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the Toddfather the Judge and CC Ride Again

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After a couple of tough losses thanks to Houston’s two man Dragnet, Kuechel  and V’lander, the Bombers in front of 49 thousand of their friends in the Bronx  banked one of the 4 games they need to  get to  the World Series with a one sided 8-1 win..

#52 SoupBone Sabathia continued on his crusade as a born again Pettitte tossing a 6 inning gem

6 inning, 3 hit, 0 run, 4 BB, 5 K’s, 99-64 pitches..

The 5 K’s against a non strikeout machine like Houston is an A+ rating..The new SoupBone brings a 5 pitch  arsenal  to  the slab these days, last night he was predominately 4 seam fast ball (38) and slider (38) with  a nice blend of his sinker, change up,  and cutter.

The fast ball, sinker, cutter (90)  and slider (79) were separated by  11 mph, adding in a mid 80’s change-up kept the Astros hitters off balance and induced the punch outs, and  for the most part soft contact,

CC was throwing strikes, while moving the ball  to  different parts of the zone, up and down, in and out. With  the ability to  command his spots Sabathia continued to keep  the Astros from erupting on offense which  they haven’t been able to  do in any of the 3 games yet..

Aaron Judge made a few highlight reel plays helping #52 Soupbone to successfully defend  his Stopper Role title..

The ToddFather in his first  ever LCS game in the Bronx was the boss..The Jersey native flipping a  two out 3 run Tater into  the short porch in right field in the second inning was the Dr Feelgood fix this Bombers squad needed..

Off the bat  the ball appeared to  be an innocuous F/9 but the ghosts of Bombers past carried it far enough for a souvenir…

The Yanks 3-0 lead was temporarily in danger in the third inning after Sabathia  with two outs gave up  2 walks sandwiched by a single to load the bases for Carlos Correa

Correa popped up  an 0-1 fastball on the hands to kill the threat..

In the 4th inning Gurriel blasted a 2-0 sinker to  right field that Judge caught  by making a circus catch as he slammed into the wall.. It looked like it was heading into  the first  row of seats, but a different angle showed it would have been an  easy extra base hit leading off the inning.

Sabathia rewarded the gift with a 7 pitch 4th inning to keep  the momentum in the Yankees dugout..

The Yanks mounted a ferocious 5 run rally in the bottom of the 4th to pretty much  put Game 3 on ice at 8-0

Greg Bird led off the 4th  with a gift double that Cam Maybin miss-played.. With  two outs Frazier walked, Headley hit a 75 hopper for a single that  scored Bird, and Gardner was HBP..

The Astros first underbelly reliever Will Harris entered the game and wild pitched NY’s   5th run.. On the 4th  94 MPH fastball in a 5 pitch AB, Aaron Judge smacked a line drive wall  scraper HR into  the left field seats to kick open the barn door at 8-0

All 8 Bombers runs came with  two outs, that’s a dark  thought the Astros had to  sleep on with  two more games to play at  the Mall on Rivera Avenue..

With  an 8 run lead, auditions for the Crying Joe  Circle of Trust  team started with Adam  the Sheriff Warren who passed with  flying colors  pitching 2 clean innings

Unfortunately one of CJ’s top  go  to men in that circle has left the building as Betances walked the only two  batters (10 pitches 8 balls)  he was allowed to  face in the 9th inning..

Watching Betances struggle was troublesome on the human side, having to use a big earner like Tommy Co Kahnle in an 8-0 game was disturbing.. With Sonny Gray pitching game 4  on 12 days rest, there is a good chance the Bomber pen will be called on for some overtime duty

Gray was beaten  by the Astros earlier this year while pitching for Oakland.. He was bombed for 5 runs on 7 hits, he walked 4, struck out 5 which is good, and gave up  a HR.. He did all  that  damage with  108 pitches…

Kahnle coughed up a single and gave up  a run scoring walk but induced Altuve to  smack into  a game ending DP, and the Yanks were one game away from  tying up  the series.

the Whole 9

the YES Men

SoupBone The Born Again Pettitte

The Judge Rises 

The ToddFather I’m the Boss I’m the Boss

Astronaut Brillo Levine’s Win  is Our loss



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Homeward Bound

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If the WC game and the two LDS games were any indication  the Bronx will once again be a Zoo over the next 3 days as the Bombers head home after playing two  tough losses in Houston

