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A Sonny Day’s Night

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The Yanks picked up  a game on three of their closest Wild Card competitors with a 5-4 laugher turned nail biter over the Mets at the Mall on Rivera Avenue.. With the Angels, Twins and Royals all losing last night,  the Bombers are now 3 games up on the surprising Angels..

The Twins and Royals are sitting 0.5 game behind Anaheim, while the Rays and Mariners  sit 1.5 back for the 2nd WC spot

As for the real marbles,  the Division, the Yanks remain 4.5 behind Boston ( 4 games in the loss column)  who pummeled the Cardinals in Fenway.. Tampa is 4.5 games behind the Yanks (4 in the loss column) and 9 behind Boston..

Boston’s next 8 games are  1 more with St Louis, 3 with the Yanks in Boston and 4 vs Cleveland on the road….

From Bridge to Bust?

Joel Sherman has drawn  a line in the sand, the Bombers who  started the season playing with house money in a “bridge year” are now expected to  at least win  the Wild Card, anything less then hosting the one game version of  Baseball Russian Roulette would be a bust season for the Bombers?

As Sherman, one of the many Sonny Gray agents in the media points out, after turning over 20% of their roster at the deadline, it’s Wild Card or bust… At the moment the Bombers are 6-8 since the deadline, (5-8 when he published this article @ 7:21 PM before last night’s game) and that’s with Cashman making significant personal moves to beef up his roster, plus adding to  the dreaded payroll…

Teams that sold, the Angels and Twins have started to  win again so  the pressure is now on  the Bombers?

Really Joel,  or is the pressure on the media who  demanded Sonny Gray  be brought in and at the time  practically had World Series tickets printed out because of it…

As the world turns, acquiring Sonny despite the steep  cost in prospects was the right thing to  do..

Sonny is a very good #3 / on a good pitching staff, with the Yanks he could be their Ace depending on how Severino  bounces back from the pummeling Boston  handed him on Saturday

 There is some speculation ( Mike Francesa) Joey Claps should have pulled him a bit earlier in that game.. I’m not sure I agree with that  assessment, but it’s a decent argument / 2nd guess..

After the Yanks crawled back to  5-3, Severino  was allowed to pitch  the 5th inning, not a crazy idea after striking out the side in the 4th..

Three hits in row capped off by the Benintendi 3 run dagger could have been  avoided? Severino is your supposed Ace, I guess after the second hit in the inning, you  could have called on Shreve to pitch to the LHB?

Anyway, the kid gloves are off per Sherman, glad he finally joined the bandwagon, the minute the trades went down and prospects like Rutherford, Mateo Kaprielian, Webb, and Fowler were shipped out it was game on, that’s 14 games ago..

The Sonny Forecast 

Speaking of Sonny Gray he looked terrific last night, keeping the Mets off the board for 6 innings, with only  one tough inning to  navigate, the 4th…In that frame he threw 24 pitches, gave up  an infield single, and pitched around Conforto (BB)  with a 1-0 lead…

Thanks to a DP in the 2nd inning Sonny had three  1-2-3 innings, the 1st, 2nd, and the 5th.. He gave up  a soft single in the 2nd, one in the 3rd, and infield singles to Cespedes in the 4th  and 6th innings..

At 94 pitches Joey Buttons tried to  squeeze another inning out of him but a walk  and a two  run HR to Dom Brown ruined the party.. Joey Claps immediately yanked him and Tommy Co Kahnle quickly disposed of the Mets on two  ground balls and a punchout

Had the Genius manager started Kahnle in the 7th good chance the Mets take an early  dirt nap, but instead it became a bloop  and a blast away  from hysteria..

The Hits Kept Coming

The way deGrom looked in the first inning, specifically Judge’s 32nd consecutive game punch out, it appeared Sonny and the Yanks had their work  cut out for them..

The offensive futility reared it’s ugly head in the 2nd inning when DD and the SanBino  reached on consecutive singles… Headley forced Sanchez at 2nd, Ellsbury and Frazier lined out, and the Yanks let the two knocks go  by the boards

Torreyes led off the 3rd with a seeing eye double down the third base line, Gardner mired in a horrific slump sac bunted Toe to  third…Hicksie then smacked a loud RBI single to right-center to  give the Yanks a 1-0 lead..

Judge to his credit did not strike out, which would have been the lesser of two  evils…. He hit into a 6-4-3 DP instead, to kill the momentum, but at least the Bombers took a 1-0 lead for Sonny to  work  with…

In the  bottom of the 4th inning after Sonny’s scare in the top half, with 2 outs Headley walked, followed by a miracle, the DoughBoy smacked a two  run Ballantine Blast into  the right field seats to  give the Yanks a 3-0 lead..

Ellsbury got good wood on a 95 MPH fast ball middle down, and ripped it 380 feet to  right field.. The Tater rocked the Stadium, and O’Neill made the brilliant deduction “if Ellsbury can get hot it will  really help  this line-up”... He actually gets paid to  say  shit like that, nice work if you can get it..

