, to Mike Trout….

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 6.57.35 AM

Aaron Judge went 0-3 with  two punch outs but he made two tremendous defensive plays… The first highlight reel play  cut down a run at  the plate in the 3rd inning.. The 2nd play wiped out a potential  one out double, that was followed by a single in the 7th, with the game knotted at  1-1..

3rd Inning play  at  the plate

judge statcast 3rd

The Yanks had 5 total hits, Torres had 2, Andujar, Gardner, and Sanchez had one each

 Andújar (15, Heaney)
 Torres (9, 7th inning off Johnson 0 on, 2 Out)
 Torres 2 (24)
2Out RBI:
 Torres 2
Team RISP:
 2-5 (Torres 1-2, Stanton 0-1, Austin 0-1, Gardner 1-1)
Team LOB:
 1 (Andújar-Torres-Austin)
Outfield Assists:
 Judge (Calhoun at Home, Maldonado at 2nd base)

pitching box

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Yanks Angels

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Despite yet another airplane issue in Texas and the Yanks not landing in NY until  8  AM Thursday, their day off, they managed to  pick up  a half game on Boston  who  was shut down  by Blake Snell and 2 off his BFF’s  in a 6-3 Tampa win

The Boston loss gives the Yanks a one game lead in the loss column, but the Bombers (31-15) have played 4 fewer games then  the Angry Cousins ( 34-16) so Boston is in sole possession of first place by 1 game

The Atlanta Braves (29-19) who  are leading the NL East invade Fenway Park  this weekend, while the Anaheim Angels (28-22) presently in 3rd place in the AL West come to  the Bronx

Tonight Luis Severino will face Andrew Heaney

The Angels will be in the 2nd of a 3 city, 11 game road  trip that  started in Toronto where they snapped a 2 series losing streak  taking 2 of 3 from the Jays.. After 3 in the Bronx, Anaheim travels to Detroit for 4 before heading back to  Anaheim

The Yanks are coming off their worse loss of the season a debilitating 12-10 slugfest defeat at  the hands of the last place Rangers, brutal…

After an  8 game winning streak, the Bombers are 5-5 in their last 10.. Four of the five losses have come against the A’s, Royals, and Rangers

Unfortunately the Angels have a 16-5 road record that offsets their  12-17 home  numbers, so  this will be a tough  weekend for the Bombers who  face Houston for 3 games when Anaheim leaves..

The Yanks then leave  on an 11 game road trip that  starts in Baltimore (4), heads north  to Detroit (2) Toronto (2) and ends in Citi Field vs the Mets for (3)

With Greg Bird coming back on Saturday, speculation in the media has Cowboy Ty Austin being the dude who  goes back  to AAA… At the moment the Yanks are carrying 12 pitchers so  it’ll be a position player that takes the demotion, and Austin has options..


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Texas Heat Burns Yanks

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The Bombers lost a 12-10  slugfest to the last place Rangers who were able to wipe away  4-0 and 10-5 leads thanks to some terrible starting pitching from Sabathia, and shoddy relief work  from Shreve and Robertson..

The loss snapped an 8 series winning streak, it also knocked the Yanks 1.5 games behind the surging Red Sox.. Boston  and NY both  have 15 losses, Boston has 3 more wins, so  the Yanks really blew a chance to  create some elbow room by allowing Texas to win this 3 game series 2-1

The Yanks after two  rain outs in DC, finish their 6 game road trip vs bad bad teams  3-3…  #painful

The Good

The offense was on fire for 6 innings, 14 hits 10 runs, too bad it wasn’t little league

Gregorius (11) Torres (8) Judge (13) Walker (2) all hit HR’s

Gardner, Judge, Hicks, Walker, and Andujar all had 2 hits each..

Torres’ three-run shot off Doug Fister established the 21-year-old as the youngest Yankee in franchise history to homer in three consecutive games.

“I try to do my job every day,” Torres said. “I’m happy for helping my team and the opportunity, but we lost today, so it’s no big deal with the home runs. … I feel good for that [record], but we lost tonight. We’re ready for the next series. We’ll try to win.”

