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The Perfect Hosts….

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The Yanks fell  to 15-12 with a 5-0 loss to  the Bo-Sox in front of a sold out house at the George in Tampa.. The Bombers were a perfect Friday afternoon host to  the Angry Cousins, they laid out a very nice spread then left the room while the guests feasted on the wares..

The Booners first  string  offense gave Boston no  intel they could take back to Fort Myers, sorry boys, they  simply allowed depth  starter Brian Johnson to look like Madison Bumgarner, and two of his closest friends to mimic No Runs DMC..

The positive from  this event was Tanaka’s outing, a very good

5.2 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 6 K’s, 1 HR

From the jump he had command of all his pitches  The all important fast ball hit it’s spots, the splitter had bite, depth, and location, he was changing speeds and eye levels, the miscibility of all his pitches resulted in 6 K’s,  (Of his 69 pitches, 54 were strikes (a solid 78.3 percent in the K-zone).

And sans a few mistakes, a lot of soft contact.. A solo HR leading off the 3rd inning by depth piece Iván de Jesús Jr. kept Tanaka’s Tater Bug alive, and gave the Bo-Sox a 1-0 lead..

In the 6th inning he gave up a well hit single to left by Benintendi, and a rocket single to  right by Devers, but for the most part Boston’s travel  squad was swinging out of their shoes..

Tom Virgil Kahnle finished off the 6th inning, before Shreve, Betances, and Lail drove the family car into a sink hole

Shreve who has been good this Spring, was delivering cookies in the strike zone, whatever he was working on we’re glad he got it out of his system

1 inning, 3 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 1 HR, the Bo-Sox were a triple away  from the cycle off Shreve..

Betances gave up  a lead off walk, a single and a K, before Brady Lail relieved him and coughed up  the inherited run.. Lail had a strange afternoon, in 1.1 innings, facing  all 4 of his outs came on the strikeout, but the 3 hits he allowed produced 2 runs…

As for the offense, there wasn’t much, yes Brian Johnson an extreme junk ball lefty was pitching to  the edges, so he wasn’t giving the Bombers much of the plate..There is nothing Johnson does that makes you go  wow, but he had the Yanks in between, using a combination of good tempo and exceptional command for 4.2 innings

Gardner poked an infield single in the 3rd, and after Drury was HBP, Walker rifled a 2 out  double to  left field that  ended Johnson’s day..

The Yanks couldn’t bring the runs in after Gardner grounded out to  end the threat.. the only other potential  for wreckage came in the 6th after Judge slammed a single, and Stanton  drew a walk

Bird had a chance to make some noise but he harmlessly popped up  to  continue his mediocre spring… El SanBino  hit a rocket to  3rd base but it resulted in a DP to  end what  felt like the Yanks last stand…

Gregorius doubled in the 7th to no  avail, Gardner led off the 8th  with a bunt single but Stanton bounced into  a DP to polish off the days excitement

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March 24, 2018 at 7:20 am

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Yanks Capture the Fort

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The Yanks ran  their Grapefruit League record to  15-11 with a quick  2-1 victory over the Twins on the road in Fort Myers.. The event played in front of 9,400 fans and lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes, the stuff you gotta watch in this one was Jordan Montgomery who  started the game and Mingo German  who  finished it…

Montgomery went 6 innings, gave up  6 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 2 K’s he did it all on 71 pitches..We love Monty, but they should bottle this one you may never see this again..

Supposedly Sabathia is in his ear, that’s a lot better then Ma Pinstripe’s version that Sonny Gray had the kid’s attention…

 Domingo German who is battling for a roster spot with Jonathan Holder, gave up  the center of a donut in 3 innings, he punched out 2…

Should be interesting to  see if Boone wants a piggy back  starter / long man in the pen or a 1 / 2 inning reliever to  swallow up lower leverage situations?

If and when  any of the 5 starters can’t get out of the 3rd inning, who  you gonna call, especially if the opposition is piling up runs like garbage in New Delhi.. It’s a dirty job the 13th pitcher, you’re either cleaning up  somebody elses’ mess or getting woken up  at  2 AM to get on a plane at 8….

The offense was Billy Boom Box McKinney smacking his team leading 5th HR off Mrs Hughes’ Son Phil in the 2nd inning

In the 6th inning with  2 outs Cowboy Ty Austin doubled, and Rocky Romine singled him home for a 2-1 lead that German carried home for the win..

