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Yu Guys Blew Another One

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Hit and No Runs

All  the Yankee runs last night came on 2 Taters from Brett Gardner, who  for some reason had a bead on the Great Yu Darvish.

Derek Jeter and Gardzilla combined for 6 hits from  the 1 & 2 batters in the line up, unfortunately the guy  who Ma Pinstripe continues to  wax on about how hard he works overtime in the cage with Kevin Long after games, Bubba McCann   was batting 3rd in the order and  went 0-4.

Carlos Beltran the clean up  hitter had a man on 2nd base in the 1st inning but struck out, Bubba had a man on 2nd base in the 3rd inning but struck out, Roberts and Ichiro had a man on 2nd base in the 4th inning, Roberts struck out, Ichiro  grounded out, Bubba had men on  2nd and 3rd in the 7th  and struck out. See the way  this is going so  far?

In  the 8th inning  LHP Cotts replaced Darvish and Joey Day Care had a man on 2nd thanks to  a Beltran lead off  single, and a rare sighting from Teixeira induced a PH single. There were 2 outs before Texy kept the inning alive so  with the clock  running out on this game, the window for this absurdly anemic hitting team with RISP was closing fast

 Not sure if anything is perfect in life or on this team,  but it was close to  a Perfect spot for your best hitter who had the night off to hit for Ichiro, or not, the future Hall of Famer does have .375 .444 .475 .919 vs LHP.. I will  admit  Slappy was having a rough night, but vs Darvish who  was already icing his arm by now

Joey Day  Care has to make sure these younger men don’t peter out, so he sent up career 4 A utility man 18 Wheeler to pinch hit instead of his $153M man.

Not that  crazy I guess, Joey Guidance Counselor  keeps talking about giving guys a chance so this had to be one of those step  up  moments for Wheeler who is 3 for 9 vs LHP, for what  any of that  split stuff is worth, the LHP’s he faced could be  palooka’s right? Can’t predict baseball Suzyn..

So Joey Day Care kept the Joey Day Care Hat  on and put the Joey Gut Feeling Cap on because a quick  glance shows that Ellsbury despite hitting a snag in his last  3 games has reverse splits, and against LHP the well  rested $153M  man hits .305 .377 .450 .827 vs LHP and .270 .331 .384 .715 vs RHP. The jury of 1 man sitting on his couch deliberated and the conclusion was  it had to  be a gut feeling that led to Joey’s decision. Not a happy Hollywood ending as 18 Wheeler popped up to end the inning

The Yanks went 0-6 with RISP and left 9 men on base, it was another tough night for the Clutch  hitters.

I didn’t have an issue with  then taking Ellsbury out of his leisure chair and finally inserting him to hit for Almonte to lead off the 9th. It was an inning too late but maybe Ellsbury gets on and maybe Gardner has a hat  trick in him or the top  of the order can upend Texas’ new closer Neffy Feliz and we have an instant Yankee Classic in the making.

Nah, that didn’t happen, 3 ground balls , a couple of decent AB’s , but 15 pitches later, put it in the books, the Yanks lost their 3rd straight.

Two games they  blew to  the Jays losing their grip on the wild Card, and last night another shot to  the solar plexus  losing to  the last place Rangers, who aren’t really a last place team  when Darvish pitches, although Darvish  gave up  2 HR’s and 9  hits on the night. He did get tough with men in scoring position and he did have 8  strike outs, and his breaking pitches do look like Tanaka’s so it wasn’t our night on offense despite Gardner’s 2 Taters and a small  village of runners left on the bases

Thousand Dollar Car

David Phelps had transformed from  our preverbal Thousand Dollar Car into a newly painted  used Mercedes over the last 4 or 5 games and last night he was cruising with the top  down and his hair blowing in the wind for 4 innings, then his tires went flat, his carburetor started to  miss, his spark plugs began to misfire in the 5th inning..  The professional pundit Blind Boy from RAB explains it much better

In the span of 14 pitches, Phelps went from having a two-run lead with a man on second with two outs to being down two runs with men at first and second and two outs. Five straight batters reached base with two outs in the inning, and the final two runs scored thanks to that awful 0-2 pitch to Arencibia. It was basically a flat cutter down the middle. A batting practice fastball. Arencibia has zero plate discipline whatsoever and Phelps had three chances to get him to chase something out of the zone. Instead, he grooved a fastball.