To O’Neill’s credit, the Dizzy Dean schtick  aside, I do  enjoy when he breaks down a hitter’s mechanics, I trust his take on hitting, and I’ve learned quite a bit listening to him in that area..

The SanBino led off the 6th inning with a very loud 425 foot Bomb over the State Farm sign in left field to give the Bombers a comfortable 4-0 lead..

deGrom served him with a 1-0  85 MPH secondary pitch that was supposed to land low and outside judging by the catcher’s target, but it ended up central broadway…

Sanbino blast

At  the moment we’re still reaping the benefits of Sanchez’s power lunch  with A-Rod and J-Lo..

SanBino is picking up the Judge slack in the middle of the order, hopefully the #28 Genius doesn’t drop him back into  the #2 hole…..

Judge led off the 8th with a double, a hard hit bullet to left field, only a monster throw by Cespedes made it a close play  at 2nd base… Gregorius followed with  a bloop single and the the Yanks had 1st and 3rd with no outs…

Sanchez blasted a fly ball  that Lagares ran down for the sac fly giving the Bombers a 5-2 lead…..

2B: Torreyes (10, deGrom); Judge (15, deGrom)
HR: Ellsbury (6, 4th inning off deGrom 1 on, 2 Out); Sánchez (21, 6th inning off deGrom 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: Hicks (41), Ellsbury 2 (27), Sánchez 2 (59)
S: Gardner
SF: Sánchez
2-out RBI: Ellsbury 2
GIDP: Judge
Yankees RISP: 2-8 (Headley 0-1, Gregorius 1-2, T. Frazier 0-2, Hicks 1-1, Ellsbury 0-2)
Team LOB: 6

DP: 1 (T. Frazier-Torreyes-Headley).

Had the Mets Gold Glover not run the F/8 down the game would have been #Fido54 proof, but they settled for the 1 run and went into  the 9th up  5-3…

Who Let the Dog Out

The #28Genius had both Warren  and Fido warming in the pen, why just Chapman  wasn’t up is beyond comprehension… I guess if the Yanks had hung a crooked number on deGrom, Blevins, and Bradford, Warren  was gonna be wasted pitching the 9th

Didn’t we hear the bull pen whisperer say Chapman  was rusty a few night’s ago? So  get him some work, and let’s see if he can  bounce back from his recent mishaps….

With  a useless save stat involved, the Genius deployed Chapman to  secure a three run lead…  Fido  started out good punching out Flores... Collins yanked Brown and went with the platoon split pinch hitting Reyes... That move irked Joel Sherman, but Reyes managed to  reach first  base on an infield single

Joel Sherman‏Verified account @Joelsherman1Follow

Just don’t understand #Mets in build toward ’18 phase having Reyes on deck to hit for Smith v. Chapman. This would be good test for kid.

On the 3rd slider in a 4 pitch AB Fido  hung an 85 MPH meatball on the inner half, up,  and the 21 yr old Amed Rosario had his first  ever MLB HR.. Chapman  squatted in disbelief for quite some time, he may have been the only person in shock, and the game became a white knuckler within a matter of minutes after his entrance…

After a pep talk  from Sanchez, (who’s the 24 yr old here) Fido  managed to  close it out with  two  ground balls and the Yanks hung on for the important playoff run win

For reason’s unknown Chapman  threw 23 pitches, 11 of them sliders…??

Out of the 23 pitches he got 2 swings and misses, 1 off a slider, 1 off 12 off the fast balls he threw…

“I still really believe in him,” Girardi said of Chapman. “There [are] other guys in that bullpen that have had tough times this year and we didn’t abandon them. If you start doing that every time a player goes through a tough time, it can be risky.”

Girardi pulled this same shit with Clippard, until he was finally jettisoned to Chicago where he pitched much better.. Clippard will now try to help Houston after being traded to  the Astros by the White Sox..

Lying Joe didn’t give Chapman much of an endorsement when  asked by the media what his plans for “his closer”  were…

Asked if he was considering replacing Chapman as closer, Girardi said: “I haven’t yet. I rethink everything every day. It’s [right] after the game, so I haven’t really thought about it.”

That’s a stark difference than what he said on Monday, when he insisted Chapman would remain in the spot for which the Yankees signed him when he inked a five-year, $86 million deal.

To his credit Chapman wasn’t arrogant or  defiant Re: a possible demotion…

“It has been a difficult year for me and my expectations” Chapman said, adding he wouldn’t put up a fight if the Yankees switched him to a setup role.

“I’m here to pitch,’’ he said through an interpreter. “My job is to be ready to pitch every day. Where I pitch, that’s not up to me. If at some point they need to remove me from the closer position, I’m always gonna be ready and willing to pitch here.”

pitchers box

Lying Joe does have a built in excuse to  demote his “Closer” after Chapman pulled up lame covering 1st base on the last out of the game… That  said, the Yanks really do need this guy  to pick it up, losing him to  a DL stint will be a hit to  the pen depth

Deploying him to  a lower leverage inning will  at least eat some outs, but only if the  hammy was indeed a fake injury to  cover for his ineptness  on the slab..