With  2-1 scores in both  games the onus probandi has been on pitching, Keuchel  and Verlander have gotten all  the ink  but the Yanks have done a good job too

The Yanks as a team are 10 for 63 with 27 K’s .159/.209/.254/.463

the Astros as a team are 11 for 58 with 9 K’s, .190/.242/ .276/.518

Here’s the problem, Altuve and Correa have 8 of the Astros 11 hits, Gurriel the other two, only 4 Astros have hits

7 Bombers have hits, Judge and Sanchez are 1 for 15 with 8 K’s Sanchez 0-7 with 5 K’s

The good news it’s a small sample of two games, the Astros pitching on paper drops off the table in the next 2 games so we’ll see if it was the “good pitching” or growing pains

Also the Astros are making sure NY’s two best sluggers didn’t beat them, the Yanks have no answer for Altuve and Correa, and to a lesser extent Gurriel

Sabathia vs Morton

Take Morton  to  the salt mines boys

 back  afta dis

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Houston’s Stars Align

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One Is the Only Number

If Mike the Parrot Francesa was an Astros fan, yesterday’s late afternoon sci-fi horror movie that  featured  the Yanks losing another 2-1 ball game, would have been as good as it gets for the Long Beach Bloviator

Francesa doesn’t impress easily, he’s even more obtuse when it comes to baseball unless you’re  party to  the sport’s one percenters… Or his Sensie Brian Meanwell Cashman slips him a tip, that millions of twitter/blog/website readers and other media outlets who Cashman spoke to first already knew about. That is part of the Parrot’s charm…


Yes that’s a 2 pound carrot on her finger, assist to moscone, with him in the shadows, it forced Verlander to  up his bachelor pursuit..

Houston Stars Align

For the second game in a row  Houston’s elite performers overshadowed the Bronx Bombers.. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa once again provided the heavy lifting on offense, and Dallas Keuchel was swapped out for Kate’s boyfriend Justin who made sure his manager didn’t have to call on the unwashed masses in the Astros bull pen..


The Astros struck  first off Luigi Severino in the 4th inning when Carlos Correa with  one down, reached out and poked a 1-2  99 MPH fast ball into  the first  row seats in right field..

Severino pitch

Severino left it up and the pitch was still  drifting into the LH batters box when Correa swatted it off  a kids glove just out of the reach of a charging Judge

kid mis catch

The ball was gonna hit the top of the wall when  the kid muffed the catch so  chances are it bounces into  the first  row.. The call was reviewed and Correa was awarded a HR, 1-0 Astros

In the 9th inning tied 1-1 Altuve smacked a one out single back  up  the middle on the first  100 MPH  fast ball he saw from Fido … The table was set and the turkey was ready to  carve

On a 3-2 fastball, this one on the lower half, Correa rifled a line drive to  right center field, judge cut to his right, picked it up, by-passed Castro his cut off man and mailed it directly to Gregorius the better defender

In this case avoiding the fundamentals was a salient decision, Gregorius despite being blocked by Correa still  got off a decent enough throw for Sanchez to grab and tag Altuve who  despite his speed was still 15 feet from home plate…


Unfortunately Altuve increased the speed of the play  dramatically and the SanBino muffed the catch…

In a  nutshell Sanchez dropped the touch down pass in the end zone as the clock  ran out…

sanchez muff

The fact Severino  was yanked after just 4 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, No K’s, 62-40 pitches had little factor in the outcome… Lying Joe used a projected injury excuse to  yank his starter but it seemed more a change by design..

Severino had no  strike outs, so you wonder if LJ was thinking the constant contact was bound to  wreck this game the more the line-up  turned over ?

Hicks who  “can’t hit” smacked a 2 out double off Verlander in the 5th, followed by a ToddFather RBI ground rule double that got caught in the centerfield fence to  tie the game 1-1..It was the only Bombers run of the game

The Yanks kept hitting to  the wrong part of the ball park, Headley was robbed of a HR by Reddick in the 3rd inning when he blasted a pitch to right centerfield that was picked off at  the top of the wall

headley F:9

After Headley scared Verlander, Gardner lined a double to  right field but he was erroneously waved on to make the last out of the inning at  third base, a Mortal baseball sin, that gets hung on Joe Espada’s resume, the Clueless Joe soldier who has been here done this before… Joey Windmills Espada should enjoy the rest of this October because there is no way this dude will be  patrolling the third base coaching box in 2018

Gardner out

Surprising to Severino and the rest of us watching,  Kahnle came in to  start  the 5th inning….  He faced Beltran who is hitless, the dangerous Bregman,  and McCann who is also hitless.. He walked Bregman  but induced a 1-6-1 DP by the slow footed McCann

That  was a good warm up  for the 6th  when he disposed of Springer, Reddick and Altuve, who  was punched out, a brilliant 2 innings of work from Genghis Kahnle..