Drury and Wade were a collective 0-8 with  4 K’s

Ty Austin and Shane Robinson had 2 hits apiece

Yanks / Red Sox today at 1:05.. Knocking some runs out of Brian Johnson would certainly cause the electricity to  got out for a few hours up in Boston… Or maybe they’ll  carry him so the first  real series vs the Bo-Sox, in a few weeks, Johnson would be a candidate for game 2 with Rodriguez and Wright out?

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Yanks Belt the O’s

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The RIP DallasBomber Link

The Yanks got back on the good foot with  9-4 battering of the Orioles in front of 10K at GMS in Tampa.. It was the last non televised game of the spring so no more suffering through opposing teams radio broadcasts or black outs

From what  we can  ascertain the Yanks first  string with Torreyes subbing for Drury at  3rd base, bashed rotation hopeful Miguel Castro for 5 hits and 5 runs over the first  3 innings..

In a 10 hit afternoon, the trumping of all highlights  was Judge being the quintessential Judge, a show of power and patience at  the plate… Two HR’s, two BB’s, no strike outs, you sign up  for that all day long

The Gardfather and Judge had two hits apiece, the rest of the line-up sans Hicks and Walker joined the hit parade with 1 knock each.. Gregorius laced a 2 out 2 run double in the first  inning to take a 2-1 lead the Yanks held onto for the rest of the game

In the 2nd inning Torreyes, Gardner and Judge loaded the basses with 2 singles and a walk.. Bird chased two  runs home with a single, and an El SanBino knock drove in the 5th run..

Judge after walking his first two  times up, hit a HR in the 4th  to make it 6-3.. Judge continued to pillage  O’s pitching  kicking the barn door open in the 8th inning with a 3 run Tater to padlock the win at 9-4

Luis Cessa once again leaves you with little confidence if his number is called to  spot start  a game for the varsity..

He did advance to  securing 12 outs, 4 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 1 BB, 4 K’s, 1 Hr so “baby steps”..

Boone-Child will be compromised when the replacement starters German  and Cessa spot a game, 4 innings might be the wall.. This of course will impact the pen, despite the embarrassment of riches Boone and Rothschild have to  choose from ..

With Cowboy Ty Austin  and Billy McKinney getting cut yesterday, prevailing wisdom has Boone taking 13 pitchers to start  the season…

Two  days ago Heller pitched his way  back to Scranton, yesterday Holder went 2 innings, 1 hit, no  runs, pitching to  contact so no K’s…In my neighborhood that’s taking it to the bank when  you’re on the bubble.. On paper if Boone elects to take another 1/2 inning reliever, Holder seems to have won that competition ?

If he wants a long man German is most likely the favorite, or German and Cessa work  every 5 days in Scranton and get ready to take the shuttle… Adams who isn’t on the 40 man roster is most likely the third option, unless Cashman brings in a journeyman he can  stash at AAA…

Robertson and Chapman also got in some work, the O’s touched up D-Rob for 2 hits and a run.. Chapman faced 4 batters struck out 2 of them, sandwiched in between the K’s, a pair of minor league players reached on a Hicks error followed by a double before handing the ball  to Chaz Hebert…

Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch
Aaron Boone said that the Yankees should have their 25-man roster ironed out by the end of business on Saturday.

Yankees had Ronald Torreyes catch a bullpen the other day. He’s their emergency catcher.

This becomes a transparent T leaf, if Torreyes is the 3rd catcher, that pretty much chisels his place on the 25 man roster?

Once again the square peg in a round hole is Ellsbury who  will play in his first game today after being injured on March  1st..

He’s not ready for opening day, but how much longer can  they stall his arrival? There is an obvious compromised bench and bull pen, not if, but when Ellsbury takes the place of either Torreyes or Wade  or Holder / German

“Let’s be honest” it’s one  glaring optic #HalCare can’t avoid seeing on paper, we’ll soon find out how it’s dealt  with when shit meets fan

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RIP DallasBomber 7

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Fellas I bring you this news with  a heavy heart, yesterday  we lost one of our beloved brothers  Dennis Shaw AKA the Great Dallasbomber7..

Back in 09 Big D came East to  attend opening day of the new Yankees Stadium, he was kind enough to share his experience and asked if we would post it..