Because Chapman has been so  bad, Betances was needed 3 days in a row, so tonight is up in the air on how deep  the Genius’ bull pen will be…

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.52.05 AM

Time for the offense to  go on a tear, and time for A-Rod and J-Lo to take Fido for lunch

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A-Bombs From the A-Rons Sink Mets

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Congrats to Chad Bettis

Emotional  start  for the Rockies pitcher, and a big strike for K cancer

The Subs Way Series

The Yanks  offense managed to make spot starter Rafael Montero look like Pedro Martinez for 6 innings, despite his 1-8 record and 6.08 ERA entering last night’s game 1 SubWay Series

The Mets went big fly twice of the Bombers spot stater Luigi Cessa

A hearty thank you that  Aaron Hicks is back, Aaron Judge when he wasn’t whiffing started to  hit across traffic again, and A-Rod and J-Lo  for buying the SanBino a power lunch… The trifecta helped the Yanks top  the Mets 4-2

The Bombers offense once again bored you to  tears against a pitcher everybody else in baseball pads their stats against, but that aspect of the Bombers game has become more of the rule then the exception in the 2nd half of the season

Through the first  three innings they  picked up  a 2nd inning infield single from  the SanBino but he was quickly erased by a Headley DP

Down  2 zip on Granderson  and Cespedes HR’s in the third inning off Luigi Cessa the Yanks managed to  scratch  across a run in the 4th..

It was typical Bomber offensive futility, Hicks hit a sold 1 out single, Judge walked, they  both moved up  a base on  a wild pitch, Gregorius walked to load the bases  and  the SanBino popped up  a sac fly that barely plated Hicks to  cut the lead in half 2-1..

That’s where you want to see Sanchez wreck the game because after him in the line-up  Joey Buttons had Headley, the Toddfather, Toe, and the overmatched Tyler Wade picking up  the rear….

Nothing against Headley and Toe who have carried their weight class, but the Toddfather is hit and miss, and Wade is nothing but miss at this point in his MLB career…

Judge window shopping in the first  inning took  a called third strike to extend his punch out streak to  31.. The pitch was below the strike zone, but he’s no longer getting these borderline calls and that might be part of his next adjustment, learning how to waste pitches with  bad intentions.. You can also see on the 2nd pitch of the AB he was screwed by the home plate ump

judge 1 K

Judge was part of the solution in the 4th  when he moved the line by walking, and he was a huge part of the comeback in the 6th  when he flipped a 1-0 / 90 MPH fast ball to  right field for his 36th Tater… This one had high leverage weight to it, tying the game 2-2

This time he went to the bottom of the zone’s outer half  to get it, not allowing the ump  to call a strike on him

Judge tater

In the 8th inning with Chad Mow Green and D-Rob in relief of the injured Luigi Cessa keeping the Mets on ice, for 3.2 innings,  Hicks drove a 1-1 fastball  from Robles 401 feet to right field giving the Bombers a 3-2 lead..

hicks tater

 “Hicksie” batting from the left side got a 94 MPH fastball on the outer half, extended his arms, and just  drove it to the promise-land, a text book Ballantine Blast

Terry Collins playing mix and match relievers brought in the tough Blevins to get Gregorius, then tried to match  up Goeddel with  the SanBino, but the 1-2 /  95 MPH fast ball leaked back over the plate and Sanchez smacked it 401 feet to  right field giving the Bombers their 4th run and some insurance for Betances to  close out the 9th

SanBino HR

Looking back  at the Tater you could see the catcher’s glove wanting the pitch in, but you notice where it ended up, Middle, before taking the Jet Blue first  class trip  to the Modell’s Sign in right field.. A thing of beauty, again thank you A-Rod and J-Lo…

Psycho Joe had a built in excuse not to  use #54Fido to  close it out, he had thrown 26 pitches the night before, so D-Bet got the call, and despite an infield single that DD probably handles but Wade couldn’t, Betances was really good closing it for his 7th  save..

The key to  the inning was coming back from a 3-0 count to get Conforto on a 3-1 put out  that opened the 9th inning…

 The 2 out single brought the tying run to  the plate in rookie sensation Amed Rosario, and for me it brought back shades of Frankie Lindor taking Betances deep in 2015 at a time when Lindor was a baby, and Betances was a monster

Thankfully Rosario  window shopped the first  pitch, a fast ball down central  avenue, then he swung through a filthy pitch at the bottom of the zone before staring at outside paint to  end it…

The Yanks had to  rumble for this win, and that’s facing  Montero and the Mets pen, tonight won’t be so  comfortable with deGrom on the bump

Sonny Gray  will make his 3rd appearance in Pinstripes, 2 of the 3 games he’s pitched have been against the oppositions Ace, so nothing has come easy for Sonny…

The Yanks have yet to  score a run for Gray while he’s been on the bump.. They  did plate a SanBino HR off Kluber in his first  outing, but Sonny had already deposited his 6 innings and was shower and shaved by the time BrickHouse stuck  a mic in his face at  the post game presser

HR: Judge (36, 6th inning off Montero 0 on, 0 Out); Hicks (12, 8th inning off Robles 0 on, 0 Out); Sánchez (20, 8th inning off Goeddel 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Sánchez 2 (57), Judge (79), Hicks (40)
SF: Sánchez
2-out RBI: Sánchez
GIDP: Headley
Yankees RISP: 1-3 (Headley 0-1, Hicks 0-1, Gardner 1-1)
Team LOB: 5

DP: 1 (T. Frazier-Headley).

