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EllsBurying a Manny Trade

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Prospect Sticker Shock 

The 2017 Winter Meetings are now officially over, the Yanks and their war time consigliere Brian Cashman are the Winter Meetings champs thanks to a  fortuitous trade scenario  that landed GianCarlo Stanton in the Bronx

The sting not only sets up must see TV, and a gate bonanza for #HalCare, CashMagic picked Derek Jeter’s pocket for an extra $30M, dropping #27 Jonny Boy’s  AAV to $22M

The Yanks have roughly $30M before hitting the $197M Tax ceiling, depending on arbitration costs it could be $25M, so if they  want to  bag two  starting pitchers, signing CC Sabathia and trading for a cost controlled starter seems to be the best approach..?

Of course be ready to kiss the Yanks prospect porn collection goodbye if indeed pitchers like Fulmer, Cole and to  a lesser extent Corbin, the three rumored targets are acquired

The Tigers, the Pirates, and  the D-Backs will  start  asking for Torres, Frazier, Estrada, Sheffield, Adams, Abreu, Andujar, Florial, for openers, with Clint Frazier the name you hear  as a headliner? Torres and Florial rumored to be off limits..

Cole is arbitration eligible for the second time this offseason and made $3.75 million last year, so he would easily fit into the Yankees’ financial plans. Cole was 12-12 with a 4.26 ERA in 33 starts last season when he gave up 31 homers. He is 59-42 with a 3.50 ERA in 127 big league starts.

Corbin, 28, was 14-13 with a 4.03 ERA in 33 games (32 starts) last year when he was paid $3.95 million. He is eligible for a third and final trip through arbitration. In 139 big-league games (121 starts) Corbin is 45-47 with a 4.12 ERA.

Michael Fulmer the former Mets prospect turned Tigers Ace isn’t being shopped by Detroit, but with GM Al Avila looking to rebuild, Fulmer’s arbitration numbers could start  to increase dramatically, and Al is pretending to be concerned?

Fulmer, 24, has performed like a front-line pitcher in his first two seasons in the Major Leagues but is rehabilitating from ulnar nerve transposition surgery in his right elbow. Fulmer is scheduled to begin a throwing program this week in Lakeland, Fla. and is expected to be ready for the start of spring training. In 2017, Fulmer was an American League All-Star. In 2016, he was the AL Rookie of the Year Award winner.

Fulmer’s contract status also is attractive, as he is under team control for the next four seasons. The reason the Tigers would consider trading Fulmer is because they expect him to eventually be expensive in the arbitration process. Further injecting the farm system with fresh talent could speed up the rebuilding process.

Anything is possible but the T Leaf is reading prospect sticker shock, despite Fulmer’s injury and recovery timetable..

“He’s an exciting young pitcher that we’d love to have,” Avila said. “So for us to trade him, it would have to be something that a club would really have to step up and have something significant that we would feel would make us a much better organization moving forward.” 

He’s also  the dude who Fat Miggy Cabrera deked into  starting the Detroit brawl that resulted in Rocky Romine and the SanBino landing suspensions.. So the vote here is Punt on Fulmer unless the prospect price drops  @Source

EllsBurying a Manny Trade

It’s due diligence for Baltimore GM Dan Duquette to entertain offers for his franchise player Manny Machado who has an expiring contract at  the end of the 2018 season and can become a free agent…

Manny is projected to command anywhere from $325M to $400M on the open  market?

Judging by the way teams are not walking but running away  from,  JD Martinez, Eric Hosmer, Jake Arrieta, Mike Moustakis sticker prices, is the market overstating what Machado and Harper will  really pull down?

Probably not, based on what Stanton’s original 13 yr $325M contract  established, both Machado  and Harper will be 26 yr old free agents looking for 10 yr commitments with opt outs and no  trade clauses venturing north of $30M per

A Rumor the White Sox would acquire Manny then  trade him  to  the Yanks is nothing more then baseball writers creating their own potential scenarios, fake news…. Sweeny Murti  pretty much  cleared that up in one of  his WFAN interviews this week

“We’re going to leave here and then take a look at what our options are back in Baltimore. So don’t expect us to make a deal later today.”