D-Rob gave up  a 2 out double in the 7th but nothing more, he wiped out  the Astros in the 8th to stay toe to  toe with Verlander..

Gregorius singled in the 9th but he died on the vine as the Bomber offense was absolutely putrid against the former Tiger Ace..

The Yanks picked up  5 hits, the 3 Doubles by Gardner, Hicks, and Frazier and 2 scattered singles by Castro  and Gregorius

Judge and Sanchez have once again been kept very very quiet, a combined 0-8 with  4 punch outs

The Yanks set a playoff record in the 2nd inning when Verlander  punched out Sanchez window shopping, it was the 22nd consecutive post season inning with  a strike out

Something needs to be addressed hitting philosophy wise with  these batters, NY has become a strike out machine…The Astros  hardly strike out but still hit Taters at the same pace as the Yanks

The Astros have 39 K’s in 223 PA’s this Post Season 17 % K/rate

The Yanks have 96 K’s in 300 PA’s counting the WC the LD and the LCS.. 32% K/rate

The Bombers struck out 64 times in 195 PA’s vs Cleveland in 5 games.. 33% K/rate

Vs the Astros in 2 games they have  27 punch outs in 67 PA’s 40% K/rate

Judge in the playoffs is 4 for 31 with 19 K’s in 35 PA’s, 54% K/rate

Sanchez in the LD / LCS is 4 for 30 with 15K’s in 31 PA’s 48% K/rate

the Whole 9

the YES Men


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Yanks vs Houston Game 2

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line up

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Dallas Does The Yanks

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Dallas Keuchel continued to be this new era’s Cliff Lee with yet another dominating performance vs the Yanks in a tough to  swallow 2-1 loss

For his career, in eight starts against the Yankees, including two postseason efforts, he owns a microscopic 1.09 ERA in 58 ²/₃ innings, with 62 strikeouts and eight walks.

Bird’s Fly They Don’t Run

Let’s be honest Greg Bird hits HR’s, he’s not Ricky Henderson or  even Todd Frazier on the base paths, would you send Brian McCann, Sandy Leon, Bengie Molina, or Cecil Fielder on a sure-fire bang bang play..?

Yes, Ray Charles had a better chance of getting a base hit then Gary Sanchez vs Keuchel, the SanBino is presently mired in a combined LDS / LCS 4 for 26 slump with  13 K’s, 3 of them came last night..

He leaves little argument that  you’re taking the bat  out of an RBI machine’s hands so sending Bird was more desperation then sensibility by a Crying Joe soldier, 3rd base coach Joey Windmills Espada

 The first guess not to flash a green light for Bird came while the play unfolded…

Bird runs  like a wheel barrel with a flat tire, his brand new ankle hasn’t completed the 3 month warranty on it’s repair so his slow  got slower, then slowest. Play the hand you’re dealt….

 Keuchel is coming off a 20 pitch  4th inning, he already had  thrown 22 pitches in the 5th inning, 86 totaled after  Judge finally saw a hung slider and smacked a 105 MPH single to short left field

Let the  Houston  Smith Brother earn a tough inning, maybe you expedite his exit from the game on pitch  count  after 6 innings and you get into  that leaky bullpen early?

“I’m too slow,” said Bird, whose ninth-inning homer provided the Yankees’ only run. “I wish I was faster. I was running. I feel I did what I could there.”

Joe the Comedian 

“Well, we thought he was out,” Girardi said. “But God knows I’m not doing that again. … You think it’s a ball with a 3-2 [count] that he’s going to score on. But again, if he’s 10 percent faster, five percent faster, he scores.’’

As a point of reference I can’t find any writer or manager who  wouldn’t have sent the runner, despite every writer or manager agreeing a Ray Charles ballad moves faster then Greg Bird..