So  there you have it, Joey  and Larry were perplexed in the dugout, you could see from  your couch Phelp’s pitches lost all  their zip, no movement, just here boys hit the damn ball, and try to hit at  somebody please.. Unfortunately they  hit em  where they ain’t and  just like that  the Rangers had cracked open their new Laser Smart Bats, the balls found the outfield grass with ease.. The Beltre double was a rope down the right field line, that guy is too good to  lay a cookie on him. The Arencibia knock was pure frustration on Phelps part, whatever Larry the Stable Guy  told him after the Beltre double and the Adduci  walk  didn’t work

I don’t know, were they  trying to get 6 innings out of Phelps?  Did they not want to  tax the pen yet  another game? Did they  think  who  the hell is this guy Adduci? Arencibia hit a few Taters in NY, was Larry glued to  the bench, after the Adduci walk? Maybe Larry told him to  walk Adduci and go get the free swinging Arencibia? Don’t know, I didn’t hear the presser, and even if I did, Girardi is all  bull  shit, and the YES Men have more excuses  for this team then a husband caught cheating on his wife.

The Bottom line is the Yanks are 4.5 behind the O’s, 2 behind the Jays who just  killed the Red Sox up in Boston, the Sox won’t wake up  until  the Yanks show up on Friday.  The Bombers are also  tied with the Mariners, both  2 games behind. Melky and Joey Bats   are carrying the Jays to  the playoffs without Encarnacion in the line-up, last night they had some help  against  a team  that looked like they  threw in the towel, for the night anyway

This and That

Jeter had a good night setting the table for the non producing meat of the order, he also passed the Ultimate Beaner Yaz in hits so  congrats to Cappy

Melky Cabrera is a free agent,  go  get him Cashman, and have a Melky, Gardner, and Ellsbury out field  next yr, your not getting a  big hairy monster in the off season, they  don’t exist, so get yourself a Got Damn great all  around switch hitting grinder like Melky back on this team.. And please don’t tell us he doesn’t profile as a right fielder….

the whole 9

Blind on Blind the Happy ReCap


Written by Sal

July 28, 2014 at 7:46 pm

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  1. Teixeira gets more days off then Mike Francesa, maybe tomorrow, as my Uncle Beansy would say, that sounds like my wife

    Cashman Melky just put one in the Beaners bullpen, you watching?

    How great is Melky


    July 28, 2014 at 7:49 pm

  2. Hey Cashman Mark Reynolds just put one in the seats remember him?


    July 28, 2014 at 7:53 pm

  3. Gardy goes Yardy lol… Gardzilla don’t need no stinkin days off…

    Friggin Melky and Joey Bats are going ape shit up in boston lol

    Melky is making $5M he’s a free agent… go get him Director, pay the kid, see if he’ll take a lot now and keep the years reasonable, and hope some team doesn’t just flat out money whip him

    this is Gardner’s contract

    1 year/$5.6M (2014)
    4 years/$52M (2015-18), plus 2019 option

    so Gardzilla’s money kicks in next year… That’s the least Melky will get, actually Granderson money should be minimum 4 for $60M.. his last deal was 2 for $16M… Melky will be an interesting watch


    July 28, 2014 at 9:28 pm

  4. OK !
    Gardiner has,Darvish’s number !

    2 Taters off Ho Chi Minh lookin muthafugger
    Love it


    July 28, 2014 at 9:30 pm

  5. Yeah,, tell me again what a great Pitcher’s Mgr,Girardi is !!?
    My wife knew that Pitcher was done,,,, how come the Genius & Rothschild didnt?


    July 28, 2014 at 9:54 pm

  6. Hey Donny…My wife blamed it on the fielders lol….. You could see TDC’s stuff flatten out in the 5th inning for sure,, he is our Ace, gotta stick with him longer is my guess.. It was in the binder Thousand Dollar Car had to go 6, and by Jesus he did

    We’re just using water pistols in a gun fight Donny.. Also gotta score more then 2 runs in a game


    July 29, 2014 at 6:05 am

  7. fucking maddening


    July 29, 2014 at 7:55 am

  8. Girardi’s big strength is making moves one inning or one pitch TOO LATE !


    July 29, 2014 at 9:52 am

  9. hahahaha he wasn’t far from an asshat Donny true that.. I didn’t think Lester would get moved, basically because they need a big package back but unless the rumor mill is just selling content he’s gone, maybe Lackey too.. I hope so you know damn well they’re gonna throw everything they have at the Yanks over the weekend, so hopefully Lester and Lackey are gone.. Yanks need wins.. I’d hate to see Boston get a Tavares or Pederson or Seager man don’t give those pricks a big stuff prospect.. although Lester almost guarantees a play off bert for some teams, and a deep run in the playoffs for others

    You know the dodgers are beyond desperate to make it to the World Series, that scares me, they have 3 kids that would really help Boston down the road..