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The Best In Show

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Fido The Cuban Mutt

First Prize $86M


Yankees cannot afford Aroldis Chapman delusion any longer

After latest blown save, it’s time for the Yankees to think about pulling the plug on Aroldis Chapman

When asked by The Post if he would consider going to another big arm in the bullpen, Joe Girardi said flatly of Chapman: “He’s my closer.”

A closer who has blown four saves in 19 attempts and now posts a 3.48 ERA. The lefty has surrendered runs in 10 of his 36 appearances this season.

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One Step Forward, Four and a Half Steps Back

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The Yanks took  one step  forward on Friday night with a dramatic come from behind win, less then 24 hours later they  were knocked 4 and a half steps backwards after the Boston offense pummeled Bombers Ace Luis Severino into  a bloody mess with a 10-5 win, and it wasn’t that  close

I was between Ma and Pa Pinstripe, and the YES telecast yesterday, so while  listening to both broadcasts throughout the day, the one constant over the first  two innings was the anointment of rock  star  status  they  all had for Severino…

He’s turned into  the unquestionable Ace of the staff with  exceptional stuff ‘was Pa Pinstripes theme… He’s stomping around then mound ready to  attack  was the YES broadcast theme…

It was all coming up Roses for the NY Yankees water carriers, until it wasn’t…

Both  broadcasts made you feel uneasy, it’s the 3rd inning, the kid on the mound is 23 years old,  we’ve seen him completely lost out there  at times, but usually you can tell  when it’s an off day right from the get go…Yesterday Severino even duped the pros

The used car salesman schtick  was picking up  steam after rookie sensation  Ralphy Boy Devers flipped an  easy F/7 to Gardner for the 1st out in the 3rd inning..

Life for the NY Yankees turned on a dime after that pitch, you could see Severino  start  to make movements with his hands that telegraphed he was beginning to  think  about his release point, and his mechanics ?

Severino’s first pitch  to the number 8 hitter Vazquez was a nasty 100 fast ball with filthy spin and late life, strike one….. It all  went downhill like a break away freight train after that…

Vazquez walked, Bradley the #9 hitter walked, Nunez hit a ground ball  to Frazier who lost the handle for an E5 and the bases were loaded… Frazier lost his focus, Nunez can  fly, so a double play  was out of the question, but that  didn’t stop Frazier from trying to  speed the play up, and the inning blew up from that point…

Betts tied the game 2-2 with a  seeing eye single, Boston’s specialty…. Andrew Benintendi the pre-season ROY projection, then gave Severino  and the Yanks a taste of their own medicine, a Yankee Stadium 3 run Tater that hit the top of the right field wall, it scooted into  the souvenir section and the rout was on as Boston took a commanding 5-2 lead…

A  nice 4th inning comeback  by Severino made you think perhaps this was just  a 1 inning blip… Down  5-2 The Bomber offense loaded the bases with no outs in the bottom of the 4th, but only managed to  score 1 run, and it came on a ground ball out to  first base

The Rally died, like a ton of them before, we’re numb to  the offensive futility at this point in time, at least I  am

Severino never let the game come to life as Boston’s top of the order mugged him in the 5th inning, when the smoke cleared 5 more runs had crossed the plate..

The game became 10-3 before it became a garbage time 10-5 in the 9th, so Boston not only went back up  by 4.5 games, they cut the head off the snake by pounding the Bomber Ace

4.1 innings, 8 hits, 10 runs, 8 earned, 2 BB’s, 4 K’s

Andrew Benintendi  came to NY and showed the baseball world what  a real Rookie of the Year player is supposed to look like, and he saved it for crunch time  in a pennant race…  Aaron Judge continues to  sink back to  the 2016 Judge, at this point Joe Girardi’s answers about fixing Judge are ringing hollow, it’s like listening to  static on the radio

Jacoby Ellsbury hit a garbage time HR in the 9th, but when they  needed him in the 5th with the bases loaded and no outs he grounded out to  first base…

Boston exposing Severino is nothing new

Severino is 1-4 against the Red Sox with a 5.05 ERA. The Red Sox have his number. Clearly Severino is going to have to make a major adjustment against them.

The Red Sox also did a terrific job of hitting against the Yankees’ shift, imagine that, which may tell you that the Red Sox have the Yankees’ number in that department, too.