In my minds eye the  5th inning was the turning point of this game.. The gamble terminated a rally, and gave Keuchel a 2nd wind that blew him to  a 7 inning, 4 hit, no run, 10 strike out gem….

 Tana-opt Out 

Masahiro Tanaka was once again the $23M Ace #HalCare paid for.. He’s strung 3  good outings in a row, 2 of them playoff appearances, Tanaka’s wizardry was on display in all  three

Last night either he didn’t have a feel  for his split changeup, or he purposely gave the Astros a different look?

Tanaka threw only one of his famous “splits” all night, a funny but great game plan to pitch fastballs in slider and splitter counts, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him take that approach, in essence he pitched backwards.. His velocity was more school zone, then highway  driving, he hit 91 MPH only 6 times over the span of 109 pitches

Tanaka was a fast ball slider magician

tanaka pitch

The Astros manufactured their 2 runs in the 4th inning with a one out infield single by Altuve, a stolen base by Altuve, and a Correa RBI single… The 2nd run was annoying but a tribute to  the length of Houston’s line-up.

Gonzalez moved Correa to  2nd base on a ground ball out, and the pesky Gurriel poked an RBI single back up  the middle making it 2-0.. Against Keuchel, that’s a disturbing sequence of events..

Tanaka secured 6 more outs, his only blemish was  a one out single by Altuve in the 6th inning after he took a nasty line drive off his inner thigh for the first  out.. Reddick almost gave Tanaka a Red-Dick, but thankfully it’s a game of inches, and the line drive  just missed pay dirt by a fraction..

Chad Green slipped back into  the circle of trust by securing 2 innings  on 2 hits, and no runs, gifting the big earners in the pen a day off

Hit and Run

the Yanks only run came in the 9th, a Greg Bird Ballantine Blast off a tiring Ken Giles..

the Yanks were 1 for 5 with RISP, the Judge 2 out knock in the 5th  that didn’t quite score Greg Bird…

“I just want to make sure I’m hitting the mistakes,” Judge said. “I don’t want go after his pitch. If they are going to nibble and try to go below the zone or off the plate a little bit, I want to try and get a pitch in the zone that I can do damage on. I felt like I did an all-right job of that tonight.”

Keuchel  was nasty, Judge walked in the first inning, Gardner singled in the third, Castro  singled in the 4th, and Bird and Judge singled in the 5th…. Dats It

 Bird (1, 9th inning off Giles 0 on, 2 Out)
 Bird (1)
2Out RBI:
Team RISP:
 1-5 (Frazier 0-1, Gregorius 0-1, Judge 1-2, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 7

Severino  certainly has the talent to  dominate it’s a matter of what Severino  shows up  today

The Astros’ offense, though, presents another challenge for the right-hander: No team hit Severino harder this season.

In two starts, Severino had a 10.57 ERA versus Houston.

He gave up three runs in 2 ¹/₃ innings on May 14 in The Bronx and followed that with another clunker in Houston on July 12, when he surrendered six runs in 5 ¹/₃ innings.

the Whole 9

the YES Men 

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Yanks Houston Game 1

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line up

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Yanks Astros ALCS Tail of the Tape

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Well now that Big Chief Wahoo has been jettisoned back to  his 1948 timeline,  the Bombers take their stolen money to Texas where they’ll face the other Best Team In Baseball, the little engine that has been tricked out,  the Houston Astros

For all  the Judge MVP voters, it’s a good thing those votes were already in before the ALDS started, Altuve on the big stage


The little fella was a human canon ball, and he’s been that presence from  day  one until the 27th out in Boston earlier this week

As for Aaron Judge, the Yanks were able to  beat  the original Best Team In Baseball without Judge contributing much in 4 of the 5 games

1 for 20  with  16 K’s is a tough pill  to swallow, even in an era where strike outs are as routine as the liberal media pouncing on Trump …It’s a sign of the apocalypse when  John Smoltz tells you what pitch  is coming, where it’s gonna be placed, and that Judge will  chase it,  and swing through it,  over and over  and over again….

The Indians were gonna make sure Judge and to  a lesser extent Sanchez weren’t gonna beat  them, so they  game planned around those two… You  have to  give credit to  the line-up  change, inserting Gregorius into  the 3 hole between the 2 Baby Bombers  was the right call, at least in game 5..