At the time we were a part of a blog site, noogsie too, Bronx Brass Tax,

We split up the sites in an effort to get more coverage after departing from  the Daily News pages and Uncle Sal’s place was born

It later became Paint the Black...

It was an honor to have had Dennis Shaw / DallasBomber7 grace our humble digs with his journey…

RIP our Brother gone but never forgotten, the 2018  season  will be dedicated to  you…

DallasBomber7 Rides Into Town

Big D

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Rays Roll Late

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The Yanks fell  to  13-10 with a 4-2 loss to  the Rays in front of 9,950 party goers  at GMS in Tampa

The Bombers carried a 2-0 lead into  the 9th inning when  apparently Adam the sheriff Warren channeled Barney Fife and not Wyatt Earp, not that  wins and losses mean anything, but it was discouraging seeing  the blown  save  play out on Game Day

I could only find Rays radio and patiently listened while tending to other duties, so I have about as much info as Pa Pinstripe would have actually broadcasting the game

It sounded like lefty Blake Snell had enough life on his pitches to punch out 9 Yanks in only 4.2 innings, he gave up  3 hits and a 2nd inning run thanks to  a 2 out knock  by the DonB’s boy Ronnie Torreyes

A walk, a single by Gregorius and a sac fly by Rocky Romine plated the 2nd and last Bombers run in the 6th inning.

The Judge and Torreyes both had two hits, Romine and Gregorius capped off the 6 hit night, das it…

Pitching wise I believe Sabathia was scheduled for this game  but he tossed a simulated game instead, and the ball was given  to 30 yr old journeyman David Hale who  actually pitched pretty good

3 innings, 1 hit, no  runs, 1 BB, 5 K’s, damn, now if Luis Cessa could only do  that!!

Hale has pitched in 5 games this Spring, 10.2 innings 14 hits 7 BB’s 12 K’s

Boone followed up  the spot starter with

Tom Virgil Kahnle 2 innings, no  runs, no  hits,  1 BB

Chad Too Green  1 inning, no hits, no  runs

Dellin Betances was lights out, 2 innings, no  runs, no hits, 4 K’s

Adam the Sheriff Warren blew the whole night out of the water  0.2 innings, 5 hits, 4 runs, 2 Hr’s

Chicken Shreve polished off the last out in the 9th relieving the battered Waren

The big news on the day  was word that Jake Ellsbury will not make the opening day bell in Toronto

The media and to  a lesser extent Aaron Boone  have reported, with Ellsbury down the bench  will now be much more flexible…

That’s not exactly splitting the atom, most fans had this figured out weeks ago, but it’s one thing to  speculate as a fan, another to piss off players you’re covering day in and day out…

Once the DoughBoy was unofficially written off  by the manager, it was safe for the print media to take liberties on who makes the most sense to  replace him

As we’ve speculated Boone-Cashman will decide on 13 pitchers or 4 bench players to  start  the season, actually all  30  teams are in the same boat.. The suspects for the Bombers are pretty much the same across the board

Wade / Walker, Romine, Torreyes, look like the shoe in’s, with Cowboy Ty Austin  and Boom Box McKinney either taking Torreyes’ spot on a 3 man bench or  one of them gets added to a 4 man bench

13th pitcher options are also the same across the board, German, Cessa, Heller and Holder.. Only question on the 4 pitchers will Cash-Boone-Child want German and Cessa to stay  stretched out at AAA, or will one of them be the 13th pitcher as a legit long man / 6th  starter ?

Both  starters heading to SWB opens the spot for Holder or Heller, we hope it’s Heller but that  decision is a toss up…

Ellsbury still in Pinstripes will impact the bench  when he’s ready to come back, he hands down makes the 25 man roster considerably weaker with  4 out fielders blocking him and Ellsbury a pop gun bat, with only 1 position, Center Field…

#HalCare has $68M reasons to keep Ellsbury in Pinstripes, unless he’s prepared to fire up  the BBQ and cook a very expensive piece of meat for the family to  chow down on…

Keep  that  contract in mind when you hear somebody tell  you how impressive the Ninjah GM has been in rebuilding the team

At the moment not one of the prospects Ninjah traded for in the big 2016 sell off has contributed greatly to  the varsity.. Torres, Frazier, and McKinney are knocking, Frazier sipped a cup of coffee in the Bronx, and Heller has been  a spot reliever..