As for Judge, the minimum should be dropping him in the line-up, perhaps letting him occupy the #3 hole, arguably the most important spot in a line-up, is whistling past the grave yard.. He might be putting too much pressure on himself thinking he has to  carry the team like he did for 2 months before Aaron Judge Week in Miami

Benintendi  before his recent resurgence was going so bad Boston  sat him on the bench for a few games it seemed to  work, that  said It’s business as usual with Met / Yankees Subway Series coming this week, can’t sit the Golden Goose can  they????

The frontrunner for the AL MVP award just one month ago, Judge’s second-half nosedive sunk to new depths Saturday afternoon, as the rookie went 0-for-4, and struck out (twice) for a Yankees-record 29th straight game

Judge, is batting .161 (15-for-93) with 43 strikeouts since the All-Star break, is only three games shy of tying Adam Dunn’s all-time record for the most consecutive games with a strikeout by a position player.

After Cashman flipped some big time prospects in an effort to make baseball exciting in the Bronx over the last  2 months of the season, Girardi’s efforts to deal  from a stacked deck have back fired…

The Bombers are now 4 and 7 since the Sonny Gray trade, Sonny was supposed to be the final piece to  the puzzle,  NY was printing World Series tickets

In retrospect, for Cashman it was the right thing to do… The 3 veteran pitchers NY was counting on  Pineda, Sabathia, and Tanaka are all on the DL…. Severino  can’t beat  the Red Sox, and NY’s pitcher for Game one of the Subway  Series is TBA

If there was ever a mismatch on paper it’s tonight on ESPN Chris Sale vs Jordan Montgomery

As for Judge, maybe he needs to book  a lunch  date with A-Rod and J-Lo, it seemed to  work  for Sanchez, he cut his hair and went 2-4 with a HR yesterday, NY’s lone bright spot

“We’re trying to get him back on track,” manager Joe Girardi said. “It’s been a struggle. There’s no doubt about it, the second half.”

Joey, the only track we want to  see you on is the train track that will  take you back  to Chicago…..

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Reed It And Weep

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For a few weeks leading up  the the trade deadline Boston president of baseball operations The Big Dombrowski was taking a lot of heat  from his paying customers… Where were the  third base and set up  reliever acquisitions?

Dombrowski  had already emptied the farm  system and maxed out the payroll  looking for starting pitchers, and succumbing to his long time nemesis relief pitching… Through no fault of his own Dombrowski also needed to  replace the DFA’d Fenway Fats Pablo  Sandoval…

At the last  moment Eddie Nunez packed his bags in San Francisco and landed in Boston as their new  Swiss Army knife / big bat.. Anybody who  watched Red Sox games knew Ralphie Devers was gonna stick at third base despite him being under drinking age, so losing out on Todd Frazier was no  big deal for the Angry Cousins..

The last piece to Dombrowski’s puzzle was grabbing a late inning relief  weapon, Robertson was too  expensive, Neshek went to Colorado, but to  the rescue came the Mets who handed Boston  their closer Addison Reed for 3 low end prospects, one of them  with  some  upside..

To say Nunez and Devers have carried the Red Sox for almost 2 weeks is an understatement, so you did have a feeling the Law of Averages may have been in the Yanks favor

Boston  came to  town on a 8 game winning streak, 6 of those wins came against the rebuilding White Sox, and the struggling Rays who had fallen 7 games behind the leaders…

The Yanks came back to  the Bronx crawling and licking their wounds after losing a series to  the last place Blue Jays and looking bad doing it..

Eduardo Rodriguez usually a thorn in the Bombers side was once again sticking it to  the Evil Empire, had it not been for a sloppy 30 pitch  first inning, Rodriguez may have cruised through  7 innings unscathed..

Rodriguez wasn’t Kluber-ing or Sale-ing the Bombers, there were more fly balls then  worm killers (Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Rodríguez 2-9;)

If nothing else he’s predictable, 88 of his 107 pitches were 4 seam fast ball (66) and a fast  ball  with some cut action (22)  He got 9  swings and misses 6 on the fast ball / cutter combo, and 3 on a change up  he threw only  10% of the time  during his 6 innings of work

We can  stuff the binder in a shredder because E-Rod’s results were

6 innings, 2 hits, No Runs,  2 BB’s, 7 K’s, 107-67 / 62% K-rate

Good pitching, or bad hitting? In NY it was considered  bad hitting, in Boston  they  were saying “who  needs David Price”

That’s baseball Suzyn

A one out  double by Hicks in the third inning, and a one out  double by Torreyes in the 5th went nowhere as the Bombers hitting in the clutch woes continued.. Under Rodriguez’s watch the Yanks went 0-6 with RISP

Matt Barnes protected the 3-0  Boston lead in the 7th with a sloppy 18-9 pitch inning, and Boston’s reliever  formula was set in motion, the Mets Addison Reed was next..


Gardner hit for Romine.

Gardner hit by pitch.

Hicks homered to right (335 feet), Gardner scored. 3-2

Sánchez singled to left center.

Sánchez to second on wild pitch by Reed.

Judge walked.

Kelly relieved Reed.

Gregorius singled to left center, Sánchez scored, Judge to third. 3-3

T. Frazier singled to center, Judge scored, Gregorius to second. 4-3

Headley struck out swinging.