Making sure Hicks was in centerfield and in the line-up  was also  the right call, despite Mike the Parrot Francesa insisting Ellsbury play instead of Hicks.. All Hicks did was along with Gardner and Castro put up  6 hits, the most of any Bomber hitter, not to mention he’s a factor with  base runners on defense

Judge, Ellsbury, and Headley went 1 for 32, the one hit by Judge was a huge double, but that  trio of players proved one is the loneliest number . ng

 The Absolute Tail of the Tape

Offense: With Judge in a funk the tap has to  go  to the Astros, who  had the best offensive  team in the league in 2017..  One through 4, Springer, Bregman, Altuve, Correa add Gonzalez and Gurriel as a team they hit


in their ALDS vs Boston

The Yanks in their ALDS


So  either Boston can’t pitch worth  a damn  or the Indians are that  good

We already saw the consequences this season when Judge goes into  a slump… Thankfully Gregorius put the team on his back in Game 5 vs Cleveland  and the bull pen Robertson and Fido were able to  run out the clock, but over the span of 4 to  7 games that might be too much  to overcome

The Yanks Game planned to  stop Lindor and Ramirez in the LDS and sans the Salami by Lindor  that knocked Green out of the Circle of Trust,  neither the J-Ram CupCake or the Star SS were a factor…

Indians in the ALDS


Starting Pitching: On paper the Astros will be in charge with Keuchel  vs Tanaka in game one, there is a considerable difference in Tanaka’s performances on the road vs pitching at home.. Severino  is still in the infancy stages of his career and that  was a factor when he choked in the WC game… To his credit he bounced back and  pitched really good sans the 2 HR’s he coughed up in game 4

The Astros with days off in this playoff format have the Meats. Re: their top v two  starters.. Former Cy Young winners, Keuchel is a Yankee killer, and Verlander is the ultimate Warrior…

Both pitchers have the ability to start multiple games, and it’s gonna be tough leaving Houston  with  a split… Once the Yanks get back  to NY, Sabathia vs a Morton or Peacock levels out some in a pick  em game

Obviously  burying Sonny Gray in game four, 12 days between  starts  proves Crying Joe, Cashman or Rothschild have zero confidence in his Post Season mettle

If Sonny isn’t trusted with  game one so Tanaka can pitch  Game 3 where he’d have more rest and a much better Home split, why is he here at the expense of Mateo, Kaprielian  and Fowler ? ng….

The Bull Pen: This might be the only advantage the Yanks have, so  getting into  the Houston pen early should be the ultimate game plan…

Defense: With Gregorius at SS, two centerfielders in Gardner and Hicks, plus Judge who is also  a good defensive player, the Yanks close the gap on paper… That  said the Houston infield is littered with 4 SS’s when Gonzalez man’s first base, and as we know, SS’s are the most adaptable players on the field…

You can never have too many SS’s in your organization, they are usually the best  athletes and can be moved around the diamond at the developmental  stages,  so flexibility is a key…I think  this is a toss up, and we’ll  see who has the better  focus as the series progresses..

Manager:  AJ Hinch  doesn’t have Crying Joe’s experience and like CJ he’s reliant on the Almighty Binder, so  if your number crunching is in order the  managers decisions are already in place… At this point you have guys you trust and guys you don’t on offense..

For the Yanks the DH spot has been a black  hole, we’ll  see if Holliday  gets the start  tonight or will he even be on the 25 man ALCS roster…? If you’re not giving him the AB’s vs Keuchel  why is he taking up  a spot?

Bull pen management might be where these mangers earn their stripes, on paper the Yanks have 6 relievers that had Crying Joe’s trust, that  seems to have dwindled down to only 3, Kahnle, Robertson  and Fido

If Green, Warren, and Betances can raise their games and become usable weapons the Yanks have a huge advantage… When and how Crying Joe decides to deploy his  untrustworthy weapons might be something to keep  an eye on…It might give the Yanks a chance to  steal  some games

For me this is another toss up, two managers coloring by numbers, they’ll both  put players in situations based on analytics, over the feel of the game..

Baseball’s future has hinted at  artificial intelligence taking over calling balls and strikes, but until  then, the robots you’ll  see in this series will be stationed at  the top  step of their respective dugouts with their arms crossed, managing the game

Yanks in 7

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