“We’re going to do what we can to put together the best club we can and obviously there’s a lot of interest in the players on our roster who are going to be free agents, so we need to sort through the extent of that interest and see if a trade makes sense.”

Doesn’t sound like the offers Baltimore received out weigh the “optics” they’re  tanking the season..

If they  trade Manny then of course backing up  the truck unloading their relievers, specifically Zach Britton would most definitely  bring back a decent sized prospect  haul… Duquette also  said offering any potential trade partner a window to negotiate a long-term deal with Machado is not a “viable option.”

Machado is projected to make $17M to $20M at the arbitration table so  even if he was a “viable option” for #HalCare, they’d have to lose Ellsbury money or kiss the $197M goodbye

DFAing the DoughBoy won’t work, his $21.8M AAV will  just  torture the Bombers salary flexibility for the next three years… At this point Cashman is better off burying him  as the Yanks 5th out fielder, perhaps that inspires Ellsbury to loosen up on the full no trade clause?

“Right now he’s pretty excited. Talked to him yesterday. He feels he’s going to be a major part of what they’re doing,” Boras said. “I think there’s going to be a competition in New York. They have a lot of diamonds in their jewelry store, no question about it. It’s going to be a very healthy environment and Jacoby has done a lot of big things in a lot of big situations in a lot of big cities, so competition does not in any way do anything but exhilarate him.” ©Source

That’s just  the first obstacle, attaching an elite  prospect could possibly entice a team to pick up half of his contract making him a 3 yr $34M ($11.3M) has-been centerfielder with  not enough pop in his bat to make him an attractive corner outfielder…

Adding another $34M to the Bombers expense account could possibly put the Yanks in a position to  sign  a free agent like Alex Cobb,  sign Sabathia, and keep their farm  system intact…

Intel Links From the King of Queens Mikey 2 Chins 


Patrick Corbin

Gerrit Cole

Michael Fulmer


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Please Don’t Boras

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Elephant In The Lobby

You have to love / hate Scott Boras, his 30 minutes in the lobby at the winter meetings are legendary

He had a snarky way of saying Free Agency is about the money

“I think any negotiation normally is 80% of the money given at presentation, and 80% percent of the time in the negotiation is about 20% of the dynamic of finalizing a negotiation.’’

Boras is famous for sneaking past the GM / Prez, and talking to the owner, that’s when the mountain lion traps the lamb…

If you’re a Boston fan all Bridges and tall buildings have armed guards enforcing a no trespassing rule

guess Dave is just waiting for the price to drop on Martinez, in the meanwhile get Hanley on board, Cora takes a ride to Hanley’s ranch and explains this is how we’re doing it in 2018, you’re gonna love it……

“Boras has been shopping and touting slugger J.D. Martinez, first baseman Eric Hosmer, third baseman Mike Moustakas, starter Jake Arrieta and closer Greg Holland, but still expects to leave town Thursday without a deals”.

Going past the threshold for the first time comes with a 20% tax, which increase to 30% for a second year and 50% for a third. There’s an additional 12% added on top when teams exceed the mark by between $20MM to $40MM, while going past $40MM triggers the maximum penalty — which can reach a 90% tax on overages. (That information comes via Bob Nightengale of USA Today, via Twitter; Sherman and Stark previously sketched the parameters.) Teams that go $40MM over the luxury tax line will see their top draft pick fall by ten spots, the AP adds.

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Sho-Me Your Elbow?

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“Let’s Be honest” even when Brian Cashman loses he wins these days, Cashman is on a better winning streak  then the Harlem Globtrotters this off season, landing the #27GianBino, trading away free swinging  defensive menace Starlin Castro, and the gutty but limited Chase Headley in an effort to gain more Salary flexibility

Cashman was also named Executive of the Year, and just inked a 5 yr $25M contract.. You want more, word comes out of Anaheim  that Japanese superstar Shohei Otani has a

 first-degree sprain of his right UCL, according to Yahoo Sports.

He received a platelet-rich plasma shot back in October to try and ease the pain of the injury.

A “small free body” also floats in Ohtani’s elbow near his UCL, according to medical reports obtained by Yahoo Sports.