Ellsbury singled to shallow right, Gregorius to third, T. Frazier to second.

Torreyes hit sacrifice fly to left, Gregorius scored. 5-3 Yanks


The Gardfather’s toe getting in the way  of a Boston feel good story started the Bombers wheel of fortune as one of Reed’s errant sliders hit Gardner’s foot

Aaron Hicks flailing away  at two of Reed’s sliders didn’t leave much confidence in the Bombers breaking their hitting in the clutch stranglehold….

Finally the predictable (5 sliders in a 6 pitch  sequence) Reed left a slider up / middle in with not much if any bite, and Hicks whacked it around the  Yankee Stadium “Pesky Pole” for a 315 foot Ballantine Blast that  woke up  the  entire Empire from it’s comatose state of mind…

hicks graph

At that  moment Reed started to unravel, but he quickly got ahead of the SanBino 0-2, with a couple of fast balls… Reed dropped an 0-2 slider over the plate and Sanchez poked it to left field for a single…Farrell  was a bit late on the draw yanking the now definitely  unraveling reliever

He uncorked a wild pitch, then walked the struggling Judge before Monsignor Farrell sent him to  the showers…

Gregorius got a 2-1 fastball from Joe Kelly and dunked it to  centerfield to  tie the damn  game, huge clutch knock  for DD.. 3-3

The Toddfather muscled a 1-2 / 101 MPH fast ball that was at the top of the zone but center of the plate to  give the Bombers their first lead… 4-3

Todd graph

Toe Main Poison hit a sac fly to  cap  the 5 run  come back, and a new Yankees Classic production was almost a wrap… Delusions of grandeur, and  the biggest  come back rally of the season was only 3 outs away…

Hicks had a chance to make this game Chapman  proof but he popped up  with the bases loaded to  end the Boston nightmare…. A  2 run lead with their top of the order lurking, and the very combustable Chapman being deployed to  save it was equivalent to  walking   50 yards through a  land mine blind folded…

Why the Genius Manager doesn’t give Chapman  some reps regardless of game circumstances is beyond comprehension….? Chapman last pitched 6 days ago when he saved a 2-1 win over Cleveland…

A combination of illegal use of The Binder and the Mutt in Chapman almost blew the season when Chapman  walked the bases loaded without securing an out

Twelve balls and 3 strikes was the best the $86M show dog could do until Benintendi hit an 0-2 fast ball  to left field plating Boston’s 4th  run… Unfortunately for the Red Sox, Eddie Nunez’s aggressive nature worked against Boston, and Hicks gunned Nuney out at  3rd base to  finish off a rally killing 7/5 DP…

Todd Frazier gets an assist  for making a nice back hand pick, and tag on the speedy Nunez… It was probably Ill-advised running on Hicks, but Nuney and Butterfield pushed the envelope regardless

Chapman came back to get Moreland on a game ending F/8 and the game of the year  was in the books

Unfortunately the Yanks have played themselves in to  another must  win  game today, despite the Psycho manager saying it’s not the end of the world if Boston throws more dirt on their grave..

Severino vs Pomeranz  today, with Sale vs Montgomery waiting to  close the show Sunday Night…. On paper the Yanks need to  steal  another one this afternoon

Tip of the cap  to Adam the Sheriff Warren for his 2.1 inning, 1 hit, No Run, relief work  after  Jaime Garcia’s 5.2 innings, 7 hit, 3 run outing…

Garcia is what he is, if you don’t score crooked numbers  when he pitches you lose. Garcia got props for holding the game at  3.. He did manage to  keep Boston off the board in the 3rd inning when  they loaded the bases with one out, they  were threatening to  blow it open…


Garcia punched out Young and got Bogaerts to ground out 1-3….

the Whole 9

the YES Men

Today’s Starters


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We Play Today We Lose Today, Das It….

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The Yanks traded for Robertson, Kahnle, and Frazier on July 19th, the next day  they  went on a 9-2 eleven game run that  had them back in black…

Enter July 31st and three well liked and very talented prospects were traded to Oakland for Sonny Gray…In the last 9 games since that  trade the Yanks are 3-6, now 4.5 games behind Boston..

Sonny has pitched twice, he’s what he’s supposed to be from what I can  tell, the Tennessee Tanaka.…We didn’t brand him Six Inning Sonny to  be cute, if you crunch his numbers, you’ll  see he averages about 6 innings per start, which is fine, he’s replacing Pineda not Guidry.. Plus Sonny  has that blue eyed soul singer look, that’s perfect marketing for Trost and Livine’s 1 percenter crowd that frequent the moat seats..