Betances pitched 1 great inning of relief

Holder reliever Sabathia, gave up  a single but stopped the bleeding securing 0.2 of an inning with  traffic on board

Gardner 2 (8, Fister, Barnette); Andújar (14, Fister)
Gregorius (11, 1st inning off Fister 1 on, 1 Out); Walker (2, 3rd inning off Fister 0 on, 0 Out); Torres (8, 5th inning off Fister 2 on, 1 Out); Judge (13, 5th inning off Barnette 1 on, 1 Out)
Gregorius 2 (34), Romine 2 (13), Walker (14), Torres 3 (22), Judge 2 (38)
2Out RBI:
Team RISP:
4-11 (Torres 1-2, Stanton 0-1, Hicks 0-2, Andújar 1-1, Romine 1-1, Judge 1-2, Walker 0-2)
Team LOB:

The Bad

Sabathia looked to  tire in the 91 degree heat after 3 innings, he gave back  a 4-0 lead spitting up  5 runs in the 4th,  and 2 more in the 5th, 7 in total

Shreve started the 6th  and gave up  two  singles sandwiched by a strike out

Robertson walked 2 batters and coughed up  the game winning double to Profar

Boone continues to play  with  fire putting Betances in for 2 inning outings.. Once a batter gets on base, Betances starts quacking like a duck, and a wild pitch /  strike out turned into  2  stolen bases and an RBI single / insurance run in the 8th

The only AB sporting a goose egg was Sanchez who  struck out in the 9th inning as a pinch  hitter

The offense seemed to  give up  after the Robertson implosion,  they shut down over the last 11  outs…

Andujar, Sanchez, and Torres all  striking out meekly in the 9th inning wasn’t how you drew it up, it accentuated the negative of a bad loss

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The Cole Shoulder In Texas

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Last night in Texas the Bombers lost their 4th  game this month (13-4) to  the last place Rangers 6-4…

Cole Hamels auditioning for a July deadline or sooner trade to  some contender hurled 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, ( HR’s from Torres and Andujar) 2 BB’s, 7 K’s 100-63 pitches..

Hamels isn’t worth handing over an elite prospect, but with $22.5M in 2018, and an option or  $6M buyout in 2019 left on his contract he could be too  rich  for the #HalCare blood

Of course Cashman  could add a few stud prospects and get Texas to eat a portion of that contract ?  Or not, save the prospect bullets for a younger cost controlled pitcher, like Patrick Corbin if the D-Backs completely implode, which is a long shot..

Domingo German and Gary Sanchez had a plan, but the Rangers took a page from Mike Tyson’s College for Knock Out Knowledge handbook and punched German in mouth 4 batters into  his start in the heart of Texas.

A first inning one out infield single immediately had German working out of the stretch, that  result seemed to  take him out of rhythm from the get go.. After the knock he walked a batter then covered too much plate with  a mediocre fast ball and Jurickson Profar parked it in the right field seats for a quick  3-0 lead..

With no traffic on the bases German punched out the next two batters, but the barn  door was already open.

German hit the lead off batter in the 2nd inning, then  was charged with  a wild pitch that  should have been called  a  passed ball on  Sanchez, a ground ball out  put the 4th Texas run 90 feet away

German was charged with his 2nd wild pitch, but again Sanchez’s failure to  block  the pitch cost the Yanks, and Chirinos scampered home from  3rd base to make it 4-0…

Sanchez for the 3rd time in the inning could not block  a ball in the dirt, the “wild pitch” moved both  runners  German walked  into  scoring position, and a ground ball out plated Texas’ 5th  run..

The lack of command and shaky backstop defense induced 2 runs without a hit, and the 6 no hit innings German hurled in his first  start replacing Montgomery was now a distant memory…

After Gleyber Torres smacked his 7th HR of the season in the 3rd inning to make it 5-1, German punched out the side in the bottom of the 3rd, at that point  you thought maybe he can  finish strong  and secure 15 outs before his pitch count evaporates.

Unfortunately German  was ambushed by  a Guzman HR  in the 4th inning giving Texas  a 6-1 lead, 2 outs later he coughed up  an infield single and Boonz yanked the kid ending a disappointing outing

3.2 innings, 4 hits, 6 runs, 3 BB’s, 6 K’s, 2 HR’s, 85-50 pitches a terrible K / BB rate…

Cole 1.2 innings,  Shreve 0.2 innings,  and Gallegos 2 innings held serve over the last 4.1 giving the offense a chance to  catch Hamels and or his  bull pen..