If Ohtani’s first-degree UCL sprain worsens, it may require Tommy John surgery, which usually sidelines pitchers for an entire year.

Former Cashman protege Billy Eppler now Anaheim’s GM, played the injury down which might fly in Anaheim but would cause a riot in NY

Angels general manager Billy Eppler, who began scouting Ohtani when he worked as a Yankees executive, told Yahoo: “Shohei underwent a thorough physical with MRI scans to both his elbow and his shoulder. Those are scans we conduct whenever we sign a pitcher. Based on the readings of those MRIs, there are not signs of acute trauma in the elbow. It looks consistent with players his age. We are pleased with the results of the physical and we are very happy to have the player.”

Seems you’d want to  conduct those exams before you sign a pitcher, no?

Also complicating the idea of Otani DHing, the often banged up Albert Pujols will have to man  first base more often.. In 2017 he only played first  in 6 of his 149 games played, he Dh’d the rest of the time (143)….

It’s common to hear pitchers say they’re always pitching with some sort of aliment, and we’ve watched Tanaka navigate that mine field, but when you see those 3 nasty letters UCL,  it’s always in the back of your mind the next pitch  could be their last for 18 months

It is starting to become crystal clear why Otani  rushed his arrival to MLB two years before he would have been eligible for free agency, his arm is ready to  blow….

 For Eppler and the Angels  maybe this is the perfect storm they needed  to nix the two  way player idea? Per many former MLB players, trying to be great on both sides of the ball could be problematic…TBC.. ©Source 

The Cashman Wins Again Tour

The CWAT  continued yesterday  when our Big Town Ninja GM was able to attach Chase Headley and his $13M contract to AJ Preller’s lust for Bryan Mitchell’s upside

“A.J. [Preller] and I have talked about a lot of concepts over time and it eventually led to a discussion involving an opportunity for us to clear some money,’’ general manager Brian Cashman said of his Padres counterpart.

“It’s a big fastball velocity, and he’s got a good breaking pitch in there, too, a power curve,” Preller said. “A guy at 26 years old, four years of control. We kind of compare that to the free-agent market, and probably more intrigued in terms of the upside.”

Don Al mosconie’s favorite Baby Bomber is now a Padre, but the Don’s keen eye is also what inspired  Preller to make the trade

“It’s a big fastball velocity, and he’s got a good breaking pitch in there, too, a power curve,” Preller said. “A guy at 26 years old, four years of control. We kind of compare that to the free-agent market, and probably more intrigued in terms of the upside.”

We wish Mitch  all  the best, and in that big PETCO bone yard the kid might find his groove as a starter.. ©Source

Flexing CashMagic’s Muscle

Now that CashMagic has avoided the Otani disaster, pulled a 59 HR, NL MVP out of his hat, made Starlin Castro and Chase Headley, Derek Jeter and AJ Preller’s problem, his next task is making Jacoby Ellsbury disappear

That’s still  the mother of all magic tricks, one that could not only make Cashman 2018’s Executive of the Year, he could replace David Copperfield as the world’s greatest magician

Running neck  and neck  with losing at least $34M of Ellsbury’s albatross contract, is addressing maybe the only glaring weakness the 2018 Bombers have, pitching?

Unless Betances  or Warren get flipped, the bull pen sans a better LHP is all  set.. At the moment Cashman has a starting pitching problem, Luis Cessa is his 5th starter, and the young arms Severino  and Montgomery are coming off pretty big workloads

The names being thrown around are mostly top of the rotation hurlers that are  two or three years away  from making real starter money so the scenario fits with Cashman’s M.O.

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The 5 Magic Words

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Rob Manfred would like to thank Sho-Me Otani, Derek Jeter and “ZHON-carlo.” Stanton for carrying the MLB flag  the last 2 months… The three amigos kept Manfred’s MLB on the back and front pages, while the NFL decided kneeling on the job was a good idea..

The Otani  drama had it’s share of twists and turns before finding a soft landing in Anaheim where the best player from Japan will play  with the best player from MLB, Mike Trout..

Otani had until December 22nd to make a decision on which of the final 7 teams would be his choice, that  decision on December 8th, two days before the Winter Meetings   came much quicker then anticipated..