Like Tanaka, Sonny isn’t relying on MPH to  wow you, it’s movement, deception, assortment, and command…Sonny needs hitters to  chase his pitches, his 2 seamer down, and his wrinkle pitches, the  change up, slider, curve have to look like strikes but become illusive at the last second creating whiffs or weak  contact, usually worm killers that infielders can  gobble up

We’ve seen him toe the rubber twice now and Sonny has pitched good enough to  win both  games…


The Yankees offense has not scored 1 run in his 12 innings of work, Sanchez poked a HR off Kluber after Sonny departed in his first outing,  so  technically the Bomber offense has given him 1 run in 18 inning, or no runs in 12 innings, pick your poison…

Last night Sonny didn’t have command of his slider  or change up, his strike percentage on both pitches were 42% and 45%.. His change up  only produced 1 of his 18 swings and misses

The three runs he gave up were all  scratched out, 1 of the 3 was unearned after he threw a pick off attempt away in the 2nd inning..

Two of the three runs had base on balls involved, never a good sign..

The run he coughed up in the 2nd was started by a very loud one out double, it heated up with the errant throw to  2nd base, and a 15 foot swinging bunt that he fielded but just couldn’t complete was Toronto’s yield, an unearned run, well  earned…..

In the 3rd inning a base on balls, a stolen base, and a loud single by Donaldson plated the 2nd run.. Sonny ain’t been around these parts long enough to know, but when the offense has this hapless  feel / look  to it, 2 runs is an up hill battle…

In the 4th inning, a lead off single, a sac bunt, a base on balls, and a little old single made it 3-0, and the hill got steeper…

 Sonny gave up  1 run in 3 consecutive innings, it took him 61 pitches to  navigate the 2nd through the 4th innings… His best innings were his first  and his last, so  that’s a silver lining I suppose

6 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 earned, 4 BB’s, 6 K’s, 103-62 60% strikes

Chicken Shreve served up  the 4th  run in the 7th inning, a solid nail in the Bombers coffin with Joey Bats manning the hammer…A 365 foot  Molson Light blast that capped the scoring 4-0

Hit and Run

The Yanks had 2nd and 3rd in the first inning, but Sanchez struck out,

Cooper on 2nd base but Torreyes ended the happy ending with an F/9 in the 2nd inning

Judge was on 2nd base in the 3rd, but Gregorius put another zero in the books with an F/8

Cooper singled and Torreyes walked in the 5th  but Gardner, Hicks and Judge made them die on the vine

Sanchez walked, Frazier singled, but Ellsbury hit a $153M pop up  to  the catcher, and Coop stuffed the rally in a waste paper basket with an F/7 to close out the 6th inning

Sanchez hit a 2 out single in the 8th, but you have to be kidding thinking anything else would transpire, and it didn’t

The Bombers really put the pedal  to  the mettle in the 9th… Ellsbury walked Gardner walked, but Headley pinch hitting and Hicks back from his DL both  struck out…

Das it…We play  today, we lose today

Biggest offensive stat of the game was 0-9 with RISP, 11 Mens left on base

2B: Gregorius (18, Estrada); Cooper (5, Estrada); Judge (14, Estrada)
Yankees RISP: 0-9 (Sánchez 0-1, Cooper 0-1, Torreyes 0-1, Gregorius 0-1, Hicks 0-2, Judge 0-1, Ellsbury 0-1, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 11

E: Gray (3, throw)
DP: 1 (Torreyes-Gregorius-Cooper).

the Whole 9 

the YES Men

Boston vs NY first of 3

Garcia vs Rodriguez

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Yanks Bomb Canada

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This is probably  the first  time, it might not be the last, but it was strange to  see the Yanks pick up 11 runs on 17 hits, and everybody in the line-up  but Aaron Judge danced at  the party…

Despite a hitless night and and an almost strike out free game for Judge, he did work  a walk in the 5th inning and was part of a 3 run explosion, so he at least was dancing in his seat..

It took  some doing but the Bombers beat up on a make shift Toronto pitching staff for an 11-5 win…

Boston  will head into Thursday’s  off day still  4 games up  on the Yanks after they walloped Tampa  8-2 after Odorizzi left with an injury… What you don’t like about Boston’s 8 game winning streak, they’re starting to  get really  lucky, and luck is a big part of winning… The best  the Yanks can  do is sweep  them in New York and they’ll  still be a game up on the Bombers..

Actually with Sale going against a TBA on Sunday, sweeping might be a pipe dream ..That said, with the news Sabathia’s knee exam came back clean, maybe KneeBone pitches Sunday  and not a combination of Mitchell and or Montgomery...

The Yanks might be guarding the intel  so Boston can’t game plan on their off day  today? CC has a 14 inning scoreless streak vs Boston  this season, and tossing him if he’s indeed not injured which  seems almost impossible after the pain he said he was in a few days ago, might keep  the Boston bats silent..?

Tanak’d Out

For the 2nd night in row the Yanks got a terrible effort from their starting pitching… Tanaka pitching on 6 days rest (so no rest excuse) had that look on his face, and we’ve seen it before, like somebody brought him a bucket of Fish and Chips instead of the sushi ordered…

Tanaka and the SanBino  needed an interpreter, and that  was just  to get the pitch  sequence figured out, so  he had no  rhythm… I don’t think  this was on the pitcher catcher relationship, Tanaka just punked out on  his start, and when a dude is making $23M per year  that’s annoying to  watch..