 Sheffield, Abreu, and Tate are still in the minors, all long shots to help  the 2018 varsity.. Guzman  was part of the Stanton trade, but nowhere near  a sticking point

Rutherford, Mateo, Fowler, Kapreieian, Mitchell, Solak and Widener have yielded Drury, Robertson, Kahnle, and Six Inning Sonny Gray

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Gone Fishing

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The Yanks ran  their Spring record to  13-9 with an  8-5 drubbing of the Captain’s Marlins.. The party commenced in front of 9,800 at the George on Sunday  afternoon

Caleb Smith went from a Yankees prospect who  they  sold to Miami  for Shohei Otani poole money, to a real  candidate for the Marlins starting rotation..

Smith was a very good AAA pitcher, but he never had much  success in the Bronx, yesterday  the Bombers first  team mugged him for 4 runs, 4 hits and a BB in the first inning..

Since it was Spring Training it was good to  rehearse jumping on pitchers before they  get in rhythm, it won’t work  every-time, but practice makes perfect..

The Gardfather started the ruckus by swan diving into  first  base to beat out an infield hit… After almost killing himself and a Judge F/9, Bird hit a ball into  the parking lot for a quick  2-0 lead..

A walk, a Gregorius, single, and a Walker double across traffic made it 4-0 after 1..

Smith  had a stroke of genius in a 1-2-3 2nd inning but El SanBino smoked him for a Tater in the 3rd inning knocking in  the Yanks 5th run..

Two  walks sandwiched by a Gregorius double and a Drury single made it 7-3 in the 6th inning, the rally was well timed after the Marlins made it 5-3 nicking up Severino for 3 runs…

Stanton  smacked an RBI single in the 8th  to  cap off the Bombers scoring..

Luis Severino’s results were ugly, 5 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs, 1 HR, but he struck out 7, felt he was ahead in the count more often  then not,  his  slider was obeying, and the change up was deployed when he was behind in counts….. He’ll possibly have 2 more starts before Toronto..

The other interesting pitcher in this game was Jonathan Holder, a former gidrool who is being counted on as a shuttle pitcher once again…He struck out the side in the 6th, and 2 more in the 7th, but a lead off double and an RBI single bookending the two K’s mildly blemished the 1.2 innings stint..

Neil Walker picked up  two hits on the day one from both sides of the plate

Boone talking about giving Wade reps at  third base could further impact Torreyes’ chances of landing on the bench in Toronto.. It doesn’t sound like Ellsbury will be ready for opening day, Romine, Wade/Walker, Torreyes will still mathematically work.. If they break  camp  with  12 pitchers, another spot would open  for Cowboy Ty Austin or Boom Box McKinney

When Ellsbury is ready to come back, the 3 man bench  comes down  to Wade and Torreyes..?

The 4 man bench will have more flexibility, but not by much, Romine and Ellsbury have nowhere to go but the Varsity or the Waiver Wire All Stars

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Tigers Maul Yanks

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The Yanks fell to  12-9 with a lopsided 9-3 loss to  the Tigers in Lakeland Fla. in front of 10 thousand St Patricks Day fans..

 Tanaka 2.2 innings, and German 2 innings, compiled for 8 hits, 7 runs, Tanaka gave up 2 HR’s.. German was having command issues, he also gave up  2 BB’s, Tanaka at least struck out 6, but he still hasn’t started to  amp it up, at least we hope that’s the case

German is on the cusp of actually being the 13th pitcher on the staff, and or most likely their number 6 starter after Cessa and Adams have  bombed this Spring, yesterday wasn’t a  vote of confidence for the young Dominican ..

Cody Carroll 1.1 innings, 1 hit, 2 B’s, wasn’t sharp  either but he was the only Bomber pitcher to keep  the Tigers from  scoring..

The Bombers scored 2 of their 3 runs in the first inning, Drury walked Bird doubled, a balk plated Drury, a 2 out single by Andujar gave the Yanks a 2-1 lead..

Erik Kratz single, scored on a Florial ground ball out in the 4th  and Das it for points on the board

The Yanks had neither Romine or Sanchez on the travel  squad, so make a note Tanaka German Carroll and Feyereisen were pitching to minor league depth back stops Kratz and Saez

The Half Full Glass

Bird, Drury, Wade,  and Andujar all had hits

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