Otani’s plight kept MLB in the news feeds from the end of the  World Series (November 1st), to and through  the GM Meetings (November 13th) until it completed the journey this past Friday

Ironically Derek Jeter and the ZhonBino ran the clock down to Saturday December 9th before finalizing the deal on Day One of the Winter Meetings, yesterday..

The Bombers put on a show yesterday introducing Stanton with Cashman and Afterman bookending the stage, while Boone and #HalCare flanked  the zhonBino’s gun-side(s)


Stanton cleared up, at least his side of the story, how his exodus from Miami unfolded..

Unfortunately Derek Jeter who  at the moment is a bigger villain in Miami  then Fidel Castro, comes off smelling like your dirty laundry, thanks to the media casting him  the bad guy in their very own CSI Miami storyline

The headlines read Stanton  was bullied into leaving Miami ?

Well it’s not like he needed to  jump on an overcrowded raft and swim with sharks to defect South Beach, he was simply told if you don’t want to get traded to great baseball  towns like St Louis or San Francisco then you’ll be a Marlin  for Life

Bingo, that  did it, so who  dissed Miami, Stanton or Jeter who was trying to climb out of a $400M debt that  occurred on Stanton’s previous owner’s watch.. An owner Stanton took $325M  from to play in a market that has gutter ball  attendance ratings?

Stanton has never played on a winning team, which would be tough to  do in a small market, especially with one player pocketing 22% of the payroll

The list of 4 preferred Stanton teams came back into play after Stanton admitted he enjoyed the meetings in St Louis and San Francisco but the matches  weren’t right, another words he didn’t think  either team was ready to win.. I bet he also  realized with my $25M per for the next 10 yr’s these teams might not be able to  afford good players to support me?

Only one of the four franchises were interested in zhonCarlo and it just so happened to be the biggest sports market in the world, playing with a budding young core for a team that was 1 game shy of a World Series appearance

Now in my book that’s landing on your feet, for both Stanton  and Jeter, and you know who’s happier then both Stanton  and Jeter, Rob Manfred…..

The “optics” conscience commissioner not only has one of his pet Icons trying to  rebuild a stumbling franchise in South Beach, and good or bad Jeter generates news, like Trump.. Manny from MLB also has one of the top  5 Brand name players, in baseball now working in the biggest sports market anywhere on Earth

The media will  continue to gnaw at Jeter for unloading $265M in payroll instead of seeking out better prospects.. but

In this inflated prospect market, teams really don’t want to take on salary and part with young talent that will be soon helping their MLB team’s at a  minimum wage..

As for the Yanks, Stanton said the 5 magic words that won me over

“I’ll Do Anything they Want”

Stanton wants to  win, the Yanks have gone public starting their asking price for Ellsbury at eating half his salary, they might have to go higher then $34M, or they can dip back into  their second tier of prospects and possibly sweeten the pot for a DoughBoy exodus

No doubt sans the two tough losses in Houston that  ended the 2017 campaign, Cashman has been on a winning streak…

Now if he can somehow lose Ellsbury, use as much of that money as possible  to  upgrade two starting rotation pitching spots without trading Clint Frazier or Estevan Florial then the 2017 Executive of the year has the jumpstart on a Repeat

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Bye Bye American Pie

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The GianBino Stanton era in NY starts today  with  an introductory press conference along with the MLB Winter Meetings that dropped anchor in Orlando Fla..

Marbles Feinsand has the starter menu and it’s a good rundown

With Otani  and Stanton now off the board there should be some dominos falling this week, if nothing else we might get  some juicy rumors to  chew on…

That said, how much faith do  you put in any rumor ?

So  far  Otani  went to  a team nobody in the media predicted, and Miami Spice the Gianbino  went to one of the last team’s on earth you’d expect, the former lovable Baby Bombers, now  once again  known as  The Evil Empire

The Yanks have  named a bench  coach, it’ll be Josh Bard,

They are  rumored to name  Phil Nevin as their third base coach

Bard, 38, spent the last two years as the Dodgers’ bullpen coach and the previous three years as a scout and a special assistant. He was teammates with Boone with the Indians in 2005.