Tanaka only gave  up  2 hits during his brief 4 inning plus stint, but he walked 5 batters nibbling around the strike zone… His biggest  problem was not getting Toronto hitters  to chase his pitches, there weren’t many of them that looked like strikes but disappeared at the last second..

He also thought some calls on the black  went North  of the border, so his frustration could have been a combination of no depth on his split finger, and the home plate umps eyesight?

The Bail Out

The Bomber offense gave him a 2-0 lead in the 2nd inning, a 3-1 lead in the 3rd, a 6-2 lead  in the 5th…

Regardless he only managed to  eat  4 innings, a loud HR and a 4 pitch  walk ended  his night in the 5th inning.. He left with a 6-3 lead, a man on base, and no outs..

 Mow Too Green

Chad Mow Green came in to  restore order in the 5th relieving Tanaka… Green’s signature high  spin fast ball punched out the side, and it wasn’t close.. Impressive considering it was  Smoak, Pearce, and Pillar who have all been collective pains in the Bombers ass this year..

It looked like Psycho Joey Buttons was gonna go on auto pilot after Green mowed down 3-4-5 in the order.. Those plans went out the window when Mow Green morphed back into Too Green in the 6th.. A lead off single, and a 1 out RBI double ended his night with the score now 6-4..

Tommy Co Kahnle came in to  rescue Green but a wild pitch, a walk, and a 2 out single tightened the noose around the Bombers neck and by the time Kahnle punched out Smoak  on a few nasty splitters  to  end the uprising it was a 6-5 nail  biter and the momentum was in the Toronto  dugout..

D-Rob and Leone sailed smooth  waters in the 7th and both offenses went down 1-2-3, it was the calm before the storm

It’s Frazier By a Knock Out

Todd Frazier finally  had his NYY coming out party, the Toddfather was a triple shy of a cycle.. He saw 16 pitches on the night, he went 3 for 4, (Hr, double, single) scored 4 times and drove in 3 runs..

He went back to  back with the SanBino in the 2nd inning to  give Tanaka a 2-0 lead.. Gregorius gave the Bombers  a 3-1 lead in the 3rd…The biggest  hit of the game came in the 5th with 2 outs  and men on 2nd and third….After Sanchez struck out,  Frazier smoked a 2 run double to  give the Yanks a 5-2 lead…

The DoughBoy followed with an RBI double and the Yanks once again had the momentum up 6-2

 With the Yanks clinging to  a narrow 6-5 lead, Frazier got the 8th started stroking a lead off single ..

Manager John Wayne Gibbons lost 15 pounds just walking to  pound 6 times, the poor Toronto  skipper had to use   a bunch of underbelly pitchers in this game, and he was bum rushing these guys at a brisk pace

Ellsbury was punched out by a situational lefty, but Cooper and Torreyes took advantage of a raw Rook making his first  ever appearance for the varsity… Gibby was obviously out of bullets and pretty much used a water pistol in a gun fight inserting 27 yr old AAAA rookie Taylor Cole into a Wild Card battle..

Coop  doubled and Torreyes quickly whacked a 2 run single to give the Yanks an 8-5 cushion..

Betances despite hitting a batter in the 8th, induced a DP and left the inning unscathed..

The Bombers tee’d off on Cole in the 9th, 3 singles, a HBP, and a ground out plated 3 runs, it gave the Yanks an 11-5 lead…

The big blow a 2 run single came off the bat of Cooper who also had a NYY career night going 4 for 5 with a double, 3 singles, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI…

Taylor Cole in his varsity maiden voyage not so  good, but the Bomer offense gave him an  assist

1 inning, 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 BB, 1 K

Thanks TC

Adam  the Sheriff Warren closed it out,  Psycho Joey Claps used 5 relievers so his hands no doubt had blisters by the time he hit his post game pressure… Chappy and Shreve had the night off

Hit and Run

5 for 13 with RISP off a lot of bad pitching, sometimes you eat  the bear,  sometimes the bear  eats you… Try the BBQ sauce, the DonB carts it up here from Arkansas

2B: Gardner (18, Tepesch); Gregorius (17, Tepesch); T. Frazier (16, Campos); Ellsbury (10, Campos); Cooper (4, Cole)
HR: Sánchez (18, 2nd inning off Tepesch 0 on, 0 Out); T. Frazier (19, 2nd inning off Tepesch 0 on, 0 Out); Gregorius (18, 3rd inning off Tepesch 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Sánchez (53), T. Frazier 3 (52), Gregorius (55), Ellsbury 2 (23), Torreyes 2 (30), Cooper 2 (5)
2-out RBI: Gregorius, T. Frazier 2, Ellsbury
Yankees RISP: 5-13 (Sánchez 0-1, Headley 1-2, Cooper 1-2, T. Frazier 1-1, Torreyes 1-1, Gregorius 0-1, Ellsbury 1-2, Judge 0-2, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 8

E: Sánchez (11, catchers interference)
DP: 1 (Gregorius-Cooper).

the Whole 9

the YES Men

the Rubber Game

Six Inning Sonny vs Estrada


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