Torres gave the Yanks their first  run in the 3rd with his 7th Tater.. Andujar belted his 5th HR in the 7th, Romine who  replaced a cramping Sanchez drilled a 2 run HR in the 8th to close the gap at 6-4

The Bombers sent up  the guys you wanted to  see in the 9th, Walker, Torres, and the line-up  turning over to Hicks, but Rangers closer  Keone Kela stuck  a fork in them with a 1-2-3- 9th  to  close it…

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Yanks Blast Off In Texas

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There Yanks 31-13 moved a half game ahead of the idle Red Sox with  a 10-5 dismantling of the woeful Texas Rangers…The Yanks hit the road vs DC, KC, and Texas last week, they were rained out in DC, slept in an airport, lost game one to  the atrocious Royals, and have snapped back  with  3 straight wins

The Bombers have scored 28  runs in the 3 wins, propelled by 14 HR’s, 9 over the last 2 games, last night they smacked 5 more, and they  all  came on a good night with Tanaka mailing in  his 5th win of the season, a mediocre

5 inning, 4 hits, 3 runs, 4 BB’s, 3 K’s, 2 HR’s

Tanaka  was yanked after 5 pedestrian innings with only 76 pitches delivered, but with no  splitter to  work  with, Boonz made the right call, Tanaka was getting ready to  hand back  an  8-4  lead the Yanks afforded him after 6 innings that’s for sure

The Rangers are bad, but they  can hit Taters in Arlington  that’s for sure, last night they  popped 3 HR’s 2 off Tanaka who has coughed up  11 Dingers in 10 games and one off Chad Too Green..

Green did manage to  eat 2 innings, giving up  2 hits and a run, Robertson  and Holder pitched the final  2 frames allowing just a walk  by Robertson

 On offense Gleyber Torres had two Hr’s, one further then the other, this kid is on Otani’s tail  for Rookie of the Year at this pace

The Judge snapped an 0-17 slump  with a clutch Tater that gave the Yanks a 5-4 lead after Tanaka spit up the 4-1 advantage his offense gave him

Neil Walker who  media pundits keep  saying will  be gone once Bird gets back, played 3rd base and hit his own 400 foot HR, Walker is a pro hitter capable of 3 positions, he’s a switch hitter, making $4m, he’s going nowhere..

Aaron Hicks continued his hot streak belting a garbage time Tater in the 9th, actually the 2 run shot sat Fido  down and Boonz summoned Holder for the non  save 9th inning

Everybody in the line up had a hit sans Cowboy Ty Austin who has also been on a tear lately

Gregorius got off the snide with  a loud double, he was 1 for 4

Torres had a 2 hit night, Judge and Walker also had  2 hits apiece, Walker and Torres went 4 for 8 batting 8th  and 9th in the order… When Andujar or Torreyes  are in the mix show us a better 7-8-9 combination in baseball, we dare you…

The Yanks whacked 8 hits, scored 6 runs off 65 yr old Bartolo Colon, thank You Texas

 Gardner (6, Colon); Walker (6, Colon); Judge (11, Bush); Gregorius (11, Bush); Sánchez (11, Chavez)
 Torres 2 (6, 2nd inning off Colon 1 on, 2 Out; 6th inning off Colon 0 on, 1 Out); Walker (1, 4th inning off Colon 0 on, 2 Out); Judge (12, 5th inning off Colon 0 on, 0 Out); Hicks (5, 9th inning off Chavez 1 on, 1 Out)
 Walker 2 (13), Torres 3 (18), Judge (36), Stanton (28), Gregorius (32), Hicks 2 (19)
2Out RBI:
 Walker 2, Torres 2, Gregorius
Team RISP:
 4-12 (Sánchez 0-1, Torres 1-1, Gregorius 1-2, Stanton 0-2, Hicks 1-1, Judge 0-3, Austin 0-1, Walker 1-1)
Team LOB:
 Gardner (5, 2nd base off Chavez/Chirinos)
 Sánchez (2, throw)
 1 (Tanaka-Gregorius-Austin)


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