Since his retirement, Nevin, 46, has managed in independent ball, Double-A, Triple-A and was the Giants’ third-base coach in 2017. ©Source

Yankees Universe has been buzzing ever since the news broke on Saturday  that Cashman took an offer he couldn’t refuse, and leveraged Giancarlo Stanton away from Derek Jeter and the dysfunctional Miami Marlins

Stanton who just  came off a career year with  59 HR’s and an NL MVP, refused the trade offers to St Louis and San Francisco, prompting him to list the 4 teams he was willing to drop  anchor with..

For whatever reason that list evaporated to LA and NY, and LA wasn’t that  enamored with Stanton’s enormous contract.. At the moment they have $47.5M in bad paper themselves, not to mention roughly $40M in failed Cuban and IFA deals that  went south, and they’re paying for players who  aren’t in the organization

If Stanton and LA, his first  choice (not NY), were to  ever tie the knot, this season was the wrong time to book a wedding date…. There was no way  to  fit Stanton’s $295M / $25M AAV into  the Dodgers salary structure without them starting to venture into  some very hefty Luxury Tax penalties

To say Stanton fell in Cashman’s lap is an understatement, the prospect cost wasn’t as pricey as some had projected, and Cashman was able to lift $30M from Jeter, spread over 10 yr’s, so Stanton’s AAV is lowered to $22M

If we understand the complexity of the deal, the $30M or $3M per yr goes away if Stanton opts out in 3 yr’s..

Basically Cashman  exchanged Matt Holliday and Starlin Castro  for Stanton if you’re balancing out 2018’s salary structure, but when  you add the $265M over 10 yr’s it gets more complicated?….

At the moment the Yankees projected payroll is $166,342,857M give or take a few Million

With Stanton, the Yankees would have seven signed players at $120.7 million. Add the $5.5 million they are charged for what they owe to complete the Brian McCann trade, the $28.4 million that MLB Trade Rumors guesstimates it will cost them for eight arbitration-eligible players such as Didi Gregorius and Sonny Gray, and the $14 million each team is charged for items such as pension and medical, and that is $168.6 million.

And remember the Yankees still have to complete the 25-man roster, and put aside money for both in-season call-ups and July trades. Even if that includes a lot of near-minimums salaries, notably at second base to replace Castro, it adds up to enough to leave perhaps $15 million-$18 million for the Yankees to spend on their main target: starting pitching.

What  the 2018 line-up would look like if the season started today, of course is a projection, and arguably subjective

The potential Yankees lineup for 2018, as it stands now:

1. Brett Gardner, LF

2. Aaron Judge, RF/DH

3. Greg Bird, 1B

4. Giancarlo Stanton, RF/DH

5. Gary Sanchez, C

6. Didi Gregorius, SS

7. Aaron Hicks, CF

8. Ronald Torreyes, 2B

9. Chase Headley, 3B


With Judge and Stanton collectively logging 1,148 games in their careers, neither player has ever played anywhere but Right Field, so somebody is gonna have to  find another corner if Boone wants to play Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez in a day game after a night game where Sanchez DH’s…

The said these are discussions for another day.. today Miami Spice becomes a NY Yankee, hopefully he brings a few extra layers of skin with him, it can get real cold in NY,

ask Ken Davidoff

The one time the perpetually lousy Marlins drew a national platform, last July, it didn’t go great for Stanton. Designated as an ambassador for the All-Star Game held at Marlins Park, Stanton bristled at softball questions about his Home Run Derby challenger (and now Yankees teammate) Aaron Judge. “Hopefully he has to answer as many questions about me as I do about him,” Stanton said at one juncture. When the Yankees’ Gary Sanchez upset Stanton in the first round that night, clearing the way for Judge’s eventual title, Stanton didn’t stick around for media questions.

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You’ve Got A Friend

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When Walt Jocketty and Derek Jeter became two  desperate front office executives in  need of a bail out, waiting  with open arms to be of service was none other then  Big Town Playboy, Brian Cashman.

Yessiree Bob, winter, spring, summer, or fall boys, you’ve got a friend…

Jockety who made it a habit running the Cincinnati  Reds into the ground for years, was dumping salary hoping for yet  another rebuild.. The Reds GM had already shipped the Toddfather to  Chicago, Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips had a for sale signs on them as did the best  closer in baseball Aroldis Fido Chapman

Flipping Chapman was problematic, he was facing a domestic abuse charge that completely damaged his reputation… The Dodgers had a deal in place  for Chapman but bailed on it fearing the team’s Brand would take a huge social media hit..