    July 29, 2014 at 3:25 pm

  10. If the Yanks keep playing this bad I’m switching to volleyball


    July 29, 2014 at 3:31 pm

  11. no offense to Joel Sherman who forgot more about finding rumors out then I ever will learn and his anonymous source, but John Henry doesn’t want to sign any players 30 and over to long term contracts…

    that’s been in the Boston publication for weeks, and not just the Globe or Herald, WEEI their radio station has been saying the same thing over and over, so has ESPN and all the tweets from the beat writers

    They offered Lester 4 for $70M, obviously that’s just an opening, but will they go 5 for $125M? how about 5 with an option.. I also thought an opt out after 3 yr’s would work, but they seemed to have pulled it all off the table

    What makes Sherman think Lester wouldn’t get a Hamels or Greinke deal offered to him $144M to $147M, and is he gonna leave $40M on the table?

    so Sherman opining that boson trades Lester, gets back top prospects, then resigns him would be the sting of the century.. Of course this has already been mentioned on the Boston rags by the media and the fan base as a possibility weeks ago

    It means Lester is in on the sting, he’s been given a deal under wraps, take the rental Jon go try and win a ring let us gather some prospects for you in a trade, and this October we sign on the dotted line

    Lester at 30 yr’s old is gonna get more than 4 for $100M which is rumored to be Boston’s ceiling.. It appears Lester is gone for good.. but Sherman might be onto something that would be amazingly underhanded if his take came to fruition

    If Lester does go crawling back to Boston and does leave $40M on the table there’s nothing you can do about it, and it helps John Henry and his bid to collude against the union come to fruition

    either that or Sherman is writing this article to increase the rumor drama the media needs to apply to this week in an effort to keep the fires burning so folks check in every half hour

    this is nothing more then what goes on all winter, they got me hooked, i’m glued to the MLBTR for the next 2 days.. I still can’t see a team unloading 2 or 3 of their top prospects to rent Lester

    Although the dodgers are really desperate, and the Brewers did it back in 08 with Sabathia… Heyman was also on today with Mauseless and almost guaranteed Lester would get moved by Thursday

    I have nothing to lose making predictions we do it for fun, but makes me think Heyman is putting his bread and butter on the line saying Lester is a goner if he’s really not….


    July 29, 2014 at 4:58 pm

  12. I heard the Met Mutts while traveling this morning in my truck, the young Mutt is wrong about the Byrd no trade.. He’s right Byrd wants them to pick up the 3rd yr option or he won’t waive the no trade to Tampa, Toronto, Seattle, and I forget the last team, I’d have to look it up, it was written about I think by Heyman.. It’s somewhere on this blog site

    The Yanks weren’t on that list so they wouldn’t be held up by the 3rd yr option, so Byrd comes to NY for whatever is left this yr and $8M in 2015

    But NY isn’t kicking the tires, either Cashman has his head up his ass, he has bigger plans like signing Melky in the off season, or he just doesn’t like Byrd… The 4th scenario is Philly wants a prospect package Cashman doesn’t agree with, which is fine, but if it’s just he doesn’t like him then that’s not gonna sit well…


    July 29, 2014 at 5:05 pm

  13. I’m predicting if Lester gets traded he’ll be too expensive for Boston on the open market, despite Sherman’s take… I think Henry with 3 rings in 10 yr’s has built enough currency to buck the union and the free agent prices.. the Yanks are desperate so are the Dodgers.. now if Lester signs with the Yanks, Henry better hire an armed guard


    July 29, 2014 at 5:30 pm

  14. Sal–Blind Boy RAB Mikey said a few weeks ago that Melky was not in play for the Yankees next year because the Yankees historically only go after high character players. He must mean guys like Chad Curtis, Luis Polonia, Jim Leyritz and Gary Sheffield,who called Torre a racist. Steve Howe was also a gem.


    July 29, 2014 at 6:02 pm

  15. Hey Noogsie, that’s why we named him Blind Boy, I like his site, they have good content, but he’s the Mikey 21 of baseball websites and his crew is tough to take, especially the guys who buy his every whim.

    I’ve been sneaking on under a new yahoo mailing address.. I signed on last week as Magic Juan.. i’ve been a good boy, I try to dispute him in a civil way.. that’s where i made my mistake the last time and he bounced me, I couldn’t get on for the longest time, so far so good

    I remember you hipped me to what he had said about character guys and I put it in one of our posts a few days ago.. nothing wrong with Melky, the way he handled his PED problem by not excepting any awards was stand up… i think that’s what he did, as for the website, that wasn’t his brain child

    and on the baseball street, Teixeira is a PED suspect too, especially with all the injuries, so I wouldn’t be talking about character guys if I were blind boy

    I did notice Suzyn didn’t even look at Melky when he ran off the field after he made that catch on Sunday

    That’s OK, Melky is making his playing do the talking, him and Joey Bats are a two man wrecking crew, I seriously think Cashman should get Melky back, before the Mets ink him


    July 29, 2014 at 6:58 pm

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