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was also coming down hard on DA cases in an effort to prove the new sheriff in town was more Wyatt Earp then Andy from Mayberry

So Jockety was stuck, no team in baseball wanted to wear a black  hat, which color coordinated perfectly with the black  eye acquiring Chapman would produce.

No worries, in stepped Cashman smelling blood in the water and he shamelessly snatched Chapman at a wholesale rate handing over 4 under achieving  prospects, third baseman Eric Jagielo, second baseman Tony Renda, and right-handers Rookie Davis and Caleb Cotham. 

So  the best  closer in baseball was signed by NY Yankees 1 year/$11.325M (2016)  on  2/12/16 (avoided arbitration, $13M-$9M)
The other boogieman in a Chapman deal that kept teams away was the suspected suspension Manfred was chomping at  the bit to lay on Fido

Chapman ended up being suspended for the first 30 games of 2016 season, with Chapman losing 30 days’ ML service and pay, or $1,856,557M, negotiated down to 1 year/$11.325 (2016)

Cashman then flipped Chapman at the deadline for Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney, Rashad Crawford and Adam Warren…. And the Yankees front office had found religion

Until early Saturday morning Derek Jeter a first yr CEO found himself between a rock and a hard place in the first  major deal of his new career

The ongoing Jeter / Stanton / Miami drama came to  and end yesterday when Cashman once again bailed out a desperate CEO, snatching Stanton for the economical  price of $265M

As of Saturday afternoon, the trade was not finalized. The Yanks requested Stanton take a full physical in New York in exchange for absorbing $265 million of the $295 million Stanton is due over the next 10 years. If completed — which is the expectation either Sunday or Monday — the Yankees will receive the NL MVP and $30 million payable if Stanton does not opt out of his contract after the 2020 season.

Jeter’s desire to unload the GianBino’s $295M contract and net himself an elite prospect haul was shattered when  Stanton wouldn’t waive his no trade clause on deals to St Louis and San Francisco..

The media lashed out at Jeter’s inexperience and foolishness in not dealing with Stanton mano a mano.. Apparently Stanton expressing what team he would or wouldn’t accept in a trade would have saved the Marlins scouring the Giants and Cards farm system, not to mention  the  time and money invested in creating aborted deals?

Of course the media overlooked the fact that Jeter still has big chips in Ozuna and Yelich, two  young  cost controlled players that are much more attractive in a trade market  then Stanton and his 10 yr $295M price tag..

After haggling with the Giants and Cardinals the Marlins have a very good idea who  they  would like to poach from either system if indeed Ozuna and or Yelich were being shopped in those markets, so  good chance all R&D wasn’t wasted but emboldened

The media geniuses were quick to point out, No offense to #2, but nobody is getting somebody to pay the majority of  Stanton’s freight plus hand over top prospects,…

Well no  offense to  the media but if they  thought Jeter wasn’t aware of that  then that’s why they’re still  scuffling to make midnight deadlines at failing newspapers and Jeter owns an MLB team that he only invested $25M of his own money in…

Whether Stanton opts out or not, the $30 million the Marlins plan to eat if he does reduces how much he counts toward the luxury tax from $25 million to $22 million in 2018. Castro, owed $22 million the next two years, counts $8.6 million. Together Stanton and whatever minimum wage-ish second baseman (Gleyber Torres, Tyler Wade, Thairo Estrada or Ronald Torreyes) plays second will cost the Yanks combined in 2018 for luxury-tax purposes about what Matt Holliday and Castro cost in 2017. 

The Yanks next agenda is finding money for some pitching without exceeding the cap

Whether Stanton opts out or not, the $30 million the Marlins plan to eat if he does reduces how much he counts toward the luxury tax from $25 million to $22 million in 2018. Castro, owed $22 million the next two years, counts $8.6 million. Together Stanton and whatever minimum wage-ish second baseman (Gleyber Torres, Tyler Wade, Thairo Estrada or Ronald Torreyes) plays second will cost the Yanks combined in 2018 for luxury-tax purposes about what Matt Holliday and Castro cost in 2017.

After the 2018 season  I can’t help  to  think Cashman flips Stanton to LA, and the Yanks go back  to plan A, an extreme over pay  for Bryce Harper who  could fit the Bombers even better, a big LHB in the middle of Sanchez and Judge and a LHB compliment to Bird…

The Dodgers will have 3 big expiring contracts coming off the books after 2018, Gonzales, Kazmir and McCarthy, which  immediately creates room  for Stanton to  join the team of his dreams,

With Stanton, the Yankees would have seven signed players at $120.7 million. Add the $5.5 million they are charged for what they owe to complete the Brian McCann trade, the $28.4 million that MLB Trade Rumors guesstimates it will cost them for eight arbitration-eligible players such as Didi Gregorius and Sonny Gray, and the $14 million each team is charged for items such as pension and medical, and that is $168.6 million.

And remember the Yankees still have to complete the 25-man roster, and put aside money for both in-season call-ups and July trades. Even if that includes a lot of near-minimums salaries, notably at second base to replace Castro, it adds up to enough to leave perhaps $15 million-$18 million for the Yankees to spend on their main target: starting pitching.



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The StanBino

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The Perfect Storm

When the off season started one of the last  things the NY Yankees needed was another Big right  handed right field slugger, especially one possessing a 10 yr $295M contract..

#HalCare’s main goal this  off season was abstaining from spending above $197M, at the moment they have $154M in commitments, but that’s all gonna change

Joel Sherman‏Verified account @Joelsherman
Source: Stanton from #Marlins to #Yankees is “virtually done.” Close to finish line. Hear #Marlins will get at least Starlin Castro plus good but not top prospects if completed. Again physical review can still be part of this so nothing final, but close.
12:39 AM – 9 Dec 2017

So judging by this exchange of contracts the Marlins will be taking back Castro@ 18:$10M, 19:$11M, 20:$16M club option ($1M buyout)

So at the moment the Yanks are assuming $273M of Stanton’s money

Jon Morosi‏Verified account @jonmorosi
Incentive for #Marlins to strike deal with #Yankees rather than #Dodgers: Starlin Castro, who we know is being discussed, is a cheaper veteran piece than those (Gonzalez, Kazmir or McCarthy) Dodgers likely would ask Marlins to assume. @MLBNetwork @MLB

When we scanned the Dodgers payroll the other day all three names jumped out at  you as players the Dodgers would ask Jeter to  take back…All three players have expiring contracts that melt away after the 2018 season

Gonzalez / $21.5M,  Kazmir / $16M  and McCarthy / $10M only Gonzalez is close to Castro’s money, and Castro is a more useful player..

Jon Heyman‏Verified account @JonHeyman
yankees have tried to foist ellsbury on miami as an offset, but marlins are not agreeing to that one. castro or headley are seen as more likely at this point. they are working on it.

Ellsbury will become a huge cog in this Yankees wheel, he wasn’t desired by the Marlins, but if he was, would he waive his no  trade? Also would his agent Scott Boras advise him to  do  so, knowing that his mega client Bryce Harper would no longer be an option in NY, which would dissolve a ton of leverage when they negotiate with  the Cubs and Dodgers

Perhaps now that Harper is no longer on the Yanks radar will Boras accommodate the Yanks and his client and try to  find a better landing spot for Ellsbury, although whats better then making $22M a yr as a part time player?

Why would I want to leave has to be running through Ellsbury’s head, but him staying becomes problematic for Frazier and or Hicks..

Not sure I like this deal, yes it’s exciting, yes the initial gate Bonanza for #HalCare will be enormous and yes if Stanton’s market fell to 10 yrs $275M  that’s a market value that becomes intriguing based on the $350M projections for Harper and Machado next off season

That  said it’s a 10 yr contract, Stanton will be 38 yr’s old upon it’s completion, unless he opts out in 3 years

Unless the Dodgers jump in at the last minute, like the D-Backs did with Greinke, the StanBino Era in NY is a passed physical away from happening

Written by Sal

December 9, 2017 at 5:59 am

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